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Amazon fire ban - BBC News
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  • sonam gurmet
    sonam gurmet Hour ago

    This is nothing in comparison to what US and Britain did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • dave angel
    dave angel Hour ago

    A set up

  • Justyburger
    Justyburger Hour ago

    This also has a double effect upon China, since China imports double the amount of Oil than the United States does. It's also worth noting that the United States is the number one Oil producer, while China is approximately one quarter of the size. It would not be beyond comprehension, to think that ultimately this is aimed at China? Russia is different. Russia is a large producer, however, Russia relies heavily on It's Oil and gas revenue as a percentage of It's GDP, while the USA has a much stronger and more diverse economy. Conclusion: The only major player to come out of this unscathed is the United States. However, this is not counting the United States going into a hot war with Iran. I don't think Trump supporters voted for this, even though they are no admirers of the Iranian regime. Trump needs to be very very careful what he does here. I think as a bare minimum, there should be no ground offensive and no American casualties. Saudi Arabia has been under U.S protection since WW2, so there are steadfast agreements, but getting into a war with Iran is no simple matter. This is quite different to Iraq. I'm not saying America cannot disable Iran, but this won't be easy and more importantly than Iran, we have to consider Russia, China and India.

  • Sotzume
    Sotzume Hour ago

    He is so full of BS you can smell it through the screen.

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson Hour ago

    Why would the EU be willing to budge? They have nothing to loose, no deal off the table. They have their political lackies in Westminster and the BBC licking their boots

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming Hour ago

    I don’t like Boris Johnson, I don’t support his politics views either. Can you imagine the UK government having a press conference with a foreign leader in front of protestors? The Luxembourg government quite clearly tried to embarrass him here which just shows how childish and petty these negotiations have become. Luxembourg’s PM’s speech sounded like a victory speech. Enjoy it, today is the most relevant you’ll ever be.

  • interesting things

    shame on you india

  • Chewy MT07
    Chewy MT07 Hour ago

    For unbiased and non-politicised reporting, search out Sky News Australia. BBC, Sky News and the rest of MSM are eroding trust in their work with their transparently pro remain agenda. Do you work and search out alternative sources, don’t be fooled, don’t become sheep.

  • Ismail Yousuf
    Ismail Yousuf Hour ago

    Indain should watch this channel not fake indain medai.. 😊

  • Lourdes Dodge
    Lourdes Dodge Hour ago

    The 🇧🇧🇨🇦🇲🇽🇫🇷🇦🇩🇨🇦🇬🇧🇨🇦🇬🇷 The 0 tolerance To SEXUAL HARRADSMENT HERE OR SOMEWHERE .

  • William Hardage
    William Hardage Hour ago

    Who is Luxembourg? Oh, that country that contributes nothing.

  • Ismail Yousuf
    Ismail Yousuf Hour ago

    Thnx BBC.. 👍

  • mark farbrace
    mark farbrace Hour ago

    boris has no help when mps chop his legs from under him. All mps should be shot. the choice should be remembered and mps should stand by what we as a country said. LEAVE!

  • Marina Chow
    Marina Chow Hour ago

    No ones gonna address anything cuz too many are profitting from war. So much greed.

  • Malky Headbutt
    Malky Headbutt Hour ago

    I'm no fan of his but he did the right thing, the conference would have been a total farce and was an obvious set up. The EU is NOT working and fast becoming a spent force, the 17.4M majority who voted to leave can see this and, if any are still in doubt, a parliament full of treacherous scumbags who are willing to ignore the majority and change the law to suit their agendas, should have even the most hardened remainers questioning if they want their children growing up in a dictatorship because history proves they never end well, for anyone.

  • SuperBigwinston
    SuperBigwinston Hour ago

    The BBC is a lame pony struggling to be taken serious. But just looking out of touch and totally biased still talking to the re moaner audience.Which is dwindling to fewer and fewer people each week.

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller Hour ago

    Britain still thinks it's important in these negotiations, bahahahahahaaha never has been and never will be.

