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Zendaya Is Iconic
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  • Lorraine Lines
    Lorraine Lines 4 hours ago

    She is not my fan

  • It's Marie Anne
    It's Marie Anne 5 hours ago

    Yes this is me 100%

  • youtubeuser
    youtubeuser 5 hours ago

    Give this channel credit, this is REALLY detailed

  • Chris Livengood
    Chris Livengood 5 hours ago

    Odd how one is usually smiling, and the other is not.. maybe one lives a good life, and the other, lives the bad patch of life?

  • virtualatheist
    virtualatheist 5 hours ago

    So Stacey Dash stated truths that the Liberalistas of the Media didn't like and was blacklisted. Seems fair.

  • Yan Yan Tahumar
    Yan Yan Tahumar 5 hours ago

    Why does kylie in the thumbnail look like caitlin jenner!?!??

  • Sama
    Sama 5 hours ago can't buy happiness

  • Cheryl Kee
    Cheryl Kee 5 hours ago

    I dont understand Simon Cowell at ALL.

  • Terrisann Brooks
    Terrisann Brooks 5 hours ago

    As long their is a paycheck it will nvr be too private

  • Domestic Angel
    Domestic Angel 5 hours ago

    They all looked better before surgery

  • Dani ForReal
    Dani ForReal 5 hours ago


  • Kira Raki_master
    Kira Raki_master 5 hours ago

    I saw Liam the other day He’s one off my brothers doublegers ! They look like twins, & his sister landed in a chopper out the front ..who cares live your life & let others live

  • Hi Bitch
    Hi Bitch 5 hours ago

    I think we Already know whos dominating.. Thank U Next 7Rings BUWYGF,IB Boyfriend. Don't Call Me Angel.. So ..

  • Muggleborn Hufflepuff

    Kim should do something about it.

  • Stew L
    Stew L 5 hours ago

    Info. i

  • Stew L
    Stew L 5 hours ago

    Communism. Jea

  • Stew L
    Stew L 5 hours ago

    Candace. US nukes . Jim. Alexis 400 OK.

  • moanyoongi
    moanyoongi 5 hours ago

    **reporting this video**

  • Sabrina Boukhari
    Sabrina Boukhari 5 hours ago

    Blue ivy is soooo ugly

  • Shona Bentkowski
    Shona Bentkowski 5 hours ago

    Queer but in a hertosexual relationship? Sorry but no. You’re not both your just having your cake and eating it taking advantage! Your either gay and that’s fine or your straight which is fine too! You can’t be both. That’s just being a slag. She just constantly looks for attention and clearly Liam can do way better and deserves someone to take there relationship seriously

  • Kira Raki_master
    Kira Raki_master 5 hours ago

    I think he could be gay he’s so hot enough to be gay most hottest guys are

  • Ebrahim Johnson
    Ebrahim Johnson 5 hours ago

    Wow great video, it was mostly doomed from the start... these are all people that's really so free in their morals, the sleep with anyone that gives them the that ultimate intimate experience for as long as it can last. Love doesn't exist in Tinseltown, Sad to say

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 5 hours ago

    I still feel like even some of these moments are scripted 🙃

  • Liya Zana
    Liya Zana 5 hours ago

    At1:19 did she say jongq

  • zareena deenon
    zareena deenon 5 hours ago

    I'm October 15

  • BerasTitih Official
    BerasTitih Official 5 hours ago

    Please respect dear Talko girls??

  • Kira Raki_master
    Kira Raki_master 5 hours ago

    There was no sex attractiveness between these 2,, maybe she was into him but he wasn’t into it , that’s the vibe I got anyway but who cares anyway what am I doing here

  • VoltranicX
    VoltranicX 5 hours ago

    You know what's the name when your crush likes you back? *imaginations*

  • Creed Freed
    Creed Freed 5 hours ago

    500 likes then i will ask my crush

  • Chandan Gohil
    Chandan Gohil 5 hours ago

    I am a child of 10 yes of age,but I can see the lovers!!

  • Darren Foo
    Darren Foo 5 hours ago

    y’all act like she ain’t a self made person; but how many of you here realise that she’s so much determined than all of us we ain’t even her 1 percent. gotta give it up for this woman even though she used her children

  • RozitaVideo
    RozitaVideo 5 hours ago

    We all have skeletons in our closets. Lots of people rush into bad relationships. The narrator has a snotty voice.

  • Kix Musaid
    Kix Musaid 6 hours ago

    Imagine being such a toxic fan base

  • Nayan Chandel
    Nayan Chandel 6 hours ago

    Stop plastic usage and save Earth.

