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  • Italia J.E
    Italia J.E 41 second ago

    Everyone knows you're a Burglar, Beto.. You are not taking our guns!

  • Taina Amayi - Wild And Free

    *Elizabeth Warren CLAIMED* to be of Indigenous descent (Cherokee and Lenni Lenape). She *stole* grants, and *high paying teaching positions under false pretenses.* *IF,* hypothetically, she were actually of Indigenous descent, and studied "her people's" history on the *Trail of Tears,* after they were disarmed of *everything* (even of tools, scissors, sewing implements, et al.) by the government, she'd be fighting tooth and nail to *defend the 2A,* and *all freedoms given us by The Creator.* *See Also:* Wounded Knee Massacre, December 29, 1890 - *THE GREATEST MASS SHOOTING* perpetrated by the U.S. Government (under Custer's 7th Cavalry) against a cold, starving, *disarmed* people *over a dance!* (The Ghost Dance).

  • Javen Chavez
    Javen Chavez 4 minutes ago


  • David Canada
    David Canada 4 minutes ago

    Cops bring them in

  • neben
    neben 4 minutes ago

    Glad Google hasn't drowned you out. when the media fails to reach the minds of the people, at least we have Colion Noir.

  • Jean-Louis Blackburn
    Jean-Louis Blackburn 5 minutes ago

    Great video!

  • MrPatski1
    MrPatski1 6 minutes ago

    Big government, y'all are unbelievable. Remember cash for clunkers, that was super successful. Every time these d-bags, love UNIVERSAL PROGRAMS, sounds like early 20th century Russia. I dont trust anyone in government. Not the city council all the way to Washington.

  • Jeffrey Pryor
    Jeffrey Pryor 6 minutes ago

    Go snort a rubber you maggots

  • Raymond W.
    Raymond W. 7 minutes ago

    This is why I conceal carry. OUT OF SIGHT AND OUT OF MIND....

  • Posi P
    Posi P 7 minutes ago

    at least at that time and place, Walmart was safe, not because it's a gun-free zone but because 9 armed men were there to protect it. 8 pigs and one American.

  • Chris Warren
    Chris Warren 10 minutes ago

    Walmart sucks Ray. Shop somewhere else.

  • Jordan Hillard
    Jordan Hillard 14 minutes ago

    And what if somebody just DIDN'T know about Walmart's new policy? Not everyone watches the news every night.

  • blh3863
    blh3863 14 minutes ago

    Various gun control policies by the British following the Boston Tea Party, including a ban on firearm and gunpowder importation, tells us not only the purpose of the Second Amendment, but its relevance within the context of today’s gun control debate

  • douglas ramirez
    douglas ramirez 17 minutes ago

    THE N.R.A. ALL THE WAY !!!

  • Rivenditore
    Rivenditore 20 minutes ago

    I would definitely say I'm the james bond kind of guy

  • Tanin Dunn
    Tanin Dunn 21 minute ago

    So, Wal-Mart is a business on US soil right? Do corporations have the right to deny us a fundamental right on US soil? I mean, if bakeries are forced to bake cakes, why isn't Wal-Mart forced into recognizing a constitutional right? Why is a private business allowed to infringe on the 2nd A? And where does that stop? If every business does this, then what becomes of self defense while in public? What? People don't get shot in Wal-Mart? We know that's not true. What they've done is infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens, as a reaction to someone who committed horrific crimes. Will the next shooter follow their policy and obey the law? Or will they just do what they want while people who could've defended themselves become another victim?.......

  • Jeffrey Pryor
    Jeffrey Pryor 22 minutes ago

    That's why I will not shop at Walmart again.

  • Jeff Neely
    Jeff Neely 22 minutes ago

    Stupid idiot... After a walkmart shooting.

