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  • Carlo Punzalan
    Carlo Punzalan Hour ago

    Eye Opener :))

  • nathaniel others
    nathaniel others 2 hours ago

    That intro is THICC

  • My penis is unbelievably small, but

    i started with fiddle too. bought 6 boots every game.

  • Renars Ziedkalns
    Renars Ziedkalns 2 hours ago


  • Renars Ziedkalns
    Renars Ziedkalns 2 hours ago


  • Renars Ziedkalns
    Renars Ziedkalns 2 hours ago


  • auzziegamerfan
    auzziegamerfan 2 hours ago

    What I think is wrong here. Panth if it's new Panth = top of S. He's smoking hot and he can can bake me a kick-ass pie. I don't know what you guys have against Panth. For real, Matt, what is your issue with Panth? This seems personal 🤣. Taric = B because he honestly kinda creeps me out. Urgot and Singed(🤢) = DO NOT TOUCH. Kled, Ziggs, and Jhin the mad serial killer = F. Vladimir, Viktor, and the gravedigger with the ghouls = D. Kennen, Master Yi, Udyr, Tryndamere, and Ryze = B, Teemo, Jarvin, Xin Zhao, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Talon, Lucian, and Ezreal = A. Jax("Lemme show ya a real weapon" ;), Olaf(Vikings😍), Sylas, Lee Sin, and Jayce = S. Of course, it's really all about personal opinion above C.

  • Wa Du
    Wa Du 6 hours ago

    I remember being circumcised while awake and watching my weiner skin being cut off while blood flowing through my dick😂😂

  • Ferdymode
    Ferdymode 6 hours ago

    please do more !

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 6 hours ago

    Two things, normally I hate this kind of video - as in improv type humor - but this was really funny and I was laughing the whole time. Second, Lulu is in the wrong category she is my waifu.

  • AJ 9844
    AJ 9844 6 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what the 4:56 song is called please?

  • Anime Kid
    Anime Kid 7 hours ago

    *You forgot 16*

  • Charles Dominic Torregoza

    Should I wait for other 'actual champion spotlight' ?

  • Ronii’s WRLD
    Ronii’s WRLD 9 hours ago

    I don’t really care I just care that I’m comfortable

  • Mr. I Don't Feel So Good

    Jesus Christ I really hope you stop copying dunkey

  • gabbie_adc
    gabbie_adc 10 hours ago

    Where does the Rat Bastard comes from? 🤔

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 10 hours ago

    Where is Warwick in this tier list?

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 10 hours ago

    Isn't Quinn's bird male?

  • Liddle Linkin
    Liddle Linkin 11 hours ago

    You should try Vainglory

  • Grace & Things
    Grace & Things 11 hours ago

    Xayah should be S teir bro. Like what?? Other than that, I agree with everything.

  • Kasper Holm
    Kasper Holm 12 hours ago

    Lost so hard last game, this made me happy again... Starting next game...

  • Edu Cabrera
    Edu Cabrera 13 hours ago

    I hurt my shoulder slaping the table laughing at Zoe typing *"STOP"*

  • therideir fidizen
    therideir fidizen 13 hours ago

    Vi is S+ tier

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh 15 hours ago

    I'm so happy Katana Zero is getting some love, that game is an absolute masterpiece, it's really my game of the year so far

  • Rengar on the Hunt
    Rengar on the Hunt 15 hours ago

    8:20 Area 51 joke. Love it

  • Bobby
    Bobby 15 hours ago

    Stupid guy .....

  • VoidWolf Gamer
    VoidWolf Gamer 17 hours ago

    I wanna toss Ahri into S teir, but then I realized that A teir is perfect for her name.

  • 22Wrath21
    22Wrath21 18 hours ago

    Why my girl ashe be in B teir

  • Space Sailor
    Space Sailor 18 hours ago


  • Felicia Yufei Xie 22
    Felicia Yufei Xie 22 18 hours ago

    I can't believe y'all did Sylas like that

  • Bryton Dodds
    Bryton Dodds 19 hours ago

    Why play Sion when you can play Maokai? Plenty of reasons. 1.) Sion can dish out massive damage and lengthy CC. 2.) Health pool only limited by farming.(Titanic hydra is stupidly strong on him because of this). 3.) CC immunity when Ulting ( You can escape Urgot's ult with this). 4.) Can handle ranged top-laners. 5) Can trounce most melee top-laners if you play him right and farm enough. 6.) Excellent waveclear/splitpushing. 7.) His passive can be used for aggressively taking Dragon or rift herald early on WITHOUT feeding the enemy team, and without needing a semi completed item. 8.) Demolish rune allows you to shred towers like they're tissue paper. 9.) Easy to learn, but quite rewarding to master. 10.) Unlike Maokai, Sion isn't completely reliant on his team to kill enemies and take objectives, he can win the game on his own if played correctly.

