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  • TheBlosomCherry
    TheBlosomCherry 2 minutes ago

    Ha ha ha ❤❤

  • Hannah Meddes
    Hannah Meddes 3 minutes ago

    This is so funny 😂 love u guys 💕

  • Gemma Jackson
    Gemma Jackson 4 minutes ago

    Oh my god Connor is literally the cutest ever! 🙈❤️

  • Naomi Paterson
    Naomi Paterson 5 minutes ago

    I'm crying at Connor ' I thought she passed' 😂

  • AshSlay
    AshSlay 6 minutes ago

    These looks are amazing 😍😍😍

  • Beth Cookie
    Beth Cookie 12 minutes ago

    Con is actually so sweeeettt I can’t cope🥰💘

  • Melissa Gillespie
    Melissa Gillespie 14 minutes ago

    She got the pizza wrong

  • Poppy Whatley
    Poppy Whatley 17 minutes ago

    You guys are so funny your such a good couple I love your vids

  • bethanyc
    bethanyc 19 minutes ago

    I’m crying 😂😂😂 explaining the paracetamol story 😂😂😂😂

  • Charnie Baddeley
    Charnie Baddeley 19 minutes ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣propper Laughing this is brilliant 🤣 xxxx

  • Holly Farr
    Holly Farr 24 minutes ago

    "Connor" "Ells" Love u guys so much xx

  • Toby Townsend
    Toby Townsend 25 minutes ago

    Love videos like this. So much fun x

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith 31 minute ago

    Liking for the story from Connor 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josefine Öijer
    Josefine Öijer 32 minutes ago

    HUN! ALL SODAS ARE DIFFERENT AT MCDONALDS! They use less syrup and more water (to raise their margins lol). Now I don't drink diet coke so i don't know whether that's nicer or not but the normal coke sure aint nicer in Mcdonalds, it's too much water 😂😘

  • bethanyc
    bethanyc 34 minutes ago

    I love how you say Connor. Connnnooorrr 😂😂

  • JK Performance
    JK Performance 35 minutes ago

    Amazing keep up the good work me and my girlfriend love watch u video 😊😂👌🏻

  • Scarlett Last
    Scarlett Last 38 minutes ago

    Jhzzz I love you two ❤️❤️

  • Eve T
    Eve T 40 minutes ago

    The Diet Coke one that Connor answered was wrong😂 the McDonalds Diet Coke cup had less in the glass than the one from Asda and you gave him the Asda one last- watch it back!! Hahaha

  • Scandi Life
    Scandi Life 44 minutes ago

    ‘No mum, that’s literally Tesco chicken goujons’ 😂😂😂 so funny cos it’s true!!! Hated when my mum did that!!!

  • Jade Kirk
    Jade Kirk 49 minutes ago

    100% agree with the McDonald's Coke on a hangover 👏😂

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller 50 minutes ago

    Actually crying with laughter at Connors kfc story 😂😂 love you two

  • Noor Sattar
    Noor Sattar 51 minute ago

    I love your food type videos

  • Rebecca Murphy
    Rebecca Murphy 53 minutes ago

    Love the vid !!! <3 did anyone see that con licked the McDonalds banana milkshake before the taste test ???

  • Kayleigh Ann
    Kayleigh Ann 57 minutes ago

    You two are fab together! ☺️ xx

  • Emma Cimino
    Emma Cimino 57 minutes ago

    You two are too much😂😂❤️😂😩😩

  • Nadia Bulzacchelli
    Nadia Bulzacchelli 59 minutes ago

    I think McDonald's just use a different syrup for their coke. As in coca cola provide it them syrup differently and that's why it's soooo good! Also, don't know if you know but Iceland sell Gregg's stuff to cook at home 🥰😋

  • Emma Thomas
    Emma Thomas 59 minutes ago

    Omg the KFC story had me in stitches 🤣🤣 love you guys!!

  • Milana Mansell
    Milana Mansell Hour ago

    6:09 i felt that 😅x

  • Toni Fleming
    Toni Fleming Hour ago

    Literally seen this in my sub box and can’t watch it till im with my boyf cos he’s just as obsessed as me 🤣💖

  • Milana Mansell
    Milana Mansell Hour ago


  • Milana Mansell
    Milana Mansell Hour ago

    You both make my day, and of course us angels are laughing with you! LOVE YOU BOTH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • clairelouise404
    clairelouise404 Hour ago

    You look really lovely in this vid

  • Megan Burland
    Megan Burland Hour ago

    I actually love videos with you both in 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Ahmed
    Hannah Ahmed Hour ago

