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Rapid Trailer
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  • KillSwitch 777
    KillSwitch 777 5 hours ago

    Alyssa is so hot

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 5 hours ago

    Kid looks like Chucky's son

  • Liamrups
    Liamrups 5 hours ago

    So GTA movie? About time

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 5 hours ago

    How many damn trailers can Ryan Reynolds come out with in a 48 hour period???

    • mdd1963
      mdd1963 5 hours ago

      (He still sounds gay as hell, though!)

  • Ark Kimia
    Ark Kimia 5 hours ago

    i am groot....

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 5 hours ago

    When I heard the inception BWAAAAAAAMP I knew it would be good

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 5 hours ago

    Jason Bateman’s character dies in the book. I wonder if he dies in the show too

  • Traditional Sunni
    Traditional Sunni 5 hours ago

    Ready player one remake ?

  • melissa mendes
    melissa mendes 5 hours ago

    this movie looks amazing!!!!

  • Shawne Wilfong
    Shawne Wilfong 5 hours ago

    Ghostbusters Next Generation...

  • Malzahar Kassadin
    Malzahar Kassadin 5 hours ago


  • Tamaray Glover
    Tamaray Glover 5 hours ago

    All I think about is Rush Hour when I hear the the song Fantasy

  • Jones Crimson
    Jones Crimson 5 hours ago

    I won't be watching this film due to the studio, but it looked cool I guess.

  • SillyGoose
    SillyGoose 5 hours ago

    I hope the sneaked danger zone somewhere in there!

  • Chris Martino
    Chris Martino 5 hours ago

    a little AOC vibe hear if I'm not mistaken.... which is awesome... Of course I'm against propaganda ... hehehehe hahahah lol

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost. 5 hours ago

    Hooray another delusional shit movie made by "Guillermo del I have no talent left"

  • KeldenMedia
    KeldenMedia 5 hours ago

    why is everyone using that scream in every single movie?????? 0:36

  • Nikorasu Dragneel
    Nikorasu Dragneel 5 hours ago

    Nice! so Steve Treavor survived then?

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost. 5 hours ago

    This is literally the plot of like the 8th episode of supernatural. Like everything about it is just an extended version of that.

  • Albylion
    Albylion 5 hours ago

    Don't. Screw. This. Up.

  • Machai Arcanum
    Machai Arcanum 5 hours ago

    This is how you include a more gender diverse cast. Don’t just slap a ‘feminist’ sticker on it, actually try.

  • Jay Rosado
    Jay Rosado 5 hours ago

    It should be called ghoster things

  • Sunz
    Sunz 5 hours ago

    2:12 ah, Mr Anderson

  • Sunny Baggett
    Sunny Baggett 5 hours ago

    This is what i’m talking about! So far so awesomely cool!

  • Douglas Ferris
    Douglas Ferris 5 hours ago

    This better real!! It’s about time they stick to the original flavor!! Stop trying to fix what ain’t broken. As they say. Love the new old look!! I’m actually excited. Wasn’t feeling the last one. But this one hits you In the feels.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 5 hours ago

    Plot twist, the monster is a Jackalope.

  • Nicholas Seaks
    Nicholas Seaks 5 hours ago

    Well I know what I'm doing for my birthday next year.

  • OGthecritic
    OGthecritic 5 hours ago

    I've already seen the Lego movie

    SASKI 5 hours ago

    So this is fragile back story

  • Daniels Voits
    Daniels Voits 5 hours ago

    Name of the song "Sebastian Böhm - Blue Monday". have a nice day!

  • Carl Giuliano
    Carl Giuliano 5 hours ago

    Fuck Wonder Woman, find me a bitch who can kill a spider and open a pickle jar for fuck sake.

  • ironman6992
    ironman6992 5 hours ago

    Plot twist: Pitts isn’t really dead

  • repzard99
    repzard99 5 hours ago

    Can we start a sonic conspiracy now? that the last one was done on purpose so they could make this one succesfully. All planned #9-11truthers #we'renotalone #2ndshoooter

  • Motho Wee
    Motho Wee 5 hours ago

    Lol, there are no black people in this trailer. I blame Trump.

