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  • Empress Ande
    Empress Ande 2 hours ago

    She’s amazing!!

  • Vivian Facey
    Vivian Facey 2 hours ago

    Thanks be to the almighty for the safe returned of these fisher men God is awsome

  • G Bless
    G Bless 3 hours ago

    Thank God

  • Patheir Brown
    Patheir Brown 4 hours ago

    Well nothin more than somebody sit down and made this nasty romour obviously there child not lying down on a sick bed. we should also be concerned that shaggy has to be buying any equipment for the hospital after Jamaica isn't in any war zone or suffering economic striff want to build better Jamaica dream to far fix the hospital and if you can't do that hmm .

  • Mrs. Diva
    Mrs. Diva 4 hours ago

    She’s 26 she looks 36 but how sweet of them lol

  • God Favored me
    God Favored me 5 hours ago


  • Althea Smith
    Althea Smith 5 hours ago

    More blessing

  • Beverley Hohn Chang
    Beverley Hohn Chang 5 hours ago


  • Dontae Bowie
    Dontae Bowie 5 hours ago

    She’s loveliest 🌺⭐️

  • Dontae Bowie
    Dontae Bowie 5 hours ago

    Jamaica needs a lot more like her she’s wonderful wonder teachers I’m proud to be Jamaican again give me more🌺🎄🌞🌹

  • Lordiloveu Forever
    Lordiloveu Forever 5 hours ago

    She so normal I like that beautiful in her her own form as we all


    Blake on a buyer's remorse, funny when the Bolt was in the glory of winning everyone wants to beat him, now he left TNF blake your dream as come through you can beat everyone, now the chance is up to you Bolt did his legend go create yours.

  • Deniene Clarke
    Deniene Clarke 6 hours ago

    Thank God.

  • Charles Nelson
    Charles Nelson 6 hours ago


  • Kerry Stanley
    Kerry Stanley 6 hours ago

    I'm very happy to see god is good 💯🙏💞thank you father God

  • David david
    David david 6 hours ago

    Give tanks to JAH JAH.🇯🇲❤️💛💚🇬🇳💯🙏🙏🙏

  • Mountain29 Mountain20

    Lowe life Scums of this Earth

  • Stennet Johnson
    Stennet Johnson 6 hours ago

    Is it because a non traditional school won?

  • FerriPhoenix 7
    FerriPhoenix 7 6 hours ago

    Great interview😊 I was just at NCU with Elvy... she is always happy And bubbly😃

  • Sandra Henry
    Sandra Henry 6 hours ago

    This is so funny.

  • simple rebel
    simple rebel 6 hours ago

    Yow how the man head look so

  • forever Shanell
    forever Shanell 7 hours ago


  • forever Shanell
    forever Shanell 7 hours ago

    Awwww Elvy! ❤️❤️❤️

    COVERED BY TMH 7 hours ago

    Thanks to THE ALMIGHTY !!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

  • Andre Bethune
    Andre Bethune 7 hours ago

    You did say this before Sir Tracy... he needed to go. Go to Stephen Francis perhaps. Too late now?

  • Dwayne Untitled
    Dwayne Untitled 7 hours ago

    And then you have some big wotless ppl come a farin wid the "big envelop" and nuh do nutn wid dem life.

  • Kimo Thompson
    Kimo Thompson 7 hours ago

    That whole debate was a joke..accomplished zero!

  • Jason Theodore
    Jason Theodore 7 hours ago

    Friday the 13 bring great news

  • Deborah Henningham
    Deborah Henningham 8 hours ago

    Excellent...I love the passion and enthusiasm.

  • mario White
    mario White 8 hours ago

    Good news

  • Metho Nelson
    Metho Nelson 8 hours ago

    They only took the plea deal when the death penalty got put on the table. We need to start killing these animals, and stop spending poor peoples' money on feeding and warehousing them.

  • King Spotlight
    King Spotlight 8 hours ago

    Safely at home after bringing more guns into *JA* from *Haiti* .....🤔

  • Alex Halliburton
    Alex Halliburton 8 hours ago

    Shadow eh break 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Mathew Owens
    Mathew Owens 9 hours ago

    Government need to get very serious... Bring back hang Man. Government some serious action need to made some serious Plan. Jamaica too free getting away with crime... Government need to made law to take away some of is right to curve this crime problem. Rule this country like CUBA...

  • Coleen Watson
    Coleen Watson 9 hours ago


  • Denver Downer
    Denver Downer 9 hours ago

    Thank you Television Jamaica for the upload.

