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  • Farney Boy
    Farney Boy 2 minutes ago

    new edge very slow on xfinty

  • FatihSultanMehmed
    FatihSultanMehmed 18 minutes ago

    i always have creative soundcards in my pc and the sound quality against a Realtek (RealCrap) on-board sound, is like day and night. everybody who don't have the comparison at home, don't know what they talking about!

    XLR丶EAGLE 19 minutes ago

    Me at 2020

  • Andrei
    Andrei 19 minutes ago

    2.20 takes out phone, editor quickly throws b-roll over him

  • Clash Robert
    Clash Robert 24 minutes ago

    Best tip: Make sure the ram is clicked in before you turn on the PC

  • Sparky Barth
    Sparky Barth 38 minutes ago

    I started ejecting my flash drive after 3:51 happened to me. It was my first flash drive back when it costs a fortune. And I thought it was this magical stick that could store the unthinkably huge 512MB. It wasn't that much of a magic when one day I discovered almost every single files in it were corrupted because I just yanked them out of the port every time.

  • Konrad Szkudlarek
    Konrad Szkudlarek 41 minute ago

    Hey, but what's with console based on PowerPC ? Can i install OsX on WiiU ? ;)

  • riyaz hashemi
    riyaz hashemi 42 minutes ago

    I used my android phone to sound record for 12 hours, after i stoped the file be came half time size like 6 hours and when i play it plays so fast which you cant understand at all, any solution guys??????

  • EddyGraphic
    EddyGraphic 50 minutes ago

    Fast forward to 2020 and the LG C9 has a MS lag of 1 and 120Hz refresh rate, so the Gap is closing really fast.

  • DampeN
    DampeN 58 minutes ago

    Referring to all websites as google - my mom

  • Bhuvnesh Mittal
    Bhuvnesh Mittal Hour ago

    Well there was a trick to remove that watermark also by running a a specific program in cmd which lets you to make your own product key and then when asked for activation you can enter the same. It had worked for me 2-3 years ago.

  • jonj488
    jonj488 Hour ago

    2:05 Someone forgot to set their phone to silent ;)

  • Akash Salekar
    Akash Salekar Hour ago

    After watching video i get the concept hydrogen bonding.

  • Ken Z
    Ken Z Hour ago


  • Chaim S
    Chaim S Hour ago

    The number one reason is that SMS doesn't need data- will RCS take that away?

  • wajid
    wajid Hour ago

    60-50 kbs download and 3-5 kbs upload between 9 peoples 11 devices 7 always on

  • Dennis kuijpers
    Dennis kuijpers Hour ago

    Linus: writes Chinese so we wont understand me (a Chinese learner): HA

  • Panos Rod
    Panos Rod Hour ago

    Containers are another way to make you use someone else's computer 😆

  • boulderbash19700209

    You're but a corporation shill. Shame on you.

  • FE4R3D06
    FE4R3D06 2 hours ago

    When you have i5 but have 8 cores “Am I the green ninja?”

  • Arjemar Abdullah
    Arjemar Abdullah 2 hours ago

    Just don't update your computer to prevent system damage just because u tried to update your computer and there's a power outage..

  • dino guy1996
    dino guy1996 2 hours ago

    2004 TheXvid: *Broadcast yourself* 2020 TheXvid: *Profit yourself*

  • Felix Matveev
    Felix Matveev 2 hours ago

    As FBI\CIA\Mossad\KGB prefer to track you all the time.

  • boulderbash19700209
    boulderbash19700209 2 hours ago

    Now do AMD processor list.

  • Sunbearkadence AJ
    Sunbearkadence AJ 2 hours ago

    Back then just as long as it kept my parents from finding the shit I caused online, nowadays I really don't care..

  • Vreyne
    Vreyne 2 hours ago

    You're disabled! I can play GTA III on my PC just fine!

  • Steel Horse Riding Club

    RFID wallets are used to stop tap and go purchases in the UK. I know the US are still behind on this tech but it’s coming.

  • okem
    okem 2 hours ago

    Upin & Ipin lookin ass

  • john constantine
    john constantine 2 hours ago

    Xbox more like subscription box

  • samgao
    samgao 2 hours ago

    Back when TVs were tubes, didn’t they have minimal input lag also? Or just go full blown CRT

  • CraftBuilds
    CraftBuilds 2 hours ago

    linus doing a fortnite ad? LMAOOOO

  • Niilomaan
    Niilomaan 2 hours ago

    In Finland SMS has basically died because of smartphones and (usually included) unlimited data on phone plans. People mostly use Whatsapp, but also Facebook messenger and some even Discord and such. SMS is still used by official sources like appointment reminders or Post / Courier packet deliveries. Free SMS is now often provided by phone plans as default.