  • Dale Eastern brat
    Dale Eastern brat 22 minutes ago

    I don't know if I can't stand Faker O'Rourke more, because he is Irish or because I am ! He a Plastic Paddy! And he has a better chance of being elected the Pope than he does of confiscating guns! Yours, mine or anyone else's. The Second Amendment was written with people exactly like him in mind. To prevent exactly what he has in mind. He has a wonderful future ahead of him. As a fundraiser for the NRA, and gun salesman. Certainly the only useful things he will ever accomplish.

  • W Teach
    W Teach 29 minutes ago

    And drugs by the way that is here because our own Presidents involved in there import to America Bush and Clintons and Obama are at the top and the evidence is overwhelming Trump attacked their processing plants in Afgan but they say it is the people we are being led by a Tyrannical Gov. that will make you a slave more so than ever seen in history

  • Quarry
    Quarry 30 minutes ago

    "Were going to do it and do it and do it " Till the Democratic communist party will take all the Guns in the USA. Warren is no good .

  • nkryptchn 02
    nkryptchn 02 30 minutes ago

    Oh God, another dumbass libtard trying to steal our bill of rights from us. STFU you assholes. And go fuck yourselves if you try to take mine you had better fucking have yours

  • Jerrbear26
    Jerrbear26 30 minutes ago

    I carry the .40 because it is middle of the road knocking power and pretty damn good penetration, but you can carry the same amount of rounds per magazine as the 9mm and if people complain about the kick then i just consider them a snowflake.

  • tr763
    tr763 33 minutes ago

    Colin can you please verify if it was provided by Q for free.

  • Dan H
    Dan H 39 minutes ago

    I see 90% of the corruption as being in the Demo/Socialist party. Everyone on that stage is a TRAITOR against the Constitution.

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry 39 minutes ago

    Were the hell did they get this 90% number of gun owners want backround checks(they ALL cite it)

  • Blackmanonafence C
    Blackmanonafence C 41 minute ago

    we already have a backdoor registry. its called the 4473 form. that's why you have to fill it out even when you pass the background check and have a permit to acquire firearms. all your personal info and the type of firearm, manufacturer and serial number go onto the 4473 form and at any moment the ATF demands the files they must be handed over.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 42 minutes ago

    Do not shop at Walmart people

  • devin welson
    devin welson 43 minutes ago

    Your song to think about those officers are no longer law enforcement officers they are now policy inforcement officers I wonder if there is a new badge they can wear for that

  • Jude The Neko Gamer
    Jude The Neko Gamer 43 minutes ago

    The "indian" doesnt want Americans to have guns? Imagine my shock

  • RaytheonGaming
    RaytheonGaming 45 minutes ago

    They banned me for like 12 years ago but guess what it's not like Walmart uses facial recognition or anything I've been in Walmart hundreds of times since then

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 47 minutes ago

    I understand it makes people uncomfortable however do you see how the police act toward someone that has not done ANYTHING wrong....if you do not flex your rights how do you know you have them ?????? Some police do not even know gun rights in their own state...yes that is correct some police do not even know the law. ROFL I made my statement before watching the whole video ROFL you said the same thing

  • T W
    T W 51 minute ago

    Colion, Let's lock these idiots up!!!

  • John Timmins
    John Timmins 54 minutes ago

    Fuck all of the above, especially you Hogg, stupid fuck ,MOLON LABE asswipe

  • João Francisco Pereira
    João Francisco Pereira 56 minutes ago

    Fuck that was savage.

  • nick
    nick 58 minutes ago

    Colin wouldn’t you recommend never utilizing a ATF registered firearm for self defense?

  • Washable Junk
    Washable Junk 59 minutes ago

    I will sell my ar 15 for 1 million. Supply and demand

  • aztecstargazer
    aztecstargazer Hour ago

    1 a person training to shoot blacks, 2 training to shoot kids, 3 training to shoot cops, 4 training to shoot American soldiers, 5 training to shoot coworkers, 6 a sport shooter, 7 incompetent people who shouldn't even be allowed to hold a gun, as your video demonstrated. Stop giving guns to untrained, undiciplined, violent, racist, seditious murderers.