  • Infinite Beastt
    Infinite Beastt 5 hours ago

    Hope to see Joaquin Phoenix

  • rocker 76\m/
    rocker 76\m/ 5 hours ago

    🤯 This actually looks promising

  • Raymond Raymond
    Raymond Raymond 5 hours ago

    chilllllllssssss 👌👌👌👌

  • Leonard M
    Leonard M 5 hours ago

    The killer was already shown. Ask yourself who is less likely to kill someone. That's the person doing it. Everythinks its the kid. I think it is the woman and she just doesn't know about her family lineage.

  • Kageryu
    Kageryu 5 hours ago

    If this movie is anything like the short story it's adapted from then the ending is gonna be fucked up.

  • David Perez
    David Perez 5 hours ago

    How is that dude still alive?

  • Evan Singer
    Evan Singer 5 hours ago

    'scuse me its Ghostbusters *2*, we don't talk about the one in 2016

  • Troy Lucas
    Troy Lucas 5 hours ago

    The new GTA update is looking pretty good

  • r a y a Nagar
    r a y a Nagar 5 hours ago

    this movie was crap no cap

  • Michael Junn Sarno
    Michael Junn Sarno 5 hours ago

    My name is gump.. "forest gump".

  • Musiczone
    Musiczone 5 hours ago

    I love... love love Ryan Reynolds movies . How ever this looks like a stupid movie . I hope I will be prove wrong

  • Toast Fairy
    Toast Fairy 5 hours ago

    Wait i thought he died?

  • Allan Peda
    Allan Peda 5 hours ago

    What are the odds the cop dies halfway through the movie?

  • Confy Collects
    Confy Collects 5 hours ago

    Is that Jodie Comer/Villanelle? So cool!

  • st85100
    st85100 5 hours ago

    The 80s was a great time to be a kid. We were always outside playing neighborhood sports, skateboarding, bmx riding and exploring the area until street lights came on and our mom's yelled out the back door to get our asses home. That was our phone call.

  • Jason Parks
    Jason Parks 5 hours ago

    lol, he was an npc

  • Nanda Ortsac
    Nanda Ortsac 6 hours ago


  • Shayla Storm
    Shayla Storm 6 hours ago

    Who ever dislikes ANY of Ryans movies is DEAD to me!! He is a fkn God!! 😍😘👊✊ fk you the 88 ppl who disliked this

  • Cryptic Wraith
    Cryptic Wraith 6 hours ago

    2:35 She thought that she sat on his sausage Look at his face at 2:38

  • TheSkippy70
    TheSkippy70 6 hours ago

    So, since the feminine-themed one crashed and burned, they're turning to a kid-themed one. Can't you just let it RIP?

  • thinlion01
    thinlion01 6 hours ago


  • Tonique
    Tonique 6 hours ago

    Cool! Finally another superhero movie !! zzzzzzz

  • Cole Haines
    Cole Haines 6 hours ago

    paul rudd in here gives me hope

  • Rafael Henrique Sauer

    Now kids 🙄

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke 6 hours ago


  • Lecarle Blue
    Lecarle Blue 6 hours ago

    Now this got me going! I felt the storyline

  • rick neal
    rick neal 6 hours ago

    Don't fall for it kids. It's gonna suck....

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 6 hours ago

    STOP ruining Ghostbusters! Why are you fucking with it? Just stop! Can't you make a new movie? For fux sake.

  • ehnn sadi
    ehnn sadi 6 hours ago

    Rudolph the bloody reindeer

  • Adriano Martins
    Adriano Martins 6 hours ago

    Now, this is a proper sequel...

    AUSTINGON3WILD 6 hours ago

    This does not look good

  • Susan Gloag
    Susan Gloag 6 hours ago

    Del Toro just makes the best horrors.