    • Tom Jarvis
      Tom Jarvis Hour ago

      Brent Miller why Europe so scared then ? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jagger M
    Jagger M Hour ago

    🤔🤔YOU CANNOT override referendum '75 (70% pro-EU) 🤔🤔 If you override the "will of the people" in '75, you can also cancel 2016...We need a third TIE BREAKER!!!

  • U VO
    U VO Hour ago

    Get out finally!

  • Kayda Marli
    Kayda Marli Hour ago

    The Bloody sheep has been cheating with a GOAT .little sluty sheep .. I Guess the grass is always greener on the other side when you breed with the Greatest Of All Time GOAT 🤣

  • Shaun Jack Beaver

    Roll on the 31st Im sick of seeing this shit

  • Luc Bos
    Luc Bos Hour ago

    International law ? leaving 31 Oktober Any deals fallow later and the BBC likes to stay in the EU Nothing new

  • Herman Safford Jr

    run bibi run to your bomb shelter

  • Pooh Lucky
    Pooh Lucky Hour ago

    glory? are you BBC blind?

  • Barney Rubble
    Barney Rubble Hour ago

    Well done Boris. Insignificant minnow trying to upstage the UK Prime Minister and trying to humiliate him beside a 'rent a mob' of remoaning minnies. I'm glad he walked away - time to walk away from the corrupt EU

  • Yaseen Memon
    Yaseen Memon Hour ago

    Modi killer Kashmir people

  • eric ohara
    eric ohara Hour ago

    Bbc are remoaner propagandists so hes wiser to fuck em off

  • kekistani Revolution party

    Finally a gentleman with some fashion sense. Burn the tracksuit up top hats and walking canes

  • Kerry Phillips
    Kerry Phillips Hour ago

    Brussels broadcasting channels reporters are so biased you can see how upset they are because they lost lol

  • Nazi RSS
    Nazi RSS Hour ago

    The BJP has an "IT cell" with more than 87,000 registered online vigilantes with millions of fake online accounts just to support whatever their government says.They're not any Indians. They're mostly degenerate RSS funded BJP IT wing which pays rag bucks to unemployed youth to brigade internet forums.

  • Vijay
    Vijay Hour ago

    Boris Johnson says BBC must 'cough up' for over-75s, now BBC is coughing up their anger on BOJO.

    • Vijay
      Vijay Hour ago

      I stopped paying these money sucking leechers my share.

  • Yash Joshi
    Yash Joshi Hour ago

    Why u you BBC when Kashmiri pandits were butchered and forced to live a life of a refugee. Shame on your double standards. Indian force will never do injustice

  • callyharley
    callyharley Hour ago

    He's just shameful, it's Luxembourg a crowd of what fifty tops? All middle aged/retired ex-pats decked in their marks & sparks finest summer outfits & the PM of Great Britain is to 'frit' to go out & answer some normal run of the mill questions!!! He should've manned up gone out & said we're leaving if that's what we're doing but instead he bottled out & hightailed to the UK Embassy, pathetic just pathetic. SMH

  • Tetra Force
    Tetra Force Hour ago

    Schools abuse children

  • Robert G
    Robert G Hour ago

    Hope Boris Johnson has a major heart attack and drops dead.

    • eric ohara
      eric ohara Hour ago

      More likely juncker the pisshead or shaking merkl or verhofstadt the raving looney

    • Jamie Johnson
      Jamie Johnson Hour ago

      I hope the same for you

    • Deef Fourjay
      Deef Fourjay Hour ago

      In a ditch.

  • Macdonald Maurice

    The 'poor' man has spent most of his 'adult' life acting the fool. Now he has proved himself to be one. No need to worry about his future, - if the 'going gets rough', he'll pack his bag, close his UK bank account(s) and head for the USA were his pal Trumpy can feed him chlorinated chicken nuggets!

  • James Sullivan
    James Sullivan Hour ago

    If you support the tories or labour, you support people who cant be trusted. We need something new. Demand it!

