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  • Ramon Arroyo
    Ramon Arroyo 7 hours ago

    Wish I lived close to you when the zombie come lmao. Did you Neighbors ever ask you to move lol. Awesome job, I appreciate the vid.

  • Emma Stein
    Emma Stein 7 hours ago

    Can you test and explain to us the differences between dry ice and liquid nitrogen??

  • Arham Modi
    Arham Modi 7 hours ago

    please do oobleck in a grinder

  • ScottM1973
    ScottM1973 7 hours ago

    "Pure vinegar in an apple sponge" - Nate 2020

  • Adam Burlingame
    Adam Burlingame 7 hours ago

    Pickled freeze dried hot dog

  • Bananenbob
    Bananenbob 7 hours ago

    Omg is nate high 😂

  • AngryPasta
    AngryPasta 8 hours ago

    Pickle freeze-dryed watermelons

  • terrahawk2003
    terrahawk2003 8 hours ago

    Speaking as a fellow pickle maker that was so wrong I just can't believe it eeeeewwwww!

  • bob zila
    bob zila 8 hours ago

    Can you cook a salmon in a vacuum chamber

  • Charlie's DIY
    Charlie's DIY 8 hours ago

    try testing paper aeroplane designs love you

  • Arham Modi
    Arham Modi 8 hours ago

    please do oobleck in a grinder

  • AngryPasta
    AngryPasta 8 hours ago

    Pickle Calli’s shoe

  • R S
    R S 8 hours ago

    Instead of freeze drying the cucumber, try dehydrating it then pickling it.

  • Kory Crutcher
    Kory Crutcher 8 hours ago

    Next, you should try pickling things like watermelon or maybe some savory foods, just don't freeze-dry the watermelon, unless you want to.

    LEGEND OF JAMES 8 hours ago

    please put spaghetti sauce in the freeze dryer then try to rehydrate

  • Jimmy Giancone
    Jimmy Giancone 8 hours ago

    You should freeze dry garlic, onions, potatoes and the rest of that toothpaste that you have! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • TheNulloverride
    TheNulloverride 8 hours ago

    Pro tip: Press'n'Seal saranwrap.

  • IIZakaroonieII 44
    IIZakaroonieII 44 8 hours ago

    Cally is so confident now

  • The Fastest Aiden Alive

    I’m watching in January 2020

  • Mario Londe
    Mario Londe 8 hours ago

    10:45 Whyyyyy? .... You know me hahahahahahah i was dead at tha moment

  • CA Ac
    CA Ac 8 hours ago

    all countries cucumber r same

  • ActuallyKhalid !
    ActuallyKhalid ! 8 hours ago

    Of course they are only “paper weights”

  • Fire King
    Fire King 8 hours ago

    In my country its only 2$

  • MrNKnight
    MrNKnight 8 hours ago

    Pickle rickk

  • Charlie's DIY
    Charlie's DIY 8 hours ago

    try 3d printing love ya'll

  • Poor Redneck World
    Poor Redneck World 8 hours ago

    I have 4 words.. Freeze. Dry Butter PLEASE 🙏🙏

  • Poor Redneck World
    Poor Redneck World 8 hours ago

    That never shoukd have happened. THATS THE DEVELS WORK! KAILY 2020.

  • Tony Ford
    Tony Ford 8 hours ago

    Mix sodium with liquid nitrogen and will sodium and water in a vacuum have a different affect

  • Bell Time
    Bell Time 8 hours ago

    Finally i can make these to chew “Extra”.

