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BUYING the NEW C8 Corvette!!
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Finally SELLING my Audi R8!!
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Meet the Giveaway Winner!
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My YouTube Rewind 2018
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My Ford GT Application Video
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  • Mr. Exhausted
    Mr. Exhausted 15 minutes ago

    I just got out of school and this video has been up for only an hour and already as 100k views?!?!?

  • Playworthy
    Playworthy 15 minutes ago

    That Supra ripped the Lambo a new one lol.

  • Kobe Collins
    Kobe Collins 15 minutes ago

    Opens with BMW supra what a guy😂😂

  • Brodie Charman
    Brodie Charman 15 minutes ago

    When is your corvette coming

  • Wendy Madden
    Wendy Madden 16 minutes ago

    Gallardo vs gt350

  • JSpiderTTS_44
    JSpiderTTS_44 16 minutes ago

    Bro how could the Supra win?

  • Demi Swinkels
    Demi Swinkels 16 minutes ago

    The lambo wins, the gallardo does’nt have launchcontrol...

  • Mystic Tyler
    Mystic Tyler 16 minutes ago

    Stradman read this right away then delete it after it has been read at 0:53 you forgot to blur your license plate out 😃😃

  • CoolCarz
    CoolCarz 17 minutes ago

    and the Supra also won against the F430 if you watched the video

  • Aragas20001rblx
    Aragas20001rblx 17 minutes ago


  • jesuxx7
    jesuxx7 17 minutes ago

    Guadalajara México, my hometown 😂

  • GrowthGuided
    GrowthGuided 17 minutes ago

    The Gallardo just sounds so sweet on full send acceleration

  • Robin
    Robin 17 minutes ago

    Toyota Supra VS V12

  • Wacky Blox
    Wacky Blox 17 minutes ago

    Hey why didn’t he use the adventador he would have crushed him

  • Matis Chalifour
    Matis Chalifour 18 minutes ago

    Buy a Can Am Maverick X3

  • Jay Flo
    Jay Flo 18 minutes ago

    " I'm going to get you big "

  • teresa yee
    teresa yee 18 minutes ago

    Aventador VS supra

  • aiden Rose
    aiden Rose 18 minutes ago

    Lol how about tj hunt supra or Adam lz supra vs your lambo let’s see how that would go

  • Pali_KillerGoDz
    Pali_KillerGoDz 18 minutes ago

    He said a bmw Supra

  • budster mcgreen
    budster mcgreen 18 minutes ago

    That was actually not what I expected at all... Way to go Toyota/BMW! ✌

  • Nitrouspeed
    Nitrouspeed 18 minutes ago

    Legit can’t afford sleeves on a ROKA wetsuit, for some reasons sleeves double the price😂

  • J-aRt Diaz
    J-aRt Diaz 19 minutes ago

    If Stradman had an E-gearbox then he would’ve won.

  • Belgian pride
    Belgian pride 19 minutes ago

    1 day you are getting robbed man i guarantee

  • Art van Klaveren
    Art van Klaveren 20 minutes ago

    I was surprised the Supra won, I don't think it becomes better with the new spoiler.. The aventador definetely wins..

  • Ryan Darradji
    Ryan Darradji 20 minutes ago

    Hey James you should get a more aggressive looking front bumper for the Gallardo it would look SOOOOOO good

  • Weenie hut General
    Weenie hut General 20 minutes ago

    Please shout out dreamcardriving// seems like a good guy

  • Unscramble
    Unscramble 21 minute ago

    Err... BMW supra?

  • aiden Rose
    aiden Rose 21 minute ago

    Maybe u should put some mods on the supra than see if it is faster than the lambo

  • C K
    C K 21 minute ago

    You mean VW not audi🤙🏼 that made that lambo

  • William Moore
    William Moore 21 minute ago

    Could u plz like my comment James, it is my birthday and it would be the best birthday ever for me

  • its me
    its me 21 minute ago

    Y u keep Gallardo stock

  • Cidinho Bola Nossa
    Cidinho Bola Nossa 22 minutes ago

    8:01 burlacker has a hydro flask

  • aiden Rose
    aiden Rose 22 minutes ago

    lol bmw??