  • Jimbob Redd
    Jimbob Redd Hour ago

    Boris Johnson is a bald faced liar he will go down in history as the prime minister who lied to the queen who lied to the public and to parliament. Does he think we don’t listen to the news? The EU have stated he has put no serious proposals, he is sneaking around the law lying to everyone about everything. He is gonna achieve the impossible leaving on 31st October come what may, without breaking the law. The man is a cretin

    • eric ohara
      eric ohara Hour ago

      Get a grip of yourself weve had cameron clegg appeaser may blair brown and thatcher how soon people forget boris is trying to enforce a democratic vote by the majority of the electorate not start an illegal war based on lies or destroy the coal mining industry

  • mrpworld
    mrpworld Hour ago

    fake news

  • Joe Bloggs.
    Joe Bloggs. Hour ago

    Good. It was a set up. Pathetic.

    • inghell
      inghell Hour ago

      What do you mean by a set up?

    • marusak72
      marusak72 Hour ago

      6th empty fresh account calls it set up LOL

  • Tetra Force
    Tetra Force Hour ago

    Schools take away freedom and liberty

  • Athanasios Matsolas

    Boris has become more graphic than Bozo...

  • RainbowPandaz
    RainbowPandaz Hour ago

    Don't usually watch the BBC and I just remembered why...should be ashamed to claim yourselves a bipartisan news source

  • Chuck Ster
    Chuck Ster Hour ago

    Deport Omar from Congress. She's an Anti-Semitic traitor to our country.

  • Tetra Force
    Tetra Force Hour ago

    Students need to make their own choices and become independent

  • David Scott
    David Scott Hour ago

    The Eu has shown no respect to the UK. This is one of the consequences

    • Athanasios Matsolas
      Athanasios Matsolas Hour ago

      Textbook definition of the pot calling the kettle black..

    • Andy TV Highlights
      Andy TV Highlights Hour ago

      Boris Johnson doesn't respect the EU either. We voted to leave, because the lies we were told. We are the ones being disrespectful. They will never respect Our new leader, He has been writing lies about the EU for Decades. He wrote articles about the EU trying to Ban Prawn cocktail crisps, we know this to be a lie. He called them Nazis. He also joined the Leave campaign for his own political gain. So yes they no longer have respect, but can you blame them?

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Hour ago

    Surely the Hulk should be able to smash everything out of his way..... to lead us all up his garden path! How many bridges has he tried to build to date? He’s achieved nothing in his life to date other than write lots of words about nothing that improves the UK. In the end one has to ask who the hell is he - man without substance voted in by those with even less!

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson Hour ago

    Ignore remainers attempts to keep us in, enough is enough. Out on 31st. No ifs, no buts.

  • Raglan Road
    Raglan Road Hour ago

    Brexit Party All The Way.

  • Lifeiscringe
    Lifeiscringe Hour ago

    This is making me mad. I can’t believe we’ve been waiting so long. I’m a firm remainer EU citizen, I didn’t have say so on Brexit but by god I just want all this to end, I’m tired of the lies, the egotism and borderline unlawfulness behind this whole situation. Absolutely insane. They honestly make me miss Italian politics and that says a whole lot.

  • T C
    T C Hour ago

    Sad world

  • Anthony Rynes
    Anthony Rynes Hour ago

    Britain shouldn’t have ever started to rely this much on the EU in order to maintain their sovereignty. These gigantic world governments that are telling countries what to do is exactly the same as not having sovereignty at all.

  • MrArronK
    MrArronK Hour ago

    No deal!!!

  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters Hour ago

    Just to be clear...As a UK tax payer... Did i and the rest of us pay for this buffoon to fly private then not do anything??? If so, I want my money back...

