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The Treble | UTR Documentary
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  • john mccarty
    john mccarty 3 hours ago

    Did ya accidentally change the difficulty? Lol

  • SupremeDaniel 38
    SupremeDaniel 38 3 hours ago

    Go to Manchester United

  • Kats
    Kats 3 hours ago

    35:46 Manny cracks me up xD

  • Adrian Chong
    Adrian Chong 3 hours ago

    Manny: Complains about dribbling But doesn't want to train dribbling, angers me

  • Alicia Alejandre
    Alicia Alejandre 3 hours ago

    Who been here when he started playing pes 16 like if you have

  • Jonny MostDopee
    Jonny MostDopee 3 hours ago

    Confident on getting the equalizer and playing the whole 90 Gets subbed

  • Zgr 14
    Zgr 14 3 hours ago

    Maybe one thing I play PES since 2006 Don't use to much team-pressing, don't call for the ball too much, let your AI mates play, it makes them nore weaker when you call for it, only call it in very desperate times Just try to find the room, PES is so much about tactis and running (for fixed cursor) And semis with Dortmund is actually pretty damn good, you should be proud 😅 P.S. and score more goals or get better ratings... low rating, more subs 😂 P.P.S.: and i love the way you lost the league and cl because of all the things i said before... just relax and think tactical mate

  • Jonny MostDopee
    Jonny MostDopee 3 hours ago

    Complains about defending, stays up top and doesn’t drop

  • marcell adriano
    marcell adriano 3 hours ago

    Lower the fucking level down please I hate it when you lose

    NEYMAR JR MUDI 3 hours ago

    Yes u need to move

  • Blameless Gaming
    Blameless Gaming 3 hours ago

    1:2 chance the keeper guesses the right way Manny, unless the goalie doesn’t guess.

    IBUYIN GAY 3 hours ago

    no hate of wtv but u r not gd enuf for top player if u dont down the difficulty thrs no point watching u lose

  • Zgr 14
    Zgr 14 3 hours ago

    Jan Koller up front This comment killed me 😂 Finally a GOOD youtuber, who plays Pes, keep up the work 👍

  • marcell adriano
    marcell adriano 4 hours ago

    Lower the level so you could win the league

    MAMACITA THE Gamer 4 hours ago

    7:53 look at the guys name?

  • Steven Bergwijn
    Steven Bergwijn 4 hours ago

    Konami needs to fix the A.I fr, once the difficulty goes up the A.I basically reads your input, while your team-mates are still dogshite, so annoying.

  • Alex Cross
    Alex Cross 4 hours ago

    As ifff you just bottled 3 bits of silverware in 6 games

  • Tariq H.V.
    Tariq H.V. 4 hours ago

    go to Leicester

  • Dumb Penguin
    Dumb Penguin 5 hours ago

    Not to be racist but, Has anybody realized that Sam is the only white person on the team

  • Jah
    Jah 5 hours ago

    Anyone know what camera angle he uses

  • Alieu Jallow
    Alieu Jallow 5 hours ago

    Am not seeing all of the feild

  • Monge TheWarrior
    Monge TheWarrior 5 hours ago

    Brandt: scores a goal Manny: Its written. Mannicius for the equalizer. The prophecies have fortold it Pro-evo: Hey Manny, you remember how John snow had prophecies that were unfullfilled?... Nice to meet you John...

  • marvin rivera
    marvin rivera 5 hours ago

    Manny u brought down ur shooting put it back up honestly😭😭

  • Clipzy
    Clipzy 5 hours ago

    Do u stream on twitch

  • Lucas Freire
    Lucas Freire 5 hours ago

    Lower the level your getting smoked by teams

  • Gavin Harris
    Gavin Harris 5 hours ago

    Man said he had an easy win against spurs then he got clapped #COYS The scripting is some bs tho

  • Dabestcow21
    Dabestcow21 6 hours ago

    Keep it on a level where you score goals, videos are enjoyable when you're having fun. Edit to all people reading this, you came for a total of 2 goals and 0 assists in 39 minutes.

