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Melanie Martinez - K-12
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  • Coral Cothary
    Coral Cothary 20 seconds ago

    I love you so much this has helped me so much i love your music 🥰❤️❤️

  • Ella M
    Ella M Minute ago

    Te amo de amiga💕💯💘😢😊😁✌😍😘😏😇😗🤑😚😋🐣🐤🐥🐰🐼🐧🍉🍌📲📱⌨🖥💻

  • XxBrokenAnglexX
    XxBrokenAnglexX Minute ago

    So we can watch the trailer but we can’t watch the real thing since you need some sort of pass

  • Chikis
    Chikis 2 minutes ago

    This is ass

  • Elette Menichetti
    Elette Menichetti 3 minutes ago

    The end was scary

  • Layla Natalia
    Layla Natalia 3 minutes ago

    Kelly: *Puts snakes in Melanie's bed.* Melanie: *Lays on bed and nOtHiNg HaPpEnS*

  • iconic isn't it!?!?
    iconic isn't it!?!? 4 minutes ago

    Is it just me or is Melanie Martinez the best artist ever?

  • Kookie Monster
    Kookie Monster 4 minutes ago

    No one: No even my paralysis demon: Me: I love Melanie

  • eddiek
    eddiek 5 minutes ago

    i hate how k-12 is just all about crybaby. i know she's the main character but she stands out too much.

  • All Souls Welcome
    All Souls Welcome 6 minutes ago

    its free i have premium

  • Geek 'in
    Geek 'in 7 minutes ago

    Billie eillish : i make weird songs Melanie: Say wallahi ?

  • Gabby Boo
    Gabby Boo 10 minutes ago

    ahhh this is the best birthday present well one of them because this came out on my b-day thanks my queen :D

  • Pedrinho Pinheiro
    Pedrinho Pinheiro 14 minutes ago

    I watch this movie, it’s much beautifulllll and cooollllll

  • La petite Québécoise
    La petite Québécoise 14 minutes ago

    Nobody: ... Not a soul: ... Me: the END !

  • star star
    star star 14 minutes ago

    1:11 im sorry but am i the only one who hears the minecraft zombie sound a little here (When she sings For your- I kinda hear it)

  • JKB
    JKB 15 minutes ago

    I can still watch it it’s November 11 right now

  • _Ģąçhą Bęřřý_
    _Ģąçhą Bęřřý_ 20 minutes ago PLEASE WATH THIS,IT'S A GIFT FROM GACHATUBER💕

  • Jose Raul Somoza Benitez

    I love melanie

  • Forever Forest
    Forever Forest 33 minutes ago

    I think it's stupid that everyone only talks about the fact that the movie isn't free anymore, does anyone care about the movie itself!

  • Hidaya Delouard
    Hidaya Delouard 34 minutes ago

    c est quoi cette connasse avec une musique pourite

  • smeksy kween
    smeksy kween 35 minutes ago


  • Makaylee D
    Makaylee D 37 minutes ago

    Who else has made multiple yt music accounts for this? Just me?Ok

  • Kou Xiong
    Kou Xiong 37 minutes ago

    Maline why u let people that to u dont let it happen again ok i love u

  • Notmine 1
    Notmine 1 41 minute ago

    I actually think that at the part when Melanie gets ripped open, that symbolizes her showing her true self and everyone being disgusted by her.

  • samira dal maschio
    samira dal maschio 41 minute ago

    Literally me trying to avoid gym class

  • Jess Wal
    Jess Wal 45 minutes ago

    For some reason whenever I listen to this song I imagine people waltzing with hands on each other's necks while smiling.

