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Bolton Unloads On Trump
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Trump on Homelessness
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TYT Responds To Haters
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Trump Breaks Record
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  • xxxxmimi
    xxxxmimi 2 seconds ago

    The View... has gotten almost unwatchable. So stupid

  • Ouch my nuckin futz
    Ouch my nuckin futz 4 seconds ago

    buc buc buc buc buc BUCCOC!

  • Shaquille Harrell Harrell

    Its better not to waste your time with something thats deceptive is. Both puppets that are working for the same powers that be.

    WOLF CHIEF 22 seconds ago

    I can't wait for SNL

  • ᗰᗩᗪ ᗷᒪᗩᑕK-TITᗩᑎ

    It's funny how the average Conservative is a complete dumbass yet they want to talk about others IQ LOL

  • Jason Collins
    Jason Collins 47 seconds ago

    Please control Ana when she’s talking trash about Tulsi Cenk

  • S P
    S P 53 seconds ago

    Politicians on the left in the US need to stop talking about gender pronouns give Americans a vision they can aspire to and get behind. The single most issue right now should be how US can tackle China and there is no one not a single democrat even talking about how China has completely destroyed US manufacturing, and are reasons of US companies going bankrupt due to IP theft....If US loses its intellectual property, we are a nation suddenly in danger of losing even more jobs....Trump is an idiot but he has at least demonstrated that leadership still has a role. Democrats dont inspire and are focusing on issues that demonstrate lack of leadership....

  • john frank
    john frank Minute ago

    The producers said let's kick it up a notch, walk off! The problem is no one gives two shits about Meghan McCain, if Joy would have walked then maybe it would garner a real response. Meghan has no nothing as credentials go, she has done nothing that even rates her panel presence.

  • TJ E
    TJ E Minute ago

    9/11 was an inside job....I totally thought this was common knowledge at this ppint....but of course you start out the video saying "reasons' that Al-Qaeda did it....give me a brealk...

  • Adam D
    Adam D Minute ago

    African American only exists if you were born in Africa then came to AMERICA. Until then your American stupid ass people

  • Alex Oborne
    Alex Oborne Minute ago

    Lock this Doofis up along with the Republicans they are cancer

  • V. G.
    V. G. Minute ago

    Black face isn't acceptable. No matter the context. If they are dressed up in garb of another culture, and purposefully putting something on their skin to darken it, it's not acceptable. Whether it's a full grown man, a teenager or a child. Sure, depending on your age, there are different ways to get that point across. If it's a child, be clear and calm, as to why it's wrong. If it's a teenager, up the anti. If it's an adult, especially someone who holds power because of their racial status, up it further.

  • 4 YOU
    4 YOU Minute ago

    And the Maga will praise their Orange Jesus...

  • animatedJ0J0
    animatedJ0J0 2 minutes ago

    Whoda thunk

  • Mr caustic
    Mr caustic 2 minutes ago

    Is standardized testing why they murder people at an insane rate?

  • Suzanne Bennett
    Suzanne Bennett 2 minutes ago

    Wow! Phil Mudd's a big baby who doesn't understand anything about our form of government. Poor little snowflake! So triggered! :D

  • American Terrorist
    American Terrorist 2 minutes ago


  • MrROKinROK
    MrROKinROK 2 minutes ago

    So part of the TYT narrative regarding impeachment is that BECAUSE Trump has not been held accountable, he's been enabled and so he continues to act in this recklessly corrupt way. But let's play that out. Per TYT's vision, Trump is impeached in the House. Per reality, he's not convicted in the Senate. What makes anyone (including the TYT staff) think that Trump won't continue this behavior after impeachment?

  • bldshotcrazy
    bldshotcrazy 2 minutes ago

    Can you just give the story, you don't need to editorialize the whole thing, blocking your bias channel. Ugh, where is the real down to earth journalism nowadays. t

  • Above Ground
    Above Ground 3 minutes ago

    *Meanwhile,* Trump Rules Out Sending Captured ISIS Fighters To Guantánamo Bay. "I want the countries to take back the captured ISIS fighters, and if they don't take them back, we're going to probably put them at the border." > What do you think, *Deplorables?*

  • photoshopknight
    photoshopknight 3 minutes ago

    The interviewer looked dumbfounded when he heard Ben's answer. I stand with the trans community.