  • William Selman
    William Selman 6 hours ago

    what does down but will go up? manicicus form

  • Mker M
    Mker M 6 hours ago

    keep it up bro and yeah BVB i agree with that at the end they played like morons

  • William Selman
    William Selman 6 hours ago

    you're all about hating on gotze and reus but they give you good passes

  • Patric Flausino
    Patric Flausino 6 hours ago

    Vai Corinthians...

  • Zain Pizarro
    Zain Pizarro 6 hours ago

    Great episode just Union burlin

  • Mohammed Faizaan
    Mohammed Faizaan 6 hours ago

    Manny Please check out custom tactics. You can change your formation. Like you can use the attacking game plan and change the formation. You can basically start with a random formation for chem and then change formation in game with custom tactics

  • Zain Pizarro
    Zain Pizarro 6 hours ago

    Best series ever

  • Bobo Like
    Bobo Like 7 hours ago


  • Finlay T-W
    Finlay T-W 7 hours ago

    do a full england team

  • Sam Tong
    Sam Tong 7 hours ago

    Tbh bottling a 6 point lead will be the most Dortmund thing ever

  • Darragh Byrne
    Darragh Byrne 7 hours ago

    He bet the geteeeddd guy and then lost

  • D Kesselman
    D Kesselman 7 hours ago

    U took away shooting to add to physical

  • Focus Alex
    Focus Alex 7 hours ago

    Why did you go to Chelsea men you are screwed

  • Isatu Turay
    Isatu Turay 7 hours ago

    Honestly, this video was painful to watch

  • Walter Edvärn
    Walter Edvärn 7 hours ago

    Why is dortmund so shite this episode?

  • Rocket 88
    Rocket 88 7 hours ago

    0:40 Is to Blow Up

  • Cbenza 7
    Cbenza 7 7 hours ago

    Try Crespo aswell

  • Focus Alex
    Focus Alex 7 hours ago

    What happened to uefa

  • Cbenza 7
    Cbenza 7 7 hours ago

    Try yashin I want to see if he is good this fifa

  • topnotchgang topnotch

    manicius deserves better than that

  • nvm icak
    nvm icak 7 hours ago

    where did you get your option files?

  • Jose Navarrete
    Jose Navarrete 7 hours ago

    It’s the haircut

  • Seann Ibezim
    Seann Ibezim 7 hours ago

    its written manicius with the equaliser 2 seconds later take off for paco alcacer PACO ALCACER FOR GOD SAKE

  • David Seward
    David Seward 8 hours ago

    Wanted him to say "mum I got Ronaldo"

  • Lollo Illerongis
    Lollo Illerongis 8 hours ago

    Ask to go to Inter Milan so you can get an actual striker partner like Lautaro Martinez

  • Daantje Btw
    Daantje Btw 8 hours ago

    Put it a diffuculty down instead of up, you’re losing everything.

  • david Curley
    david Curley 8 hours ago

    change the team liverpool trash

  • Jackson Carr
    Jackson Carr 8 hours ago

    87 daglish is the best card I’ve used on the game

  • liverpooler fc
    liverpooler fc 8 hours ago

    Yeah liverpool is the best

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master 8 hours ago

    Manicius is Dortmund’s biggest flop😂😂

  • Anthony Leatherland
    Anthony Leatherland 8 hours ago

    I so wanted to see manicius at Leicester 🦊

  • Aloha Tigers
    Aloha Tigers 8 hours ago

    This video shows the ISSUES in Pes (like scripting) but no, apparently pes is a perfect game. SMFH

  • Mister Mobile maniac

    This used to be enjoyable now it’s half an hour of manny complaining 😒😒

  • _hmoha
    _hmoha 8 hours ago

    move to a bigger club or go down a level

  • Ette E
    Ette E 8 hours ago

    Put the music in the description. Some of the instrumentals are harddddd. Loving the vids bro. Been watching for 5 yrs.

