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  • Ireneusz Kolczynski
    Ireneusz Kolczynski 36 seconds ago

    To be honest it's SOOOOOOOOO annoying to hear that someone copied the hairstyle THERE MANY OF PEPOLE WITH THE SAME STYLE!

  • IshrafS
    IshrafS 45 seconds ago

    Bradley is irrelevant to TheXvid, no one likes him

  • Jaye Kisses
    Jaye Kisses Minute ago

    Bhad Bhabie & Woah Vicky 2:35

    MAD MOE 5 minutes ago


    SHINE 7 minutes ago

    Justin bieber is too much of a wimp to fight KSI

  • hesye5 xtfpn
    hesye5 xtfpn 9 minutes ago

    They should kill slump good

  • Maybe _chill
    Maybe _chill 10 minutes ago

    I'm being for real I never know she was in a band , my friend told and I was like WHAT!? NO!?

  • HD Jake
    HD Jake 11 minutes ago

    Well that was cringe....

  • ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs
    ɹǝuǝʇǝǝʍs 15 minutes ago

    'Ariana Grande says she doesn't care' HELL NO SHE DON'T! We all know she's getting way too emotional over Pete and Mac, just like she mentioned in her new 2019 album, Thank u, Next. Don't know why she hides her feelings especially behind the people she can most trust🖤

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 22 minutes ago

    Sorry but not sorry , I'm on Harry's side

  • Yama Fanboy
    Yama Fanboy 23 minutes ago

    look it's britney spears.

  • Armando Cast
    Armando Cast 23 minutes ago

    This bitch sounds like a stuoid as bitch

  • b s
    b s 25 minutes ago

    True Geordie takes his soul

  • b s
    b s 26 minutes ago

    His blood is that tainted with steroids that he no longer has a blood type

  • 爪乂丂ㄒ
    爪乂丂ㄒ 29 minutes ago

    I'm pretty sure they ment the final version of bad vibes forever like they completed it finally and it's not his last album

  • young pablo
    young pablo 29 minutes ago

    That forehead bigger than ksi's

  • C A
    C A 30 minutes ago

    I was for KSI until I saw the fight... Logan was robbed, and the ref was paid off. Boxing is fixed and is a corrupt sport. Tyson got robbed, and he's at the top of the food chain! They robbed him on the biggest stage in front of everyone! That's why I don't watch the sport at all. They did McGregor dirty too and were fixing to steel that fight, according to the judge's cards, before he got stopped. The ref in that fight was fucking with Conor too. There are so many ways you can create advantages for and against a fighter and boxing is NOTORIOUS for having fixed fights.

  • Naturally Kyrah
    Naturally Kyrah 31 minute ago


  • Pink Puppy
    Pink Puppy 35 minutes ago

    These bafoons need to stop they had a little fight, and need to let it goXD

  • Almas
    Almas 39 minutes ago

    I think they have discovered clickbait bois..

  • Kh
    Kh 41 minute ago

    I’ve microwaved m&ms my whole childhood yet she gets the praise 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • C A
    C A 42 minutes ago

    TheXvid is broken...

  • janee x x
    janee x x 44 minutes ago

    Why they copying Logan and KSI fight but not gonna lie I’d lowkey watch this

  • Rozilia Clara
    Rozilia Clara 46 minutes ago

    The Best couple in the world team #Shawmila forvever

  • NRG Gxbriiell
    NRG Gxbriiell 50 minutes ago

    The biggest pod cast Joe rogan:shmhmhmhm

  • NRG Gxbriiell
    NRG Gxbriiell 50 minutes ago

    The biggest pod cast Joe rogan:shmhmhmhm

  • Texas Beauty
    Texas Beauty 52 minutes ago

    Kylie fucking Golddigger

  • Pub Exploit
    Pub Exploit 55 minutes ago

    Ryan Garcia is so over hyped, it is not hard to get fast hands it only takes training. There are plenty of 50+ year old retired boxers who are faster than him lmao. The people like Logan and Jake sell his punching power by acting like it hurts through the pads, anybody who has ever been behind pads knows the amount of force it takes to make it hurt even a little...

    NFS WRONG 56 minutes ago

    Why is every1 doing boxing now?