  • Austin Glickman
    Austin Glickman 8 hours ago

    It’s alive! King of random edition

  • XD Ubayd
    XD Ubayd 8 hours ago

    Try it with a watermelon

  • Cry baby Senpai
    Cry baby Senpai 8 hours ago

    Then it would be hard? 👀don't be dirty

  • ExtraShifty
    ExtraShifty 8 hours ago

    3:45 your supose not to argue about it

  • not john
    not john 8 hours ago

    No way you did it I kept asking

  • Johnny Fines
    Johnny Fines 8 hours ago

    Haha that face Calli made 😯 oooo

  • godogsful1
    godogsful1 8 hours ago

    I like both of your face when you took a bit of the last pickle

  • Harley Vine
    Harley Vine 8 hours ago

    Pickle a bleached onion

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • Wyvrenne MacDaniels
    Wyvrenne MacDaniels 8 hours ago

    Can you use the freeze dried cucumbers to pickle up flammable pickle slices or like an emergency candle?

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • su yee
    su yee 8 hours ago

    Queen of random

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • Stellxrd
    Stellxrd 8 hours ago

    В школе меня звали Джони кривой глаз...

  • Casey Neville
    Casey Neville 8 hours ago

    *** MAKE POP ROCKS *** For the next video! That would tickle my fancy!

  • SkullCandy
    SkullCandy 8 hours ago

    Can y’all freeze dry celery? I bet almost nothing would be left

  • Abhijith s Shaju
    Abhijith s Shaju 8 hours ago

    Can you make reflector mirror with clear resin like that using in a telescope, and maybe make a reflector telecope with that?

  • Trollingpatroll
    Trollingpatroll 8 hours ago

    i dont think it will work but it would be fun to see what trying to pickle a crisp (potato chip in america) does

  • D4Doom88
    D4Doom88 8 hours ago

    You can also just grab the brine from the store-bought stuff

  • bryan onkka
    bryan onkka 8 hours ago

    What would happen if you freeze dried certain types of alcohol or mixed drinks?

  • PikachuGamingGo 12
    PikachuGamingGo 12 8 hours ago

    I never played with a slinky

  • Robert Capron
    Robert Capron 8 hours ago

    You guys should do a "will it fondue?" Series

  • MadMurphyFamily
    MadMurphyFamily 8 hours ago

    mhm, your name makes sence

  • Ketobbey Waters
    Ketobbey Waters 8 hours ago

    I don't think you are even trying at this stage. Sad. I miss him.

  • Northern Ninety7
    Northern Ninety7 8 hours ago

    Hes too dangerous to be left alive.

  • David P
    David P 8 hours ago

    10:50 Do you still love your jobs, Calli and Nate?

  • RichardTheCreator
    RichardTheCreator 8 hours ago

    Why the music sound like subway surfers

  • nikiforos Papakwnstantinou

    You can use the cap of one big pen with neil

  • Aspicycreeper
    Aspicycreeper 8 hours ago

    What happened to the jolly rancher foot?

  • The leader of The flamingo fan club

    Guys ideas: •do 1000 pop tarts •Making colourful cement and maybe making a rainbow floor (cali in mind)

  • Adam Grim
    Adam Grim 8 hours ago

    Did we ever get an update on the grape that went through surgery?

  • Blahorga Slisk
    Blahorga Slisk 8 hours ago

    But nate didn't inhale!

  • Ratkobom
    Ratkobom 8 hours ago

    try pickling cauliflower broccoli and green tomatoes by green i mean not fully ripened tomatoes and a bit of onion 2 slices at most its its amazing and also try pickling watermelon but tin melons tat arent even grown yet you will love it i think btw this is not a video idea just something that i think you will love :D but hey if you want feel free to share with the world

  • HOTSHOTZ #00
    HOTSHOTZ #00 8 hours ago

    try putting oobleck in the freeze dryer

  • Todd Hogervorst
    Todd Hogervorst 8 hours ago

    try sous-vide in a bunch of different and strange liquids with and without the bag!

  • kaptajn waterstradt
    kaptajn waterstradt 8 hours ago

    Nate? Is you finger better and when can we see it.(lock mom no thump) 😁😁😁

  • Loe Silva
    Loe Silva 8 hours ago

    Why are you guys up at like two in the morning

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 8 hours ago

    Now try picking a chilli 😋

  • Schody
    Schody 8 hours ago

    4:09 I'm see that!