  • Felicia Yufei Xie 22
    Felicia Yufei Xie 22 19 hours ago

    I love that Akali was barely questioned for her position as hottest babe in LOL, because she totally is

  • ZoENoX
    ZoENoX 20 hours ago


  • L4stM4nSt4nd1ng Yasuo
    L4stM4nSt4nd1ng Yasuo 23 hours ago

    Katarina,Miss Fortune,Ahri,Lux <3

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Day ago

    ...this is why loot systems are going to be regulated the same as slot machine gambling soon.

  • AFKjavvi
    AFKjavvi Day ago

    i guesse every single one

  • Flying Ostrich

    I pressed R and afk in the middle of the fight.

  • M. Mirza
    M. Mirza Day ago

    And now we wait 3 months again for another video by Matt.

  • Kronk
    Kronk Day ago

    A month ago when this came out I didn’t knew anything about JOJO now I am in part 5

  • Nickw00t
    Nickw00t Day ago

    Let's be honest "Do not touch" is just a hidden S+ tier.

  • Csongor Gál
    Csongor Gál Day ago

    Lux is 15...

  • Joshua Ilasin
    Joshua Ilasin Day ago

    2:33 I'm surprised you unleashed a Pilipino reference yet no one from the Philippines swarmed you...

  • MiamiGM
    MiamiGM Day ago


  • Levin Gerloff
    Levin Gerloff Day ago

    Zoe is 10.000 Years Old. And Ori is 6 Years Old i think.

  • Elite Penguin
    Elite Penguin Day ago


  • Jonas Aguilar
    Jonas Aguilar Day ago

    Never thought charlie would play Jhin tbh

  • Klus
    Klus Day ago

    Damn. After I killed enemy fed Talon 2 times in 1v1 while I was Ashe I had to come back to watch this Video. I think he isn't Taloon anymore.

  • FaibOtaku -
    FaibOtaku - Day ago

    Ahri: A Kayle: put that armour chick in S right now! *Excuse me what the fuck*

  • Very Witty Name

    Man descends to the labyrinth of hell

  • izerpogi Dadivas

    3:51 trust me

  • Gabriel Herzog

    Somehow it's not wack that you have Undertale songs in the video

  • Abil Touya Killa

    I don't care what other people say about you :3 I love your comedic personality and your my favorite I started playing this game around September of 2019 Wish me luck for I suck balls in this game...

  • ZaggyZombie
    ZaggyZombie Day ago

    2 and three quarters later, we did not forget you

  • Dr. Anonymous
    Dr. Anonymous Day ago

    I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD! my favorite sub sound

  • Hannah
    Hannah Day ago


  • Assassin's Tango

    Caught me off guard there. Great video!

  • anya cat-hey
    anya cat-hey Day ago

    lol I love the batman soundtrack in the background

  • CupChump
    CupChump Day ago

    Yo, i highly approve

  • Lion Bryce
    Lion Bryce Day ago

    I'm proud of my claw hand

  • Martin Hallard

    Join for tier no f##KING WAY he s tier

  • terence w
    terence w Day ago

    i need it to recline 180 degrees so that i can take nap at the office. works great with a foot tool or foot hammock under the desk.

  • Lucian Heo
    Lucian Heo Day ago


  • Martin Hallard

    Eveylnn and Xayayh top of s tier the rest ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • Peeta Wayne
    Peeta Wayne Day ago


  • Matt Mckay
    Matt Mckay Day ago

    what the sound at 1:10

  • AssassinsCAT
    AssassinsCAT Day ago

    This video physically hurt me

  • zeek awesomecus

    What I don't understand is all the terms they use for these chairs. Just looking at amazon this is basically every title of product that is searched up when searching for pc gaming chair: "Ergonomic Gaming Chair Massage Computer Gaming Chair Reclining Racing Office Chair with Footrest High Back PU Leather Gaming Desk Chair Large Size E-Sport Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support" I get they're probably just trying to get as many terms in there to help with search results... but how many times do you have to describe a chair as a chair to be a chair. And what is a racing office chair? And those little "lumbar support" pillows look so cheap. Have to agree with Matt on this one, literally just get an office chair. Probably more comfortable, because they're designed for people who work at a desk who care more about comfort over design.

  • Timon Lah
    Timon Lah Day ago

    Wait which op is this one?

  • David Hroch
    David Hroch Day ago

    Were was Azir ?

  • Pleblo the Pleblo

    Song name intro?

  • Epic Paul
    Epic Paul Day ago

    Played Amumu Mid That Is All

  • Nawake
    Nawake Day ago

    Swain looks like Lucius Malfoy wth

  • Rage Gaming BD

    play 9dragons