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Spider-Man: Far From Perfect
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I'm Not A Robot
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15,000 And THANK YOU!
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  • Doom Vlad
    Doom Vlad 4 minutes ago

    Browntable wouldn't know sexual harassment if it hit him in the face, mugged him, raped him anally, disrespected his mother, father, uncle and aunt, especially if it was made by a woman onto him - hell, I think he'd enjoy it.

  • Vaerum
    Vaerum 5 minutes ago

    This is a very dishonest video. Also, you saying "the movie is fiction" is just a way of belittling people's opinions while simultaneously, justifying the actions of a garbage fictional character because they align with your sense of morality or political beliefs. And flirting isn't sexual harassment, no matter how much those troglodytes on twitter say it is.

  • jared giangiulio
    jared giangiulio 49 minutes ago

    This is my favorite of the Nolan trilogy. Beautifully shot movie too. The issues people may have with this movie pale in comparison to how well it was made.

  • Caine
    Caine Hour ago

    Alright homophobe, whatever you say

  • White-Van Helsing

    doesn't change that it sucks but the fact that people still bitch about this movie cus of psuedopolitical bullshit is goofy as shit

  • Red
    Red Hour ago

    What a psychopath.

  • Angelcity1345
    Angelcity1345 Hour ago

    A man hitting on a woman is sexual harassment? I guess let's bring back arranged marriages then. Say goodbye to dating and the traditional way of finding a women and asking her out because that's harassment now.... geesh.

  • Game Mo Tron
    Game Mo Tron 2 hours ago

    You really should take this video down, I mean Spiderman has been out for over two weeks!

  • Sophistic Autistic
    Sophistic Autistic 2 hours ago

    Why did you edit the part where captain Marvel says how about a hand shake?

  • ShinAkakage
    ShinAkakage 3 hours ago

    Breaking news IGN reports Tom Welling is back as Superman in Crisis!!

  • Ghetto Films
    Ghetto Films 4 hours ago

    Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are both highly underrated and misunderstood films that truly end up being the top two Spider-Man films to date as a kid growing up experiencing the wonderful themes of the Raimi films that we all relate to I could never be more happy with Spider-Man 3 as a movie because you know what I think it's the best of the trilogy

  • NecroW Productions
    NecroW Productions 5 hours ago


  • TheCometAttack
    TheCometAttack 5 hours ago

    Maybe, The Dark Knight Rises should've been a two-parter story.

  • AJ Amlan
    AJ Amlan 5 hours ago

    Bro, you are being humble, yet criticizing. So this what happen, to make the black panther final fight such mess. The studio had only Six weeks to make the whole fight they receive the project at the mid of October and had to finish it by the end of November.

  • lilmil
    lilmil 6 hours ago

    This is the first time I liked thor

  • AlChimix
    AlChimix 6 hours ago

    plot twist: dr strange is all practical effects

  • lilmil
    lilmil 7 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure they said it’s been 5 days since Thanos has been on earth. So it probably wasn’t a month

  • lilmil
    lilmil 7 hours ago

    Best movie ever best score ever

  • lilmil
    lilmil 7 hours ago

    5:27 Rissos?

  • lilmil
    lilmil 7 hours ago

    Best movie besides endgame

  • Afflictamine
    Afflictamine 9 hours ago

    they fucked up ironmans and spidermans suit in infinity war

  • mg
    mg 11 hours ago

    i heard they only had like 3 weeks to do the cgi for the final fight in black panther. :/

  • charlie Manson
    charlie Manson 12 hours ago

    1:13 "a good majority of fans prefer Batman Begins to the Dark Knight" uhhhhh what?

  • Samuel DC
    Samuel DC 12 hours ago

    this analysis brought a lot of the emotions back from when i last watched the anime. great shit, beautifully made .

  • Ben Borja
    Ben Borja 14 hours ago

    Can't stand the waste of mysterio. He's just another weird pissed-off iron man employee which we haven't seen like 4 times before.