  • Paige Gatchell
    Paige Gatchell 53 minutes ago

    It looks like that they died

  • oh no
    oh no 55 minutes ago

    God damn it I just moved and my family had trouble getting the wifi installed so I forgot about it but then when I remember its not fee anymore?? Just my luck. The songs are great tho

  • BTS Potatø
    BTS Potatø 55 minutes ago

    I srsly would love to be them so I could spin in the bed U would love this OMG SHE CUT A LOT OF HER HAIR NVM I DONT WANT MY HEART TO GO TYVM BAI BAII

  • Martin Brandjes
    Martin Brandjes Hour ago


  • Eric The Weirdo
    Eric The Weirdo Hour ago

    Nobody else noticed the teacher was taking drugs? Only me? Ok..

  • Maitte_fujoshi
    Maitte_fujoshi Hour ago

    Jsjsjs la profe inhala Marihuana y aparte dice wtf jsjsjsj

  • Ally C
    Ally C Hour ago

    Why does the film is not available anymore?

  • Sofi Sofia
    Sofi Sofia Hour ago

    take: imperfect nose imperfect eyes imperfect teeth result: PERFECT FACE 👌🏻 i mean melanie’s face is like imperfect but so beatiful! she is so perfect like that

  • Neko Chan Waffles :3

    my mom got a melanie martinez music video for her birthday!

  • Kassey Plays
    Kassey Plays Hour ago

    UwU Me: "omg the movie!" Me again: "~crieson kitchen floor~" heh

  • Megcandygirl2019 It’s sugar2019

    Let me just say I love that these music videos are connected with the school and stuff! I love Melanie Martinez

  • Sawerlolof
    Sawerlolof Hour ago

    Te la dedico piñera

    REEEING GAMER Hour ago


  • Natasha Joseph
    Natasha Joseph Hour ago

    Bru I don’t know how y’all dislike this it’s AMAZING! #I love Melanie Martinez

  • Margo S
    Margo S Hour ago


  • Emaan B
    Emaan B Hour ago

    the song that doesn't say 'The' once.

  • Ray_ Playz
    Ray_ Playz Hour ago

    It’s free for me-

  • Spree Squires
    Spree Squires Hour ago

    melanie martenz is the best

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Hour ago


  • hermann venderby

    yo mom titless

  • Julka Cec
    Julka Cec Hour ago


  • Olivia Zaze
    Olivia Zaze Hour ago

    I am so sad

  • Olivia Zaze
    Olivia Zaze Hour ago

    Why do you have to get fucking premium wtffff

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Hour ago

    i watched it twice when it was free lol

  • Ninja Army Gaming

    peppa: puts on wheels on the bus chloe: no peppa, we listen to REAL music peppa: *puts this on*

  • MILENE Herrera Castro

    Mel really come on that’s not fair ehh I got to watch when it was free who else

  • Sniff Sniff
    Sniff Sniff Hour ago

    Let’s be honest 1:03 is what ur looking for

    • • haru •
      • haru • 4 minutes ago

      Yy sorry i dont wanna this moment im here beacause i love melanie martinez

  • Lidi Segur
    Lidi Segur Hour ago

    What actually happenends in the nurses office Kid: I think my arm is broken Nurse: Here's an ice pack go back to class

  • Just Panda!
    Just Panda! Hour ago

    Someone actually disliked this bop i-

  • star dance
    star dance Hour ago

    alguem brasileiro

  • I'm a Blink
    I'm a Blink Hour ago


  • Farhath Khan
    Farhath Khan Hour ago

    Me: Miss my head is hurting and I keep coughing! I’ve got a swollen eye and it’s turning black! Nurse: An ice pack should do it, there’s not much I can do. Drink some water love. Me: *Sighs* Okay miss...🥱🤮🤮🤮🤮 Lmao literally all they say is “I can’t do much just see how it goes.” Or something along those lines lol!

  • Jacoib
    Jacoib Hour ago

    I found this in my 5 year old sister’s watch history...

  • Average Person
    Average Person Hour ago

    I don't know about you, but thats a cute dress

  • YoungRuby_ girl
    YoungRuby_ girl Hour ago

    Okay, let’s get give props to the nurses!

