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  • Vishal Chauhan
    Vishal Chauhan 11 hours ago

    Hi mam, can i expect a video on data structure with python?

  • Pankaj Sharma
    Pankaj Sharma 23 hours ago

    Thank you sis

  • Raygan Mudvari

    Great Job.i request you to please upload a video within 1 or 2 days.

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar Day ago

    hi mam


    Nice job mam

  • vicky nani
    vicky nani Day ago

    i have been following your tutorials from last month..Please make a video on interview questions both python & django... plzzz

  • Omkar Rahate
    Omkar Rahate Day ago

    Tommorow is my java practicals.Did nothing the whole semester.Watching this to pass the praticals This video > college teachings

  • All in One
    All in One 2 days ago

    Good but not the best.... Code with harry is the best...

  • Bình Trịnh
    Bình Trịnh 2 days ago

    How to decode with this library?

  • जोशी फैमिली के नटखट शैतान

    You have not explained about platform/OS independence of Java clearly. The java code is platform/OS independent but the machine must have JVM installed for the respective OS/platform to run the code

  • Ramkrushna patil
    Ramkrushna patil 2 days ago

    Very nice session... It's a helpful..Thanks a lot mam...

  • rafaqat hussain
    rafaqat hussain 2 days ago


  • Sunny Preeti
    Sunny Preeti 3 days ago

    Hello mam will u please help me some solutions of phython

  • MIK Technology
    MIK Technology 3 days ago

    acha ma'am ek important question tha aap ke agar hum web designer banna chate hain to hume graphic design sekna lazmi hai please tell me

  • MIK Technology
    MIK Technology 3 days ago

    i think agar me generally bataon to aap future me web development series start karain because ye bohat popular hai

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 3 days ago

    Mam - how to create - hello file - below than project tab I cant understand First step

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 2 days ago

      django-admin starproject hello run this command on terminal.

  • L s Thakur
    L s Thakur 4 days ago

    Mam me web site development ke liye konsi video dekhu

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 3 days ago

      Django series is going on ... start watching that series.

  • Muhammad Ismail Shah

    Next video kb arhi h ?

  • Raygan Mudvari
    Raygan Mudvari 4 days ago

    Question?, T- Templates(html files), where is M-Model here?

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 4 days ago

      Raygan Mudvari model will be discussed in coming video.

  • Raygan Mudvari
    Raygan Mudvari 4 days ago

    nice one. after teaching basic. please start with realtime project . that way we can be on the track and get more ideas about django. please start with any domain project from scratch. thank you.

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 4 days ago

    Thanks for vedio mam

  • Shubham Kadam
    Shubham Kadam 5 days ago

    how to use ajax with django.

  • Technical Family
    Technical Family 5 days ago

    mam apka explanation bahut jyada aur easy n specially detail mei hota h ........Request to all guys please support her, she is doing a great job on youtube although dont have much subscribers.....atleast she is providing quality content

  • Kv Nagendra
    Kv Nagendra 5 days ago

    Hey, I've seen 2 videos of django series for understanding difference b/w project level Urls and application level urls but i didn't got much info, clarity. my suggestion is.. Use paint tool to illustrate how does control going one to another,... And it's just my complement "u've a brilliant brain with beautiful face" 😊😊

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 5 days ago

      Kv Nagendra will explain ur doubt in next to next video

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta 5 days ago

    Please make on series spring and hibernate frameworks

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta 5 days ago

    Please make on series spring and hibernate frameworks

  • Rahul Vishwakarma
    Rahul Vishwakarma 5 days ago

    U people are really great who taught us more better than our teachers!

  • kalpataru nayak
    kalpataru nayak 6 days ago

    hi mam..... im trying create 2nd new app but i getting error 'page not found 404' ....wht i do.....plz help

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 5 days ago

      send me the screenshot on intagram. I'll check that out.

  • vishal chaurasia
    vishal chaurasia 6 days ago

    Mam your explanation is very good 😊👌

  • Pankaj Pandey
    Pankaj Pandey 6 days ago

    Which Language is Easy Django or PHP

  • Kundan KUmar Kumar
    Kundan KUmar Kumar 6 days ago

    Pleas mamm make a series byes video

  • Arun Madhavan
    Arun Madhavan 7 days ago

    Thank God, you didn't intermix Java and Python while explaining! Can't you just stick with one language while talking?

