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  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 4 minutes ago

    "Killian, you better leave room for my fist cuz Imma ram it through your stomach and break your godamn spine!"

  • Jona zzz
    Jona zzz 9 minutes ago

    Kristen Stewart and TJ Miller. Its like they want this movie to fail.

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 10 minutes ago

    As Chester would say... Looks Cheesy

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp 15 minutes ago

    Welcome to 2019. The age of staring the most unattractive, likely LGBTQUFBFOWHDJ, feminazi looking women as possible in every movie possible. Because....current year bro.

  • Reaching Nirvana
    Reaching Nirvana 19 minutes ago

    The Tool album of film

  • Buyung Bonney
    Buyung Bonney 27 minutes ago

    BTW, he's hot plus with British accent.. Yummy...

  • lachu lachu
    lachu lachu 27 minutes ago

    There’s Fortnite emote and rift to go valley

  • Buyung Bonney
    Buyung Bonney 28 minutes ago

    Hahaha nope tq

  • Nam Disonglo
    Nam Disonglo 29 minutes ago

    Why imma even crying

  • Edo Alva
    Edo Alva 37 minutes ago

    Why the spy guy looks more like Anthony Mackie rather than Will Smith?

  • Marvin Minaya
    Marvin Minaya 41 minute ago

    If done right this potentially can be a really good movie

  • Reema P
    Reema P 41 minute ago

    Wish I could see another movie like this

  • Johnathon Barker
    Johnathon Barker 46 minutes ago

    Can't help but Notice that Tom had a Hair Cut.

  • livehorsesdream
    livehorsesdream 48 minutes ago


  • RavenFyre
    RavenFyre 50 minutes ago

    another one of these movies.....

  • Yung_Xay
    Yung_Xay 50 minutes ago

    2:00 i hear you issac clarke

  • Raaj Kapoor Singh
    Raaj Kapoor Singh 52 minutes ago

    i love this anime movie trailer my dear to good work 😃

  • LilMike 932
    LilMike 932 53 minutes ago

    Idk why but seeing Tom's haircut reminds me Tobey's haircut in Brothers film

  • DiveDeep
    DiveDeep 58 minutes ago

    Why so blue? Oh you know, hypoxemia...

  • Palman Gadfer
    Palman Gadfer 59 minutes ago

    Fortnite "The Movie".

  • The Rickster
    The Rickster Hour ago

    What happens in a submarine stays in the submarine..😂😂

  • X. Baughans
    X. Baughans Hour ago

    So hes playing in a nother young genius with wrist mounted technology

  • Kathryn Hill
    Kathryn Hill Hour ago

    I miss my hands....

  • Chaila Donna
    Chaila Donna Hour ago

    Why not calling him Killian McMassacre? Has a nice ring to it. Not that he's a nice guy. 😈

  • Sarvaenthren Ayavu

    Is Archer collaborating with the Kingsmen

  • M K
    M K Hour ago

    Is that a guy in lead?

  • AwesomeBooktube
    AwesomeBooktube Hour ago

    Just finished reading a book and I sobbed for the last 100pagzs

  • Raaj Kapoor Singh

    i like this work my dear 😃

  • SomberSF
    SomberSF Hour ago

    Anyone else feel like Ryan Reynolds has tons of pull in Hollywood these days?? Lol

  • kreexp
    kreexp Hour ago

    Who has a lot of experience with spies? 😂

  • David K李誠彬

    Amazing after-effects and backgrounds, total fail on facial detail. Like, _humiliating_ fail, beyond disappointment. Also thanks to the jerk trailer people for ruining the movie for us by showing all the best parts in advance. Now there's no point in seeing the actual movie.

  • Newbie Kitty
    Newbie Kitty Hour ago

    Dug to Greeley and too deep...

  • Chuck Kellar
    Chuck Kellar Hour ago


  • Steven -
    Steven - Hour ago

    Plot twist : Ryan reynolds will become the final boss in the main quest

  • Mr. Foggy
    Mr. Foggy Hour ago

    Reverse GTA

  • Oz Kid
    Oz Kid Hour ago

    When you search up GTA movie this is the 2nd result

  • Miseop Lee
    Miseop Lee Hour ago

    He is so sleepy!! I died!

  • Rafa
    Rafa Hour ago

    They should make one of how it’s like to be a villain henchmen.

  • Mike Gardin
    Mike Gardin Hour ago

    Men in black + Cars 2 = this

  • B E
    B E Hour ago

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how bad is this movie?

  • krono069
    krono069 Hour ago

    Kristen Stewart is what's stopping me from ever watching this... or any movie she's in.

  • J P S M
    J P S M 2 hours ago

    My favorite novel 🤩🤩

  • aA
    aA 2 hours ago

    Release in india hindi also please

  • rishi kumar
    rishi kumar 2 hours ago

    From 2050...not yet released!!! 😤

  • chan vutha
    chan vutha 2 hours ago


  • Panbot Bot
    Panbot Bot 2 hours ago


  • Jovan Lee
    Jovan Lee 2 hours ago

    The Lego Movie + GTA and then you get this.