  • God SlayerMrock
    God SlayerMrock 16 hours ago

    Who tf cares, I enjoyed there movies, sometimes the cgi is bad tho

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart 16 hours ago

    Mickey: can we sue this guy for copyright? Me: ho come on mickey leave him alone. He worked vary hard on this fan film. Mickey: ya by stealing our Disney characters. Me: you sue a kid for hanging mickey mouse painting on the wall. I think you been copyright strikeing enough people for today. Mickey: whats wrong with a little copyright law informant? Me: nothing wrong with that but can you at least not sue one person today? Mickey: ok fine! But i got my eye on him!

  • Chimken NuggerzXBepis
    Chimken NuggerzXBepis 16 hours ago

    Omg i cried massive buckets to silent voice, that film made my heart hurt

  • John Jordan Baleros
    John Jordan Baleros 17 hours ago

    This film is brutally good. I wish I can watch it again for the first time.

  • Ryan Thesamurai
    Ryan Thesamurai 17 hours ago

    Now we see Mile's true colors. The greater the presure the more true the decision.

  • dnleo
    dnleo 18 hours ago

    No! There was a time jump between 'after the reinserting of Bruce's vertebrae' and winter in Gotham. That's how he had time to heal. Then there was a second time jump of "23 days" between after he escaped the pit and 12 hours before the bomb went off. That's enough time for the wealthiest and most psychopathic business man to access his international finances and 'stealth' his way back into Gotham (that part is "Because he's Batman.")

  • Adobong manok
    Adobong manok 19 hours ago

    im depressed right now.

  • Sean Chaney
    Sean Chaney 20 hours ago

    I thought it was a great movie. I think it gets some shade over the Aurora shooting which is part of its story. Christian Bale was a class act paying the victims a visit.

  • yeet Yeet
    yeet Yeet 20 hours ago

    This film is the ONLY accurate portrayal of bullying I’ve seen in the media. The ONLY one. It’s such a beautiful film that I found while in Shouya’s position. You aren’t defined by your past. You’re deserving of love and friendship! I love this film and this analysis!

  • FallenOmegaStar
    FallenOmegaStar 20 hours ago

    I can see the point you're making, but I still disagree and think the graphic novel did it better. The shades of red in the panel when Rorschach realizes what happened to the little girl helps evoke similar feelings of shock and horror in the reader and better connects us to Rorschach's state of mind at that moment. The killer is (rightfully) shown as a disgusting coward who doesn't even have the guts to admit what he did and the scene is made all the more chilling as Rorschach is so furious he enters a state of tranquil fury and silently burns him alive, having already decided that the only appropriate punishment for him was to "burn in hell," and anything less was not acceptable. His mind had well and truly snapped, and no-one could blame him for it.

  • Torvus Bog
    Torvus Bog 21 hour ago

    This movie was total trash.

  • Matthew Lam
    Matthew Lam 21 hour ago

    Shirt pls!

  • Hypno
    Hypno 21 hour ago

    8:51 Me when I see cringy kids in public

  • Phil Pacific
    Phil Pacific 23 hours ago

    here it is, gotta say it, the real reason people 'disliked' TDKR, especially compared to TDK: the dark knight was simply the *flashiest* of the three. not just excitement and explosions, but most use of batman's toys (bikes, cars, skyhook, toolbelt and gauntlet blades, even a supertoy destroyed by fox in the end), most intimate psychological terror from the antagonist (knives, bombs, fire, chaos and intimidation, scar stories, pitting citizens against themselves), the film is essentially action packed nonstop. of course there is also the underlying psycho/socio theme the entire time, but there never not a point where you are not being - entertained. the dark knight rises is much deeper, darker, and more complex - things to which most people naturally have aversions. a tragic hero seeking death rising from his own ashes, saving his city from becoming ashes of its own, inspiring (or inspired by) a young woman caught in her ways to rise from her own ashes; these themes cannot be developed through flashy explosions and toys. this is even stated by alfred, accusing batman of a tirade back into publicity with new toys from fox, but that is precisely what is not needed. and it truly hurts watching batman learn the hard way. it is precisely because of its depth, darkness, excruciating plot and complexity that the dark knight rises is my favorite, and in my opinion truly the best, of the trilogy.