  • Fed up American
    Fed up American Hour ago

    They don’t respect the 1st Amendment either...when it comes to their agenda.

  • Charles Schluessler

    Why dont we have more people with a louder voice that think like this man....Exactly enforce our laws. Dont create more laws.

  • Washable Junk
    Washable Junk Hour ago

    Semi automatic shotgun is safe haha

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop Hour ago

    Uh..... you don't have "good ideas" bitch. Unless you are talking to Hitler or Stalin.

  • P. Johnson
    P. Johnson Hour ago

    No beto, we beto him.

  • Pat Roscher
    Pat Roscher Hour ago

    True freedom is knowing you don't have to carry a gun.

  • Allan Hawkinson
    Allan Hawkinson Hour ago

    They are all on the take. Democrats socialists media. Low life fuckers

  • Grumman 777
    Grumman 777 Hour ago

    Another that want you vote talking about gun control but he can’t feed everyone lier he just want to yomp in the Party wagon

  • Spartan Hoplite
    Spartan Hoplite Hour ago

    Molon labe

  • mjcapo1
    mjcapo1 Hour ago

    Colin Noir actually lives in the heart of Kabul, the man thinks taliban are at his door every night.

  • JF F
    JF F Hour ago

    Whenever Fauxcahontas, or is it Liawatha, opens her unintelligent and forked-tongue mouth, you know something crazy is coming out. Please register in the Dem primaries and get her removed before her insanity can spread. Vote for whomever you want after that.

  • Patty Angel
    Patty Angel Hour ago

    Our Government are the biggest illegal Gun runners, Drug Traffickers and Child Traffickers! They ARE the Mafia!

  • Allen Price
    Allen Price Hour ago

    Bernie Sanders will.never be president. He's not American..

  • Patty Angel
    Patty Angel Hour ago

    Omg I love your shirt!!! They need to stop with the buy back. They were never theirs to begin with. It’s all about them wanting to control us.

  • D S
    D S Hour ago

    They’ve been banning knives in the U.K. for 10 years, and over the last 10 years stabbings have steadily been going up

  • Patty Angel
    Patty Angel Hour ago

    Yes, they want all of our guns. After they get a registry we will be defenseless against the Tyrannical Government they have become.

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop Hour ago

    70 percent of Americans DO NOT agree with you Cory. Go wax your head and STFU.

  • Swampy Douglas OBannon


  • Swampy Douglas OBannon


  • Anonymous One1
    Anonymous One1 Hour ago

    NOTHING IS IRREPLACEABLE!... bye bye walmart hello target, costco, kroger, Heb, ...etc ;)

  • Feedthe5000
    Feedthe5000 Hour ago

    I don’t support Wal Marts decision, but I support their right to make it since it’s their business. But spend your money elsewhere.

  • State Campion
    State Campion Hour ago

    The only thing I would add for me is. If your walking into the wind it may print a bit more. But other than that that is exactly how it was for me

  • MaynardOwns
    MaynardOwns Hour ago

    Congress beholding to the gun industry? You sure it isn't the Constitution lady?

  • Dillinger Rockwell

    As soon as I heard they didn't allow OC, I refuse to go there and even give anyone a ride there.

  • pauls931
    pauls931 Hour ago

    Here's a real problem. Look at how much sugar our food is fortified with. I work in tech and it's scary to see coworkers turn obese after 4 or 5 years out of school like clockwork. I can't help but notice the garbage they eat, the multiple pumps of sweetened creamer, etc they use. Frankly I'm more afraid of diabetes and heart disease....