  • Samba Warrior
    Samba Warrior Hour ago

    Vietnam war- Started by the US lies Iraq war- Started by US lies Libya "intervention"- Started by western lies Syria- US trying to frame assad for using chemical weapons like saddam. Russia interveens. Iran- US saying they are launching cruise missiles on their neighbors, and attacking cargo ships. Saudi arabia- Mass beheadings, human rights violations, massacring people in yemen, funding the likes of isis.....US says there is nothing to see here. Israel- Bombing everyone around them, dropping white phosphorus on gaza, stealing land...US says there is nothing to see here. Would you trust your life to these peoples?

  • Sherwin Edwin
    Sherwin Edwin Hour ago

    Dangerous world we living

  • Alternative News

    Bog off Boris, representative of the decadent aristocracy of England.

  • Paris 58
    Paris 58 Hour ago

    Who has a press conference standing next to protesters ? How rude.

    • peter burry
      peter burry Hour ago

      The man who isn't a chicken, that's who.

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip Hour ago

    Boris is a fake leaver and WON'T take us out.

    • Grey Chip
      Grey Chip Hour ago

      @Jamie Johnson well I haven't got any have I. But when he 1st said he was a leaver I thought he was lying. Let's call it a gut feeling. But do you think the money men who own the tories would let Boris become PM if he was serious about taking us out. He's basically helped put the leave date back, and it will. They'll make him go for May's TREATY and they'll take it. To much time and money has been spent getting us here for us to vote out, they don't give a toss what we think as they've shown us. I just think he's lying and isn't a leaver.

    • Jamie Johnson
      Jamie Johnson Hour ago

      I'm listening, what's the evidence?

  • Pardeep Parmar
    Pardeep Parmar Hour ago

    How have we gone from our great parliamentarians to Boris?

    • Smokiro
      Smokiro Hour ago

      How people trusted farage and boris? For clever people they can quickly decode they lunatics. Not so clever they can magnet to them. Boris cannot find even hairdresser in 8mln people town. What about the deal. I think is time for weirdos. trump despite being rich is like rich from movie Parasite.

  • The hunter
    The hunter Hour ago

    Good job taliban

  • Andrew Law
    Andrew Law Hour ago

    Good Old Brexit Betrayal Corporation (BBC) you can always count on them to shoot both barrels into the UK's feet. Good one Boris, Avoiding ridicule and EU humiliation, keep it clean and on target, October 31st do or die!

  • Arnold Dalby
    Arnold Dalby Hour ago

    Your telling the British public that Iran flew drones and missiles over the 5th US Fleet at Bahrain and attacked two oil installations. I don't think so unless the US 5th Fleet allowed it to happen. Radar goes crazy when an enemy object enters it's air space. Ping, ping, ping. Look, I want a good clean fight and no nuking below the belt. Don't come crying to the West as we are enjoying life so much. Hahaha. Party.

  • downhilltwofour00

    They have a saying in Texas. If a person can't deliver on their talk they are said to be (described as) , "All hat and no cattle". I'm thinking that Boris has a lot in common with Donald. If leaving any organization was easy, there would be no organizations.

    • callyharley
      callyharley Hour ago

      We say "all hat & no trousers" in the UK. Same kinda thing :-)

  • Leigh Garfield
    Leigh Garfield Hour ago

    A story about when I met Boris; "I was riding my bicycle somewhere in Central London in the evening during the time when Boris was Mayor of London, stopping at a red traffic light, waiting for the lights to turn green. Thinking to myself I was just about ready to jump the red light and turn left because there was no traffic on the road and no pedestrians in sight. When all of a sudden Boris Johnson pulls up alongside me on his bicycle, surprising me who it was. And in that moment, I said to him; I was thinking about jumping the red traffic light Boris, but when I saw you I decided not to, lol. Boris joked and replied; Jolly Good, Jolly Good. I also noticed Boris did not have any security following him, he was just like an ordinary cyclist going about his business, which made me think he's a down to earth kind of guy, not stuck up like many public school types can be, with no airs and graces. So, as far as I'm concerned, what you see with Boris is what you get, unlike so many other politicians in Westminster today. So if he believes he can get Brexit done, I believe he deserves a chance, with a deal or without if need be. :)

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson Hour ago

    Boris Johnson was the boy that wanted kudos for letting off the stink bomb in class, but was the coward that was quick to blame Johnny other...