  • viewsandads
    viewsandads 7 days ago

    Thank for sharing

  • UJ32
    UJ32 7 days ago

    Another great course. The cost of learning language is becoming more affordable these days.

  • Adil sir technical
    Adil sir technical 7 days ago

    Very usefull .thank you mam for solve my all douts

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 7 days ago

    mam - Adv. python - video ??

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 7 days ago

    Thanks for this video --- i got my all program from directory - thank you so much

  • Ranking Entertain Technology

    Madam ap plz jaldi video uploaded kia kray

  • Ravi Krishnarpan
    Ravi Krishnarpan 8 days ago

    धन्यवाद दीपाली

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 8 days ago

    App yrr Bahut cute hoo

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 8 days ago

    Video is good

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 8 days ago

    App kaha job kar te hoo

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 8 days ago


  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 9 days ago

    Advance Python ???

  • akshay aggarwal
    akshay aggarwal 9 days ago

    Really very nice video r a combination of beauty with brain a rare combination

  • Tech to Sunny
    Tech to Sunny 9 days ago

    nice working

  • Shubham Kadam
    Shubham Kadam 10 days ago

    what is django migration ?😓

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 10 days ago

      Shubham Kadam I’ll cover that topic in this series.

  • Ankit Ramteke
    Ankit Ramteke 10 days ago

    Vry gud

  • Rana Guru
    Rana Guru 10 days ago

    Nice Video

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 11 days ago

    please reply

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 11 days ago

    hello mam- my brother uninstall my pycham in which my 235 program is over there- can i got it again

    • Pankaj Giri
      Pankaj Giri 8 days ago

      Yes mam i got it - thank you

    • Pankaj Giri
      Pankaj Giri 9 days ago

      @ForMyScholars - arre mam what is the path of directory

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 9 days ago

      directory which u were saving all ur programs.

    • Pankaj Giri
      Pankaj Giri 10 days ago

      @ForMyScholars - directory where

    • ForMyScholars
      ForMyScholars 10 days ago

      yes u can get them again. u had created a directory ,where u were saving all ur programs. from there u can get them again.

  • all the Day
    all the Day 11 days ago

    I live you

    MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUI 12 days ago

    Hi I am watching your java clips because I am new in java. I need to learn java please urgent contact me

  • Ratan katiyar
    Ratan katiyar 12 days ago

    is it python 3 or 2

  • Prateek Verma
    Prateek Verma 13 days ago

    Please upload videos early ..too much delay breaks the flow.Please upload videos of form orm etc soon waiting

  • Rahul Mathur
    Rahul Mathur 13 days ago

    Mam Android Development Par Bhi Complete Videos Banaiye

  • Bhagat Nykhil
    Bhagat Nykhil 13 days ago

    Always with you mam waiting many more videos to come thanks mam ☺

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 13 days ago

    thanks for video

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 13 days ago

    it is python code - if possiblecan make please little video -else: or description - mail id -

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 13 days ago

    class employee: def __init__(self,eid,ename,esal,eaddr): = eid = ename self.sal = esal self.addr = eaddr def display(self): print('The id of the Employee is:', print('The name of the Employee is:', print('The salary of the Employee is:', self.sal) print('The address of the Employee is:', self.addr) e1 = employee(1001,'Soumya Ranjan Rao',35000.45,'Bengaluru') e1.display() print() e2 = employee(1002,'Pankaj Giri',50000.00,'Gurgaon') e2.display()

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 13 days ago

    Thank you very much

  • Suman Polle
    Suman Polle 13 days ago

    Nice tutorial Deepali Mam.