  • Tess Watkins
    Tess Watkins Hour ago

    REGISTER the fact that I have NOT committed a crime, then that is where your (DEMOCRATS AND ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT) need to know, ENDS. Take the guns away from the criminals then talk to me, otherwise your need to know is NULL, ZERO, NONE, NO. None of my friends would agree with these DEMOCRATS about gun control, red flag laws or any other restriction. WHERE are these supposed people that approve these measures found. LIST THEM BY NAME. I do not believe that anyone sane would want to give up a Constitutional RIGHT.

  • Anonymous One1
    Anonymous One1 Hour ago

    What??? so much drama for a little pistol? i thought walmart meant open carry for rifles and long guns but pistols...?

  • John Knouse
    John Knouse Hour ago

    I don’t open carry. In fact I think if you want to open carry you should have to wear an old fashioned holster with two 6 shooters, a cowboy hat, and chaps! But if any concealed carry or open carry advocate spends another cent in a WalMart then you’re part of the problem.

  • Mishawaka Post
    Mishawaka Post Hour ago

    Fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋, extra thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍 Pets ❤❤❤❤❤, treats and tummy rubs. A law enforcement professional, who actually knows what he is talking about, said that the young Oklahoma man who killed three armed home invaders with an AR15 made the correct choice.

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall Hour ago

    Jews gave up there guns and There dead , Genicide follows government unarmed population.. Piss on Nazi communist laws

  • Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts Hour ago

    I stopped shopping at Walmart. I refuse to support any corporation that infringes upon the constitution. Walmart does not want me as a customer I am a gun owner.

  • Christopher Eveler

    Do Coreys eyes point in opposite directions or is it just me

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure Hour ago

    Guns should be limited to house and in you vechcal only and like places that honor the right the right doesnt have to exsist in private company America didnt built that Americans did they have the right to feel safe in the place they worked for sweat blood in tears if your American right is affecting sale then that company and of the like can override your right with the companies policy nothing wrong with that and you can still have your protection in your car or the land known as 🇺🇸 try cabelas or places that strickly favor the hunt life culture. Forest living.

  • knine1833
    knine1833 2 hours ago

    It's ok, I voluntarily banned myself years ago

  • Jeff Kells
    Jeff Kells 2 hours ago

    Hell no beto,thanks for speaking out colin noir,makes me think of the garden flag dont tread on me,if they take away legal gun owners guns,then only criminals will have them. How bout takin all the illegal guns away from criminals?

  • Riza Jamero
    Riza Jamero 2 hours ago

    But remember Beto is okay with mojados.

  • Joshua Ferry
    Joshua Ferry 2 hours ago

    These fools like Betos are running on a platform that has a huge chance to start a civil war. How could any intelligent American think that is a good idea and vote for this. Imagine law enforcement kissing their wives and kids in the morning knowing they might not come home because this rich fool has ordered it. Never mind many law enforcement will not follow through and will the join the fight to protect the second amendment. While he sits safe with his armed security protecting him. This is madness.

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 2 hours ago

    If walmart ant want then they didnt want it end of story they treated him fair not handcuffca disscussion and banned its there private company the end.

  • The Buddha Vlogs
    The Buddha Vlogs 2 hours ago

    OCD much hahah

  • aztecstargazer
    aztecstargazer 2 hours ago

    Walmart is private property. There are fucking signs. DON'T BRING YOUR FUCKING GUNS HERE. It looks like the ghostbusters sign but with a gun. YOU FUCKS JUST DISREGARD THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS. I'm surprised he didn't open fire. You don't trust the government at ANY level. You don't trust the cops nor military to protect us. You are violent, paranoid, armed rebels.

  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald 2 hours ago

    Politicians on the left and the right are cut grom the same cloth. One side wants to disarm us the other side negotiates our rights away with nothing in return.....just less freedom.

  • John Walters
    John Walters 2 hours ago

    Cory Booker is a SJW MORON or he knows what he is saying is total STUPIDITY and does not care so long as it gets him nominated for his Party. I go for the latter. He has his Armed SECURITY for him and his family. Why should he care about saving other people's lives! If he does ANYTHING now to lower crime it makes TRUMP look better and we can't have that!