  • Shawonder Ellis
    Shawonder Ellis 9 hours ago

    ♥️🌸♥️ I love this.

  • Karl Rainford
    Karl Rainford 9 hours ago

    Jamaica police is a joke they can't fight crime

  • Everbless bless
    Everbless bless 9 hours ago

    I give this teacher thump up continue your good work

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson 9 hours ago

    Amazing 👏👏👍🎉

  • Trina Gorden
    Trina Gorden 9 hours ago

    This sounds like badmind!!

  • Richard Samsung
    Richard Samsung 9 hours ago

    Yes I heard that you are showing movies with homosexuality! uno must stop it!!!! What is your agenda!? we do not want our children to watch or see these things neither do we want it from your programs...

  • Paul the analyst
    Paul the analyst 10 hours ago

    God is good happy news for the fishermen.

  • Beautiful shellz Ministry


  • Shajreka Bruce
    Shajreka Bruce 10 hours ago

    thanks be to god my friend is home safe

  • Pamela Cunningham
    Pamela Cunningham 10 hours ago

    Much love from Toronto to the singing teacher, the interaction with the students is beautiful,there's is still good teachers in Jamaica blessings to teacher keep up the good work

  • RayeBann Entertainment

    Respect teacher

  • Fredrica Watson
    Fredrica Watson 10 hours ago

    Gosh!! It is so good to see women cry and scream with With joy and happiness in JAMAICA!! Praise God!!

  • Absolute Awesomeness
    Absolute Awesomeness 11 hours ago

    What did this devil lady just say?!! She said for men to wear dresses. That alone shows you she had no idea what she’s taking about! The baptist false prophetess is wrong and so is the catholic like dude at the end. If y’all don’t know what your talking about it’s caveat to just shut up

  • Absolute Awesomeness
    Absolute Awesomeness 11 hours ago

    Vegas is a weak blasphemous fool

  • tetee baxter
    tetee baxter 11 hours ago

    He got slapped down, just sitt down. Bible pimp.

  • Dean Daley
    Dean Daley 11 hours ago

    Strongas Inna the pink blouse...Jah know!

  • Rajiv Knowles
    Rajiv Knowles 11 hours ago

    The difference between Bolt and Blake is - one is a natural runner ,and, the other is a training to be, hard work runner.. Bolt =born with it Blake = train for it

    • Rajiv Knowles
      Rajiv Knowles 8 hours ago

      @Dermean Anderson keep dreaming but in reality- it is very easy for the ones naturally talented,, hard work will mash you up and kill you, but, wisdom and gifts are just much greater..

    • Dermean Anderson
      Dermean Anderson 9 hours ago

      Rajiv Knowles if it wasn’t for training bolt wouldn’t has become the man he is. # everyone of us has talent. But if you don’t work hard on ur talent to maximize ur talent what good it would be to you having it and not using it to the fullest extent? # success is not talent # hard working and be consistent.

  • gervan myers
    gervan myers 11 hours ago

    Ms Salter is a genius..she realizes the children pick up the words of songs SO why not teach the SUBJECT in song's....

  • Click Click
    Click Click 11 hours ago

    Oh thank god

  • Jermaine Miller
    Jermaine Miller 12 hours ago


  • Mathew Owens
    Mathew Owens 12 hours ago

    Them should have hang.. justice still not serve...

  • Summer Henry
    Summer Henry 12 hours ago

    I actually found those bodies,I remember looking for the heads.Couple days later they washed up at the old iron bridge.Smh

  • Blair Boyd
    Blair Boyd 12 hours ago

    Sebastian Coe should never incharged of the sports fraternity, because he is one of the drugs athlete while he was running for England. He useto run 400m, I guessed 200m, am not too sure about the 200m. I remembered when he was running for England, and tested positive for drugs. So when he is helping to banned the Russians athletes them, and he was one of the main offender too. England is still behaving like they are incharged of the world, like in the slavery days. Why the world is allowing this loud mouth Sebastian Coe to dictating to them, he does what he feels. He just removed the sports which England is not good at it,just to keep out the Jamaican athletes and. Other African athletes is depending on, the athletes should take the matter to the world court, to show his prejudices against the black athletes from earning money. Because it is their bread,and butter and they are depending on the races.