  • Drew Bell Pictures
    Drew Bell Pictures 23 hours ago

    The name LOGAN in the beginning: We are a hard-R superhero movie that’s not gonna hold back! The name LOGAN in the end: We are a dark, somber, bittersweetly hopeful movie that gives a character his proper ending.

  • Criteek
    Criteek 23 hours ago

    U can’t compare TASM 2 because their budget is 2 times the amount of homecomings LOL.... u think if homecoming had at a least 200 million it would look like this......... no

  • Noe Hernandez
    Noe Hernandez 23 hours ago

    What a nice video essay, this was great, also for anyone who has a Netflix account a silent voice is on Netflix so go watch it

  • lil Chris
    lil Chris Day ago


  • Deane Minister

    That's one of those movies that I can watch again and once is usually enough

  • sohamrane30 Rane

    I really loved the entire trilogy, especially the dark knight rises revolves around the line "Why do we fall?....So that we could learn to pick ourselves up." Said in Batman Begin by Thomas Wayne, which clearly resonates the morals of Bruce Wayne and the Symbol of Batman himself.

  • Ozelot 117
    Ozelot 117 Day ago

    when ive seen this video in my recomendet list i just had to watch A silent voice.

    THE MASTER Day ago

    As a movie it’s really good but as a Spider-Man movie it’s ok

  • Charlie Andrews

    I don't mind it, but it would be better if they didn't use so much CG

  • Flatulence Pile

    "With my parents"? You millennial scumbag.

  • Julian Wallace

    I'll just say shirt plz right off the bat, 'cause it'll sound tacky if it's at the end. So, in preparation for your video, yesterday I finally sat down to watch A Silent Voice, and wow... That's the hardest I've ever cried in my adult life. Like, about anything. Like you said in your video, I too have done some pretty shitty things. And all of the guilt and self-hatred I'd dealt with over time came back at once, and I was finally able to accept it, and start moving forward. So this morning I watched your video, and it just exemplified everything I'd felt. You were able to clarify, and offer a sort of frame-work for all of the emotions I'm feeling over this film. So thank you. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful film, and thank you for showing me some of the reasons why it's so special.

  • Jainam Turakhia

    2.5 hours of Zack's footage is missing.

  • Reghan Funderburk

    9:50 “and that’s okay” it’s a rare message that made me truly love this film

  • Max Guida
    Max Guida Day ago

    Shirt pls :)

  • Diptyajit Banerjee

    "You see doctor, God didn't kill that little girl, fate didn't butcher her, destiny didn't fed her to the dogs. If God saw what any of us did that night, he didn't seem to mind. From then on I know, God doesn't make the world this way ..... we do."

  • Andrew Syrios
    Andrew Syrios Day ago

    8.4 on IMDB, 78 on Metascore, 87% Rotten Tomatoes, grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and created almost as many Bane memes. I think it's generally thought of as a very good movie, just not as good as The Dark Knight. Personally I think I liked it more.

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson Day ago

    The cheese wiz joke was one of the most stupid/annoying/lame/wrong and the let down word in the movie! The really think jokes is always good... but it isnt!

  • crazy Perez
    crazy Perez Day ago

    It’s so amazing how you put this movie in words

  • Beyond Solace
    Beyond Solace Day ago

    Your Name is a movie that anyone can enjoy it's fun to watch. A Silet Voice is a film that teaches very important life lessons.

  • salihin faris
    salihin faris Day ago


  • Really Random
    Really Random Day ago

    How did boss baby get an Oscars but this didnt

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer Day ago

    Brie Larson looks like she has a flat vagina. Like, no pussy lips or anything, just a flat space with a murky slit in the middle.

