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How to Clone your FACE
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Testing Fire Resistant Safes
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Music Straight To The Brain?
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500 Packs of Fun (Dip)
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To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
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Thank you, Grant.
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4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!
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HUMONGOUS Wax Bottle Drink!
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Hydro Dipping Nintendo!
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Vacuum Packing Humans
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Dropping a 40 lb Bouncy Ball
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How Good Is Smoked Cake?
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Reenacting The FOOD FIGHT
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  • 002pepsiboy
    002pepsiboy 7 minutes ago

    Freeze dry soup🍜

  • Timmyspoons
    Timmyspoons 7 minutes ago

    Microwave pennies

  • Maximillian Xuhan Ether

    now that i seen this video i regret watching it

  • sbrow46
    sbrow46 8 minutes ago

    Nutella, peanut butter, cookie spread.

  • Raging lion
    Raging lion 9 minutes ago

    this was in a meme lmao

  • Carmen Elizabeth
    Carmen Elizabeth 9 minutes ago

    You should freeze dry nutella

  • Sean Bean
    Sean Bean 14 minutes ago

    Freeze dry emergen C drink.

  • Sydney rose
    Sydney rose 16 minutes ago

    Care-a-mel not car-mel

  • XҽԹհҽr
    XҽԹհҽr 17 minutes ago

    I cried again, second time watching this:\

  • ADah Hand
    ADah Hand 22 minutes ago

    Can you make a potato cannon and do experiments with it. .

  • Joe
    Joe 22 minutes ago

    Molten salt will destroy just about anything. Molten salt destroys iridium.

  • Bradley King
    Bradley King 23 minutes ago

    i am here is 2025

  • Mindless Magyar
    Mindless Magyar 24 minutes ago

    If you freeze dried starbucks it would disappear its basically all water lol

  • Swampert D. Best but subscribe to pewdiepie

    Put cotton candy in water, then freeze dry it

  • K W
    K W 29 minutes ago

    *washes them together and ruins experiment* Well...

  • Chic Peas
    Chic Peas 30 minutes ago

    Why were they just repeatedly shaking the same soda and opening it. They weren’t even testing anything. What was the point for it? Anyone know?

    FL4W.SCHMITT1 32 minutes ago

    Maybe you needed to blend all the other candys and maybe then it wouldve worked

  • marcia jones
    marcia jones 35 minutes ago

    Do you sell mrng

  • MelissaKae88
    MelissaKae88 37 minutes ago

    *TKOR: Let's play with fire!* _Australia has left the chat._

  • Berta love
    Berta love 38 minutes ago


  • Devasheesh Rana: Multi-purpose


  • simlover00
    simlover00 39 minutes ago

    I don't get how the bread and apples got milder while being in a vaccume. I thought mold happened because there is air present

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey 40 minutes ago

    can you try freeze drying a coconut please?

  • Stixman415
    Stixman415 42 minutes ago

    15:26 Hol' up what did she say? 😂

  • lbswimmerhhs hurricane
    lbswimmerhhs hurricane 44 minutes ago

    Try this with starburst

  • !?
    !? 44 minutes ago

    I wanna see if you guys can turn icecream sprinkles into cotton candy.

  • Mark Renn
    Mark Renn 45 minutes ago

    I love how Nate is still wearing rubber gloves... when working with water.

  • Kipnugget Bakker
    Kipnugget Bakker 47 minutes ago


  • Thanh Hà Nguyễn
    Thanh Hà Nguyễn 50 minutes ago

    to be honest, its not cool as I expected what if we use a stronger fan and make a bigger flame?

  • Troy Uildriks
    Troy Uildriks 51 minute ago

    I would have put in the straight side of the popsicle stick on the table side seem like you get more of a even balance

  • Connan Mcguirt
    Connan Mcguirt 52 minutes ago

    Pixy stix work

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 53 minutes ago

    So cool!!!!

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 53 minutes ago

    I would of added some flavor to the water too not just food coloring! You’d have a nice icy drink! Yummy! Slushy!!

  • Lexy Rose
    Lexy Rose 53 minutes ago

    Chips, French fries, lemon drops, and cherry chews

  • Ames Tec
    Ames Tec 55 minutes ago

    rip king of random we miss you

  • Idon'tknowwhattocallmyyoutubeaccount

    She: how many did you buy??? He: -just a lil bit-

  • Ricky Pisano
    Ricky Pisano 56 minutes ago

    If you take powdered chlorine and sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on the top.... then spit on it it will ignite into a bright orange flame.

  • zumbazumba1
    zumbazumba1 57 minutes ago

    Now make a green flamethrower!!!

  • suvarna rao
    suvarna rao Hour ago

    From india

  • Trygve Evensen
    Trygve Evensen Hour ago

    You could try jelly beans

  • James Holmes
    James Holmes Hour ago

    This would be a great lamp.

    SGS LIVE Hour ago

    Freeze dry batteries

  • Budget Builds
    Budget Builds Hour ago

    I want to see a pink fire tornado from lithium. Should be a challenge since there is a small water cooling tank and lithium reacts with water.

  • Julian Devonish
    Julian Devonish Hour ago

    On the topic of fire ive always seen things about making fire waterproof u guys should try it out.

  • Ashish Magadum
    Ashish Magadum Hour ago

    6:36 - She gets a boner

  • Allyson seyd
    Allyson seyd Hour ago

    I am jealous ( ̄ヘ ̄)

  • Joshua Spillman
    Joshua Spillman Hour ago

    my birthday is this Friday the 15th so can you make cotton candy from nerds

  • Sweet Monkey Tuesday

    How can you show a clip of a multi coloured fire tornado and not build one? 😂 I wanna see how many colours you can have running through the tornado

  • llama queen
    llama queen Hour ago

    This is kind of offensive but ok

  • Abel Terrible
    Abel Terrible Hour ago

    I low key almost cried when I saw the notification

  • Tedwin Tansan
    Tedwin Tansan Hour ago

    Can someone explains what just happened to the microwaved cd?