  • Adam D
    Adam D 3 minutes ago

    TYT equals closet racists.

  • christian herlihy
    christian herlihy 3 minutes ago

    I think pretending to be a chick is "overplayed and unoriginal".

  • Beverley Hynes
    Beverley Hynes 3 minutes ago

    Did Ana know Cenk agrees with Tulsi Gabbard 90% 😮!

  • Kubla Khan
    Kubla Khan 3 minutes ago

    Did Trump break the law ? . Does a bear shit in the woods ? .

  • Robin Sumsion
    Robin Sumsion 4 minutes ago

    It would be nice if all us average not the 1% can fix this problem! I feel like we are ran by hungry......and not so humans! Money is the root of all evil! And the people that seek more then they need are monsters!

  • Edruezzi
    Edruezzi 4 minutes ago

    Meghan is going to do a lot more storming off. Factuality is mostly never on her side.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 4 minutes ago

    Great job pigs

  • Mike Kawk
    Mike Kawk 4 minutes ago

    LMAO She got a pass because shes Liberal but if a Republican says it, it's racist. Im a hispanic American and I find this a bit racist, as she is stereotyping while I think what Trump said about Mexicans being rapists murderers and drug dealers isn't because it was obviously miscontrued as his intent was to address the issue of illegal immigration.

  • Nicolaus Volentius
    Nicolaus Volentius 4 minutes ago

    A regatta is a boat race... And, the ability to use context to understand new words is quite important. You cannot expect everything to be explained to you; sometimes you must think.

  • ProteanView
    ProteanView 4 minutes ago

    More anonymous sources. The identity of a biological male doesn't trump the biology of a female. You misogynists

  • dthompsonada
    dthompsonada 5 minutes ago

    Why TF are we talking about McCain...AGAIN????

    • Bruce
      Bruce 3 minutes ago

      For the LOLz. Meghan is a great person to point your finger and laugh at.

  • Randee Hail
    Randee Hail 5 minutes ago

    McCain is a snowflake! She can’t handle people disagreeing with her without being argumentative.

    • Bruce
      Bruce 2 minutes ago

      She's a LOLcow 🐮

  • Supralobe
    Supralobe 5 minutes ago

    What's wrong with an elitist framework if it's for a PHD?

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 6 minutes ago

    i like the black chick on the right..... shes hot....

  • Iyk Ibeks
    Iyk Ibeks 6 minutes ago

    The Race Baiters FC, "cultural appropriation" experts now saying it's okay to do cultural appropriation? I think you guys are hypocrites

  • bofhvp
    bofhvp 6 minutes ago


  • L. Morse
    L. Morse 6 minutes ago

    Maybe it was a miss understanding that turned into a shit show

  • Talcintervention organization

    Ti need to much attention but dumb as hell.

  • Norma Goree
    Norma Goree 6 minutes ago

    As a male on my moms account i just wanna say this is literally why im gay

    • DM GR
      DM GR 51 second ago

      @Norma get your son

    • H H
      H H Minute ago

      That big fat tantrum thrower dressed like Elton John would turn anyone gay.

    • ARC Services
      ARC Services 5 minutes ago

      Blame someone....

  • Tacha Burke
    Tacha Burke 6 minutes ago

    He did not shut her down, he was yelling so she could not answer.

  • silver and black
    silver and black 7 minutes ago

    to all you praising ti and dogging candace owens... both have become very successful in america coming from meager beginnings without any special privileges.... right? one of them basically wants to tell you you can be something in america and your biggest problems aint from the outside they’re from within... the other person wants to tell you you’re a victim and the chips have always and still are stacked against you... if i’m talking to my kids i’m not going to breed a victim, im going to breed a victor.... you can tell who’s the democrat and who’s the conservative

  • skeeveskeeve
    skeeveskeeve 7 minutes ago

    It's a shame that TYT just unquestionly accepts the official story of what happened on 9/11.

