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  • KKJ 2
    KKJ 2 41 minute ago

    16:10 if he passes thats a goal

  • KKJ 2
    KKJ 2 44 minutes ago

    manny needs to pass more

  • Tyler Holzer
    Tyler Holzer 53 minutes ago

    I swear this was at 1.25x speed, the pace of this game was so fast

  • Mazin Bashir
    Mazin Bashir Hour ago

    Keep salah bcs he’s def going up in rating

  • Marco Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez Hour ago

    Tbh I love the videos but it’s getting boring watching you guys destroy teams we need to see a challenge

  • Paddy P
    Paddy P Hour ago

    baldicius is shit yo

  • Mariatu Kanu
    Mariatu Kanu 2 hours ago

    Reggie killed me he stopped dropped and rolled 😂😭

  • Will Carter
    Will Carter 2 hours ago

    Buy headliner Aubameyang

  • Anthony Birungi
    Anthony Birungi 2 hours ago

    Sunday league is best

  • Phoenix Canterbury
    Phoenix Canterbury 2 hours ago

    Theo is a good signing! I think you should play him as CDM because he won basically every challenge plus his accuracy was amazing when he passed

  • Jick and Jick
    Jick and Jick 3 hours ago

    Why doesn’t manny play

  • Tom Jackson-Spooner
    Tom Jackson-Spooner 3 hours ago

    Manny: why do you keep passing it straight back to me Also manny: passes straight back to benzema several times

  • Damien Vora
    Damien Vora 3 hours ago

    RIP KOBE♥️🙏

  • UltimateGamer 321
    UltimateGamer 321 3 hours ago

    When he scored against real betis he said ssssssssssssss like a snake you should have never left Madrid

  • UltimateGamer 321
    UltimateGamer 321 3 hours ago

    When he scored against real betis

  • Kats
    Kats 4 hours ago

    That pitch is shockingly narrow - must be for the kids! Also Reggie that first ping was absolutely gorgeous 😍

  • Sharif Zaim
    Sharif Zaim 4 hours ago

    Nobody : Literally nobody: Manny: *that's a lancroqueta*

  • BlakaBlaka
    BlakaBlaka 4 hours ago

    Is it possible that utr could go pro? This team is too good for Sunday league Just a question

    • DTRxSmOkE
      DTRxSmOkE Hour ago

      No there’s levels even though they are ballers

  • Cole Cunningha qqq
    Cole Cunningha qqq 5 hours ago

    Lamre or Joshua osude???

  • Brad Horn
    Brad Horn 5 hours ago

    Highlights FAL 0-1 UTR = 9:47 FAL 0-2 UTR = 12:18 FAL 0-3 UTR = 12:59 FIGHT = 13:46 FAL 0-4 UTR = 17:07 FAL 0-5 UTR = 19:28 FAL 0-6 UTR = 21:38 FAL 1-6 UTR = 22:40 FAL 1-7 UTR = 23:23 Temi's Goal Enjoy 👍

  • Brad Horn
    Brad Horn 6 hours ago

    That pitch is tiny my college's 3G pitch is bigger than that and we don't every play matches on there

  • Selah Dennis
    Selah Dennis 6 hours ago

    Rip kobe

  • Ramona Sport
    Ramona Sport 6 hours ago


  • Valdemar Stokke
    Valdemar Stokke 6 hours ago

    I just want to say, that it was so nice seeing you play nice football and playing a team who really challenged you. I think I was such an amazing match with much more energy and overall just a very good game

  • Gabriel Peters
    Gabriel Peters 7 hours ago

    Lanre a filthy baller different class

  • Dong
    Dong 7 hours ago

    13:12 number 6 is getting a bit angry

  • Jimmy Chalkley
    Jimmy Chalkley 7 hours ago

    This didn’t come to my sub box or notification like wtf

  • Ryan Vandov
    Ryan Vandov 7 hours ago


  • Cian Jones
    Cian Jones 7 hours ago

    Manny: falkomwood didn’t make it easy.... UTR: Wins 7:1

  • JIT
    JIT 7 hours ago

    Manny learn the rising shot skill honestly best skill you can learn makes scoring goals so easy

