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How I Became Rich At 12
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My Stepdad Got Me Pregnant
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I'm Allergic To Water
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My Boyfriend Is A Loser
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I Lost My Face
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I Got Triplets At 14
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My Evil Stepmom
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She Stole My Boyfriend
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My Creepy Ex-Boyfriend
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I Pretend To Be Mute
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A Snake Bit Off My PENlS
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I Am Breastfed At 16
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A DeadIy Revenge
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I Have 4 Wives At 17
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I Lived Like A Pig
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My Baby Was Switched At Birth
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I Love My Stepbrother
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My Evil Parents
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My Life With Half A Brain
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My Dad Is Faking A Coma
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I Have Quadruplets At 17
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My Boyfriend CHEATED On Me
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How I Became A Fashion Model
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My Dad Thinks I'm Dead
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I Am Wearing Diapers At 17
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I Am Allergic To The Sun
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I Have 2 Boyfriends
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I Dated A Famous Popstar
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My Boyfriend Is Possessive
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My Evil Stepsister
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I Envy My Popstar Friend
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I Hate My Rich Friend
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My Friends Gave Me A Tattoo
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My Rich Boyfriend Is A Jerk
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I Baby Trapped My Boyfriend
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I Am AsexuaI
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I Am Allergic To Water
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My Dad Hates My Boyfriend
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My Sister Is My Mom
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My Dad Got Abducted By Aliens
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My Life With Dyspraxia
Views 2.5M11 months ago


  • Mr. Pumpkin
    Mr. Pumpkin 19 seconds ago

    *mom comes in and proceeds to beat the sh"* out of your teacher* Me: can relate

  • Mehmet Yaman
    Mehmet Yaman 30 seconds ago

    Wow its realllly painful dont ya

  • Enderflex
    Enderflex 49 seconds ago

    She's such an idiot

  • quoc huy ta
    quoc huy ta 3 minutes ago

    He a good guys u so really lucky

  • r33dm1lk
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  • Chris28TheGreat
    Chris28TheGreat 5 minutes ago

    That was a stupid decision

  • Karen Golar
    Karen Golar 6 minutes ago

    ALADDIN! A whole new world Did you know: Jordan in Descendants is the daughter of Genie. Jordan=Genie=Aladdin

  • Mr. Pumpkin
    Mr. Pumpkin 6 minutes ago

    Next video: nemo got me preggers

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    notrose 6 minutes ago

    this is a masterpiece this is perfection

  • The Inky Wolf
    The Inky Wolf 7 minutes ago

    This sounds like child molestation

  • Gofian MSP
    Gofian MSP 8 minutes ago

    is the tatto still there?

  • Sebastian animechan
    Sebastian animechan 8 minutes ago


  • Zahira Mohammed
    Zahira Mohammed 9 minutes ago

    Its 12 not ten before lone story short she said she has 5 children in total and then in long story short she said she has twins and again twins and again triplets SOOO 12

  • Mr. Pumpkin
    Mr. Pumpkin 9 minutes ago

    Next title: I got suspended for Doing homework

  • The Inky Wolf
    The Inky Wolf 10 minutes ago

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  • Casey Eilish
    Casey Eilish 10 minutes ago

    1:19 hUH? iM cOnfUsIoN

  • angelo ancajaas
    angelo ancajaas 11 minutes ago

    thank you because my teacher is so mean to me she doing funny things to me i am so shy and nervous because she always pretend that i was a dumb i was very anxious because my classmate will laugh to me and doing annoying things haysst😔😔😔

  • unknown
    unknown 11 minutes ago

    Middle finger him when you left

  • The Fangirl
    The Fangirl 13 minutes ago

    It's called a divorce..not a break up...unless they were never married

  • Lara Lara
    Lara Lara 13 minutes ago

    Wait a minute IS YOUR MOM ELLEN?!! cuz it looks like that

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond 14 minutes ago

    Someone like you should be deserved to be expelled

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    Matsuzu 15 minutes ago

    Anybody else saw mobile legends reference?

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    Pateu gam3r Stănescu 16 minutes ago

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    Kaiser Binny 16 minutes ago

    At 2:42 I saw obito at the jail. He must be chilling there because he can easily escape through kamui😎

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    Voltage Crackdown -_- 16 minutes ago

    This is wtf to me

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    Max Glider 17 minutes ago

    1:49 oh are you approaching me? 2:09 7 pages Muda

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    alisha ras_ 18 minutes ago

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  • I don't know what I'm doing most of the time

    A wholeass fanfiction

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    super chickeny 19 minutes ago


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    사랑해1131 19 minutes ago

    is this a wattpad story? who's the author and what's the title?

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    廖小崇 19 minutes ago

  • Yoh Slenn Ren
    Yoh Slenn Ren 20 minutes ago

    If I ever become a voice actor I hope I never do this regularly.

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    Velentinex579 XD 21 minute ago

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    SulSul Films 24 minutes ago

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    Flowey the flower 24 minutes ago


  • Mr. Pumpkin
    Mr. Pumpkin 26 minutes ago

    SUPERSONIC DUH DO DUH DE DUH DOO DUH SEE DOO Sorry that song is stuck in my hand

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    Ultimate Bruh 26 minutes ago

    All of these story’s are like: I squashed a beetle and I found out my mom does porn!

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    5 Minute Craft 28 minutes ago

    I think it not 3 Day Ago i saw Like 1 Month Ago

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  • シ Love Helps
    シ Love Helps 44 minutes ago

    The person who sent this in if you’re reading this I’m so sorry for this to happen to you I don’t know if this is real but if it is i’m sorry...

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