  • Jrsydvl
    Jrsydvl 7 minutes ago

    But UT gave a bullied kid a swag bag. So they're good now, right?

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 7 minutes ago

    I find it funny how white supremacists who claim to be superior are always the losers of society. At this point they are just trying to feel good about themselves since they have nothing else.

  • coryluke12
    coryluke12 7 minutes ago

    This is a strange way to admit that white people are objectively better at academic achievement than black people. Standardized tests are not the root issue here, TYT.

    • Atlas 22
      Atlas 22 58 seconds ago

      Oh... really? And what is the cause of that? Biological differences? Hahahaah you are a complete joke .

    • Mac Loud
      Mac Loud Minute ago

      Keep dreaming of your superiority chud boy. When whatever girl you like is guzzling bbc you wont be as chipper.

  • Nathaniel Lionheart
    Nathaniel Lionheart 8 minutes ago

    The Young Turks suck. Anna is a hoe who would do better selling her wares on a street corner!!! Cenk is a little sissy boy mangina!!!

  • Bry
    Bry 8 minutes ago

    Lets reverse this to see how dumb it is. It would be like Saudi Arabia sending troops to help protect oil fields in America.

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 8 minutes ago

    312 weak points..... this is somethign that they do to make sure that other students, like undesrible people dont come into their schools...... i didnt think it was negroes.... beacse its not a racist word..... it isnt racist..... its a word that i prefer using not black....... black......what about judah ??? you cant call him judah yet.... jacob..... jacob includes some white people..... black to me means indians, or dark skinned blacks.... i use black, but im being honest, negroes doesnt sound racist.... its immature stupid, fuckers that think it does...

  • john frank
    john frank 8 minutes ago

    Honestly, she may have walked off because she had to take a shit, after all she is full of it!

    • Bruce
      Bruce 45 seconds ago

      After humiliating herself, she likely drifted off to eat emotional support food.

    • 4 YOU
      4 YOU 4 minutes ago

      Perhaps a hoagie break...after all she burned up a lot of energy flapping her trap .

  • P Cass
    P Cass 8 minutes ago


  • Warren Feagins
    Warren Feagins 9 minutes ago

    So does TYT support reparations for ADOS?? THAT'S the only thing that will correct the laundry list of damage GOVERNMENT policies targeting ADOS for economic genocide has done, NOT Black and White toddlers hugging.

  • Bernando Turner
    Bernando Turner 9 minutes ago

    Republican Kids get up for yo Daddies WAR!😄😄😄

  • Clayton Saint Cyr
    Clayton Saint Cyr 9 minutes ago

    Canada also never popularized the minstrel acts that made fun of black people and they don't have the history of black slavery either. If anything they're historically racist against natives (no more than America) and Chinese. So it was brown face and Canada has very different history with black people than America. I wish history was easier to explain. Go watch the Minstrel shows from a hundred years ago and try finding one from Canada. You'll have a hell of a time.

  • 4 YOU
    4 YOU 9 minutes ago

    Meghan should just go work at FOX...she would be more happier there..

    • H H
      H H 4 seconds ago

      She wants to be on the real housewives she's a petulant entitled brat who feeds off drama.

  • Juan Leanos
    Juan Leanos 9 minutes ago


  • Mr caustic
    Mr caustic 9 minutes ago

    They wrote negroes. How old is this?? Just looked it up, this is from the 1950's lmao 70 years ago!

    • Mr caustic
      Mr caustic 43 seconds ago

      @Nation of Aztlan So it's pointless to talk about idiot.

    • Nation of Aztlan
      Nation of Aztlan 6 minutes ago

      If you watched the video you would know that

    • Money Bags
      Money Bags 8 minutes ago

      Mr caustic She said 1950s.

  • Debi
    Debi 9 minutes ago

    Yes I do think he did incriminate himself. He is so dense , he blurts without even thinking!. Jail the mofo.

  • Brandon Bennett
    Brandon Bennett 9 minutes ago

    I love Ana Navarro they should have her replace Meghan.