  • Ash
    Ash 2 hours ago

    FBI: You can’t defeat me. People who search how to get free Minecraft: I know, but he can Incognito: *IM YOUR NEMESIS*

  • Nathaniel Olsen
    Nathaniel Olsen 3 hours ago

    I cannot stand Snapchat, Messenger, or Instagram. Never used WhatsApp. Long live SMS.

  • Ozzy Man Diaz
    Ozzy Man Diaz 3 hours ago

    currently watching with 5g wifi, fuck you boomers

  • Kriss
    Kriss 3 hours ago

    Hey! Does CAT phones have removable battery?

  • Mr.Skull: The King of creativity

    Yaaaaay! Internet exploder yeeeeeaaaaayyyyy!

  • Sandhya XD
    Sandhya XD 3 hours ago

    I thought he is Tobey Maguire

  • garry brown
    garry brown 3 hours ago

    I once had a phd cs professor who was teaching the linux class and I forget why but I was explaining something and said "so, I ran 'sudo su'" and he looked at me and said "I don't know what that command means". It was one of the more confusing moments of my life.

  • believe me
    believe me 3 hours ago

    Dude, you're getting a Dell 👍

  • ihave noname
    ihave noname 3 hours ago

    We've come to the point where we have to explain a key on a keyboard

  • ’e-ḇen
    ’e-ḇen 3 hours ago

    I've bought several games from G2A and never had one problem. But I AM CAREFUL and they are a last resort when choosing where to buy a game. Steam and other official platforms are best when buying games. But lets face it, sometimes its just too much money

  • Nguyen Chanh
    Nguyen Chanh 3 hours ago

    Lest rock with DDR4 now, and do not waste your time.

  • Fl8nie
    Fl8nie 3 hours ago

    Watch my stream NOW! and YOU will get 5 minutes and 26 seconds of GOOD LUCK!

  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush 3 hours ago

    Well its secure enough to protect myself from accident history searches

  • Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

    Master Linus, here’s a question for you and Team Linus Media Group: What are some good PERSONAL Social Media Aggregators? Not for analytics, just so I only have to go to a single App to cruise my Social Media content, people I follow. You know, a lazy ass App⁉️⁉️ Much L♥️VE to You and the Whole of Team Linus Media Group‼️‼️‼️♥️♥️♥️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💻💻💻🥃🥃🥃

  • 송혜지
    송혜지 3 hours ago

    옛 오%락실 릴게>임 오㈜프라인버전 그대로~ xxoxx7、com

  • Zachary Tabz
    Zachary Tabz 3 hours ago

    at the past years i thought that grey background is real but when i started learning video editing it is just a green screen

  • Sayanara
    Sayanara 3 hours ago

    I do not quite understand. Let’s say I spend 2k $ on a miner, after mining x number of bit coins, how do I exchange them for $ and buy a car 🤔 I’m trying to figure out how this works...

  • Omar Bartolini
    Omar Bartolini 3 hours ago

    Windows 7, you can continue to use it. Is very well and stable, since the OS itself is ROCK SOLID compared to Windows 10. Regarding of the bugs and vulnerabilities insecurity are all mostly TARGETED ATTACKS. Just secure your browser and a good antivirus-antimalware software and you're good to go.

  • KittyPouncer
    KittyPouncer 3 hours ago

    Who's on first, but What makes all your electronics work. What is very busy!

    VALKEN1ASSASIN 3 hours ago

    Can you connect an iPhone to a androids hot spot ?

  • Zephyr López Cervilla

    8K consumer TVs are pointless mostly because most people (and I mean most people, not most well-off people) don't have room for 80-inch displays at home (unless they fit them in the ceiling). They would have to upgrade their living-room/lounge/den first.

  • The Simpsons
    The Simpsons 3 hours ago

    I love how this guy explained everything about the different formats. I am sick of dumb asses talking about MP3 are bullshit and bad. I know this jackass who has a very large collection of music that he trades. He has the upmost disrespect for MP3,talks so much shit about it everyday. So I decided to do a test on the bird brain.I ripped a CD in 2 files, one in 128kbps MP3 and the other in FLAC. Same song.I played both samples for him then asked, can you tell me the difference between both because I said,I think one sound better than the other .The bird brain says the unexpected. Both sounds the same.😂😂😂.I cried laughing. I then told the idiot one is FLAC the other is 128kbps.MP3 only discard shit that human ears can't pick up,so at the end of the day MP3 is not bad at all. So stop being an asshole worshiping FLAC when you can't even tell the damn difference,I guess he was embarrassed because he didn't spoke back to me again. Point blank,people needs to STFU and stop telling people what format to listen their music.