    Now I’m hungry

  • Charlotte- Rose
    Charlotte- Rose Hour ago

    It’s my birthday on Sunday 🥳

    BECCA HOWELL Hour ago

    Subway cookies are the best 🍪 anyone else fuming they don’t sell the strawberry cheesecake cookie anymore was the best x

  • Amie Towland
    Amie Towland Hour ago

    “Connor don’t look!” ... Connor actually crapped his pants 😂😂😂

  • Aliza Taj
    Aliza Taj Hour ago

    love the video elle and con :)

    BECCA HOWELL Hour ago

    Wish I had this much food in front of me right now. 😍

  • Chantele Campbell

    I liked for you elle

  • Chloe Burke
    Chloe Burke Hour ago


  • Lisa Fenn
    Lisa Fenn Hour ago

    Laughing my head off at 'Nuggetgate'.. you two are hilarious xxx

  • Katie Dunwell
    Katie Dunwell Hour ago

    When Connor says this my turn he's talking about the little mix song power and jesy says my turn then starts rapping 💜

  • Yara Baldew
    Yara Baldew Hour ago

    Funniest video everrr! Love u guys

  • Amy Hodges
    Amy Hodges Hour ago

    Ffs I nearly choked on my dinner when you told the story about the kfc 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vicky McLellan
    Vicky McLellan Hour ago

    Next weekend needs to hurry up because i NEED all of this 😍😍😍 I can’t wait to get my hands on it hehe! I am one proud Angel right now 😍😭 you are an absolute queen and a BOSS 👑

  • Ciara Bennington

    I am crying about at that ambulance story!!!!!!! 💕😂😂😂😂

  • Trent Welch
    Trent Welch Hour ago

    love these types of videos but I love all your videos Elle!

  • poppy sp_x
    poppy sp_x Hour ago

    Watching your videos always brings a smile to my down days 🙌🙌❤

  • RM 71
    RM 71 Hour ago

    Hahaha the kfc story! Always love your videos xx

  • Daisy
    Daisy Hour ago

    Hahaha love this. KFC cookies are also amazing ....perhaps even nicer than subway..... defo need to try

  • Donna Louise
    Donna Louise Hour ago

    This one was hilarious hahaha.

  • Lizzie Scott
    Lizzie Scott Hour ago

    The kfc story was so funny! Xx

  • Kamilah Abubakari
    Kamilah Abubakari 2 hours ago

    Autumn starts on the 23rd so just make the most out of summer before the leaves falling and dark evenings 🌃 💕💕

  • Jill Casserly
    Jill Casserly 2 hours ago

    I didn’t think your makeup looked that bad either... 🙈

  • Sarah Dukes
    Sarah Dukes 2 hours ago

    Actually dead listening to the KFC food poisoning story 😂 love you guys

  • Meg Murphy
    Meg Murphy 2 hours ago

    Why does literally every one own at least one of these glasses 7:16 😂😂

  • Hayley White
    Hayley White 2 hours ago

    You two are just legends. This CRACKED me up 😂 the length of the discussion on this was better than the prank itself 💕😂

  • Kylee Nicole
    Kylee Nicole 2 hours ago

    He is literally the sweetest ever! 💖 I have been cracking up! Guys can never win! 😂

  • Aimee Hickman
    Aimee Hickman 2 hours ago

    When Con impersonated Elle about the food poisoning I died 😂😂😂😂

  • Christine Roberts
    Christine Roberts 2 hours ago

    Love this video, your both so funny xxx

  • Live Laugh Love
    Live Laugh Love 2 hours ago

    This was hilarious as always lol.

  • Joanna Ball
    Joanna Ball 2 hours ago

    Yes Con! I call it a DC too!

  • Jenny Harris
    Jenny Harris 2 hours ago

    Lol the way Conner jumped and put the blind back down hilarious 😂

    • Lace Sharpe
      Lace Sharpe Hour ago

      Jenny Harris I’m so glad somebody else noticed this, I had to rewind and watch this bit again, literally crying laughing at that bit! 😂😭😂😭 so so funny!!

  • Chloe louise’xo
    Chloe louise’xo 2 hours ago

    Love how con supports you in every single way! You wanna do something & he supports you 100% adore you both 😌💕

  • Georgia
    Georgia 2 hours ago

    elle i laugh everytime at your 'connnoooor' haha can tell you say it 100 times a day

  • Keilee Martin
    Keilee Martin 2 hours ago

    I swear to god the last 2 videos I have been creasing at 😂😂 the KFC food poisoning 😩 I honestly thought she had passed 😂😂😂

  • Erin Deans
    Erin Deans 2 hours ago

    Love you Elle 💕💕

  • Tabbii Huxley
    Tabbii Huxley 2 hours ago

    McDonald's spite is the best sprite ever! I know exactly what you mean!!! ❤️

  • SCO 16
    SCO 16 2 hours ago

    Thumbs up for Elle trying the spicy bites at the end 🥵... also, do you guys just scoff all the leftover food after?? 😋

  • ChloeWard MusicXo
    ChloeWard MusicXo 2 hours ago


  • Michelle Lawrenson
    Michelle Lawrenson 2 hours ago

    Another great Video you two 🥰

  • Catherine Pizzey
    Catherine Pizzey 2 hours ago

    Love youu, actually buzzing for the Christmas videos ☺️💕

  • Kay Collings
    Kay Collings 2 hours ago

    I so love this video!!!

