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Uber's Massive Problem
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Buttigieg's Shady Secret
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Joe Biden RIPS AOC
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William Barr FAILS Trump
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Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter
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  • Edward Moran
    Edward Moran 4 hours ago

    I would like to see the Trumps go Buffalo hunting

  • basquat76
    basquat76 4 hours ago

    Look at all you hateful race baiters showing up when it's videos like this. You guys are so full of hate towards muslims you desperately want tyt to back you up and legitimize your hate. With every comment you actually do what you claim they're doing. Race baiting. You sad hateful mofos.

  • Lillian Cunningham
    Lillian Cunningham 4 hours ago

    Men (if you can call them that) like Nunes ,Gaetz Jordan , the only Honor they have is to the money that bought them!

  • GodSon
    GodSon 4 hours ago

    Here is the problem with this. There are a huge number of people who are dumb, racist, crazy and ignorant. You can't present facts or the truth to them. They live on planet crazy. The only thing you can hope for is that they don't have any children and their kids don't end up being dumb, blind, ignorant. crazy and racist. This is sad and scary.

  • Kalima
    Kalima 4 hours ago

    TYT has made 'job cuts'. You fired so many hosts. Who the hell are you to criticize him?

  • Samara Wilder
    Samara Wilder 4 hours ago

    Couldn't agree with you more Ana!

  • Adina Meissner
    Adina Meissner 4 hours ago

    It's a little bit depressing that TYT cares about this mostly because MAGA guys spew so much hate on Greta. I mean, couldn't TYT just talk about Greta being the "Person of the year" as something positive and forget about this horde of foul smelling trolls with poor writing skills for a moment?

  • Thomas Carboni
    Thomas Carboni 4 hours ago

    Fantastic! What a wonderful person. I don’t think even this will move Moscow Mitch. I don’t think he has a heart.

  • Nathan Currie
    Nathan Currie 4 hours ago

    Chunk: how stupid are they? Also chunk: complains about a meme for 10 minutes

  • Jim Wolfgang
    Jim Wolfgang 4 hours ago

    McConnell, Nunes, Jordan, Perry, Pence, Barr, Paul... these people are shameless and I'm just truly amazed that so many Trumper's can't see that they're being played like a Stradivarius....

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 4 hours ago

    They're countering asking for violence. So when they call it a democrat coup, they're projecting

  • Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson 4 hours ago

    In 1948 a British author wrote a hypothetical future novel. In that book he created a new word and concept doublespeak. The entire concept of doublespeak is that all statements have 2 meanings that are complete opposites and the meaning of any action or statement can be flipped to suit "the party". There is not truth but what Big Brother says is truth. There are no facts other than the facts Big Brother tells you are facts. All opposition is lies and we will crush them says Big Brother. That author was George Orwell and the book was 1984. I had to read and study that book in high school and every second of it sucked worse than the dentist. It was long, boring, complex depressing, soul destroying and every kid who ever had to read it hated it. Right now I'd like to thank my English teacher for putting me through it because I can actually understand what is happening to our world and our societies. Truth is not truth and facts are not facts and the surveillance state Orwell predicted is very real.

  • D. M.
    D. M. 4 hours ago

    Pete will say and do whatever the people that give him the most want him to say, hes a go no where candidate! When the tenure of his mayor surfaces he's screwed.

  • Oscar Solis
    Oscar Solis 4 hours ago

    Schools suck at trying to stop bullying My mom taught me to fight people as long as I did this Tell the teacher Tell a trusted adult And then tell the principle Then this nigga tryed to fight me But BOYYYYY he got the smoke I knocked him out but I got suspended I was like bullshit. And then my mom took me to boxing class and by then I went to high school and a guy who bullied other wanted to bully me and I STILL knocked him out and I got suspended again LIKE O MY LORD this school has a wee wee brain

    SOL LUNA 4 hours ago

    So their is hope in Texas law enforcement. Is a strange thing to see a police shief / sheriff, representing the entire community. That's the guy I will follow 💪