  • Adil sir technical
    Adil sir technical 13 days ago

    Mam plz jaldi upload krna agli video .i am waiting .from india

  • Adil sir technical
    Adil sir technical 13 days ago

    Apki video hmesha helpfull rahti hai meri liye

  • Ranking Entertain Technology

    Madam plz video jaldi upload kia kray From Pakistan

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 14 days ago

    mam please make this code and explain

  • Prajwal Bajracharya
    Prajwal Bajracharya 14 days ago

    One of the best Java Tutorial onlineCongratulations and God Bless

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 14 days ago

    great i had learn alot from your videos, as compare my teacher - he is zero ,

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 14 days ago

    django complete course video

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 14 days ago

    mam 5th video

  • Pankaj Giri
    Pankaj Giri 15 days ago

    django full course

  • Mihir Sharma
    Mihir Sharma 15 days ago

    Interview based series

  • sonu Raj Aryan
    sonu Raj Aryan 15 days ago

    Please help me,, Mere lappy me eclipse install hi nahi ho raha hai,,, what to do now?

  • AlwaysBeCurious
    AlwaysBeCurious 16 days ago

    thank u soo much

    SARV GYAN 16 days ago

    Hi Deepali...please make video for advance java(jdbc),then hibernate,spring,spring boot...because it is very important along with log4j ,junit,some tools in realtime...complete one by one plz...its a request...and your explanation is very effective...

  • mathematics tips
    mathematics tips 17 days ago

    Hiii you are very amazing learnig

  • Solutions Exist
    Solutions Exist 17 days ago

    Your JAVA course was perfect respecting sound. This course your sound files need to be emphasize with treble cut just a little. Your course substance is outstanding as is your ability as instructor. Please consider re-uploading this course after increasing volume and normalizing sound track to video. Your efforts are appreciated in posting.

  • RahulByte
    RahulByte 17 days ago

    Thanks a lot mam 😊..

  • 8KHD
    8KHD 18 days ago

    camtisa free screen rec krta hai apko eis liye bhata rahah hun ku k ur lacture so good

    • 8KHD
      8KHD 16 days ago

      new video today

    • 8KHD
      8KHD 16 days ago

      @ForMyScholars ager koi masla ho tuo tell me i 100% solve

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      8KHD 16 days ago

      @ForMyScholars download kr k run krnne k liye ye key hai.....searchyoutubemakeok

    • 8KHD
      8KHD 16 days ago

      @ForMyScholars eis ko use kesen krna hai mane video banie thi but camtsia walon ne repot kr k youtube se delete krwa di ap just eis ko install kren download krne k baad or phir path file ko run kren 1,2 bar ok all done

  • 8KHD
    8KHD 18 days ago

    i m too web progmr

  • 8KHD
    8KHD 18 days ago

    ager apko camtsia chahiye tuo reply kr dyen main apko link send kr doun ga life time free hai

  • Abdul Malik
    Abdul Malik 18 days ago

    Is it for beginners or not ?

  • Rishabh Vyas
    Rishabh Vyas 18 days ago

    mam plz aap iska nextpart jaldi bnaiye thankyou

  • Life 2.0
    Life 2.0 19 days ago

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  • Shweta Mishra
    Shweta Mishra 19 days ago

    Wep development series

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar 19 days ago

    mam your video really is good

  • fazlullah bokhari
    fazlullah bokhari 19 days ago

    When will next video come maam

  • Sourav Bishai
    Sourav Bishai 19 days ago

    mam please web development series .....:)

  • ankie saini
    ankie saini 19 days ago

    Hello mam, jab me kisi variable ki id find out karta hu to har baar program run karne me different id show karta hai Aisa kyon ?

  • Gaurav Mahor968
    Gaurav Mahor968 19 days ago

    Web development series

  • Bhagat Nykhil
    Bhagat Nykhil 19 days ago

    Thanks mam great video loved it

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar 20 days ago

    Madam aap Moradabad se ho kya

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    Abhijeet Negi 20 days ago

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  • Abhishek Rai
    Abhishek Rai 20 days ago

    Ma'am please django video updated daily Thank you 🙏🙇

  • Adil sir technical
    Adil sir technical 20 days ago

    Mam such a nice teaching skills .really helpfull your video for me

  • abid Jamil
    abid Jamil 20 days ago

    Interview based question please give this a go . would be very important to pre final students.

  • Vansh Gaur
    Vansh Gaur 20 days ago

    Mam miss you a lot 😊

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    Mridul kumar Tiwari 20 days ago

    Ma'am please start interview based series

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    Hitesh Kansara 20 days ago

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