  • ellielevick
    ellielevick 2 hours ago

    Absolutely love this video💕💕💕

  • Shauna o gormanmua
    Shauna o gormanmua 2 hours ago

    For a second I thought she passed 😂😂😂 tears rolling down my face watching this 🤣🤣

  • EC TV
    EC TV 2 hours ago

    “I honestly thought she’d passed” IM CRYING. Food poisoning is the devil

  • Holly Hudson
    Holly Hudson 2 hours ago

    24:21 when you make con jump, priceless 🤣🤣

  • Amira Stone
    Amira Stone 2 hours ago

    and you guys!! 💓

  • Amira Stone
    Amira Stone 2 hours ago

    i am honestly in love with your channel!! 💓

  • Dulcie Victoria
    Dulcie Victoria 2 hours ago

    You two look amazing together wearing matching black tops 😍

  • Julie Spencer
    Julie Spencer 2 hours ago

    Love you both fab video can not wait to see what comes next.

  • Tiola D.I.Y
    Tiola D.I.Y 3 hours ago

    Love you both so much you never fail to make me laugh 💕💕

  • Rachel Holmes
    Rachel Holmes 3 hours ago

    I love your content! It’s so well thought out and you can tell you put so much effort in ☺️

  • Vongai Chiwade
    Vongai Chiwade 3 hours ago

    Omg that lipstick on Elle is GORGEOUS

  • Leah Horton
    Leah Horton 3 hours ago

    Favourite video ever😂😂😂so so soooo excited for the angelle partyyyyyyy x

  • Amy Collette
    Amy Collette 3 hours ago

    This is going to be such a good video!!!

  • Gem Rebecca
    Gem Rebecca 3 hours ago

    I have tears streaming down my face about the kfc story 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danni12395
    Danni12395 3 hours ago

    When Connor peaked after the first bite of the 3 nuggets then quickly put the band back down HAHA, I re-watched so many times! Also, I just wanted to say, well done on everything you have acheived recently, loving all your content and hard work! :) xxx

  • Eden Mclean-Elliott
    Eden Mclean-Elliott 3 hours ago

    Honestly McDonald’s Diet Coke Is The Best Around I Cant Agree More 🙌🙌🙌

  • MJ L
    MJ L 3 hours ago

    I love your content at the moment!!! So lovely to see your humorous sides!! You are both absolutely wonderful together. Best of luck with the house x

  • Izzy Harvey
    Izzy Harvey 3 hours ago

    I love Morrisons and Asda stuffed crust and add extra toppings at home 🥰

  • Katie Graham
    Katie Graham 3 hours ago

    Love this 🙌u guys r the cutest 🥰xx

  • Reems KD
    Reems KD 3 hours ago

    The burger has seeds on and 1 doesn't.. Love these videos 😂

  • Rae Likes Froot
    Rae Likes Froot 3 hours ago

    PLEASE do a video where you’re trying vegan foods I’d love to see what you guys think it! 😍🙏🏻

  • Cathy Abril
    Cathy Abril 3 hours ago

    Connor is the best boyfriend ever. We angels absolutely adore him and how beautiful of a person he is and how awesome he treats you! This just depicts how us women trap you no matter what... poor Con was meant to fail no matter what.. lol!!!

  • Katie Roberts
    Katie Roberts 3 hours ago

    I am crying at this video😂😂 you are both so funny!!xxx

  • Shakira Z
    Shakira Z 3 hours ago

    I can’t deal with that story about the kfc poisoning😂😭

    • Meera M
      Meera M Hour ago

      Shakira Z need a story time on that!! I’m crying with laughter

  • YourGalCharlotte
    YourGalCharlotte 3 hours ago

    18:15 think Connor was singing power by little mix! Great video as always xx

  • Craftylady Tracy Anne

    Connerrrr stop trying to trick Elle 😠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Morrisons own chocolate chip cookies are better than any brand I've tried apart from Foxes and their sweet chilli chicken pizza is delicious 😀 xxxxx