  • freedom fighter
    freedom fighter 4 hours ago

    This what America got by voting ZioPig puppets into WH.....They have israHell intetests as propriety in Agenda

  • Nelis van Wieren
    Nelis van Wieren 4 hours ago

    And Trump is sitting there laughing his ass off

  • Zant
    Zant 4 hours ago

    Just saying Tony Stark, the good guy, also snaps and they went with Thanos, the bad guy. Just food for thought lol

  • Jason Bequette
    Jason Bequette 4 hours ago

    Oh TYT does it again. Attempting to flip their snowflake status onto somebody else. You should embrace it already. If it wasn't for TYT bringing these crazy people into the fray, the coining of snowflake would have never even happened

    • BigDal8604
      BigDal8604 4 hours ago

      Jason Bequette let me’re a stable genius

  • Scott J
    Scott J 4 hours ago

    I loved it when Gabbard put him over her knee and spanked him till he cried in the recent debate.

  • jamessullivan115
    jamessullivan115 4 hours ago

    If they were white TYT WOULD be all over it. so we know they're not white

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 4 hours ago


  • charlesschirripa
    charlesschirripa 4 hours ago

    they only care when one of their own is shot. boo hoo

  • Ramon Peters
    Ramon Peters 4 hours ago

    This is trash how they're treating her, but stop it with the insinuation that this has anything to do with her being female. They're just trash people, that's all

    • Firstname Lastname
      Firstname Lastname 4 hours ago

      Are we pretending that the right wing isn't motivated by identity politics?

  • Random Jive
    Random Jive 4 hours ago

    Getting triggered? Hahaha. The left always does something, then accuses the right of doing it.

    • BigDal8604
      BigDal8604 4 hours ago

      Random Jive what the left do?

  • Nelis van Wieren
    Nelis van Wieren 4 hours ago

    oh god I love this 😂 Every little democrat snowflake is blowing up 😂

  • 75joev
    75joev 4 hours ago

    ANYBODY who doesn't think manmade pollution can effect the climate is an idiot especially Trump.

  • Zach White
    Zach White 4 hours ago

    Ana should be beaten beyond recognition savagely raped and thrown off a bridge 🤷 free speech

  • Rissa Garrett
    Rissa Garrett 4 hours ago

    It's refreshing to see a good cop. Damn 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jim Wolfgang
    Jim Wolfgang 4 hours ago

    Hoorah to that Police!

  • Horsedick. MPEG
    Horsedick. MPEG 4 hours ago

    TYT 101: If the killer is white, hype the living shit out of the race angle. If the killer is black or muslim, ignore the race angle and pivot to guns.

  • james Frederick
    james Frederick 4 hours ago

    This guy is right

  • merry Derry
    merry Derry 4 hours ago

    That takes balls, would i like hell out a cop whaaaat

  • Susan Farley
    Susan Farley 4 hours ago

    Everybody blames someone else. When are people going to take responsibility? When something happens people say "Why doesn't this person or that one do something?" instead of saying "What can I do to correct that?" Obviously the 2 party system is breaking. Right now it looks like we are no longer the UNITED States of America. Now we are the hateful States of Chaos.

  • Osiris
    Osiris 4 hours ago

    Everything about Ana is sexy!

    • Ringersoll
      Ringersoll 4 hours ago

      You probably spanked the weasel to the Borg Queen, too.

  • eileen Vandernoot
    eileen Vandernoot 4 hours ago

    I think they made up their mnds!

  • American Outlaw
    American Outlaw 4 hours ago

    Instead of the exploitation of this poor girl (which shouldn't be happening) tell us what your beloved rashida talib said about the NJ shooters.

