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  • Fawzia Fawzia
    Fawzia Fawzia 45 minutes ago

    Wish peace

  • Ane Marie
    Ane Marie Hour ago

    They are Barbàrians

  • cute baby
    cute baby 2 hours ago

    BTS : our net worth is 45 million Srk : my net worth is 750million 😎 BTS : what 😨

  • francis kerry
    francis kerry 2 hours ago


  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 3 hours ago


  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 4 hours ago

    Psy the savior of idols that have fallen due to horrible companies. PICK HER UP!

  • TheaManda
    TheaManda 5 hours ago

    Latifa was not 16 years old, she is well pass 25 years old.

  • gwen jokoh
    gwen jokoh 5 hours ago

    You no they like a lot of wives lol we will see lol

  • Elaine Evans
    Elaine Evans 6 hours ago

    Charles preferred Camilla.

  • Jihan Mm
    Jihan Mm 7 hours ago

    No matter how rich and powerful he is he's gonna kick the box soon 😱 where's the all king's and the millionaires who used live like they will be on top of the world and abuse the people for ever ? They are under were we are walking and we all know we're gonna be there too 👀 ⚰ whether we are rich or poor😭 👉⚰ 👋

  • Irabella Morales
    Irabella Morales 9 hours ago

    I hope that when they have their reunion that Zayn comes back with them.

  • airbornecow1
    airbornecow1 9 hours ago

    MANNN... If i found my man cheating on me before the wedding, i would have cancelled and said see ya loser! As diana, i already came from a house of riches so i dont need some sorry old ass crusty man like that in my life.

  • Milagros Suva
    Milagros Suva 9 hours ago

    Hopefully what you are saying is true! Everybody in this wide world wish they are a couple because of the incredible ❤️ love , trust they have for each other!!!-

  • Twoxghosts 28
    Twoxghosts 28 9 hours ago

    They’re friends. Their relationship might be a stunt.

  • Mel Laurens
    Mel Laurens 10 hours ago

    3:39 wtf?? It was shocking to you?? Kpop fans aren’t nearly as toxic as people make them out to be. That kind of appreciation and respect is expected in the community, and people who act out of line are called out. Please understand that group of people you’re talking about before you make comments about their behavior.

  • Agatha Tiffany
    Agatha Tiffany 10 hours ago

    I read a lot of people said that those who's happy with him leaving the group are fake fans. I don't think that's true. I'm an international fan and I like Kangin so much. He's funny and talented. There would always be k-fans that were hurt by him leaving the group, but try to think about it this way. Do you think that by him always got into scandals and trouble will be a good help for his group? No. I'm sure that Kangin left because he also think it's the best decision to protect his group. Imagine being years active as an Idol and building up a career and trying to keep it up this days is really hard. The other members did their best to build up their own and group's name. And with him being like this? It's not healthy. Him being in so much trouble could hurt everyone around him, especially his members. I think this is the best thing that should be done. I hate to admit it but I think this is for the best for both side, for him and for his members.

  • alex3rd11
    alex3rd11 11 hours ago

    This video is so weird and creepy

  • Xochitl Patricia Amézquita Cuevas

    Haya traidora

  • Pamela Wherey
    Pamela Wherey 12 hours ago

    I heard her say that she can wear Haute Couture now🙄. She looks horrible.

  • moulay hicham enaouaoui

    this guy had over then 40 years old he never maried he still single ..

  • moulay hicham enaouaoui

    this guy had over than 40 years old he still single ..!! same thing wrong about him ..mybe

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker 14 hours ago

    Nest of luck!! This OLD MAN is EVIL; p rincess Haya MUST win her divorce...

  • Juliette H
    Juliette H 14 hours ago

    Good luck with that romance. Maybe you should ask your friend Janet Jackson how Muslin man are. They love you as long as you obey and do what they say and want. When you don’t, they treat you like shit and if you have kids the stress is unbelievable. They make you raise the kids Muslin or else. Their rules that muslin men can marry Christian women should not not be allowed just like it is for women. It doesn’t work. Next....

  • A J
    A J 15 hours ago

    The man is pure evil

  • Scott Franco
    Scott Franco 15 hours ago

    A couple quick things. First, she met her husband at 12 years of age, but he didn't touch her until she was of age. Second, this whole "body shaming thing"... she is harming herself and her fans CARE ABOUT HER. That's all that is going on here.

  • Brendah Styles
    Brendah Styles 15 hours ago

    He gave me my first heartbreak 💔

  • Nancy Docimo
    Nancy Docimo 16 hours ago

    Kevin has always been ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

  • Chaeyeong채영
    Chaeyeong채영 16 hours ago

    Read the title too fast and thought it was talking about Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello lol

  • Junior Hassim
    Junior Hassim 17 hours ago

    Shes an ugly skank, I've seen better heads on lettuce.

  • Ginevra Williams
    Ginevra Williams 17 hours ago

    Many blessings to Angelina. Her bio mother is only that and could never have given Azhara the life she has. Angelina is her 'MOTHER" in every sense of the word.