  • Pharell wade
    Pharell wade 8 hours ago

    manny is just really trash

  • _hmoha
    _hmoha 8 hours ago

    next one as a cm

    • _hmoha
      _hmoha 8 hours ago

      and make him from Croatia

  • Tevughan Thompson
    Tevughan Thompson 8 hours ago


  • Anthony Leatherland
    Anthony Leatherland 8 hours ago


  • Ette E
    Ette E 8 hours ago

    Put the music in the description. The instrumentals are harddddd. Love the vids bro. Been watching for 5 yrs.

  • raptor viper
    raptor viper 9 hours ago

    Going to score three goals someone that you're come Onytrjyyfjhtrjhtf will have a good relationship and you will have a great time to 6th season and we have a great squad for you to win

  • Anthony Leatherland
    Anthony Leatherland 9 hours ago


  • Tluhq
    Tluhq 9 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking Manny why Reus is not the captain

  • xq gg
    xq gg 9 hours ago

    Go to valencia

  • Bobby Sherratt
    Bobby Sherratt 9 hours ago

    425 comments but im the only one in the comment section

  • Mohamed Elbebany
    Mohamed Elbebany 9 hours ago

    That's what happens when the game just wants you to lose

  • Dilraj Singh
    Dilraj Singh 9 hours ago

    It’s crazy how many times manny’s voice can just change 😂

  • Kluivert Boateng
    Kluivert Boateng 9 hours ago

    Something about Liverpool and their fans blowing the league lead is amazing 🤣🤣

  • Deacon Bolt
    Deacon Bolt 9 hours ago

    Manicius Jr: gets touched Manny: REFFFFFFFF COME ONNNN😂😂

  • Peter Ndwiga
    Peter Ndwiga 9 hours ago

    33:15 is pure gold lol

  • xMirus
    xMirus 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one that's like "Ight Imma go in game and try'em" and as soon as I go in game I forget all of them?

  • Ghost Reaper724
    Ghost Reaper724 9 hours ago

    Unlucky number 13

  • Toxic Karmzy
    Toxic Karmzy 9 hours ago

    When manny is commentating his fifa matches he sounds like miniminters first fifa video

  • Jeremy Fox
    Jeremy Fox 9 hours ago

    33:15 killed me 😂😂

  • Gal Urinovich
    Gal Urinovich 9 hours ago

    Premier league lets go

  • Travis Montana
    Travis Montana 9 hours ago

    Never laughed so hard when he got taken off 😂

  • Waldy Playz
    Waldy Playz 9 hours ago

    Liverpool all the way

  • Adham Afis
    Adham Afis 9 hours ago

    Alisson is shit

  • Ross Bucklin
    Ross Bucklin 9 hours ago

    Sam and Will have been such big additions

  • XoX YoY
    XoX YoY 10 hours ago

    The scripting in pes is cringey,that’s why you’ve been losing.

    F2 FAILURES 10 hours ago

    who won the ucl

  • Ultimate Dumbdumb98
    Ultimate Dumbdumb98 10 hours ago

    12:17 that goal was world class

  • XcB XcB_Strikez
    XcB XcB_Strikez 10 hours ago

    Is this PES?

  • Camza Family
    Camza Family 10 hours ago

    Change your hairstyle back to the dreads that's why you're losing

    ORIGIN PROXY 10 hours ago

    Ur going to play with the youngsters

    ORIGIN PROXY 10 hours ago

    Thank u Manny for joining chelsea

  • DillonVilla8 yt
    DillonVilla8 yt 10 hours ago

    Yes g sick team gl for fit champs bag the top 100

  • Ace Striker
    Ace Striker 10 hours ago

    I was DYING at 19:05 rofl

  • Αγγελος Βιταλης

    Great finishing...😂

  • Joe Mailey
    Joe Mailey 10 hours ago

    Manny: get this on my head Manny controlling his player: doesn’t even run to try head the ball

  • elderse
    elderse 10 hours ago

    Wins 3-0 vs Bayern loses 3-0 to Mainz

  • ItsABigWin
    ItsABigWin 10 hours ago

    Manny:Manicius with the equaliser Game: Are you jokin fam*Manicius gets subbed*

  • Anthonipillai jeyaseelan

    join arsenal