5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
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  • Sreemya Gavini
    Sreemya Gavini Hour ago

    2.37.. I am hating this guy.. the bearded one looks really cool and crazy...

  • tony Hunt
    tony Hunt Hour ago

    How do yall do that and i love 5 minute crafts

  • Жанерке Ауелбек

    Classnye video.mne ponravils

  • Boullard Manu
    Boullard Manu Hour ago

    who known the name of this wonderfull flower on the pool ???

  • anis taleb
    anis taleb Hour ago


  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura Hour ago

    Can someone plz tell me the song that's at the start I've heard it before but I forgot the name

  • Retarded Butterfly

    2:05 just makes you look like you cant afford a pair of Jean's that fit...

  • Alyssa Playz
    Alyssa Playz Hour ago

    Look around 4:31 there's random toes

  • Лиза Кузькина

    Русские вы тут?😂

  • Lala Marie
    Lala Marie Hour ago

    Why would u use pants for a little sit thing

  • 《Park Jimie》

    Do you like MINUTE CRAFTS GIRLY??? Yes (: like No ): coment

  • klaudisiek brawl

    2:38 Ale to boli

  • Dichand Mali
    Dichand Mali Hour ago

    The music is very uncomfortable.

  • SafAZee princess
    SafAZee princess 2 hours ago

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  • SafAZee princess
    SafAZee princess 2 hours ago

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  • SafAZee princess
    SafAZee princess 2 hours ago


  • Ramona Bortos
    Ramona Bortos 2 hours ago

    1:20 It's a doll look closely at the head and the body 👍

  • кокпар тарт


  • Emily Cathey
    Emily Cathey 2 hours ago

    I'm not even gonna explain how dangerous, painful, and just BAD a lot of these hacks are.

  • Jaciel Charles
    Jaciel Charles 2 hours ago

    You do know you have to pay for those plates you smash? Right?

  • उषा झा
    उषा झा 2 hours ago

    Good looking but tasteless in taste

  • Karima amn
    Karima amn 2 hours ago

    4:30-4:31 whatt y esos pies 😂😂

  • Валерия Тищенко

    Фууууууууууууууу 😡

  • Abigail Diaz
    Abigail Diaz 2 hours ago


  • Annaliese Latta
    Annaliese Latta 2 hours ago

    These look amazing but I can't make them unless I know what the measurements are!!!

  • Polina Khilkevich
    Polina Khilkevich 2 hours ago

    Где вы берёте эти лайфхаки. ???

  • Jo Jo likes Apples Rebecca is an animator

    Is that Vigie from trom trom 🧐

  • ThatOnePianist 817
    ThatOnePianist 817 2 hours ago

    Title: 19 FOOD FACTS *EVERYONE* SHOULD KNOW Channel: 5 minute crafts GIRLY Wtf?

  • Zero Playz
    Zero Playz 2 hours ago


  • XxLily The GamerxX
    XxLily The GamerxX 3 hours ago

    Urine WHAT nope dope

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain 3 hours ago

    Who has a shower with make up on and expects it to stay on.

  • Nafisha Desai
    Nafisha Desai 3 hours ago

    She is more beast

  • Afsha Jahan
    Afsha Jahan 3 hours ago

    Bar bar q upload krty h ek hi video had h

  • Preeti Goswami
    Preeti Goswami 3 hours ago


  • Alexa Castro
    Alexa Castro 3 hours ago

    Dont fall for commercials they will tric you

  • KookiePerson
    KookiePerson 3 hours ago

    Not to be offensive or anything but I feel like I’ve seen this stuff before in a different video by five minute crafts girly. Are you guys just copying different videos into one or what? Sorry if this is offensive! But I truly want to know....

  • Karol Silva
    Karol Silva 3 hours ago

    Ngm fala português aq n

  • Random YT
    Random YT 3 hours ago

    Dog: *has sushi shirt* Me: *WHERE CAN I GET IT?*

  • nica Ashok
    nica Ashok 3 hours ago


  • #Gacha Meanie#
    #Gacha Meanie# 3 hours ago

    4:25 "EW YEAR"

  • Reaction Cat
    Reaction Cat 3 hours ago

    sorry i was JUST BEING A HUMAN BEING

  • VLAN SK gaming
    VLAN SK gaming 3 hours ago

    I like your chanal

  • Snowiie
    Snowiie 3 hours ago

    I Made The first One With A stove I used Kraft Macaroni And cheese..

  • Colbie Cotter
    Colbie Cotter 3 hours ago

    why were they all about jeans?!?! 😐

  • Ilaria Bevilacqua
    Ilaria Bevilacqua 3 hours ago

    Io me le vedo tutti i giorno questo cose

  • ilyssa flemington
    ilyssa flemington 4 hours ago

    3:54 who is this stunning little lady ?

  • razak ahmad
    razak ahmad 4 hours ago

    fuck you

  • Maerily Paly
    Maerily Paly 4 hours ago

    I try the tying my hair without hairtie very cute and beautiful thanks

  • MadAboutMC 1947
    MadAboutMC 1947 4 hours ago

    4:30 This is for FOOD, people!

  • Sicily Turner
    Sicily Turner 4 hours ago


  • Wren Wins
    Wren Wins 4 hours ago

    This is a bad ideia JK 🤩

    BINAY KAR 4 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/KlNezfRp-6E/video.html Must watch it plz..