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi 6 hours ago

    Alternative movie title Ryan Reynolds plays gta

  • NinjaGamer_S
    NinjaGamer_S 6 hours ago

    Step 1: Undo 2016 Step 2: Put Paul Rudd in it Step 3: Profit

  • Moses Gladstone
    Moses Gladstone 6 hours ago

    I watched the first 20 seconds of this with the sound muted and instantly knew this is a disaster. Another case of borrowing a franchise title. Completely lacks the spirit of the original.

  • Rogue
    Rogue 6 hours ago

    hey is it that dude from breaking bad? i love how i hate that dude in breaking bad it means he did a great job in acting like a psychopath.

  • Tyson Moore
    Tyson Moore 6 hours ago

    I'm gonna guess Steve is working for the bad guys

  • Alita
    Alita 6 hours ago

    Looks pretty good, definetly filmed in either Washington or British Columbia, looks like home to me 👌

  • Tyler Dexter
    Tyler Dexter 6 hours ago

    So they're taking a comedy franchise and treating it seriously? That's missing the point. Ghostbusters was all about the ludicrousness of the paranormal. Anyone remember a big marshmallow? This movie looks to be heading in an entirely separate direction. #NoThankYou

  • scott762mm
    scott762mm 6 hours ago

    Finally. Looks like a solid remake.

  • Victor A.
    Victor A. 6 hours ago

    Magical enemies? The cartoon was more realistic even tho it had the dragon sidekick. The trailer spoils the entire plot, if it's not even spoiled by the original of course. And McDonald's needs the Szechaun sauce to promote the movie! Right Morty? Also, Mulan is not a princess.

  • Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

    Looks stupid

  • panktor
    panktor 6 hours ago

    see? it wasn't difficult to make a good movie.

  • Ivan Ahumada
    Ivan Ahumada 6 hours ago

    stranger things if it was ghost busters, with paul instead of winnona, and two finn wolfhards. this movie is gunna make alot of people happy.

  • Heckin Schweet
    Heckin Schweet 6 hours ago

    thank god the women are gone

  • soup or stew
    soup or stew 6 hours ago

    Cleric beast

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 6 hours ago

    Looks dumb.....

  • ͔ ͔
    ͔ ͔ 6 hours ago

    Finally a good sequel

  • AhmedSSJ3
    AhmedSSJ3 6 hours ago

    This isn't gonna be a good movie, It's gonna be a gre

  • ____________
    ____________ 6 hours ago


  • Betaj
    Betaj 6 hours ago

    Strangers IT Busters

  • Andy
    Andy 6 hours ago

    Haha the SJW nutters have gone apesh*t over this movie. Good because it means it's good lol.

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light 6 hours ago

    When did ghostbusters become a drama??

  • Raptor King237
    Raptor King237 6 hours ago

    This is looking pretty good so far

  • Winzley
    Winzley 6 hours ago

    When they recovered the Ecto 1 I literally screamed why am I like this??

  • Макс Широков

    WOW! Epic NPC man! xD

  • TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill

    That was weird...cause I clicked on this too watch it but yet the advertisement was the trailer 😅🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️. Watched the advertisement and the trailer afterwards.

  • anthony carlone
    anthony carlone 6 hours ago

    Nice to see that they did not "woke" up any ghosts

  • ImLovingThis One
    ImLovingThis One 6 hours ago

    So I watch the entire movie..great what now?!

  • RJK
    RJK 6 hours ago

    I thought this was a fan made trailer.

  • dean ronde
    dean ronde 6 hours ago

    But wait so they say it ghostbusters 3 so that means that ghostbuster 2016 is in this universe so why does paul rudd say this is the firts ghost sighting in 30 years?

  • frizzy red
    frizzy red 6 hours ago

    As long as its not Vigo the Carpathian coming back...he never did like people with frizzy hair.

  • Andre Morgan
    Andre Morgan 6 hours ago

    Watch and learn Ghostbusters

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 6 hours ago

    Holy shit Queen is in this movie!

  • Evan Duncan
    Evan Duncan 6 hours ago


  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 6 hours ago

    No dumb, racist jokes? *WHAT NEW SPORE OF MADNESS IS THIS?!?!*