  • Anaru Hoani
    Anaru Hoani 4 hours ago

    They probbly tried to give him life in prison too

  • what is an American
    what is an American 4 hours ago

    Black people don't care about no gay ass white man... Just like dick in his booty Doesn't like black people.... I didn't ask for your vote, if your running for president you should be asking for all votes

  • Aaron Aiysen
    Aaron Aiysen 4 hours ago

    Fcken liberals want to murder babies 🤷🏾‍♂️ how bout keep your damn legs closed 🤦🏾‍♂️.

  • Chris Wise
    Chris Wise 4 hours ago

    243 people beat their girlfriends

  • the hunter of death
    the hunter of death 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry guy I became disabled on 2016 whit nerves damage n bulges disc disease n I need those pill for my crazy pain 3 time a day I fallow my doctor instruction I don't abuse those drugs but know choice guys only people that don't have chronic pain talk about opioid yall dont know the pain is crazy is not regular pain I walk up whit a Walker n I could only walk so much a few block is suck living like this n I have to take this oxicode i hate it i never use drug now i have to use drugs so I could feel good n walk around lost my job I had for 21 years I sure miss working anyway only people that don't have this crazy pain do this video about opioid addiction but there real people that are sick I walk up like that when I was going to work is crazy now is worse if I don't take them I'm a waking dead anyway love yall guys God bless yall always watch your show oh n I'm young 43 that crazy living like this can't run walk fast no joke take care guys

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones 4 hours ago

    Wedont need gun control police do

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King 4 hours ago

    The go to by the lunatic left, racism and blame russiagate

  • Tman Madison
    Tman Madison 4 hours ago

    But Ana Democrats can't walk and chew gum at the same time. They were so consumed with impeachment by the time Nancy looked up and saw the calendar she said wholly cow we only have 10 days left in this Congress round up the block heads and vote on something hurry hurry. And you guys call Trump a bafoon give me a break

  • Paulo Filho
    Paulo Filho 4 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • When WorldsClash
    When WorldsClash 4 hours ago

    This highlights the main difference that the GOP rely on to keep winning...dems will call out their side, GOP will double down on a lie. the MEDIA is the ONLY way to get messages out and dem media channels are too self righteous or vitue signalling about what Dems are doing to wrong to DISTRACT from good dem actions then same media complain dem messaging sucks. This should, be wall to wall "GOPS rather go on holiday than enact Nancy Pelocys amazing new trade deal that will lead to new jobs and growth, 45 still in bed tweeting so had nothing to do with it..."there done for you!! but NOOO...ana has to be "right"...what did you win Ana, leftie brownie points and the irony! Fact, they lie and will continue to...Fact they do NOTHING in good faith and will strawman/and obstruct because its about winning not about "right"

  • Muath Jamal
    Muath Jamal 4 hours ago

    Dance puppets

  • erzan
    erzan 4 hours ago

    What happened to the DREAMERS? Centrist Dems are a joke.

  • Ringersoll
    Ringersoll 4 hours ago

    SOMEHOW Ana twisted this story and used it to vilify cops, berate America, blame guns, the NRA and Republicans. TYT is POISON. Pure Poison. Did she spend a second talking about the dead Jewish victims or the Cop who saved lives? He was a father of 5. Right before Christmas. FU, TYT. No class Anti-semite America haters.

    • Horsedick. MPEG
      Horsedick. MPEG 4 hours ago

      Ringersoll TYT 101: If the killer is white, hype the living shit out of the race angle. If the killer is black or muslim, ignore the race angle and pivot to guns.

  • c rt
    c rt 4 hours ago


  • Henry Wimberly
    Henry Wimberly 4 hours ago

    Wow ! A police official actually having the courage to "punch up" for a change. Pretty impressive, considering he knows he will be fired for speaking this unspoken truth.

  • Jon
    Jon 4 hours ago

    The whole point of that story was just so someone could say that her district is mostly non Americans And then lead into them being illegals.

  • matt black
    matt black 4 hours ago

    No more Moscow Mitch, No more Trump, No more tears for you!. USA IS DYING!

  • Dianne Brook
    Dianne Brook 4 hours ago

    Awesome guy!!!!!

