5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
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  • viola pl.44
    viola pl.44 2 hours ago


  • Ū-Ū final choice X-X dead to me

    His face at 8:59

  • Hasandjan Karimov
    Hasandjan Karimov 2 hours ago


  • sr5idontneednoguy
    sr5idontneednoguy 2 hours ago

    Roots required.

  • Don’t Mind Me
    Don’t Mind Me 2 hours ago

    This is telling people nothing ... HOW IS THIS GIRLY?

  • Life with science ak

    Give me some tips for my regular headache problem

  • Geek Chick
    Geek Chick 2 hours ago

    What’s wrong with screws? This person must be paid by the glue company.

    ROCKET CAT 2 hours ago

    The real question is why do people shower with their make up on?

  • hey sisters
    hey sisters 3 hours ago

    That thumbnail bothers me....

  • Him Anshu
    Him Anshu 3 hours ago

    W T F ! ;{

  • apurva Tripathi
    apurva Tripathi 3 hours ago

    Why will you put conditioner on water when you can simply apply it on hair directly

    CUMORAH TAYLOR 3 hours ago

    And just eat the frickn' noodles I ate my noodles just fine without no scissors

  • Utpal Ray
    Utpal Ray 3 hours ago

    First girl is look boy

    CUMORAH TAYLOR 3 hours ago

    Running my car over my toothpaste; common sense screaming its lungs out to buy new toothpaste.

    CUMORAH TAYLOR 3 hours ago

    Also, I don't really think that I need to change my toothbrush into anything but a toothbrush.

  • maria alejandra figueroa

    Booo loseeeeer

    CUMORAH TAYLOR 3 hours ago

    yeah thanks I didn't need to see ur toilet.

  • Мася
    Мася 3 hours ago

    Как шевелить ушами?

  • Cẩm Phả Quang Hanh


  • Rincy Manoj
    Rincy Manoj 3 hours ago


  • Erin Officer
    Erin Officer 3 hours ago

    umm belly shirts are in who are you people???

  • Ánh Xịn Xịn
    Ánh Xịn Xịn 3 hours ago


  • Ashish Tilak
    Ashish Tilak 3 hours ago

    0:40 Getting a punishment from teacher Punishment - stand for the whole class!! 5min craft - shake your body so everyone will laugh at u 🤫🤣😂😛😜

  • Alyssa Blystone
    Alyssa Blystone 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but this is just laughable. Who tf wears makeup like that? Please, no one take ANY of this advise.... you'll just look like a cakey clown.... watch some actual tutorials lol. Holy shit. This is bad, I'm actually over here laughing at how horrendous these women look rn. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Nova Puspita
    Nova Puspita 3 hours ago

    Hugo Fiori.

  • Sammi Oliver
    Sammi Oliver 3 hours ago

    The "How to be a proper princess" guide

  • asghar ali
    asghar ali 4 hours ago

    Girls = comment Boys = like

  • Mihika Singh
    Mihika Singh 4 hours ago

    Z 4:29

  • iris maluk
    iris maluk 4 hours ago


  • Rory Murphy
    Rory Murphy 4 hours ago

    where did the eggs go I came for egg trays not ice cube trays, I don't even OWN an ice cube!!!!

  • Giulia Aljazrawi
    Giulia Aljazrawi 4 hours ago

    Why do people say kids when they mean 6 year olds I’m going to be a teen in a while but I’m still a kid so I realllllllly don’t get it

  • Shailza kachhap
    Shailza kachhap 4 hours ago

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  • Swarangana music
    Swarangana music 4 hours ago

    What is this ?you foreign people jo man mein aaye kha lete ho rubbish

  • Sammi Oliver
    Sammi Oliver 4 hours ago

    Why is the elderly couple so much cuter then the teenage/young adult couple?! 🥺✨💞

  • Shea Tullos
    Shea Tullos 4 hours ago

    Um don't do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge come on now 5-minute crafts that's just a terrible hack and you're going to get sore purple lips the day!

  • jasoip2 lokki1
    jasoip2 lokki1 4 hours ago


  • Zarina Zholdasbekova

    0:18 есікті керме🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😏😏😂😂

  • Ella Higgins
    Ella Higgins 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally no one: 5 minute crafts:conditioner makes ur hair smooth The whole word: that’s it I’m done that’s enough for the day

  • Nova Emilia
    Nova Emilia 4 hours ago

    so funny thats true

  • Apenas Uma Pessoa
    Apenas Uma Pessoa 4 hours ago

    The girls are not equal

  • Apenas Uma Pessoa
    Apenas Uma Pessoa 4 hours ago

    0:20 fake this is just fake

  • CranberryJuice 123
    CranberryJuice 123 5 hours ago

    Imagine using perfectly okay jeans for waxing your legs when you can buy wax strips

  • piper mclean
    piper mclean 5 hours ago

    She looks like a man sorta

  • DDLC Natsuki
    DDLC Natsuki 5 hours ago


  • Silly Sophie
    Silly Sophie 5 hours ago

    Let’s just all appreciate that they put it on the right channel this time

  • kritika stha shrestha

    Can i get some suscriber

  • Aysha's Adventures
    Aysha's Adventures 5 hours ago

    You guys are exaggerating way too much and it's annoying

  • Carol The vacuum lady

    The first woman has such unique beautiful eyes 🥰

  • Ya like Jazzz
    Ya like Jazzz 5 hours ago

    The bought the worst fake eyelashes

  • Emma Dias
    Emma Dias 5 hours ago

    If u have acne you can get a little bit of tea tree oil and dap a little on that spot and it will help your acne, just don’t do a lot cause it has a strong scent.👌🏼😀😀

  • صفيه
    صفيه 5 hours ago

    totally useless

  • Jhenny Jhanette Choque Gutierrez

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 WTFFF

  • Rania Moumena
    Rania Moumena 5 hours ago

    I'd be suffering from these hacks if my mom did this to me.