  • Ann Corr
    Ann Corr 18 hours ago

    Sounds like a democrat supporter

  • Barbara Kempf
    Barbara Kempf 19 hours ago

    Oh yes he is demonic

  • R. Y
    R. Y 21 hour ago

    She needs her freedom. Britney is not crazy the people around her is crazy. It is so sad. They are the one who destroyed her. Britney is a very good mom. But her father abused her children and Britney is paying for it. So sad. The conservatorship needs to end #freebritney

  • Almi Rana
    Almi Rana 21 hour ago

    Poor babe💖❤

  • Linda Fulkerson
    Linda Fulkerson 22 hours ago

    she looks very unhealthy and you don't get that way from dancing

  • CurioSips
    CurioSips 23 hours ago

    Do you think Camila & Charles' split will affect Riverdale?

  • CurioSips
    CurioSips 23 hours ago

    😍 You SURELY will LOVE this video! "Why Camila Mendes & Charles Melton Fell In Love!"

  • Joahanna Reza
    Joahanna Reza 23 hours ago

    No matter how much money you got, money won't guarantee happiness 😢

  • M N
    M N 23 hours ago


  • Vodka Styles
    Vodka Styles 23 hours ago


  • Beth Brown
    Beth Brown 23 hours ago

    I don’t think Angelina Jolie has favoritisms she loves all her kids that’s why she is asking for full custody

  • Jasmine Luxemburg

    No one taught the poor man to say ‘no comment ‘ ? Being caught out lying is a whole lot worse ! Being the favourite made him especially arrogant ?

  • E M
    E M Day ago

    Yes he was the reason she is fameouse. Without him she wpuld have been another ignored talent, just like the small majority out there.

  • Mich ,Gach life history

    Awwwwww.... I am really sorry about Mina's health.I hope it Will get better soon.Hwithing.....! #GetWellSoonMina

  • Zarin Hussaini

    It doesn't matter if India have Bollywood, they can be what they want to be

  • Kirizjana Van Hellish

    Klaudia doesnt look like Billie , stop hypeing lol

  • Rose Tumata
    Rose Tumata Day ago

    Marriage is not about one person to rule and it is not about money, its about how you are being the greatest leader for the people and for the young generation all over internationally. I dont blame her for escaping with her two kids. No one should feel unsafe or fear for there life, imagine what really did happen with the two daughters missing.We are all humans to love and care and feel that everyone deserves a safety environment.

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison Day ago

    Just because adele is trying to lose weight, doesnt mean she wants to look like a model. She's aging and she has to be health conscious too. Our metabolism slows down when we age. And if she keeps having sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, she could get chronic cardiovascular diseases. She is just trying to be healthy now. That's it.

  • I'am Lisa
    I'am Lisa Day ago

    Tuck! Indians are not good😝💩

  • JJHD
    JJHD Day ago

    My God the woman is 50+ years old, give it a rest. You're treating her like she was at her prime career wise with these nonsensical stories. She needs support. Or eventually she'll just disappear for another 7 years again....Do you want new music, new videos and new tours? Or are you happy with what she has done and willing to accept she won't be doing it anymore...

  • Medeea Maria Toma

    I hope they are together again

  • Tanya Tackett
    Tanya Tackett Day ago

    Yes he's a liar and a cheater. LN is a money grabbing scam! Michael is innocent!

  • rebecca yonko
    rebecca yonko Day ago

    Well i do think it was weird that even in the new born pics they decided to dress her up in boy cloths. I mean who puts on blue pants and a grey t shirt on a new born baby girl. When i first had my baby girl i wanted the pinkest out fit and most girly outs i can find. I dont know if they raised her like that but i just thinks it weird to dress a new born baby girl like that.

  • heidi greenbaum

    Don't care

  • KdramaQ Alexander

    Those rumors are a smear tactic to get the courts to let him have the children, and he know that would hurt her to lose her children!,

  • random potato girl

    I. Do. Not. Care. Because. I. Already. No.

  • ImCristobal
    ImCristobal Day ago

    #GetWellSoonMina 💕 Dear God pls 🙏🏻😭

  • Jerlyn Gaon
    Jerlyn Gaon Day ago

    Never beyonce is better

  • Toy Story Time LAURA ESTRELLA

    Yeah so if she lies she is awsome not like you

  • Emaly Nicole
    Emaly Nicole Day ago

    Jesus at this point I think all reasonable women are in love with Shia labeouf

    ROCK ON MAN Day ago

    But why everybody hate alexandra ? Someone tell me why

  • Teh Carmen
    Teh Carmen Day ago

    wtf is thick?

  • AndyLibra
    AndyLibra Day ago

    Ahh shut up you evil rag paper sponsored silver tongued devil worshiping pathetic nothing. You are, "The Nothing" You reward yourself with ruining people careers.