  • Carol tessly
    Carol tessly 6 hours ago

    Rumors rumors rumors

  • Lavern Scott
    Lavern Scott 6 hours ago

    Ya;living the best live? On earth?😙 but what about when god come are they going to bring all that money ?☺ and am saying people are the one who put them there? Did bonc? Every give to the poor and neddy:☺ one like the rest of celeb: who gave to char;?☺ again these people grown up there children in mater?☺ things dont even let they know god the almighty?☺ ya; its all good now but nothing last for ever?☺ god said in his word :s that it easy for a camel? To go through the eye? Of a needle? Than a rich nan to enter into the kingdom; of heaven does rich people ever know that i dont think some of them ever read god words; for some reason bonc; which i dont like very proud? Selfish selcenterd? Think she is going to live for ever? I remember when she have the frist; child? I used to work at lenox hill hosp? That time we could not get in they buy out the whole hosp; for one baby? And the thing is it was not.☺baby jesus but i always said worship your money the onley thing i worship is god because the fool and his money? Will depart one day;?☺ but my god is for ever?☺ and ever?

  • Niharika
    Niharika 6 hours ago

    Most of us hate kylie for some or the other reason but deep down we all want to be one of her besties soo badly, right?!

  • Biswajit Mallik
    Biswajit Mallik 6 hours ago

    Why doesn't she give some money to charity?

  • Řøŕò Řähąf
    Řøŕò Řähąf 6 hours ago

    Am I the only person that will pay 1 million dollars to see gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell fight

  • LillyGacha Xp
    LillyGacha Xp 6 hours ago

    So umm i dont really have a crush on this boy but.. i mean ..... kind of...... he is more like, my.... FRENEMY. he ignores me and tricks me and laughs at me (i mean not laugh like bcoz something bad happened or something embarrasing happens) (smiles at me sometimes ) and like, a best friend idk. He just has a good personality and he is super hilarious he can make the whole class laugh including the teacher

  • waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

    DOBS aka dirty old bastards

  • True Dave
    True Dave 6 hours ago

    How much Meghan paid you? I mean Harry? 😂😂😂 #IDIOTS

  • Lerae Bizzelle
    Lerae Bizzelle 6 hours ago

    They look weirdly cute

  • 123thebasics
    123thebasics 6 hours ago

    I'm all for the Duke and Duchess doing it their way. Regardless of what they do or what the Duchess does someone is going to have a have a negative critique. Some people aren't happy unless they look for something to complain about because they're unhappy somewhere in their own life. I'm proud of the Duke and Duchess and wish them joy and blessings .

  • Saroj Sarita
    Saroj Sarita 6 hours ago

    Inside for her because her brother and mother forced her to act spoiled in public and she is very innocent and kind

  • Shorouq Tahraoui
    Shorouq Tahraoui 6 hours ago

    And they all white becauseeeeeee

  • hypnocil10
    hypnocil10 6 hours ago

    what a loser , stayed with her boyfriend after he cheated on her weak woman is what she is

  • kevin mucyo
    kevin mucyo 6 hours ago

    Not just Kylie everyone copies Rih

  • Adham YT
    Adham YT 6 hours ago

    Lil peep

  • Recommend to you Recommend for you

    Wow she so pretty like you 😍😍😍🤗

  • Recommend to you Recommend for you

    Can you subscribe her chanell and can you subscribe too my chanell

  • Courteney Perry
    Courteney Perry 6 hours ago

    I find Jade’s and Jessie’s stories more inspiring because they are my 2 favourite idols out the 4 person band/group.

  • Nafiza Tariang
    Nafiza Tariang 6 hours ago

    These shoes make by mental person

  • Anushree Mantri
    Anushree Mantri 6 hours ago

    The Talko: Who could be bossing Jay-Z and Beyonce? Me: Their child

  • nur syahirah
    nur syahirah 7 hours ago

    allah swt the one for me..Allahuakbar

  • Shreya Banik
    Shreya Banik 7 hours ago

    Where tf is Aishwarya Rai ? Megan Fox ? Deepika ?

  • Saroj Sarita
    Saroj Sarita 7 hours ago

    Wait a Second how could you say that her mother and her brother is setting her up to say mean things she is actually nice please don't blame Lil Tay

  • Jandawi Bastakoti
    Jandawi Bastakoti 7 hours ago

    I love blackpink and i like the song du du du i love jisoo

  • Error 'n Janelle[Errorelle]

    Did TheTalko just say 'UI' and not 'IU'?