  • GamingTutorial
    GamingTutorial Hour ago

    Is it me or some people like to spell sucrose as suckrose🤣

  • chameleon0515
    chameleon0515 Hour ago

    I guess he was literally burning cds

  • Pineapple Panda sisters

    You could put those shirts and sell them on Tkor

  • BleachBirb
    BleachBirb Hour ago

    Freeze dry human hair

  • Deezul
    Deezul Hour ago

    Could you split your fuel reservoir in half and have blue and green flame at the same time?

  • Beth Potter
    Beth Potter Hour ago

    Nate: Do you think there’s visible color in the bubbles yet? Callie: * laughing maniacally and running around *

  • Benjamin Janes
    Benjamin Janes Hour ago

    What about hard candies like jolly ranchers or root beer barrels

  • ItzJeremyyy Wuzzup

    Can you freeze dry bubblegum and what happened

  • Aman Raj
    Aman Raj Hour ago

    Can you put it in the sale

  • Yolipop unicorn
    Yolipop unicorn Hour ago

    What will happen if you freez dry jello?? P.s. Love al your guys videos❤❤❤❤

  • morgan electronics

    Our power sockets in the UK have 240 volts so I won't need the socket adapter.

  • Kawan Kekawan
    Kawan Kekawan Hour ago

    bathtub on water

  • Epic Wolf Cortisse
    Epic Wolf Cortisse 2 hours ago

    Nate just causally just tossing the knife

  • Gargi Bhattacharya
    Gargi Bhattacharya 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry meat

  • Ivelll alt
    Ivelll alt 2 hours ago

    Ummmm... I've been suggesting this but what about try freeze dryed jolly ranchers

  • Zach Webster
    Zach Webster 2 hours ago

    try m&ms next

  • Dean _x_
    Dean _x_ 2 hours ago

    Shower instead of SOUR Epic

  • Chandler Kertesz
    Chandler Kertesz 2 hours ago

    I don’t know if you guys have tried it but freeze dry meats

  • Aiden Wendell
    Aiden Wendell 2 hours ago

    You should make this into a build kit

  • Isabella Nisco
    Isabella Nisco 2 hours ago


  • Michelle Browne
    Michelle Browne 2 hours ago

    Okay, hear me out: steak cotton candy. You'd have to mix it with sugar, which will be awful...maybe mashed potato cotton candy as well? Salted caramel cotton candy?

  • Subtitles
    Subtitles 2 hours ago

    Make marshmello cream cotton candy pls

  • Subtitles
    Subtitles 2 hours ago

    Make votton candy using marshmello cream pls

  • Elxii UwU
    Elxii UwU 2 hours ago

    Could u try nerds?

  • Jacob Dittmann
    Jacob Dittmann 2 hours ago

    Can you cook with space heaters as your only heat source?

  • JuicyPancake252
    JuicyPancake252 2 hours ago

    Can u guys freeze-dry cola and try to make cotton candy?

  • Aaron K
    Aaron K 2 hours ago


  • 573615737
    573615737 2 hours ago

    Can you roast marshmallows on that.

  • MsJessy GT
    MsJessy GT 2 hours ago

    Try moisturizer

  • Avery Matthews
    Avery Matthews 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry liquid soap please.

  • Dragon Dude20057
    Dragon Dude20057 2 hours ago

    Just skin

  • Cozy_ _Cody
    Cozy_ _Cody 2 hours ago

    I don’t think the makers of these sweats like you messing with their candies

  • Elijah Anonymous
    Elijah Anonymous 2 hours ago

    You need to make this a kit.

  • Ken Bellchambers
    Ken Bellchambers 2 hours ago

    If you thermosyphon mercury through a copper coil, you get electricity. I wonder what would happen if you thermo syphoned ferro fluid instead. The mercury is thermosyphoned with a solar panel similar to a hot water panel. The coil is excited and the power is generated as the metal flows through the coil driven by the sun.

  • Brian Barr
    Brian Barr 2 hours ago

    I'm glad she explained how a scale of 1 to 10 works

  • josir1994
    josir1994 2 hours ago

    what if you mistaken salt for sugar and start making cotton candy?

  • 张雅静
    张雅静 2 hours ago

    Freeze dry SLIME

  • maddy kalell
    maddy kalell 2 hours ago

    I'm so tempted to try this at work but I don't wanna break my company's cotton candy machine lol

  • Isabell Busk
    Isabell Busk 2 hours ago

    is he dead?

  • Evil Parakeets
    Evil Parakeets 2 hours ago

    Lol ded

  • Shivam Thakur
    Shivam Thakur 2 hours ago

    Amazing lad. Enthusiastic and creative. Rest in peace pal, you will be remembered by millions.

  • Norman Price
    Norman Price 2 hours ago

    hey what if you heated up frixion pen ink?

  • Milo Valentine
    Milo Valentine 2 hours ago

    Can you freez dry toothpaste

  • 叶修
    叶修 2 hours ago

    how to make kno3 by some common material at home?

  • Mubarak Abdi
    Mubarak Abdi 2 hours ago

    Imagine if the was a ma 😮

  • R A
    R A 3 hours ago

    Thanks! I'll try this to get rid of the body

  • suvarna rao
    suvarna rao 3 hours ago

    We miss you legend

  • Danie F
    Danie F 3 hours ago

    Freeze dry fast food. Different fast food places most popular food.

  • Raelyn Plyler
    Raelyn Plyler 3 hours ago

    freeze dry a tree lim