  • Brentlus
    Brentlus Hour ago

    Jake paul is taking some L's

  • lol dude
    lol dude Hour ago

    I looove Bhabie! But i also love Vicky is sooo cute too!💔💔😭😭


    Ryan Garcia probably got one of the most powerful boxing punches in pro boxing

  • Mitch Romancia
    Mitch Romancia Hour ago

    KSI v.s Tom Cruise.. YES PLEASE!!! I wanna see KSI get destroyed!!!!!

  • lol dude
    lol dude Hour ago

    Nooooo! I wish they both would squash their beefs and do a collab! 😭 😭

  • KidKag3
    KidKag3 Hour ago

    Viddal didn't say Jake didn't have a camp.

  • Proxphy
    Proxphy Hour ago

    She’s dating me fym

  • g metz
    g metz Hour ago

    Ever time she pops her tongue I think of ed bassmaster.

  • 0_0 0_0
    0_0 0_0 Hour ago


  • Simply_Uni
    Simply_Uni Hour ago

    3:34 DAMMMMNNN

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 Hour ago

    Why dont billy big bollocks eddie hearn fight logan paul the idiot

  • MLG P
    MLG P Hour ago

    Ali: Is Logan gonna win tonight? Mini Jake Paul: Yeah Me: well you guessed wrong bitch!

  • Ayaan Ali
    Ayaan Ali Hour ago

    Wait x is alive!!😭

  • Gina M
    Gina M Hour ago

    I knew David was going broke. That’s why he’s doing all the collabs lately

  • Zak Zanotti
    Zak Zanotti Hour ago

    Honestly it will be better than the ksi vs Logan fight woman do 2 minutes round and some of the best fights I’ve seen are amateurs women’s bouts they just get stuck in cos they don’t have a fucking cos what there doing half the time they just start swinging 😂

  • Erick gonzalez
    Erick gonzalez Hour ago

    What the website were they have the bad vibes volume 1 merch at

  • BigCTMO95
    BigCTMO95 Hour ago

    Click bait

  • Sunshine Koch
    Sunshine Koch Hour ago


  • Taavi Leinonen
    Taavi Leinonen Hour ago

    What a pussy

  • Jessica Mabry
    Jessica Mabry Hour ago

    Her final result ended up looking so good, Dr. Dubrow is absolutely amazing at what he does.

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Hour ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that Danielle looks so much like nicki Minaj in the thumbnail?

  • All Might
    All Might Hour ago

    Well it’s gonna be a fucking cat fight disrespecting boxing

  • Mr.StealYourAuntie

    Wtf bhad baby still exists???

  • Hyperion CX
    Hyperion CX Hour ago

    "he has legs, and he's white."- Salmon Bricks 2019

  • it's your girl ellie the best

    Bhad baby will win

  • josh owens
    josh owens Hour ago

    Ali would love to have/create a mini Logan Paul

  • Aditya 23
    Aditya 23 Hour ago

    There not even 18

  • bruh moment #2
    bruh moment #2 Hour ago

    Alex how u feel taking that L so u still wanna fight him?💀💀

  • Stephannie Alcazar

    Your tears will have tears seriously!? She's terrible🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jaxson Wolf
    Jaxson Wolf Hour ago

    Jake saying I wanna fight ksi after logan beats him what happens Ksi beats Logan and jake cries

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded Hour ago

    Viddal is the only person who can slap jj and not get a reaction

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded Hour ago

    Get KSI on Impaulsive

  • Naruto GaYmEr
    Naruto GaYmEr Hour ago

    Ksi would fuck that wanker up

  • Fatal Chubby
    Fatal Chubby Hour ago

    Just when these two were getting irrelevant again... smh. They definitely just want the relevancy, no cap.

  • Georg
    Georg Hour ago

    This interviewer is the biggest paul dickrider ever, and i dont know why

  • zhwan jalal
    zhwan jalal 2 hours ago

    I hope Claire is in a safe place now where she can be herself and actually come Brand New and kind I think she’s finally free I think her mother and her brother were just very abusive and selfish people

  • Septom
    Septom 2 hours ago

    it looks real but the blood looks like ketchup xD

  • Shawnie Mendes
    Shawnie Mendes 2 hours ago

    Camila is so sweet....how can she even have haters. Its so heartbreaking to see her Cry😖

    FUCKTONY 2 hours ago

    From prostitutes to boxers

  • fabio .dasilvaliberato liberato

    Shai labeouf sempre vai ser ele ele é ó cara ele é 10 ele é ó melhor ator 101000

  • Julie Frazier
    Julie Frazier 2 hours ago

    I think kim and khloe are mean to kourtney if you ask me they don't care about her feelings or nothing

  • ChrissGxz
    ChrissGxz 2 hours ago

    Lets grow together🤩

    KJOMATIC 2 hours ago

    Forgot danielle was only 16... 🤣

  • DragonBrozGT
    DragonBrozGT 2 hours ago

    Worst news channel . What the fuck is this . What are these news stories?