    • eric ohara
      eric ohara Hour ago

      And you are the class snitch

    • Smokiro
      Smokiro Hour ago

      Good observation of life. Have a nice day

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip Hour ago

    More lies. Tell is-ra-hell to go fight their own war with Iran, Iran is nothing to do with us. Is-ra-hell are the ones who start all these wars, just so they can get the greater Is-ra-hell project. Iran don't attack no-one but we're constantly told they do nothing but terror attacks. Nah we all know who is behind this, what is it with Iran. Do they have to have a central bank, Syria never had one, Libya was moving from the Petro-dollar. We all know the score, what was the name of that US general who was told about all the countries to be attacked? I'll say it again, tell is-ra-hell to go fight their own war. After all they can attack, they attacked the USS liberty, and they knew it was a US ship. They keep attacking Syria, go fight their own war.

  • Muhammmad Umer
    Muhammmad Umer Hour ago

    This guy is a Jew pretending to be a Muslim FUCK YOU 🇵🇰🇨🇦

  • blueaj
    blueaj Hour ago

    BBC (Bias Broadcasting Company) at it again.

  • Laso Tahir
    Laso Tahir Hour ago

    Qatar, Saudi arabia, EU, and USA are responsible for all these problems.

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star Hour ago

    Boris is a weasel as well as a con artist. Basically he's a typical conservative. Doesn't matter what side of the pond the 'modern' right-wing is corrupt.

  • seamus heaney
    seamus heaney Hour ago

    The man is an embarrassment to us all. Apologies to the rest of Europe for this sorry mess. A lot us didn't want this.

  • Michael Lyons
    Michael Lyons Hour ago

    If the lib dems win seats then these seats should not be recognised and there should be another vote. Did you see that I pretended to be a lib dem.

  • martin paulen
    martin paulen Hour ago

    Please 🙏🙏 get finally fuc.k out from europe. Close border, cut off optic cables. How calls your country. I dont know, its britain or united kingdom or england or what? What you want? Get the fuc.k out

  • I HateMylif3
    I HateMylif3 Hour ago

    i live in this country but what the fuck did i just watch?

  • Dadson worldwide

    Its been a tough day.I think boris shouldnt do anything until one day after the eu membership exporation date passes.

  • B.T.
    B.T. Hour ago

    Let us have an Election, get rid of the MPs who don’t respect the manifesto we voted for and let us vote for the Brexit Party!

  • David Aitchison
    David Aitchison Hour ago

    Toxic slag.

  • Tawradatan Barakeysan

    Islam abolished nationalism. Nationalism is what destroyed Muslims.

  • Gavin Dowds
    Gavin Dowds Hour ago

    This is my favourite Boris Johnson speech .

  • paperinik69
    paperinik69 Hour ago

    what is happening with these clowns controlling the governments of UK and USA? it's madness

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams Hour ago

      @Pardeep Parmar You don't even look British

    • Jay Williams
      Jay Williams Hour ago

      @Pardeep Parmar Britain voted for the tories don't you know how the British voting works?

    • Nikolaj11
      Nikolaj11 Hour ago

      Pardeep, you voted for the Tories. They just put their worst guy in charge.

    • A B
      A B Hour ago

      Zio's controlling the governments.

    • Pardeep Parmar
      Pardeep Parmar Hour ago

      We didn't vote for Boris

  • SchorchedGamer 15

    To all these people verbally assaulting our prime minister and criticising his every move he makes, If you have a plan to get us out of the EU with a deal than by all means I’m sure Mr Johnson will be more than happy to let you take over and get the United Kingdom out of the EU since you all seem to have a lovely grasp on the situation.

  • martycrow
    martycrow Hour ago

    PM gazes at navel while doctors talk about radical surgery.

  • carefulcliffdriver

    I voted leave based on the promise we'd be like Norway or Switzerland. The tax dodgers and Trumpists are hijacking my vote to force through their anti-UK agenda.