  • Ken A
    Ken A 10 minutes ago

    As a conservative and someone who will vote for Trump over any of the clowns running against him, I believe we need to end all military Weapon sales to Saudi Arabia until they get the hell out of Yemen. They are commiting horrible atrocities there all because of religious differences. At the same time, I don't disagree with us sending forces that can help Saudi Arabia defend against further attacks, such as Patriot missile batteries

    • G Rodriguez
      G Rodriguez 38 seconds ago

      America sending reinforcements to the murderous dictatorship who ordered the assassination & chopping up of an AMERICAN JOURNALIST - PLUS as someone just eloquently pointed out - the country who perpetuated 9/11? Jesus fuckin Christ on a skewer mate, you're an absolute Grade-A dickhead to be throwing the word "clown" around.

  • Matthew Carter
    Matthew Carter 10 minutes ago

    She's such a child. Like grow up n stop fussing at everybody. Like calm down.

  • Bob Dobbz
    Bob Dobbz 10 minutes ago

    Who's going to protect the troops from the Saudis though? 🤔

  • LaChondria Coleman
    LaChondria Coleman 10 minutes ago

    Its doesnt matter if your Dem or Rep.....Meghan can dish it but cant take it! Dont forget that disrespectful mess she did to Joy.

  • advocatus diaboli
    advocatus diaboli 11 minutes ago

    Just lower the standards and let them in. All children have the right to irresponsibly put themselves in crippling debt for useless degrees

    PERFECT CELL 11 minutes ago

    Dave Chappelle is a savior in the comedy world not everybody is willing to push this sjw rainbow culture On Their audience...... if you don't like Dave Chappelle if you don't like the show turn it to another show you don't have to be bitch and complain or trying to get his show tooken off like a bunch of dictators wearing brown shirts. If you don't like it don't watch it.

  • Mr caustic
    Mr caustic 11 minutes ago

    Ereybody against the black! Feel bad for alla black lmao. Victim complex.

    • Mac Loud
      Mac Loud 8 seconds ago

      We wuz vikangz an nightz an sheet wat pawar. <-- white incles.

    • Nicolaus Volentius
      Nicolaus Volentius 3 minutes ago

      The document literally was trying to keep black people out of the University. Caustic: *Stabs stranger* Stranger: "Oh shit! You stabbed me!" Caustic: "Victim complex."

    NYCE ENTERPRISES INC 11 minutes ago

    This is an interesting debate. Black face is offensive to because the history and what represents. To me it's a direct racial disrespect. I'm offended by the other "faces" because I take it in the same light as black face regardless of historical context. I just view as the same. Not sure if all minorities view it in that light, but I'd never wear a chiefs headdress for instance because of the historical context. Just my thoughts

    NYCE ENTERPRISES INC 12 minutes ago

    This is an interesting debate. Black face is offensive to because the history and what represents. To me it's a direct racial disrespect. I'm offended by the other "faces" because I take it in the same light as black face regardless of historical context. I just view as the same. Not sure if all minorities view it in that light, but I'd never wear a chiefs headdress for instance because of the historical context. Just my thoughts

  • jettsoma
    jettsoma 12 minutes ago

    This her nicknames, MEghan, or Meagain McCain. She walked off the stage because she's an immature bitch who needs to get attention. Plus, she's threatened by Ana, who is far smarter than her.

  • Alex Oborne
    Alex Oborne 12 minutes ago

    It’s no use nothing is going to change. I guess the people are way too brainwashed to realize that climate change is real

    • Ands 14
      Ands 14 Minute ago

      If there’s no point, why get up in the morning. The point is to try so you can look your child in the eyes and tell them you fought for their future rather than do nothing

  • Gina Clements
    Gina Clements 12 minutes ago

    " Thatz sew roood ANNAH"

  • Christine Gentles
    Christine Gentles 12 minutes ago

    This whole "scandal" is ridiculous!! And I say that as a Canadian of the last 45+ years, who is going to vote for Justin T next month. As Cenk and Ana mentioned, context and INTENT matter. Justin was not intentionally being offensive. Has anyone considered that sometimes imitation is a form of flattery?? It is only in rare instances that dressing up in a native costume of some kind, is actually offensive. In many cases it's a compliment, and often it's just a neutral act. People have to stop being so knee-jerk, thin-skinned! And by the way, I am a native Jamaican! Has anyone looked at the composition of Trudeau's Cabinet? It has got to be one of the most diverse in the world!