  • TheSeventhWheel 7
    TheSeventhWheel 7 2 hours ago

    I don't know who's better: Tom Holland or Walter Beckett. Honestly, they're both "charismatic young men"

  • Vitor Bittencourt Dos Santos

    1:07 I don't know why but this is kinda cool

  • Shuba Shamim
    Shuba Shamim 2 hours ago

    2:05 I miss my haaaands 🤣

  • brainofJAM
    brainofJAM 2 hours ago

    Secret Cloverfield movie?

  • David TPHK
    David TPHK 2 hours ago

    Killian Kill Ian Who the *tweet* is Ian?

  • CrazieeSimba
    CrazieeSimba 2 hours ago

    If Tom didn’t shave his hair, he would look like Walter. But will smith looks like Lance

  • kato marquez
    kato marquez 2 hours ago

    Aguan secuela de alita angel de combate yo quiero ver más de alita

  • Bitter Sweet
    Bitter Sweet 2 hours ago

    I was shocked and taken offgaurd when they said Joey King then it hit me ... Literally barely any difference from then and now besides being older.

  • Bitter Sweet
    Bitter Sweet 2 hours ago

    I seen the name Romona on a TheXvid recommendation then immediately got reminded of Romana and Beezus

  • Rahul Poks Poks
    Rahul Poks Poks 2 hours ago


  • Thiago Henrique
    Thiago Henrique 2 hours ago

    This movie is horrible, had pontential but Cameron has preferred a teneager romance movie

  • Slim Bowl Zach
    Slim Bowl Zach 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of sphere

  • ~8NovaavoN8~
    ~8NovaavoN8~ 2 hours ago

    Omg, they basically remade Deepstar Six. Be more original please.

  • Goxve Robledo
    Goxve Robledo 2 hours ago


  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 2 hours ago

    Guns in your pocket?

  • Here's the Dealio
    Here's the Dealio 2 hours ago

    2:13 is my fav

  • Mkc_alex
    Mkc_alex 2 hours ago

    This is Life part 2

  • kailash parihar
    kailash parihar 3 hours ago

    Movie bahu Badiya hai Hindi Mai bhi uplabdh hai

  • 11010011100001101
    11010011100001101 3 hours ago

    A lot of people are talking about the CGI but I remember the story being very different from what this is portraying.

  • Que A
    Que A 3 hours ago

    With a name like Killian wasn’t it pretty obvious that he was evil?

  • Judah Websdale
    Judah Websdale 3 hours ago

    Best movie ever watched last monday at i imax

  • ProAmericana
    ProAmericana 3 hours ago

    Who the hell let her back into acting?

  • paviliceanu vlad
    paviliceanu vlad 3 hours ago


  • Jennifer McNiel
    Jennifer McNiel 3 hours ago


  • kotk05
    kotk05 3 hours ago

    Does she always make that weird face in everything she does?

  • Jacob Aragon
    Jacob Aragon 3 hours ago

    "Its only okay to be in your underwear if you look like a man"-leftists probably

  • Got Bunnies
    Got Bunnies 3 hours ago

    Yeeaaa I don't care what those suits are made off you aren't walking on the oceans surface at 7 miles deep without being turned into a human pancake.

  • Léo
    Léo 3 hours ago

    From the studio that brought you : Beauty and the Beast, Aladin, The Lion King, Star Wars : A New Hope, Twice

  • SpainCat
    SpainCat 3 hours ago

    This is an X-Men movie.

  • gamelvr1
    gamelvr1 3 hours ago

    Anyone else getting the descent vibes

  • UltimateSpider
    UltimateSpider 3 hours ago

    YES! Will Smith And Tom Holland Are in a Movie! Yes!

  • lunarix
    lunarix 3 hours ago

    Me encanta este gta

  • Leeson White
    Leeson White 3 hours ago

    What happened, Tom, my favourite Marvel actor.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 3 hours ago

    "Omg Ripley from alien 3" - Deadpool

  • White Powder
    White Powder 3 hours ago

    Another diversity abomination.

  • Flávio Araújo
    Flávio Araújo 3 hours ago

    okay Mariah's song... im here for it

  • Kapil Singh
    Kapil Singh 3 hours ago


  • Iliuc Dorin Alexandru

    Beautiful movie! Brad Pitt is outstanding and as the character, is the only that remains powerful and positive along the process and either sane. A movie to remember...

  • Bruokoli
    Bruokoli 3 hours ago

    Liked for taika

  • the adorkable author

    Anyone else think Twilight meets Cthulu?

  • Moister Oyster
    Moister Oyster 4 hours ago

    Another one

  • Vic 34
    Vic 34 4 hours ago

    I just watched the whole movie

  • chris gehl
    chris gehl 4 hours ago

    Its just an updated version of Deep Star Six

  • Cory D
    Cory D 4 hours ago

    I imagine Kristen Stewart will be the one with the constantly fogged over diver's mask.

  • Devakate Production
    Devakate Production 4 hours ago