  • V powpow
    V powpow 2 hours ago

    Nope, the disrespect came from the individual who attempted to open carry where he was asked not to. He was asked to leave. Thats it. He was looking for attention and he got what he deserved. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I love it when people open carry and wonder why the police were called and wonder why the left thinks we are all crazy. Carry your gun... but conceal it. Be prepared, but quietly. Support the organizations that are fighting the legal battles. This type of activism is for the ignorant, and those in need of attention. We will not win any ground this way.

  • KyCavalier
    KyCavalier 2 hours ago

    It is in State Constitution that open carry is perfectly legal in Kentucky.

  • Timothy Farrand
    Timothy Farrand 2 hours ago

    Walmart is for trash

  • James Wright
    James Wright 2 hours ago

    Absolutely sick a person can be charged for defending your home and life. I really pray some great attornies take on his case. The right to keep and bare arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  • Bushmaster88
    Bushmaster88 2 hours ago

    Is america really that dangerous that you need weapons that SEALS would use on operations in the middle east on your bedside table? I have aspirin and a glass of water. No I'm not a liberal and yes i am pro 2nd amendment

  • Phil Carreon
    Phil Carreon 2 hours ago

    When Hogg confronts an armed thug willing to kill you he'll want a weapon to defend himself but can't because he wanted a gun free nation.

  • WolfGang DeathGore
    WolfGang DeathGore 2 hours ago

    Saying that confiscating the weapons would put police lives at risk means you expect the "law abiding citizens" to react violently.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 2 hours ago

    So are we going to fight against tyranny or what? Shit doesn't get resolved via computer or Internet.

  • splitshot71
    splitshot71 2 hours ago

    My AR-15 is not for sale.

  • Kalawunjii •
    Kalawunjii • 2 hours ago

    Paranoid lol

  • Phil Carreon
    Phil Carreon 3 hours ago

    Defenseless citizens right to armed self defense vs criminal rights. Cuomo sides with criminals paroling cop killers not public right to defend themselves. NYC is worse under Communist mayor Deblasio.

  • Rasta Blackbeard
    Rasta Blackbeard 3 hours ago

    This woman’s mouth moves faster than lighting. When did she take the time to breath?? Dam!! And if you invited the gentleman on the show to express himself, then when did he have a chance to speak because she kept throwing subject matter after subject matter at him. Trying to bombard him with topics to throw him off. Looks as if each time he wanted to reply, she would jump to something else. I wonder if she got the ratings she was hoping to get?

  • maniacal drop92
    maniacal drop92 3 hours ago

    I call bs because California and few other states are taking our freedoms away and there has been no war to take our freedoms back. Just more political bs and people saying show them with your votes and go protest. None of these pro gun organizations are doing nothing to help protect and keep our rights, they are just taking people's money while our rights just keep being restricted and taking away. So please tell me how the the water isn't starting to bubble right now??????

  • App-el Sauce
    App-el Sauce 3 hours ago

    Don’t forget that approximately 80% of all gun murders committed are drug related

  • Sebastian Hurley Miller

    Just bought a keep Minnesota tactical shirt Never give up your rights

  • J Parsons
    J Parsons 3 hours ago

    Colion you are so correct and logical the idiots can't argue with you without getting angry!

  • Aman1017
    Aman1017 3 hours ago

    Strong video bro 💪🏽

  • A Lou
    A Lou 3 hours ago

    Oh my God. I've been watching this dude for a good minute and I just realized his name is *Colion* and not Colin. Damn astigmatism.

  • Chad Barnes
    Chad Barnes 3 hours ago

    Colion I'm run for president when I'm older I expect your vote for a pro gun candidate but if you don't like my policy that's ok too.

  • TK
    TK 3 hours ago

    With a it’s scary loosing ur