  • Edward Moran
    Edward Moran 13 minutes ago

    Does this channel TYT have any actual supporters who are not a shill account with no content and subs?

  • Brandon Bennett
    Brandon Bennett 13 minutes ago

    I’m no fan of Julian assange did but he wasn’t even the subject of the conversation.

  • William Freeman
    William Freeman 13 minutes ago

    I want some hard proof of this. I believe it happened back then. But it's not going on right now. But the way TYT is trying to spin it, is like it's still going on. It's against the law.

  • melodies ritmo
    melodies ritmo 13 minutes ago that a nose or a boot?

  • Ragebreak Gaming
    Ragebreak Gaming 13 minutes ago

    Meghan McCain got angry and stormed off stage? Wow. What else is new? She does this every time she doesn't get her way.

  • P Cass
    P Cass 13 minutes ago

    These right wing grifters only have shows because big right wing donors fund their shows. It’s pathetic and they want to talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. I don’t think Peterson even has any advertisers. You would have to be crazy to advertise on his show so where does he money come from? Giant donors

  • 4 YOU
    4 YOU 13 minutes ago

    We have our oil reserves ...we pump our own oil out of the ground...we have oil from Canada...and South America.... Why are we helping Saudi Arabia....Why?

  • American Terrorist
    American Terrorist 13 minutes ago


    • American Terrorist
      American Terrorist 57 seconds ago

      @Nation of Aztlan < LOLS SO DUMB. YOU'RE A TURD PERSON. 😇👍

    • Nation of Aztlan
      Nation of Aztlan 5 minutes ago

      @American Terrorist Well you're clearly the dumb one because I'm not black I'm amerindian.

    • American Terrorist
      American Terrorist 8 minutes ago


    • Nation of Aztlan
      Nation of Aztlan 12 minutes ago

      Your cheeto god Emperor blumpf will soon be gone 😊

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard 13 minutes ago

    are they sending soldiers that voted for Trump?

  • Mr caustic
    Mr caustic 14 minutes ago

    Terrorist bitch.

  • RisingJericho
    RisingJericho 14 minutes ago

    Old people in Texas afraid of brown people... Yeah that checks out

    • Mr caustic
      Mr caustic 4 minutes ago

      Simmer down kiddo this was from the 1950's.

  • Ulfric Stormcloak
    Ulfric Stormcloak 14 minutes ago

    Trans is fake news. 87 genders? Name the third! You won't! 😃

  • stephen pacelli
    stephen pacelli 14 minutes ago


  • Patricia Lucious
    Patricia Lucious 14 minutes ago

    If it’s fake news why do they care if it’s exposed ?

  • Matt Wilson
    Matt Wilson 15 minutes ago

    This is a perfect example of fake news. Ben Carson is supported by alot of people that have no violent intent. Just different perspective on life. We can have different opinions and still survive and get along. Stop the stereotypes all around, stop attacking. Work tgthr for solutions!

  • RandomU5erName
    RandomU5erName 15 minutes ago

    Saudi Prince bin Salman mutilated a journalist and Trump wants our troops to protect his oil. MAGA's love criminal authoritarians

  • Wayne Morgan
    Wayne Morgan 15 minutes ago

    This is hardly leaning in with a strong show of support for war in support of an ally that has come under direct attack from a hostile enemy nation. The American assets are purely meant to bolster and strengthen the air defense capabilities of Saudi Arabia. The US has already done much of the same for other allies specifically Israel and South Korea.

  • Ridge Nappier
    Ridge Nappier 15 minutes ago

    Transgenders aren't real

  • SilverStar
    SilverStar 15 minutes ago

    i kinda feel like a condescending know it all child, is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. I don't think this approach is going to do much good.