  • makewarnomore
    makewarnomore 4 hours ago

    WHATTTTTTTTTTT???? wow...thats pretty bad even for TC whack racist show...this is so blatant.

  • Steelhybrid
    Steelhybrid 4 hours ago

    Bosses - all around!!! God bless the fallen officer, and grant his colleagues and family the peace, serenity, and the strength to endure this heart breaking event. And thank God for what a leader this Chief is, and all those that nurtured his purpose of protecting the Constitution and the common good - that is Country Strong!!!

  • John Davis
    John Davis 4 hours ago

    what we want is for the inept to stop having kids and stop letting in more such people. Why dont we bring in SE asians and Europeans, who know how to do something besides pick lettuce?

  • Aaron Aiysen
    Aaron Aiysen 4 hours ago

    I hope there is an civil war. And these white militias have big guns some do.

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 4 hours ago

    I feel sorry for this poor girl ..she is being exploited because she is young and suffers from mental illness ..she is going to grow up and in a decade will resent the people around her for trotting her out like a show dog, to support a fake crisis ..shame on Time Mag., her parents and handlers she shame on ALL the so called media who are complicit in this girls exploration

    • Robert Davis
      Robert Davis 4 hours ago

      @Rowena Doran Now your just splitting hairs ... Besides, it was her mother who said she suffered from several mental defects

    • Rowena Doran
      Rowena Doran 4 hours ago

      Robert Davis Asperger’s isn’t a mental illness

  • Elyonjc19
    Elyonjc19 4 hours ago

    I usually dislike cops, I can't trust cops but this guy just delivered a powerful speech that make me applaud him for his courage

  • BiggestFoot
    BiggestFoot 4 hours ago

    Damn that’s probably the most powerful speech I’ve ever heard. Wow.

  • echidnasarf housewife

    Can we have more videos with Trump memes that trigger progressives. 😘

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
    Los Angeles Dodgers 4 hours ago

    Dr Manning is the MAN!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Locksmith Jiu Jitsu
    Locksmith Jiu Jitsu 4 hours ago


  • John Davis
    John Davis 4 hours ago

    has finland got 35% black and brown students in their schools? You know that they dont and you know why we can't talk about it. too.

  • Bertha Serrano
    Bertha Serrano 4 hours ago

    Told exactly how it should be said. We need to put the spotlight on the ones responsible for not passing a human safety bill. There shouldn't be any more questions. Prayers to Christopher Brewster and his family 🙏🏼😔

  • tha grumbie
    tha grumbie 4 hours ago

    Okay, Republicans and Republican voters...... Criticize this guy. I dare you.

  • lindy919
    lindy919 4 hours ago

    So... Cornyn is, in effect, saying that there was never a shooting before impeachment of retarded traitor trump started?

  • Alejandro Frade
    Alejandro Frade 4 hours ago

    I bet Fox News will now shit on these officers.

  • Baatin Mayham
    Baatin Mayham 4 hours ago

    The republicans don’t care about anything but enriching themselves

  • Constance Taylor
    Constance Taylor 4 hours ago

    I wonder if president Trump children talk to with him after his rally, because he doesn't speak with no integrity, I know we all have faults . But step up to the plate Mr President.

  • Tytisgay 1
    Tytisgay 1 4 hours ago

    i know.lets ban terrorists

  • James Frank
    James Frank 4 hours ago

    I'm sure Moscow Mitch locked his office door when that speech was made...

  • Cheri Merchant
    Cheri Merchant 4 hours ago

    Their attacking a young girl but don't say anything about trumps son .....rebublicans

  • John Davis
    John Davis 4 hours ago

    triple their pay and let them bang studen'ts heads together and expell them the next time, carry guns in class and the problem will be fixed.

  • mitch12381
    mitch12381 4 hours ago

    I still tryna figure out y he nt d o a , its sad

  • Bee Juice
    Bee Juice 4 hours ago

    4:00 it’s so common, John. You know, as a woman... Doesn’t Cenk routinely man up on Laura Ingraham? Candace Owens...