  • Robert Foster
    Robert Foster 8 hours ago

    dehydrated cucumber then turn it into a pickle then deep-fried it then eat it

  • Pankaj Arya
    Pankaj Arya 8 hours ago

    Parents : Wow!!!!Prepared Salad for the dinner????? me:No, just taking out water from all of them. Parents:???????

  • Siddharth Ray
    Siddharth Ray 8 hours ago

    This is the 3 hour, 15 minutes, 3 second slushy

  • Id Dweller
    Id Dweller 8 hours ago

    No more pickles? But you haven't pickled figs, tamarind or durian yet...

  • BJ Russell
    BJ Russell 8 hours ago

    I would use electrical tape

  • riicky83
    riicky83 8 hours ago

    How's your thumb doing now Nate?.

  • Sh076un677
    Sh076un677 8 hours ago

    Pickled beets

  • Scheggia Il felino attraente

    My mom took 9 months to get an hand for me

  • Canadian_Marvel_37
    Canadian_Marvel_37 8 hours ago

    You should freeze dry pickles

  • Chad B
    Chad B 8 hours ago

    What if you took the freeze dried foods, especially the ones that those that hold their shape. Put them into a vacuum chamber. Then re-introduce water to them as the vacuum is released. Will they soak up the water and become like they were before?

  • dercncplaner
    dercncplaner 9 hours ago

    This is how you make it? oh man! boiled water? in fridge? totally different that as we do in Syria to make what we store for a year

  • Scott Hollis
    Scott Hollis 9 hours ago

    The expressions....

  • jbenthere
    jbenthere 9 hours ago

    Though this was interesting, I'm disappointed because I was expecting to see some great cleaning hacks - 100 of them.

  • Lori Mechelle
    Lori Mechelle 9 hours ago

    Why don't you freeze dry a pickled cumber? Instead of just a cucumber

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 9 hours ago

    You said this seemed fun this is a past tense so unless you made the intro after you did this you would have said this seems fun

  • crepeer2581
    crepeer2581 9 hours ago

    What about pickled bananas

  • clive brownbill
    clive brownbill 9 hours ago

    My ex thought that pickles came from a pickle tree, and not that they were just pickled cucumbers smh

  • I like Tortoises
    I like Tortoises 9 hours ago

    You should dehydrate tea and see if it turns into instant tea just like instant coffee.

  • CrazySparkie63
    CrazySparkie63 9 hours ago

    Properly freeze dry or dehydrate a cucumber then stick 240 volts across it!

  • Craig torr
    Craig torr 9 hours ago

    Pickle pineapple because Nate said no more pickles

  • skylerex1 Krauser
    skylerex1 Krauser 9 hours ago

    Rest in peace for ever

  • Timothy Hudson
    Timothy Hudson 9 hours ago

    tried pickling steak before it's cooked and after its cooked and in the freez dryer

  • Joe Moh. moosa
    Joe Moh. moosa 9 hours ago

    Freeze dry olives and carrots

  • The Fire Foxes
    The Fire Foxes 9 hours ago

    You should make Talkis into cotton candy

  • Fern Moore
    Fern Moore 9 hours ago

    I could have predicted the problem with pickling freeze dried cucumbers. The water in the cucumber exchanges with the pickling brine until the salt reaches equilibrium. This ends up diluting the brine. Without the extra water its soaking up full strength brine.

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long 9 hours ago

    What happens if you freeze dry a boiled egg?

  • The Average Crafter
    The Average Crafter 9 hours ago

    Welll this was cucumbersing

  • Russell Lannier
    Russell Lannier 9 hours ago

    What would happen if you bunch all the fuses together and then light it?

  • fira script
    fira script 9 hours ago

    Congrats! You just made sentient tooth paste!

  • Big Boi87
    Big Boi87 9 hours ago

    I'm thinkin they should put the apples in the vacuum chamber