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A Snake Bit Off My PENlS
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My Stepdad Got Me Pregnant
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I Am Breastfed At 16
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A DeadIy Revenge
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I Have 4 Wives At 17
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I Lived Like A Pig
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I Love My Stepbrother
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My Evil Parents
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My Dad Is Faking A Coma
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I Have Quadruplets At 17
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My Dad Thinks I'm Dead
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I Am Allergic To The Sun
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I Have 2 Boyfriends
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I Dated A Famous Popstar
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My Girlfriend Is A Golddigger
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My Boyfriend Is Possessive
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My Evil Stepsister
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I Envy My Popstar Friend
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I Hate My Rich Friend
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My Friends Gave Me A Tattoo
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My Rich Boyfriend Is A Jerk
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I Am AsexuaI
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I Am Allergic To Water
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My Dad Hates My Boyfriend
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My Sister Is My Mom
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My Dad Got Abducted By Aliens
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My Life With Dyspraxia
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  • Tiruye Zewda
    Tiruye Zewda Minute ago

    How can his mom still breastfeed if she doesn't have any babies

  • Edge Lord
    Edge Lord Minute ago

    Im okay with muslim religion and idc that u have four wives but the shit you said about women is disgusting. You are a disgusting pig and i hope they all leave you bc i sure as hell would. And honestly im amazed they could marry someone like you because you truly disgust me in every way shape and form.

  • Jorlz Joln
    Jorlz Joln 2 minutes ago

    Yeah duh

  • Lida Amiri
    Lida Amiri 2 minutes ago


  • Lida Amiri
    Lida Amiri 2 minutes ago


  • HerraTomaatti
    HerraTomaatti 3 minutes ago

    Lemme correct the title: I lived like a pig for a week.

  • Galexu Gacha
    Galexu Gacha 5 minutes ago


  • Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson 5 minutes ago

    OMG this is so wired

  • ii xplr
    ii xplr 6 minutes ago

    “Rick Morty” Kinda sounds like Rick and Morty? Easter Egg!

  • Pubbly The Kaiju PTK
    Pubbly The Kaiju PTK 6 minutes ago

    F in the comment

  • Isha Gupta
    Isha Gupta 6 minutes ago

    Pause at 2:04 that looks like rapunzel

  • Unicorn viva
    Unicorn viva 6 minutes ago

    My mate laughed histoerically

  • Xx.Izu.DekuXX
    Xx.Izu.DekuXX 7 minutes ago

    The movie Carrie is quaking

  • xoxo.ocean
    xoxo.ocean 7 minutes ago

    “Because she doesn’t have any friends herself” *DAMN DUDE!*

  • Keira Hutchins
    Keira Hutchins 7 minutes ago

    1:36 Why GET FREINDS ME Me:hi Girl:let's be friends! The mom Mom:hi Guy:hell no!

  • Tiruye Zewda
    Tiruye Zewda 8 minutes ago

    This is Freaking weird

  • IcyDaze
    IcyDaze 8 minutes ago

    To be honest, I see everyone as a badguy, you're all fucked up in the head for this and don't even say your mom was the bad guy, two wrongs don't make a right and in my eyes you're exactly like her I don't care comment section come at me, bercause if you think what she did was in the right, I really won't bother replying

  • Zanduzu F
    Zanduzu F 8 minutes ago

    If my “cucumber” fell off I would destroy my girlfriends cat

  • lil wolfy
    lil wolfy 9 minutes ago

    6:50 theres someone and who is it?

  • Unicorn viva
    Unicorn viva 9 minutes ago

    Mate you can just be gay and he can do u k ow what dude

  • Martinez Dolan
    Martinez Dolan 9 minutes ago

    I am asexual too, and because I felt like I was always the odd one out of my friends I forced my self to date a boy to fit in which later on left me. But I was happy! Because finally I figured out my sexuality and I felt free, him leaving me was the best thing which has happened to me and I’m very grateful. Now I have a couple of asexual friends too and we get along very well ☺️

  • Jorlz Joln
    Jorlz Joln 9 minutes ago

    Poor dog Michael is a jerk he's kinda nice but he's kinda a jerk

  • Elma Salihi
    Elma Salihi 9 minutes ago

    cool mom

  • TheGreatAlfini
    TheGreatAlfini 10 minutes ago

    Everybody here is horrible lol.