  • Joash Iman
    Joash Iman Day ago

    I know it's all of your opinions people but why SMH for Ralph 2 it's like it's the worst movie you ever seen.

  • Hannah Downey
    Hannah Downey Day ago

    Shirt pls

  • Miru
    Miru Day ago


    ANONYMOUS Day ago

    this movie was a generic piece of shit mysterio was a villan for the sake villany this movie was a tony stark FILM with a tony stark villain

  • Makayla Hall
    Makayla Hall Day ago

    To this day this is still my favorite movie of all time

  • C H I L L
    C H I L L Day ago

    Shirt plz

  • BestJo - Rocket League!

    I swear to god that's one of the best deep analysis i've ever seen of koe no katachi

  • Liquid Flat Soap

    My only problem with the movie was the villian twist. They should have just kept it as Bane Algul

  • Dollar Hanjabam

    TBH silent voice hit me more then Your name I'm pretty sure Your name is more popular just bc it's easily understandable by new comer and all i see when there's a Your name's fan is a new comer to anime🙃

  • Flood Maco
    Flood Maco Day ago

    A Silent Voice was so heart-wrenchingly good. The message of self-love, healing and friendship within the movie resonates well with the visuals and score. Differences within the characters are undisguised to give that sense of relatability. Made me cry rethink of my perspectives in life. And oh yea, Shirt pls !

  • Joanne Doctor
    Joanne Doctor Day ago

    This movie is great, in my opinion its better than your name and weathering with you respectivley

  • Kamijo Touma
    Kamijo Touma Day ago

    I'd really enjoy this movie now rather than when I watche it, you can't better without a trigger, without something to start your journey.

  • IkuZuu
    IkuZuu Day ago

    Aight imma watch it again now :(

  • The Original Gamer

    SHIRT PLZ!!!

  • TradenGaming
    TradenGaming Day ago

    Can I just say, I don't really care, MCU is the best, Do a video on why DCEU has a CGI problem, yeah Solid Burn!

    • TradenGaming
      TradenGaming Day ago

      Maybe...not sure...but I would love to see you roast DCEU in a Bad CGI Video, than compare the two and see which is better, it's obviously Marvel but let's not Bragg yeah.

    • Browntable
      Browntable Day ago

      Did you just compliment yourself?

  • EpicClips
    EpicClips Day ago

    I think uploader is DC fan boy😂😂 who cares if movies have good content

  • EpicClips
    EpicClips Day ago

    No One is perfect After all we r Human, Remember!

  • Avi Vasquez
    Avi Vasquez Day ago

    browntable uploading videos about anime is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Christo is Besto

    Bro this got posted they day I watched it

  • Aaron A420
    Aaron A420 Day ago

    Ya, I remember the time my city's entire police force got trapped in the sewers. Such a plausible scenario. But then again, that's Christopher Nolan's 'realism' for you. His movies often set rules that they don't bother to follow, deferring to convenience and contrivance instead. One of his few flaws as a moviemaker, and The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best examples of that. And easily his worst film.

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 18 hours ago

      They didn't send the 'entire police force" into the sewer. There's a fair number of cops top side that make up a resistance. Try paying attention next time.

  • Mububban23
    Mububban23 Day ago

    Jackie Earl Hailey’s performance was outstanding

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot Day ago

    Drives me nuts how they say "Rawz" and not "Raysh"..

    • Kakarot
      Kakarot 18 hours ago

      @Spencer Malley Never said there was.

    • Spencer Malley
      Spencer Malley 18 hours ago

      There is no correct way to pronounce it.