  • Allan car reviews
    Allan car reviews 22 minutes ago

    New vid should be be focus rs

  • David Shaw
    David Shaw 22 minutes ago

    AWD is gay

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng 22 minutes ago

    Why do you wanna see the fake venting? Purple still better!

  • Petr Boháč
    Petr Boháč 22 minutes ago

    Twin turbo the Aventardor!

  • Aditya Mehta
    Aditya Mehta 22 minutes ago

    single turbo time

  • Luis Muralles
    Luis Muralles 22 minutes ago

    Supra vs focus rs

  • Riley Simas
    Riley Simas 22 minutes ago

    What kind of mods have you done to that thing??? Also, Altitude might favor the Turbo car?

  • Idyllo Salvador
    Idyllo Salvador 22 minutes ago

    BMW Supra😂

  • Eliot W
    Eliot W 23 minutes ago

    But lambs sound better tho

  • Gavin Rivas
    Gavin Rivas 23 minutes ago


  • raceday 2424
    raceday 2424 23 minutes ago

    The supra is going to need a hood to go with the new body kit to get it ready for sema

  • rumbaut17
    rumbaut17 23 minutes ago

    Yes yes yes Bmw Supra vs Aventador

  • Rachel Jorgenson
    Rachel Jorgenson 23 minutes ago

    All of his videos are great

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 23 minutes ago

    Gallardo vs Shelby 350!!!

  • Alexander Craven
    Alexander Craven 23 minutes ago

    People keep putting food in my key holder someone help

  • Fernando
    Fernando 23 minutes ago

    Why are you lying about going to Mexico

  • Tanwei Er
    Tanwei Er 24 minutes ago

    Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia ,btw I'm ur Malaysia fan

  • Victor Santos#Barber
    Victor Santos#Barber 24 minutes ago

    Damn that 2020 Supra is badass and fast!! 💨 but that Gallardo is beautiful 🔥🔥

  • Justin Latvamaki
    Justin Latvamaki 24 minutes ago

    who cares if the Mk5 is faster than a lambo because that v10 sounds so so much better ......

  • Boone Swenson
    Boone Swenson 24 minutes ago

    I think you should leave the gladiator as a 4 x 4

  • Jerson Martinez
    Jerson Martinez 24 minutes ago

    When are you getting the Corvette

  • M A C E
    M A C E 25 minutes ago

    lmao im 16 and i can bench 200 punds and dead lift 300 and im not even that big

  • Skullcry 23
    Skullcry 23 25 minutes ago

    He said bmw supra😂😂😂

  • Falcon Entity
    Falcon Entity 25 minutes ago

    Lamborghini Advantadore Vs Supra like if agree

  • Jamie O’Brien
    Jamie O’Brien 25 minutes ago

    when he picks the keys up in the begging he calls the supra a bmw

  • Stan Beimers
    Stan Beimers 26 minutes ago

    What do you think about max verstappen

  • Maka Jossos
    Maka Jossos 26 minutes ago

    Drive 9,5 hours for one race of 2 minutes??

  • TTV Tancov5117
    TTV Tancov5117 26 minutes ago

    I’m 13 and can bench 135

  • Jawad Haj Hassan
    Jawad Haj Hassan 26 minutes ago

    Let that bar touch ur chest man🤣. Love ur videos❤️

  • Luka
    Luka 27 minutes ago

    Stradgirl should be impressed

  • Bryan
    Bryan 27 minutes ago

    Next time bring a civic 😂

  • Eric J. Ramirez
    Eric J. Ramirez 27 minutes ago

    175 is not bad for your body weight...

  • Edgar H252
    Edgar H252 27 minutes ago

    This just proves that New Automatic Transmissions will beat any Manual.

    ABHISHEK GHULE 27 minutes ago

    Burlacher is better than Lewis Hamilton. 😅😅😅

    ROCKY GAMING 27 minutes ago

    Then do a 2JZ or LS swap to the supra Edit: and a twin turbo lol

  • Ron Strauss
    Ron Strauss 27 minutes ago

    What happened to the cheers when Osky shows up?