  • affirmations하은
    affirmations하은 10 minutes ago

    Sorry I laughed when he got hit by a car

  • Amelie Straub
    Amelie Straub 11 minutes ago


  • Jorlz Joln
    Jorlz Joln 15 minutes ago

    It's okay if you wear diapers at 17 don't care what people say at all I used to wear diapers but I'm not

  • Jimin Oppa
    Jimin Oppa 15 minutes ago

    That girl is a bitch fucking thot

  • Alexandra More
    Alexandra More 16 minutes ago

    what the hell did I just watch

  • Alexandra More
    Alexandra More 16 minutes ago


  • bfbfan leafy and firey are my favorite characters

    Bye bye share my story's You said a swear

  • Haru Chan
    Haru Chan 17 minutes ago

    “She’s just jealous because she doesn’t have any friends for herself” OOFFFF SAVAGE

  • Ruthie Tho
    Ruthie Tho 17 minutes ago

    Me: * Reads the title * Also me: *Ight ima head out*

  • JB yeah
    JB yeah 18 minutes ago

    The only weird thing?... Only??!?!!!?

  • Haru Chan
    Haru Chan 18 minutes ago

    What the fuckkkkkk

  • Anna vs Betty
    Anna vs Betty 19 minutes ago

    I got good teacher at year4 Name: Mrs longmore I hated my year3 teacher but not so much she didnt smile but it's ok Name tho it is Name: Mrs Mears

  • Tina Gamil
    Tina Gamil 20 minutes ago

    thats hurt 😨😵

  • Kirara Animates
    Kirara Animates 21 minute ago

    So weird(not to be mean)

  • cinnamon bagel
    cinnamon bagel 22 minutes ago


  • miyo ni
    miyo ni 22 minutes ago

    This is why i hate those types of boys😑poor girl..

  • The Premium Noob
    The Premium Noob 24 minutes ago

    He said so many Times "Cucumber" click here | | | \/

  • Ryuk Yagammi
    Ryuk Yagammi 24 minutes ago

    As I always say, "It's not how rich they are, it's how they treat you" So don't care about their words, care about yourself.😀

  • KSHDBFBCB Dhdsidndjdigb
    KSHDBFBCB Dhdsidndjdigb 25 minutes ago

    Ur in a new level of lazy

  • Elaine Garvanovic
    Elaine Garvanovic 25 minutes ago

    If a girl said she liked me I would say yes because you should be loved for being yourself

  • SaltyBwoy
    SaltyBwoy 25 minutes ago

    That’s a lie lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arnel Lopez
    Arnel Lopez 26 minutes ago

    If I there I would slap him hard and hell and report to the police after that I'm gonna tie hin up and smack him and throw him in a valcano

    LIFE OF NIJAH 26 minutes ago


  • Frida Staric
    Frida Staric 26 minutes ago

    that's the most disgusting thing I ever heard and saw in my whole life

  • The Premium Noob
    The Premium Noob 27 minutes ago


  • Timpen Westberg
    Timpen Westberg 27 minutes ago


  • Blaise Zwane
    Blaise Zwane 28 minutes ago


  • Rafal Almatari
    Rafal Almatari 28 minutes ago

    I’m so sorry for what happened to you And so happy that you find true love because of it

  • badkitty101
    badkitty101 28 minutes ago

    Oedipus and Jocasta complexes. You need fucking help kid. Your mother is fucking disgusting

  • Abyssal Vortex
    Abyssal Vortex 29 minutes ago


  • Queen Ditty
    Queen Ditty 30 minutes ago

    He could atleast put it in a cup..

  • Dragonlife
    Dragonlife 31 minute ago

    That dam snake,didn’t even ask consent

  • Savage Foxeh
    Savage Foxeh 31 minute ago


  • GoFlam
    GoFlam 32 minutes ago

    tHaTs LigAl

  • Dragonlife
    Dragonlife 33 minutes ago

    Why does the other teacher look so happy when her colleague is getting beat the fuck up

  • Janali Hosseini
    Janali Hosseini 34 minutes ago

    Not Rice

  • Lucy The Wolf Cat Sans's girl

    What was a snake even doing in the toilet?