  • Julie Frazier
    Julie Frazier 2 hours ago

    Hey Kim why don't you shut up and let Courtney live the life she wants to live and put running her life

  • MrMossi10
    MrMossi10 2 hours ago

    I would not watch this

  • joshua kalin
    joshua kalin 2 hours ago

    Justin will lose badly

  • Adeton Aimee
    Adeton Aimee 2 hours ago

    Cardi b look different

  • Diego
    Diego 2 hours ago

    I acatually think Justin Bieber could pull this off

  • Im Bordz
    Im Bordz 2 hours ago

    Bruh boxing ain't a joke smh

  • Ryce
    Ryce 2 hours ago

    Boxing or not they will still find ways to pull each other hair.

  • Amber Wilder c
    Amber Wilder c 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that got a notification of this “fight” and not even subscribed to them

  • JokuRandom
    JokuRandom 2 hours ago

    Who else came here for Billie

  • Mantis man 200
    Mantis man 200 2 hours ago

    “I’m waiting for 2020 cuz I gotta wait for your lil ass to turn 17 so I can legally beat yo ass”😂~woah Vicky

  • Tristan Pitzi
    Tristan Pitzi 2 hours ago

    I don’t really think many people like Brie. Granted I’m not there, but she seems kinda mean and snobby. Like she thinks she’s better than everyone. Also she apparently can’t take a joke, as shown by Chris Hemsworth.

  • Steve A
    Steve A 2 hours ago

    Media always twisting shit for views what’s new

  • Lillie Tave
    Lillie Tave 2 hours ago

    Stop wasting your time on this girl. You have nothing to gain.

  • pookie pook
    pookie pook 2 hours ago

    dude ksi forget it everyones gonna forget about you in a month, u aint shit

  • Unoriginal OG
    Unoriginal OG 2 hours ago

    I love that from jj and Vidal real passion

  • Shawn Mendes
    Shawn Mendes 2 hours ago

    My favorite thing about Shawn is...... He's just perfection

  • Kiara Smith
    Kiara Smith 2 hours ago

    I love MGK

  • Zachary Forbes
    Zachary Forbes 2 hours ago

    beta male host made this impossible to watch

  • Pure Class
    Pure Class 2 hours ago

    Love how its idiots who're getting paid to be idiots. Totally makes sense.

  • LiterallyMSP
    LiterallyMSP 2 hours ago

    I’ll never understand how people can laugh at these things, it’s another level of evil and inhumane.. like how disgusting can you get?

  • Shelby Laning
    Shelby Laning 2 hours ago

    I’d totally be down to watch this I live in Dallas but DO YALL KNOW HOW FUCKIN HUGE JERRYS WORLD IS? “Cowboys Stadium”? Lmaooo that’s a whole lotta heads idk if the venue is the right one. Where Logan and KSI fought is even smaller soooo... maybe rethink the location. Other than that TAKE MY MONEY shit sounds entertaining to me 😭😂!

  • A K
    A K 2 hours ago

    It’s kinda funny how all the news channels are crazy about Kim eating microwaved M&Ms like wtf.....

  • Janeth Patino
    Janeth Patino 2 hours ago

    Nicki to me is better than cardi but i like both but if I were to choose it would be nicki

  • Azalea Sanchez
    Azalea Sanchez 2 hours ago

    This is fake.... 👇🏼 🙄

  • itohan imafidon
    itohan imafidon 2 hours ago

    Also, marshmallow used to be a mystery but his face was finally shown

  • Rick Towers
    Rick Towers 2 hours ago

    Mayweather should fight the winner lmao

  • Mellissa G
    Mellissa G 2 hours ago

    3:34 ... No body needs to pay me .. I just want to get into the ring and trash WhoaVickey ... Hate that dumb bitch