  • Ryan Vandov
    Ryan Vandov 7 hours ago

    Stoichkov 🇧🇬 for life

  • CannonBallBob
    CannonBallBob 7 hours ago

    Can't every game be on 3/4G? The football is so much better there 😂😂😂

  • Elliott Tottle
    Elliott Tottle 7 hours ago

    Yooo Sterling killed you this ep to be fair

  • Willy Muncher
    Willy Muncher 7 hours ago

    Any1 else audio out of sync

  • Law -
    Law - 7 hours ago

    Tolu’s English voice makes me laugh

  • --
    -- 7 hours ago

    What happened to the old keeper that used to always play for utr??? All I remember is he got red carded one game but I havnt seen him since wtf???

  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson 7 hours ago

    The opposite number 10 is like Dan James hahah

  • Joe Byrne
    Joe Byrne 8 hours ago

    Tolu is a rlly good player but whats he waffling about falcom being shit at under 21

  • Jack Rowling
    Jack Rowling 8 hours ago

    I feel like that ref was either racist or just bias

  • Kieran Bennett
    Kieran Bennett 8 hours ago

    13:54 of all the things, i never expected manny to quote Take That in a sunday league video

  • ADF Finch
    ADF Finch 8 hours ago

    Rip Kobe 🏀

  • Eryk Erico
    Eryk Erico 8 hours ago

    So manny do u not play anymore are u just a coach assistant

  • Eduardo Casanova
    Eduardo Casanova 8 hours ago

    What happened to mikes?

  • Finley R
    Finley R 8 hours ago

    Great strike Temi

  • Jack Boii
    Jack Boii 8 hours ago

    Need a goal cam

  • Marley577
    Marley577 8 hours ago

    Where is mitch and Eric?

  • Ljaimes 19
    Ljaimes 19 8 hours ago

    Why Thomas did that celebrate after he scored his hat trick

  • Lil Webdino
    Lil Webdino 8 hours ago

    Manny: they’re hungry I can see it in their eyes Tolu: nah they aren’t hungry Manny: am I joke to you😂

  • Junaid Ali
    Junaid Ali 8 hours ago

    Love your channel but ur the worst and ineffective player in the squad

  • J J
    J J 8 hours ago

    11 mins in and bro you need to take the difficulty down... unless you do it later on then god bless your soul 😂

  • Odhran McAuley
    Odhran McAuley 8 hours ago

    Is manny injured or does he not play anymore

  • The Bakesey
    The Bakesey 9 hours ago

    I'm new is Manny the coach ? Or is he out injured

      AG ROCKET 4 hours ago

      He is both the coach and he plays They have 2 coaches

  • Chace Thomas
    Chace Thomas 9 hours ago

    9:23 ur welcome

  • ImRiley9
    ImRiley9 9 hours ago

    Imagine a junior UTR for teenagers 😂

  • Michael Adu
    Michael Adu 9 hours ago

    Outro song?

  • Alexinn Jr
    Alexinn Jr 9 hours ago

    g sam does NOT pass

  • Luke McTigue
    Luke McTigue 9 hours ago

    Why does Sam remind me of a Sunday league Bernardo silva #UTR

  • ClutchEVO
    ClutchEVO 9 hours ago

    Need more speed for real

  • AJTecture
    AJTecture 9 hours ago

    Its the haircut bro!!

  • Ciarán O Farrell
    Ciarán O Farrell 9 hours ago

    Does Thomas remind anyone else if lukaku

  • Tahmal
    Tahmal 9 hours ago

    Thomas is Sunday league lukaku

  • Aloha Tigers
    Aloha Tigers 9 hours ago

    Create your clothing brand: Get Off Me

  • Nathaniel Susnik
    Nathaniel Susnik 9 hours ago

    What is the beat at the start of the video?