  • cinevaORiGINAL
    cinevaORiGINAL 35 minutes ago

    When I clicked this video I thought that it was like tath one with a man hwo said it's ok to have 4 wifes. It is on the same channel as this video. Belive me you will face-palm yourself after seeing that video

  • Kevviinnn
    Kevviinnn 37 minutes ago

    *_Reverse_** **_Card_*

  • miss lucky
    miss lucky 38 minutes ago

    No comment.. 🖐🏻

  • Little Lilly
    Little Lilly 38 minutes ago

    “It gets a bit watery at the start and then really creamy!” *yUm*

  • fabio mineiro
    fabio mineiro 38 minutes ago

    Wow what a bitch (:

  • Lili M
    Lili M 39 minutes ago

    So you mean that you just gave birth to get revenge?

    NIKITA KAMILA 39 minutes ago

    I WISHED I WAS HER! cuz i wouldnt do sport in school which is cool maybe i will only at night or if at school then they take me to somewhere very comfy! :DDDDDD

  • איה פיטרמן
    איה פיטרמן 41 minute ago

    One punch man was there

  • belle yang
    belle yang 43 minutes ago

    What happened next when the baby born, more detail plz

  • Ayah Mbarki
    Ayah Mbarki 43 minutes ago

    tf did i just watch... "IF WOMEN WATCH TOO MUCH movies"... hmmmmm

  • Raxsan Miller
    Raxsan Miller 44 minutes ago

    Couldn't even finish watching this shit, and she gain some weight I wanna slap this bitch ass nigga so bad, so you want a house but doesn't want to help clean it .....typically men I hope Joan doesn't gain a few pounds

  • Mike_ Hawk
    Mike_ Hawk 44 minutes ago

    This channels just gets weirder and weirder everyday like wtf

  • Luke Donovan
    Luke Donovan 45 minutes ago

    She is not your mom

  • imtankingover 12
    imtankingover 12 47 minutes ago

    Wtf did I just watch😂😂

  • []Miami[]
    []Miami[] 47 minutes ago

    50,000 $ make 1000,00000 ₺ in my country witch is almost a million

  • Christopher Marvin
    Christopher Marvin 47 minutes ago

    How old is this man

  • Suvd-Erdene Altangerel
    Suvd-Erdene Altangerel 48 minutes ago

    What a fuck???????? Like deadasssssss this is terrible looks like low key horror movie

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet 50 minutes ago

    but did you get your side of the deal tho?

  • Present Mic
    Present Mic 52 minutes ago

    What?, just... whaaat?

  • laitning 8
    laitning 8 54 minutes ago

    U shudent menton lesbians man

  • Maxymilian Boduch
    Maxymilian Boduch 55 minutes ago

    Cucumberrrrrrrrre💯😂pure lost cucumber

  • Emily Molin
    Emily Molin 56 minutes ago

    That’s a mega OOF

  • The King of bots
    The King of bots 56 minutes ago

    1 like is 1 decade of heck to Paul.

  • Peculiar Pineapple
    Peculiar Pineapple 57 minutes ago

    Ok, I respect your lifestyle and all, but ‘it starts watery and gets creamy! YUM!’ Is a bit too much information O~O

  • Dawood Ameen
    Dawood Ameen 58 minutes ago

    UE were girls

  • Cryptic Rhea
    Cryptic Rhea 58 minutes ago

    You're a wonderful mother. I'm so happy for you ❤

  • Rong Ma
    Rong Ma Hour ago

    Your hand was shaking because you had 3 fingers

  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae Hour ago

    Omg I am dead

  • Gabriele Fraticelli

    oh my god share my story this video if he sees a minor he would vomit or be disgusted this video is horrible of how it is

  • Charles Pankratz

    He is correct do what is right not what is easy

  • SnowflakeKitty
    SnowflakeKitty Hour ago

    I feel bad for u

  • itz fusic
    itz fusic Hour ago

    This video should just be named white ppl

  • MikePlays
    MikePlays Hour ago

    What the hell did I watch

  • mahekk 31
    mahekk 31 Hour ago

    But... Pigs like to live in mud, don't they?🤔

  • Daisy May
    Daisy May Hour ago

    That is soooooooo horrible to say you don't like her because she is fat

  • Fish pancake
    Fish pancake Hour ago

    So you're telling me this dude left his wife because he didn't want to do simple chores and because she gained a little weight , left her for a 18 year old AND then decided he got bored of her too?

    TECH BUCKS Hour ago

    Next sorry : I am breastfed by wifffeeee

  • jashiro 4
    jashiro 4 Hour ago

    ALABAMMA 100000