  • marisha kersten
    marisha kersten 4 hours ago

    Like als je verlieft bent en hij/zij op wie je verlieft bent je hand vast houd en een raar gevoel krijgt

  • Hershey Drawz
    Hershey Drawz 4 hours ago

    Where are my peeps who r here on December 2019!?!

    TINO YT 4 hours ago

    5:49 🤮🤮🤮

  • annu negi
    annu negi 4 hours ago


  • Nanzeeba Nawar
    Nanzeeba Nawar 4 hours ago

    life is hard with curly hair

  • Rosewood_ Gacha
    Rosewood_ Gacha 4 hours ago

    TheXvid is on something again.. it says I'm the 18th comment.. Also, 0:56 HER UNDERWEAR CAME OFF o.O

  • durga devi varre
    durga devi varre 4 hours ago

    What about smell caused by it

  • Luna Kun
    Luna Kun 4 hours ago

    No offense 5 Minute Crafts, but dont you think this is a waste of useful products just to make a video of making non-useful products that none of us will use? Remember, no offense, and I like most of your vids

  • جزر الاحزان

    OK اوك،⁦🇮🇶⁩⁦❤️⁩

  • Luna Kun
    Luna Kun 5 hours ago

    8:48 School ice packs!!! Make your own school ice pack!!! This comment is NOT sponsored by your local schools!! ItS sPoNsOrEd By 5 MiNuTe CrAfTs!!!!!!!!

  • Kristin Lanaghan
    Kristin Lanaghan 5 hours ago

    5 min. crafts...... I don't think that any of the hacks are 5 min.

  • Hank Dorsey
    Hank Dorsey 5 hours ago

    i saw feet

  • Luna Kun
    Luna Kun 5 hours ago

    8:02 Oof oof oof oof OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFF This hurts my eyes to see (Metal rubbing against metal)

  • Pretty ML
    Pretty ML 5 hours ago

    Why take a bath before applying make up?

  • Ruby Acosta
    Ruby Acosta 5 hours ago


  • Alimuhamad Zaenal
    Alimuhamad Zaenal 5 hours ago

    Indonesia ada Yang indonesia like

  • Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali 5 hours ago

    Please guys see on 10:17. How cool is that. I will make it for my mom. ♥️

  • jake smith
    jake smith 5 hours ago

    Um ok

  • Andreea Andreea
    Andreea Andreea 5 hours ago


  • Gautam Ramprakash
    Gautam Ramprakash 5 hours ago

    Really this type of stuff (cooking ) comes under 5 min craft girly really sadly I am not surprised. I call them ignorant idiots

  • T K
    T K 5 hours ago

    I hate makeup

  • Che & Denz
    Che & Denz 5 hours ago

    Haha super Funny but Very Useful

  • Sivaperumal Sivaperumal


  • Yashasvi Shakya
    Yashasvi Shakya 5 hours ago

    Ants are come on your pendend

  • Spicee_Chikn Playz
    Spicee_Chikn Playz 5 hours ago

    *Why are these so relatable!?* *;-;* *Not like I do these. Which I don't.*

  • Møøn Chan
    Møøn Chan 5 hours ago


  • Rime29 Rime07
    Rime29 Rime07 5 hours ago


  • mariepatricia Axalan

    It's very cool ... I liked it 💯

  • Surath Malla
    Surath Malla 6 hours ago


  • Debojamuille O'Sullivan

    What a waste of turmeric

  • Monika Ochman
    Monika Ochman 6 hours ago

    The tshirt one destroyed my hair dryer

  • Koh Wei
    Koh Wei 6 hours ago


  • Виктория Селиванова

    9:31 цветочек

  • Queenie Kangleon
    Queenie Kangleon 6 hours ago

    Hi everyone i got body aches above chest and at the back. Am i the only one who experience like this? Huhuhu headache also🙏🙏🙏

  • Mark Olayao
    Mark Olayao 6 hours ago


  • Raghad Ali
    Raghad Ali 6 hours ago

    Should I walk in the street with duct tape on my knees

  • Selvaraj Selvaraj
    Selvaraj Selvaraj 6 hours ago

    R.I.P jeans

  • Noor butt Butt
    Noor butt Butt 6 hours ago

    Gndi h tum kitni

  • pramila raj
    pramila raj 6 hours ago

    2:13 .... I loved this style 🤩💕

    RETHIKA V R 6 hours ago

    wasting too much

  • Shanrika Lee
    Shanrika Lee 6 hours ago

    5 minute crafts:hacks you never seen before. Me:uh,you replay the same hacks every time🤔

  • Shanrika Lee
    Shanrika Lee 6 hours ago

    5 minute crafts:

  • Delaylah Hickman
    Delaylah Hickman 6 hours ago


  • Neza Cruz
    Neza Cruz 6 hours ago

    Im the girl with like the no care like or blacky type OR you can say im like MIN YOONGI'S TWIN SISTER😂😂❤❤!!

  • Sandra Pettigrew
    Sandra Pettigrew 6 hours ago

    Can't tell them what to do they look good

  • Scoobydoo222
    Scoobydoo222 7 hours ago

    They better not keep the fish in there 😑