  • Nathaniel Searle

    God I wish I was as well articulated as some of the TheXvidrs are, they always put into words almost exactly why I love anime so much, and why it means so much to me. It sucks that I'm not able to because my family doesn't understand why it's so important to me or why I love it so much, even to the point of making fun of me and anime. I wish I could articulate my words as well as this, so I can finally explain why I love anime so much. It sucks that I can't connect with my family, and them making fun of me for liking anime is certainly a hurdle. Well, that was a rant and a half. Thanks to anyone who bothers to read this, I guess

  • Ryan Brennan
    Ryan Brennan Day ago

    Rorschach has been, to this day, one of my favorite comic book characters EVER. The fact that he exists in such a small run means there aren't a bunch of fingers in the pie, a lot of writers, and no one to fuck with him like say...The Punisher. Who, works in a lot of the same ways but has a lot of problems simply because he's existed for simply too long and his story going on for too long. That said, I liked several parts of the movie more than the comic. Not all of it but some parts just worked better.

  • Chaotic Harmony

    Despite all the problems with this film it makes up for it with everything else I love this film It is a beautiful film

  • mikehtv
    mikehtv Day ago

    Even though people called this movie the worst of the trilogy, I still think most people like it. Even though it's the weakest nolan batman film, it still is a great film with some weird plot wholes and a bunch of nitpicky issues like the extras on the roof pretending to be knocked out when they never got hit

  • Lucas
    Lucas Day ago

    Shirt pls

  • The Lewinator
    The Lewinator Day ago

    You need to clam the fuck down

  • JA Sutherland
    JA Sutherland Day ago

    First off, Endgame IS NOT Captain Marvel part 2 and secondly don't dare lump Ant man and the Wasp as being equal as this shit show called Captain Marvel.

  • Martín Arias
    Martín Arias Day ago

    No, he didn't stop being Spider-Man for MJ. Yes she was ONE of the reasons but the first thing he did was to put his life in order and then he tried to be with MJ.

  • A Kam
    A Kam Day ago

    I'm no expert in film but I'm just going to counter in saying that the real one sometimes looks cheaper when actually used. Sometimes realism feels worse than the VFX. Honestly I never really cared about it. Sometimes, you have to watch something quite a bit before you notice just the magnitude of a how fake a scene is. Also its overuse can help make the fake stuff less apparent or, at least less repulsive.

    • Ron Mathew Joe
      Ron Mathew Joe 7 hours ago

      Damn right. It was why some of the scenes in the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies felt a bit eghh sometimes

  • D- licious
    D- licious Day ago

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Rorschach: *throws whole ass dog at someone*

  • ExpiredSushi
    ExpiredSushi Day ago

    I love this movie so much 😖❤️

  • Sarah Mendez
    Sarah Mendez Day ago

    My philosophy when it comes to being bullied: mercy and forgiveness is not an option.

  • Milos Miric
    Milos Miric Day ago

    13:28 music?

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker Day ago

    It’s so difficult to find such a powerful and relevant film nowadays. Prayers to the victims of the Kyoto fire

  • Cutiegamer 13
    Cutiegamer 13 Day ago

    Love how this amazing movie is still being talked about. It deserves all of the recognition!!!

  • Fisher Theo
    Fisher Theo 2 days ago

    7:48 The look on Dude's Face, I think that Classifies as More than a Few.

  • Loxob ole
    Loxob ole 2 days ago

    I disagree, saying there is only one good scene in bvs... come on... have you watch warehouse fight scene can you show me a better action scene in a marvel movie ? Pretty every marvel movies are sooo basic, they aren't making you think about various topic. In the other and bvs :how humanity will react if a god land on earth ?what is justice ? (For exemple) I often compare mcu movie with fast food enjoyable but not much more But yes sucide squade was really bad lol

    • Loxob ole
      Loxob ole 2 days ago

      Bad guy of thor 2 was boring loool like 95 percent of bad guys in mcu

    • Loxob ole
      Loxob ole 2 days ago

      Also have you seen man of steel ? Every marvel fan was crying "ho no we see pepole dying in the fight between sup and zod" ... I think that's a bit more mature than making jokes in a fight were peoples are dying (age of ultron) casualty that we only rapidly see in civil war