  • Deiann Cunningham
    Deiann Cunningham 12 hours ago

    This is one of the key way black people learn learning this way is a life long experience that no one can take from you. Thanks miss for the tremendous job you are doing those children will never forget you they will forever be grateful to you and the extra miles you went for them. God blessings you and yours.

  • Charmaine Henry
    Charmaine Henry 12 hours ago

    She is indeed a real teacher,when u can find ways to help children to really enjoy learning it's just amazing,it's not just for the money, may God bless you with long life,good health and wealth, we need more teachers like you.

  • LB One Love
    LB One Love 12 hours ago

    Finally, some good news out of Jamaica for a change! Thank God they were found!

  • Blair Boyd
    Blair Boyd 12 hours ago

    I said that the other day that Blake talked too much, and one guy took me on that I don't nothing about track and field. In my time there was no money in sports, you just run for the fun of it. I useto in Stadium watching the great Donald Qurrie running for Camperdown high school, Daniel England from Calabar, Jacqueline Pussey from St,Mary high school, Rovili Campbell from Camperdown high school, Merlene Otty from Vere, the Turners sisters from Vere, Beverly MC Donald, you named it. I left Jamaica before Blake was born also Bolt,Shelley Ann Fraser Price, I just saw them on T.V. running. He knows that he cannot beat Usain Bolt running, better stamina, faster speed. Bolt stepped aside because of sickness and left give Blake,and he almost come dead last in the world championship. Blake is done he cannot beat none of the top runners in the 100m, or the 200m he need to go and drink some cool aid.His days or over and done, so changing coach it does not make any differences. He can Chanelleges me with his loud mouth, I been going to the national stadium since 1962,ran there too .Also watched all kinds of sports there,you named it.

  • Shadae Montgomery
    Shadae Montgomery 12 hours ago

    An emotional performance 🥺

  • G -smith
    G -smith 12 hours ago

    fucka dem,

  • Chiner Channel
    Chiner Channel 12 hours ago

    God is good

  • Kathleen Evers
    Kathleen Evers 12 hours ago

    “Building my students for tomorrow” Sadly enough a lot of those qualities the teacher talks about should begin at home. Keep up the good work. I love my people.

  • Simone K
    Simone K 13 hours ago

    God bless this teacher and her work

  • Rojam auto
    Rojam auto 13 hours ago

    Great story I love Ms Soltau

  • crime face law
    crime face law 13 hours ago

    Death penalty would make me feel better for these assole!

  • Sandra Osbourne
    Sandra Osbourne 13 hours ago


  • Sandra Osbourne
    Sandra Osbourne 13 hours ago

    Gliry to God

  • Grace Abel
    Grace Abel 13 hours ago


  • Ray J
    Ray J 13 hours ago

    If him did waa beat Bolt so bad him wuda did continue train instead a hype in the 2013 season, I cannot pinpoint any athlete who do their full share of training and then sustain such a serious injury on season debut... Bolt's rant showed up everything.

  • Jamie Jamie
    Jamie Jamie 13 hours ago

    Give thanks

  • Pheonia Allen
    Pheonia Allen 13 hours ago

    I like good vibes like this ❤️❤️

  • Gina Reynolds
    Gina Reynolds 13 hours ago

    In the bible, any person or anything that was arrayed by beautiful dress/decor was DONE TO GLORIFY GOD ONLY!!! NO Pastor Jennings didn't go too far. He is trying to say God made you beautiful as you are. And WHY would a woman want to come in the church and show her nakedness?? I understand EVERYTHING Gino speaks on. He is telling the truth whether people want to except it or not. Sorry it is what it is..TRUTH

  • fully bad
    fully bad 13 hours ago

    Thanks be to God

  • Rojam auto
    Rojam auto 13 hours ago

    Glory to God.

  • 2020 primitive
    2020 primitive 13 hours ago

    the africans in jamaica are not kenyans. There is a lot of terrorism in kenya i do not like such loser islamic homesexuals. Barbarianism the africans in jamaica are not kenyans. the opposition do not support kenya. This out of bank of america foreign exchange (hyde park, chicago, il)

  • hugh jah
    hugh jah 14 hours ago

    Is there is standard maintenance for highrise building JA. I live in the US and I notice on the Jamaican news a lot of report of workers and visitors getting sick after work or visiting government offices in highrise buildings

    • Samm sam Burshawn
      Samm sam Burshawn 10 hours ago

      Where have u heard of such? The building isnt the reason for the fumes, some visitors get sick for different reason. Ppl get sick in the states too and I wouldn point blank state it's due to the basement u guys end up living in even tho no one should live there. Do ur research

    • hugh jah
      hugh jah 11 hours ago

      @Pennywise 3 who are you people?