  • MaXiW10
    MaXiW10 9 hours ago

    If u all trained together you lot could go places🤷‍♂️

  • Wael160903
    Wael160903 9 hours ago

    U are calling for the ball to much

  • Emmanuel Adeyemi
    Emmanuel Adeyemi 9 hours ago

    Finishing in this game was too much from Temi and Thomas

  • Wael160903
    Wael160903 9 hours ago

    Pes is not the same as fifa, U have to Adjust the way you play. U have to play more one two and more skills

  • Aloha Tigers
    Aloha Tigers 9 hours ago

    Have you guys train set pieces?

  • Laynie Edith
    Laynie Edith 9 hours ago


  • Jacob Drury
    Jacob Drury 9 hours ago

    Never your fault right mate? Always the team. good luck winning ucl with that attitude

  • Baigainai GNHD
    Baigainai GNHD 9 hours ago

    6:44 when bae says she home alone

  • Harry Ingleton
    Harry Ingleton 9 hours ago

    How come you have all the proper teams

  • Roger Pyfrom
    Roger Pyfrom 10 hours ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant 😔💔

  • S2 YB
    S2 YB 10 hours ago

    Vs Rising ballers manny pls

  • Xex Flxmez
    Xex Flxmez 10 hours ago

    They should do a Wembley cup or sidemen charity match with under the radar

  • U Bangers
    U Bangers 10 hours ago

    Still don’t know why the keeper was out of his line for most of the game

  • Luke2004 BFC
    Luke2004 BFC 10 hours ago

    Do jj and simon still play

  • Badron Chowdhury
    Badron Chowdhury 10 hours ago

    Why does Theo remind me of Romain saïss?

  • Badron Chowdhury
    Badron Chowdhury 10 hours ago

    that pitch is small af lol

  • revenge sparta
    revenge sparta 10 hours ago

    I think PES become a legend has got bugs in it.Your defenders literally can not any direct tackles.Also,you dont see any difference in playing for a big club and a poor club,the buildups are always poor your teammates make silly mistakes.

  • Ilyasse Messiaen
    Ilyasse Messiaen 10 hours ago

    rip kobe

  • Zack Eames
    Zack Eames 10 hours ago

    Manny go back to afro man you always play well with it

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 10 hours ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Dennys Rivera
    Dennys Rivera 10 hours ago

    I know you guys play who’s in front of you I understand that but you guys need a more difficult challenge you guys make it look too easy

  • Josh Heenan
    Josh Heenan 10 hours ago

    Will was motm no doubt

  • Lukey yt
    Lukey yt 10 hours ago

    ur a snake

  • Lewis Coolkid
    Lewis Coolkid 10 hours ago

    Lanray and temmy are so good

  • Savio Lukose
    Savio Lukose 10 hours ago

    When one of mannys benched players cost more than ur whole team

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G 10 hours ago

    Rip Kobe

  • josh
    josh 10 hours ago

    why does jamil look like sav’o

  • Alzo
    Alzo 10 hours ago

    Who's been a HUGE fan of manny before 2020?? 😍 👇 👇I'm gifting my next 79 loyal subs 🎁 Must have notïs🔔

  • Jeidon Moses-Perrotte
    Jeidon Moses-Perrotte 10 hours ago

    Who is better Sam or lanre? I feel like Sam is more like a finisher like Heung min son Lanre is more of a dribbler like moura

  • Öl Mackan
    Öl Mackan 10 hours ago

    Rip Kobe 🙏

  • catman12319
    catman12319 10 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Manny: yet again no UTR shirts to be seen

  • Joe Barker
    Joe Barker 10 hours ago

    Rip kobe🐍🐍😞😞

  • Daniel DatBoi
    Daniel DatBoi 10 hours ago

    Rip Kobe Bryant...

  • Ajeet Singh
    Ajeet Singh 10 hours ago

    5.03 - trust me we need a compilation of all the 'sold him a X' / 'sent him to the ground'.

  • Aadil Cazenove
    Aadil Cazenove 11 hours ago

    This game hit my heart fr LOVE THIS SERIES

  • Bradley_B
    Bradley_B 11 hours ago

    Play rising ballers

  • Colin McMahon
    Colin McMahon 11 hours ago

    Why aren’t u even in the bench