  • Rose Okwelume
    Rose Okwelume Day ago

    Zahn didn't split the band, he wasn't that relevant. If Harry didn't want to stay then you have no band and you can't replace him with anyone else. Harry was so iconic like Justin Timberlake for NSync

  • Jerome Bassingthwaighte

    Oh dear,Randy Andy from Fuckingham palace again.Teenyfiddling is a crime.A blow up doll&vaseline could have saved you all these troubles,now you're in for a high jump.Speak to the Clinton's,they know how to handle these situations😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Good luck😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Barbara Kempf
    Barbara Kempf Day ago

    Sheik of Dubai is a evil control freak demonic hold on women especially female family members

  • Juliet Hular
    Juliet Hular Day ago

    Yes of course.he's so talented and sweet guy

  • louise byrne
    louise byrne Day ago

    She's only married to the spare and would want to get off her Diana buzz she will never even come close she is hated by all blood suckers

    NLE ROGUE Day ago

    This whole thing is sooo fake

  • Genesis Olivarez

    This is so not right she lets her kid be like that she could be like no don’t wear that but she lets him

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool Day ago


  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool Day ago

    Widdle Charlie is just an immature widdle boy.. still. Zero respect for the wanker.

  • s Jones
    s Jones Day ago

    The figures in this video are all over the place. The prince is worth 18, million dollars and princess haya wants 18 billion dollars in child support. The person narrating this needs to go to a maths class.

  • Summer Snow
    Summer Snow Day ago

    I need dove and Thomas merraid there the cutest couple ☺️☺️☺️

  • Passive Intolerance

    They were together before Jeffree got rich? BOLLOCKS! BULLSHIT! That’s what they all fucking say!

  • מאיה אזולאי

    I dont think. Haya dun somting wrong. She is a good women and good mader. This man muhamad al. Rasid is a kiler he heft to find himself in jaiel he kild latifa and samsa is children run froom him he he heft To saym himself

  • _Cookies & Creams plays_

    I'm so happy that she's free and back...💕

  • Jisoo Love
    Jisoo Love Day ago

    Depression lol im laughing she gets so much attention and she’s depressed so much for rosè who has no attention and lisa called a thai monkey and Jisoo made fun of her deep voice wow this video just makes me angry

  • Trish
    Trish Day ago

    when the queen dies every thing will come out in the open about the royals and willaum and harry will know the thruth about their mother

  • marcia boyd
    marcia boyd Day ago

    She's got the devil in her 😈! Hubby carried that burden for all the years she's been a ultra entertainer! Success isn't just about talent! Should be...

  • Sara
    Sara 2 days ago

    Michael Jackson is innocent. Fuck all his haters

  • Sara
    Sara 2 days ago

    His face is haunting af

  • •Sïlvër•
    •Sïlvër• 2 days ago

    This is a load of bullcrap Sadie never lied she had lessons throughout the set for 3 months. Get your facts straight before you post it on TheXvid

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 days ago


    ROCKING DEADPOOL 2 days ago

    She went only fame and money not love so she have this many boyfriends And in my opinion behind the kurt death also by her

  • Dyu Note
    Dyu Note 2 days ago

    gA- TEn WTF MAN xD

  • Lee Sanghun
    Lee Sanghun 2 days ago

    To haters:u r just jealous to z pop. Not hving love to kpop just for timepass. If u really love kpop then u r wrong u hv just only jeolus in ur heart not love.

  • milagros lluisma
    milagros lluisma 2 days ago

    Angelina divorced Brad Pitt because of him, she took his side. Good , Brad got his freedom. He is now free.

  • Hazz Ziqq
    Hazz Ziqq 2 days ago

    Just ignore all of those negative comment Mina and remember we ONCE always be with you all the time so just focus on your conditions and #GETWELLSOONMINA#WELOVEYOUMINA#TWICEONCEALWAYSTOGETHER

  • trugoingnowhere
    trugoingnowhere 2 days ago

    what an old mad woman, ruins life of a beautiful girl destroying her with hormones treatment to become a fucking disabled ugly shit

  • Abdul lateef Khan
    Abdul lateef Khan 2 days ago

    i love you jlo bievoce alx

  • Stan JBJ95
    Stan JBJ95 2 days ago

    Why do people always pronounce Vietnamese as VietMaNese

  • riptiderobin15
    riptiderobin15 2 days ago

    2:51 Omg the way he mispronounces Joaquin's name, JO-aquin.

  • Wendy Diane Vincent

    Really? If you look at Fazzas Instagram you will see the princess is following fazza and have come to the conclusion the Maktoum family is either so poor, or so bored they need attention. It's not real it's faked , 💋💋💋💋

  • Cassie Osorio
    Cassie Osorio 2 days ago

    They look nothing alike are people blind?!?

  • Cassie Osorio
    Cassie Osorio 2 days ago

    This is wrong Claudia has been doing TheXvid since she was in the freaking 8th grade yes she is from Chicago and she moved to LA because that’s what everyone on TheXvid was doing back in 2013/2014

  • Milagros Suva
    Milagros Suva 2 days ago

    They will eventually’ . Give them time!

  • Yeana Moi suantak
    Yeana Moi suantak 2 days ago

    My india

  • Marilyn Lackey
    Marilyn Lackey 2 days ago

    I do agree, she was fooled, & confused about who she really loved. She stated she was falling in LOVE with Tyler also, And if he loved her like he said he did, that DOES NOT GO AWAY THAT'S THERE TO STAY. Unless it was all a bunch of hooey!