  • Arnold Dalby
    Arnold Dalby Hour ago

    Boris Johnson is a genius, tell the corrupt EU we will walk away no deal and the corrupt COMMUNIST EU will have to shrink it's budget, Which every nation in corrupt EU wants except the corrupt EU. Go figure.

  • H.J. Davis
    H.J. Davis Hour ago

    So you mean to tell me that a bunch of conservative snowflakes are really in this damn comment section getting pissy about the BBC taking about Indian trans women? Isn’t y’all who scream at us to “stop being victims” and talk about gay and trans people in 3 world countries because they are really going through shit? They live in countries with much stricter laws right? And yet when we finally talk about trans women in a third would country like India, y’all pissy brats are still mad? Fuck dude....

  • Rahim Kisoor
    Rahim Kisoor Hour ago

    headliner should be 6 killed by needs to be in the wild.

  • Jamie Powers
    Jamie Powers Hour ago

    that was NOT an attack.

  • Gary Garratt
    Gary Garratt Hour ago

    Wow, British and Luxembourgian relations are the latest to be flushed down the toilet. I have a feeling this press conference was set up outside where all those screaming morons were had purpose. To embarrass the UK PM.

  • Iso Aqua
    Iso Aqua Hour ago


  • Poison Toad
    Poison Toad Hour ago

    Man she's ruthless. But that's real journalism, and at least Johnson's got the cojones to face up to a critical interview, unlike that idiot Trump.

  • Android TV
    Android TV Hour ago

    BBC bias

  • Panos Kalogeropoulos

    Boy was lucky dog didn’t know how to hunt !! Otherwise dog would go for the neck

  • dresib
    dresib Hour ago

    No I'm not going to break the law, I'm just going to do the exact opposite of what the law says. -- So you're going to find a way around the law? -- Those are your words, not mine!

    • martycrow
      martycrow Hour ago

      @DevilGod Please elaborate.

    • Luc Bos
      Luc Bos Hour ago

      International law overrules the GB laws in this case Easy to leave the EU Oktober 31 Any deals later

    • Vee Siam
      Vee Siam Hour ago

      So 3 years on and still not out after the people voted is Lawful ?

    • dresib
      dresib Hour ago

      @martycrow It's called gaslighting

    • eric ohara
      eric ohara Hour ago

      Hopefully he does and what law the law that says the winners of a referendum get ignored ?

  • Neu Naame
    Neu Naame Hour ago

    BJ is leading a train crash full of racists, conservatives, little englanders and wanna be toffs. Let him drive it head on to the chasm of history where british delusions drown.

  • Mark_Porsche _911

    Johnson is just like trump, they’re both full of 💩

  • Billy Nomatz
    Billy Nomatz Hour ago

    These comments make me sick, blaming Johnson when you remainers ,your mps,and your media,have fucked it up for the rest of us....if you love the eu that much piss off there,you won’t be missed !!

  • Suryadeo Kumar
    Suryadeo Kumar Hour ago

    BBC has a collusion with terrorists. They provide BBC funds and BBC helps create a soft corner for those militant groups.

  • martycrow
    martycrow Hour ago

    How the hell have the Brits made him PM?

    • martycrow
      martycrow Hour ago

      @Rob Tideswell It was was an ironic and provocative question. Next question, who voted for "Brexit Means Disaster"?

    • Rob Tideswell
      Rob Tideswell Hour ago

      martycrow Technically we didn't, the Tories did.

    • martycrow
      martycrow Hour ago

      Dear all, "res ipsa loquiter" - the facts speak for themselves. He is PM. Yes 'we' didn't vote him in.

    • peter burry
      peter burry Hour ago

      We didn't... He was elected by Conservative Party members.

    • Private Custard
      Private Custard Hour ago

      Short answer, we didn't.

  • may
    may Hour ago

    yes we can see far ahead they can commit crime also communist china: let's hide all evidence of tiananmen square