  • Travis Brickley
    Travis Brickley 2 hours ago

    What is happing to the people

  • o o p s
    o o p s 2 hours ago

    cries in broke

  • Biman boruah
    Biman boruah 2 hours ago

    The dislikes r all school principles 😆😂😂😂

  • Lalo 360
    Lalo 360 2 hours ago

    Here face looks like she jezzed

  • Smnt - Brawl Stars
    Smnt - Brawl Stars 2 hours ago

    Every choice you’ve made in life has led you to read this comment ;)

  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 hours ago

    That girl got mad when he didn't pass that joint. Hahahaha XD

  • Arianna Tracaro
    Arianna Tracaro 2 hours ago


  • iiComfyBear
    iiComfyBear 2 hours ago

    I love you 💕💕💕I think I’m going to come see u

    DFYT PANTERA 2 hours ago

    Malanie l am very mch your fan. I love you

  • The Mysticz
    The Mysticz 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but who claps like this: 🙏🙏🙏

  • Barnhart Family
    Barnhart Family 2 hours ago

    Those kids look like Psychopaths🧐

  • Avas Baby Alives
    Avas Baby Alives 2 hours ago

    Me a few months ago: im gonna watch this movie soo much Me now: **cries**

  • Laura barros Muniz fofis

    Colab melanie and billie,

  • Arlen Adams
    Arlen Adams 2 hours ago

    I love it mack more

  • I Love Animes
    I Love Animes 2 hours ago

    Your are ok

  • não sei
    não sei 2 hours ago

    melanie i loved the movie k 12 i don't even know what to say u and my referred singer i love you melanie martinez

  • Amber Carvers
    Amber Carvers 2 hours ago


  • Jackeline da Cruz Santos


  • abbiexaesthetic
    abbiexaesthetic 3 hours ago

    54:05 looks so sad

  • Uneko Ava
    Uneko Ava 3 hours ago

    Что за говно

  • Gabriela Estala Angeles

    And I like how you were actually standing up for yourself

  • Gabriela Estala Angeles

    I love you son and I can see and I love the part where you say

  • 0v0 ,.,
    0v0 ,., 3 hours ago

    2:09 Omg, this part is so satisfying ! ❤

  • NiniSandwhich
    NiniSandwhich 3 hours ago

    Melanie: my arm fell off Nurse: have a band aid! All better now back to class! Melanie: ⚫️👄⚫️

  • Clemency Wilson
    Clemency Wilson 3 hours ago

    Where can I get those dresses

  • Layla Bar
    Layla Bar 3 hours ago

    Welp that weave got snatched

  • Bananasxx8 gRaM
    Bananasxx8 gRaM 3 hours ago

    I’ve never heard so much auto tune from a 14 year old

  • Mary Lynn
    Mary Lynn 3 hours ago

    I like the ending!!! hahah get this devil worshipers where they belong

  • hxney bun
    hxney bun 3 hours ago

    How do you get Music Premium?

  • Bananasxx8 gRaM
    Bananasxx8 gRaM 3 hours ago

    So retarded

  • A Home 4 Youtubers Join Family EXPLODE Your Channel

    any small YtBrs here? want to grow!

  • Mary Lynn
    Mary Lynn 3 hours ago

    Kids grow up to be this creator of poor teachings or no teaching. Who do you want to be?

  • Nora Sanz Rodríguez

    Alguien de TIK TOK ?

  • Paige The first
    Paige The first 3 hours ago

    my mom is just watching me turn intoyour biggest fan lol I think she is scared lol I don't want use grammar

  • Nataya Thornbrough
    Nataya Thornbrough 3 hours ago

    I watch all your videos are you fun of you all my God

  • Irene 888
    Irene 888 3 hours ago

    Todas sus canciones tienen el mismo ritmo 😂

  • Meowgi
    Meowgi 3 hours ago


  • khezia and me
    khezia and me 3 hours ago

    i lovee ur songs what i love is that u made ur songs scary and im not scared of anything promise