  • Linda Blunt
    Linda Blunt 4 hours ago

    They are crazy if they allow Trump to stay in Office, theirs has to be someone who has sense in the party. The soul responsibility remains in Mitch McConnell for allowing this Nut to take his job alway from him, now he’s telling him what to do. What the fu_k is that all about.

  • marva hall
    marva hall 4 hours ago

    Is McConnell "hot or cold?" you can't be "lukewarm"

  • Danny Punturo
    Danny Punturo 4 hours ago

    John, you are such an ass kissing bitch boy....

  • Wwe Fanatic
    Wwe Fanatic 4 hours ago


  • Kelly Willis
    Kelly Willis 4 hours ago

    The stats you mention ed also applies to Canada. It goes back to racism. That Pete guy also pissed down on the sacrafices made by Bernie Sanders and other Democrats regarding the deficit.

  • CowboyMarty
    CowboyMarty 4 hours ago

    Are these ppl demons, they are so scared of losing power to the Brown ppl that they will follow this idiot president into depthts of lying hell.

  • Ill Apache
    Ill Apache 4 hours ago

    Houston in the house H town reppin Texas

  • Lola Love
    Lola Love 4 hours ago


  • Akop Gyumushyan
    Akop Gyumushyan 5 hours ago

    You guys missed the whole point. What he was saying had nothing to do with the plot of the movie. For you the real smart ones out there. The point is that the Democrats are going to be gone with the wind pretty soon

  • mr white
    mr white 5 hours ago

    While you dummies drone on endlessly about the boring metrics of pharma prices, Trump gets acolades for solving the border crisis by making them wait in Mexico (many are going back home and telling others not to come, 76% drop in people coming!), making a very strong economy, and sending illegals home! A 2020 re-election is a walk in the park!

  • Ci Wa
    Ci Wa 5 hours ago

    Nice one Chuck.

  • marc atkinson
    marc atkinson 5 hours ago

    Can wait to watch Chunk cry in 11 months when TRUMP WINS IN A LANDSLIDE

    • Lee Pixley
      Lee Pixley 4 hours ago

      If Biden does get the nomination Trump will win hands down

    • okir rama
      okir rama 4 hours ago

      Or watch Ana's nose job melts down

  • Randy Rhoads
    Randy Rhoads 5 hours ago

    I wonder where the "real" shithole country is???

    • Hopsta
      Hopsta 4 hours ago

      I know and it's president is a self confessed serial sex predator who bragged about sexually assaulting teenage girls at beauty pageants.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 5 hours ago

    Triggered Trumptards and other eunochs

  • Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol

    Breaking News, Trump administration purposely lies about deal with China to prop artificial market prices higher. THERE WILL BE NO DEAL WITH CHINA BECAUSE TRUMP WANTS ACCESS TO CHINAS FINANCIAL MARKETS.

  • What do you think about lesbians 1997

    The chemistry is just so real between the cast! You can tell they actually had loads of fun! I love this show so much!!!! 😍😍😍 ⭐ 🍀 O:)

  • Neil B
    Neil B 5 hours ago

    We sent a camera to Tucker Carlson and found that he's full of garbage. Garbage.

  • Roy Grimaldi
    Roy Grimaldi 5 hours ago

    I'm sorry shouldn't call you birds. Sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wayne french
    wayne french 5 hours ago

    is she the youngest person to ever be named person of the year.

  • Where In The World Is Agent Orange's Tax Returns

    Could care less about the cop. Agree with his assessment of Moscow Mitch McTurtle however.

    noTAMALES 5 hours ago

    Put trump's face on any meme and they're be outraged.

  • Leon Dreshaj
    Leon Dreshaj 5 hours ago

    Steven Crowder has more followers and he is demonetized who wants to watch these people. The only reason I watch the show is to cringe a little bit and to hear what lies they're telling this week