  • J. Combes
    J. Combes 15 minutes ago

    Wow this is going to go well

  • Rashard Claxton
    Rashard Claxton 15 minutes ago

    Megan is a spoil little white bitch...let the run off

  • the JaYoe Nation
    the JaYoe Nation 16 minutes ago

    We should be so lucky there are people formally blowing the whistle on behalf of all of us who are looking out for our country in the face of this sh$t show.

  • MrROKinROK
    MrROKinROK 16 minutes ago

    1:00 So I figured out what Meghan McCain was TRYING TO say and why she got flustered. She tried to go for her "go-to" argument but she wound up refuting herself. Her "go-to" argument is always an a form of whataboutism that she tries to spin into an argument about hypocrisy. When her co-panelists rail on Trump's climate change position, she invokes a non sequitur about Al Gore flying on private jets. When they decry tax cuts for the rich, she "goes to" the irrelevant fact that Bernie Sanders is now a millionaire. Here, when the outrage is about what this whistle-blower has exposed about Trump, she was trying to argue, "all you liberals were supportive of "whistle-blower" Julian Assange when Obama is was president, but now that a Republican is in power you liberals are... consistently supportive of another whistle-blower??? No, wait. I mean, you supported leaks against the Obama administration but when it comes to leaks against a Trump administration you... remain consistent in your position???" Basically, she saw the latest outrage against Trump, saw the presence of a whistle-blower, and tried to pin the liberals with her "sure-fire" hypocrisy argument. But as it was coming out of her mouth, she basically wound up refuting herself or arguing that liberals have maintained a consistent position regardless of the party affiliation of the president. In her head, she calculated that 2 + 2 = 5. But as she was saying it aloud, she counted it out on her fingers and kept winding up with 4 fingers in the air. That's why she got flustered. 3:21 She said that she was maybe "clumsy" in the way she said it. She wasn't CLUMSY in the way she said it. She was wrong, period. She was really wrong in what she was saying and really wrong in what she was thinking. But that's shouldn't be a surprise because Meghan McCain is consistently wrong in what she argues and consistently wrong in what she she thinks.

  • john frank
    john frank 16 minutes ago

    In the interest of her walk out I have a deep profound opinion about that...BYE! Bitch! Kick rocks! Get your useless off the stage that has only purchased you a voice based on your deceased father! Honestly would she have a job if not for who her father was? Contrary to what most caucasians believe your offspring is not you, if you aspired and achieved some sort of greatness it is not passed on, it should not be expected! Simply because it usually isn't, in fact who you really are is reflected in your offspring, you may have been able to bullshit people but, your child cannot, that is who you truly are!

  • VideoVoid TV
    VideoVoid TV 16 minutes ago

    Click bait. She never stormed off.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore Minute ago

      3:47 says you are full of republicanism and other such bullshit.

    • Cheatah Mame
      Cheatah Mame 6 minutes ago

      VideoVoid TV You didn’t watch the full clip did you???

    • Brandon Bennett
      Brandon Bennett 9 minutes ago

      VideoVoid TV she literally did she came back she didn’t like Ana put her in her place.

  • Artificial Avocado
    Artificial Avocado 16 minutes ago

    When we start reclaiming property for the state I think this is where we should start.

  • Football Legend
    Football Legend 16 minutes ago

    The man is stupid where did he come from, he is not speaking on behalf of nobody he doesn't even exist, just mad when in highschool girls would not go on a date with him, even now ! Sorry Jesse it's your bad looks, why wouldn't a girl go out with you Jesse, you look more like a dog try going out with Fifi the 🐩 🐕 nice couple I'm very impressed Jesse with the 2 of you !

    • P Cass
      P Cass 10 minutes ago

      It’s pretty obvious by his upper lip and voice that he was born with a cleft lip. He prob had a pretty rough childhood and most definitely didn’t get any play from the ladies. I honestly think that’s one of the main issues with these idiots like proud boys and alt right groups. They hate women because women want nothing to do with them. I’ve been slanging dick since I was 13 and I’m the biggest liberal you’ll ever find. If that makes me a beta I’m cool with that.

  • tinkler4
    tinkler4 16 minutes ago

    My ears hurt listening to them argue. They talk over each other and all I hear is a flock of seagulls lol