    • Pennywise 3
      Pennywise 3 12 hours ago

      You people commit mass murders like it's a sport

    • Trishana rowz
      Trishana rowz 12 hours ago

      @Life of Genna lol calm downn the person might genuinely be curious. N to answer the question, yes there are regulations and codes but often authorities turns a blind eye at a cost of course. Though i must say jamaican building structures are typically great. It's rear that building collapse on such accords.

    • mahatma1989
      mahatma1989 13 hours ago

      @Life of Genna why don't you answer the question?

  • G&G Blog
    G&G Blog 14 hours ago

    Wish I had a teach like this awesome 👏 job

  • Sandra Osbourne
    Sandra Osbourne 14 hours ago

    Mi agree long time him should a leave

  • Desroy White
    Desroy White 14 hours ago

    Yass. Large wi large!

  • Trina Gorden
    Trina Gorden 14 hours ago

    I am happy ...G-d is in the Midst of them

  • Delores McFarlane
    Delores McFarlane 14 hours ago

    mi did want ardene fi win

  • king kong
    king kong 14 hours ago

    God is God

    • mahatma1989
      mahatma1989 13 hours ago

      Well perspective plays a big part in that.

  • Conroy Hyman
    Conroy Hyman 14 hours ago


  • Rajiv Knowles
    Rajiv Knowles 14 hours ago

    Israel is scattered among nations AKA Jamaicans

  • Patrina Ruddockmason
    Patrina Ruddockmason 14 hours ago


  • Deh Deh
    Deh Deh 14 hours ago

    Yes.. Should get out longtime.. Keep talking Blake.. Oh and run to😄

  • Deh Deh
    Deh Deh 15 hours ago

    Why them nuh hang them??

  • Patricia Khamasi
    Patricia Khamasi 15 hours ago

    I wish you could record tutorials

  • Omar Johnson
    Omar Johnson 15 hours ago

    Pay the coach him money

  • wallenro
    wallenro 15 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you agree - @Elvy_Soltau as nominee for the 2020 Prime Minister's Youth Award!!!! Elvy - so proud of you hon. Your passion is evident, inspiring and contagious. Much love and encouragement on your journey.

  • Adam Write
    Adam Write 15 hours ago

    Yohan Blake is badmind

    • kadmiel martin
      kadmiel martin 4 hours ago

      Rajiv Knowles that no make no sense. A unuh take it out of proportion. The article say Blake say him feel Usain Bolt greatness overshadowed his career which is a fact. Him feel him born inna the wrong era. Because frankly nobody ago beat record for now

    • Rajiv Knowles
      Rajiv Knowles 11 hours ago

      @kadmiel martin yea Blake spoke the truth on his mind , and the truth on his mind prove he is badmind..

    • kadmiel martin
      kadmiel martin 12 hours ago

      Adam Write 😂😂😂 how me badmind bolt when my line a dream no have Nthg fi do with track and field. You sound like an uneducated person Weh just feel you have a “voice” through TheXvid comments. You realise me say Bolt great! And him deserve everything him get but me acknowledge a fact say it no far fetch Weh Blake say

    • Adam Write
      Adam Write 12 hours ago

      @kadmiel martin don't be a hater and deprive Bolt of his hard work, just dont a same way u will badmind u neighbors of you family you sound like a hypocrite ,have a good day.

    • kadmiel martin
      kadmiel martin 13 hours ago

      Adam Write no but first we a talk bout Star a company Weh blow things out of proportion to make headlines just like Shaggy and the 100 million. 2nd. Usain talent overshadowed most if not every Jamaican running its just that Blake spoke his mind and truth. And Jamaican people nuh like hear the truth. Ofc Usain greatness overshadowed the man. Nobody cya deny that. Usain a legend and the greatest to ever do it.

  • Lynette P
    Lynette P 15 hours ago

    I love a teacher who's committed to making sure her students learn. She has high energy and a great vibe.

  • Tina Ingram
    Tina Ingram 15 hours ago

    I love this so much! She's engaging and interacting with all of her students.

  • Dennis Clark
    Dennis Clark 16 hours ago

    God will work out everything just trust him .. good story Profile good one 👏

  • shawna Wallace
    shawna Wallace 16 hours ago

    That's my parish.. rayyyyy!!! 🥰🥰🥰😂👌