  • GachaVibes
    GachaVibes 5 hours ago

    7:19 Britney Is that you?

  • Floofer Wafer
    Floofer Wafer 5 hours ago

    Am I the only Asian upset about their use of rice

  • Kelly vlogs
    Kelly vlogs 5 hours ago

    Who watch this and try to go to sleep 👇🏾

  • Ruth Larrazolo
    Ruth Larrazolo 5 hours ago

    She had pink eyeshadow in perfect condition so why did she put oil in the first one

  • BriAnna Riley
    BriAnna Riley 5 hours ago

    so cool

  • Chelsea Brooks
    Chelsea Brooks 6 hours ago

    Who presses a fish on their shirt 🤨😕😟

  • One - San
    One - San 6 hours ago

    Honey is the solution for everything, it isn’t? 😒

  • Karena Jayne
    Karena Jayne 6 hours ago

    Hello there, lil singer here🙃

  • Sujeet Dubey
    Sujeet Dubey 6 hours ago

    Your makeup is so discusting

  • xXHollow_GamerXx _Ash

    Why are you even putting makeup on before taking a shower????

  • Kuro Rey
    Kuro Rey 6 hours ago

    0:15 what name product?

  • Chelsea Brooks
    Chelsea Brooks 6 hours ago

    She was like 😃😒🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Abhat Akbarzad
    Abhat Akbarzad 6 hours ago

    Her: embarrassed to show her boyfriend her nails Also her: Shows the world her nails Like u ok girl 😂

  • NumSei007
    NumSei007 6 hours ago

    0:27 "ô miga, se liga na minha caixa de ovo personalizada, o que acha?"

  • DogeToast Gacha
    DogeToast Gacha 6 hours ago

    They wasted perfectly good food

  • ItsTimeForTheCringe
    ItsTimeForTheCringe 6 hours ago

    Did anyone find the transition between 1:29 and 1:35 really disturbing.

  • Peter D
    Peter D 6 hours ago

    I don’t walk with my partner because I have tinny legs

  • Mejor Amiga De OroMite


  • Duckie Le Goose
    Duckie Le Goose 6 hours ago

    Are you calling me fat??

  • Álvaro rafael Montes otero

    Es verdada gue

  • Peter D
    Peter D 6 hours ago

    When I’m tired of standing I sit down

  • Peter D
    Peter D 6 hours ago

    If you want to improve blood flow walk around

  • N Love
    N Love 6 hours ago

    7:08 music is pure heaven

  • Jessica Deodat
    Jessica Deodat 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one amazed by the colour changing nail polish? 😂😂😂

  • N Love
    N Love 6 hours ago


  • no name no name
    no name no name 6 hours ago

    I hate 6:01 I’m black haired😡

  • Madeline Santiago
    Madeline Santiago 6 hours ago

    I herd that these dont work xan you yell me if they do guys,please i want to know

  • Lilli plays Roblox
    Lilli plays Roblox 6 hours ago

    Is anyone else confused about the primer in the hand they showed the with and without really really fast like it did nothing lol and I’m a bit confused why did they usequail eggs instead of normal eggs

  • Just_Yumateru
    Just_Yumateru 6 hours ago

    just one question Why honey on almost everything?

  • _ OCXLAND_
    _ OCXLAND_ 6 hours ago

    I’m sorry- but I can’t stand the one with the food coloring smile Oh god

  • Guada Diaz
    Guada Diaz 7 hours ago

    La información que nos lo notifique de inmediato y besos.

  • Emma
    Emma 7 hours ago

    How small of boobs do I have to have to never have to wear a bra. someone explain this to me

  • Shakey Changa
    Shakey Changa 7 hours ago

    5:00 is that shoes really old or new because it look so white...

  • Bella melody
    Bella melody 7 hours ago

    9:40 rubbing your finger SHOULD NOT BE DONE BY PREGNANT WOMEN 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kassidy Reicin
    Kassidy Reicin 7 hours ago


  • Bella melody
    Bella melody 7 hours ago

    because that tiger obviously has claws... 😂😂

  • The Adventures of Emily Elizabeth

    that a dirty brush ya got there 11:37

  • Sudins Creation
    Sudins Creation 7 hours ago

    Awesome Reuse idea

  • Samsul Haque
    Samsul Haque 7 hours ago

    good morning everyone

  • Yash Shingasane
    Yash Shingasane 7 hours ago

    Hi there 😎😎😎😍😍

  • MeliHairStyle
    MeliHairStyle 7 hours ago

    Very interesting ideas☺️ #melihairstyle

  • reign cooper
    reign cooper 7 hours ago

    Idiots you guy mad the 1st one poison

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 7 hours ago

    Them and honey I swear 😂

  • Rolando Perez Alekseev

    Who brings scissors to a pool but no baiting suit

  • Berenycee Aguilar
    Berenycee Aguilar 7 hours ago

    Solo vine por la miniatura de la bolsa de caja de huevo 😂 Like si hablas spanish 🤣

  • rose riz
    rose riz 7 hours ago

    This is how many eggs they ate before the video like seriously that a lot of egg boxes 🤨

  • piper mclean
    piper mclean 7 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but if you have "dead skin" that is that bad, you need some sunscreen(ik its fake)