  • Louigie G.
    Louigie G. 28 minutes ago

    Bars gotta touch the chest or it doesnt count :)

  • Sjors Angevare
    Sjors Angevare 28 minutes ago

    Wheres the link of the Supra vs the GT350? YOU LIED STRAD

  • Swapy
    Swapy 28 minutes ago

    0:03 what

  • Mira Abuissa
    Mira Abuissa 28 minutes ago

    The Gallardo is finally Back to the channel and back to the vlog

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z 28 minutes ago

    Supra domination continues. Stradman straddle'n. Bro-Lacher rocks. Lambo keys microwave storage... yeah!

  • Ron Strauss
    Ron Strauss 28 minutes ago

    Yes YES YESSS!!!!! Thats so addicting to say lol but true. Guess you'll need to twin turbo the Gallardo? Why not? Is asking to race the Aventador even a question? HECK yeah bro!! I'm surprised you haven't done it yet.

  • Javier Perez
    Javier Perez 29 minutes ago

    James you should’ve got a Nissan GTR Instead of the supra that is garbage 🗑 my bro

  • Ryan Hines
    Ryan Hines 29 minutes ago

    damn. nice job on the bench

  • nibolduc 2001
    nibolduc 2001 29 minutes ago

    Nice vid

  • Bryan
    Bryan 29 minutes ago

    Your neighbors probably hates u starting your car every morning but I wish I was ur neighbor

  • Jannes Kaiser
    Jannes Kaiser 30 minutes ago

    You can ask Nico Rosberg for a race

  • Rocco Rocks
    Rocco Rocks 30 minutes ago

    Thestradman is awesome 👏

  • IamNeil aRon
    IamNeil aRon 30 minutes ago

    You know what would be great? Stock Mk4 Supra vs Stock Mk5 Supra to stop this "It's not a Supra" It's like Lavar Ball calling Lonzo Alfonzo lol

  • forza 4
    forza 4 30 minutes ago


  • Moroni Rios
    Moroni Rios 31 minute ago

    That's a lie, you lost your job because of him ;)

  • Danny D
    Danny D 31 minute ago

    You know your shit about cars, but you have A LOT to learn about weight lifting and diet lol. And judging by your housemate, he does too. Fat ain't muscle lol.

  • Q645855 Gamez
    Q645855 Gamez 31 minute ago

    You ain’t embarrassing Supra

  • ED art Wood turning
    ED art Wood turning 32 minutes ago

    Wats apprennent Wiig your hélicopter brevet

  • Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτιδης

    Nice video keep it up BTW Hamilton is at Singapore cause he is racing

  • Bobby Lobby
    Bobby Lobby 32 minutes ago

    Alright time for the Supra to race the focus/Aventador

  • Francis Casinillo
    Francis Casinillo 32 minutes ago

    Vlog i am waiting the most is James own his dream car Ferrari challenge stradale. 😊 if stradman still want to own it.😉

  • DjManny Rivera
    DjManny Rivera 32 minutes ago

    Wow, I really didn't expect that!! That Supra is really fast and you haven't moded it full send yet!!😳😃💪💪🔥

  • captainsicko
    captainsicko 32 minutes ago

    Do the race v12 vs supra. Be nice to see bro. Once you get straight pipes on the supra. Nice vid btw

  • Climax
    Climax 32 minutes ago

    supra vs aventador soon👀

  • Alexis Lugo
    Alexis Lugo 32 minutes ago


  • Go4EZ
    Go4EZ 33 minutes ago

    WOW Stradman, are you in to F1? If so I like more then ever brotha :) Regards from Sweden :)

  • SHAUN Konschel
    SHAUN Konschel 34 minutes ago

    The BMW supra............ITS A TOYOTA

  • calbusa5
    calbusa5 34 minutes ago


  • Quentin Scott
    Quentin Scott 34 minutes ago

    You should do the Supra against the Ford Focus RS

  • JSpiderTTS_44
    JSpiderTTS_44 34 minutes ago

    Bro legitness

  • Faze Burrito
    Faze Burrito 35 minutes ago