  • Elisa maria Hasegan
    Elisa maria Hasegan 7 hours ago

    100 and will tell my crush l like him l will check the comment tomorrow and l dont want to do it @-@

  • J L
    J L 7 hours ago

    ‘Stormi Webster is the best kept secret of this generation’ um...EVERYBODY knew honey 😂

  • _ minecraftian
    _ minecraftian 7 hours ago

    And now my crush likes me only AS A FRIEND now I became the camera man of there wedding

  • Gargi Lohia
    Gargi Lohia 7 hours ago

    I hate the background music. Is that the only thing u guys get when u google Indian music?

  • Error 'n Janelle[Errorelle]

    *"Genie didn't waste any time sticking up for Lisa"* *Bruh* It's *Jennie* not *Genie*

  • n c
    n c 7 hours ago

    Liam is a party boiiii

  • And what about it?
    And what about it? 7 hours ago

    The thumbnail, I cant😂😂

  • Chelsea x
    Chelsea x 7 hours ago

    Obviously the royal family has a say in politics every law needs to be passed through the Queen and if she says no it won't happen

  • sharron annice littles

    You don’t compare children, both girls are beautiful!!!

  • Hana May
    Hana May 7 hours ago

    No one cares

  • momo bb dd
    momo bb dd 7 hours ago

    so he was also cheating before Meghan too , just like his brother and his father , and they say their father didn’t affect their relationships

  • parisah reaz
    parisah reaz 7 hours ago

    Is this why their marriage lasted

  • Hunzala Haque
    Hunzala Haque 7 hours ago

    Despite all the good side BTS show us after watching this video I cannot truly image hkw hard their life must be and it's nit just bts but every kpop artist.

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung 8 hours ago

    Read them alone!

  • Run Sokunthika
    Run Sokunthika 8 hours ago

    I can’t even afford water lmao

  • Blessie Reyes
    Blessie Reyes 8 hours ago

    Saaaanaaa ollllll

  • Zamora Pakalolo
    Zamora Pakalolo 8 hours ago

    I think this video made Meghan wear that dark polish a while ago. Lmao

  • Melissa Legazpi
    Melissa Legazpi 8 hours ago

    I guess pimping out your daughters constitutes as as being an entrepreneur.... NOT! 🙄

  • Gina Antrobus
    Gina Antrobus 8 hours ago

    Ps worthless eaters !

  • Gina Antrobus
    Gina Antrobus 8 hours ago

    It’s disgusting how people float their wealth in front of so many poor people .

  • Latifah Latifah
    Latifah Latifah 8 hours ago

    Alone sometimes make peace of mind..but you're gathered around with those who cares about you

  • Kai Collins
    Kai Collins 8 hours ago

    Of course the like and dislike ratio is off lmao

  • Jess Dee
    Jess Dee 8 hours ago

    Beyonce seems like a rag, not sorry she acts like her shhhh don't stink.

  • Zamora Pakalolo
    Zamora Pakalolo 8 hours ago

    $8 is a cheap price for nail polish? Uh ok...😒

  • Jess Dee
    Jess Dee 8 hours ago

    I have a phobia of spiders, heights and I am also emitophobic

  • Ms Precious
    Ms Precious 8 hours ago

    I understand 1 surgery but when they keep going stop thr madness and boredom!

  • Ms Precious
    Ms Precious 8 hours ago

    She has actually grown into a pretty girl now thankfully as she wasn’t the cutest kid!

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 8 hours ago

    She lives a glamorous life 😍

  • Meowidi
    Meowidi 8 hours ago

    This is rude af

  • Charlie Grafton
    Charlie Grafton 8 hours ago

    I do the one meal a day diet

  • April Dine
    April Dine 8 hours ago

    Candle Jenner

  • Sanja Stanojević
    Sanja Stanojević 8 hours ago

    Why people who have money dosen't help Animal seltar and adopts dogs and cats....not baying them.....🤔🤔🤔 If I was a milioner I would help Animal all over the world...👍🏻🐾❤

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 8 hours ago

    Almost the whole of UK hates her she’s proven her real colors shes sooo fake! and a narcissist with a delusion of grandeur .

  • Paris 87
    Paris 87 8 hours ago

    clearly every one has a opinion of her and hence she is doing exactly what any woman would do - protect her family, her husband and kids. DID any one think may b that's the exact reason Harry married her too, so he could FINALLY stay home and have some privacy?

  • Saroj Sarita
    Saroj Sarita 8 hours ago

    Thank God I am not from north Korea and my country hates north Korea

  • Maheen Goddiii
    Maheen Goddiii 9 hours ago

    She is so cute looks so much young then him

  • Dalayah Gates
    Dalayah Gates 9 hours ago

    It’s not copping if she wanna wear that then she can so y’all need to stop saying she coppie riri style

  • Trey G
    Trey G 9 hours ago

    Kourtney is the oldest?

  • dianaj jones
    dianaj jones 9 hours ago

    the twins dont look like B