  • brandan w
    brandan w 3 hours ago

    just run window in a virtual on linux on a xbox. problem solved

  • CatONfire
    CatONfire 3 hours ago

    I can fill the thumbnail is laughing at me

  • Grandsome
    Grandsome 3 hours ago

    21:9 is the actual future.

  • Creations of Himachali boys Easy amplifier using 4440ic Also with volume control terrible control Bass control And fit mp3 module

  • MattsNotBanned_
    MattsNotBanned_ 4 hours ago

    iPhone power supply/adapter/charger = "the cube"

  • MattsNotBanned_
    MattsNotBanned_ 4 hours ago

    Lightning cable = iPhone charger Micro USB/USB-C = Android charger Biggest tech misconception probably to this day.

  • MechaMicro
    MechaMicro 4 hours ago

    You can install Windows on Linux shell

  • Dmitriy Zherebtsov
    Dmitriy Zherebtsov 4 hours ago

    Can someone please explain why would anyone buy $200 wired keyboard?

    DEATHSTROKE 4 hours ago

    Here in India, data connections and Wifi is way cheaper than SMS lol.

  • Bebek
    Bebek 4 hours ago

    Oh , windows weak security because this?

  • playboydojo
    playboydojo 4 hours ago

    Okay, but why does car come before automobile in that dictionary?

  • Balasubramaniam Natarajan

    "Do you Understand!" @1:40 :-)

  • RickOShay
    RickOShay 4 hours ago

    And if your Apple you include do nothing loops that drain those extra clock ticks and battety and deliberately slow the machine down - in an illegal attempt to force you to upgrade after only a year.

  • First Don Diego
    First Don Diego 4 hours ago

    What's he talking about? Fanny paks ARE making a comeback.

  • Ashton Snapp
    Ashton Snapp 4 hours ago

    Sometimes those fake errors make it extremely difficult to close them by spamming alerts and stuff like that. It’s annoying. also boi i’m in Manjaro Linux right now, windows ain’t even running whachu talkin bout

  • Cameron
    Cameron 4 hours ago

    this mf sounds like Saul Goodman

  • cyber gamez
    cyber gamez 4 hours ago

    World Wide Web is called as Internet...

  • Patrick Faulkner
    Patrick Faulkner 4 hours ago

    TV, -You can get an old one from your friends for free...

  • Damien Hartley
    Damien Hartley 4 hours ago

    Anything that is not IBM based and runs on Android/windows in ultimately a dumb phone no matter how much word salad you can toss because it will be infierier so yes apple is leading the dumb phone revolution.

  • Rozz Heydrich
    Rozz Heydrich 5 hours ago

    I just got a X5450,i hope it's was worth my money.

  • Eric Flowers
    Eric Flowers 5 hours ago

    Why not use the case of the Xbox to build a mini pc?

  • ValerianoRobYT
    ValerianoRobYT 5 hours ago

    does it have windows already

  • Eric Fielding
    Eric Fielding 5 hours ago

    I got an old Blackberry that really doesn't run apps well

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 5 hours ago

    This is super interesting! Thanks for the bedtime learning, Linus! Awesome job!

  • qemdrive
    qemdrive 5 hours ago

    1:52 SMS often works when absolutely nothing else (including voice) will

  • RectalDiscourse
    RectalDiscourse 5 hours ago

    I believe they are called "CPU Holders" or "slots"

  • Progje
    Progje 5 hours ago

    why would you have windows on an xbox... just stupid.

  • Han Sol Jin
    Han Sol Jin 5 hours ago

    some of us just can't afford data

  • Awesome Things
    Awesome Things 5 hours ago

    I like online casinos

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 5 hours ago

    Windows Vista was so bad I switched to a Mac! I then got a PC with Windows 10 when the Macbook Pro died because that was all I can afford.

  • Kwl Gamer
    Kwl Gamer 5 hours ago

    Fancy googy? OR FancyKey?

  • ObiTrev
    ObiTrev 5 hours ago

    I just threw out a Soundblaster Card from 2007 with the gameport and everything.

  • Lost Beetle
    Lost Beetle 6 hours ago

    Just don't cut the power off too slowly. I turn my computer off by pulling the power out very, very slowly.

  • SpeedyMicherGD
    SpeedyMicherGD 6 hours ago

    2:22 Hangouts notification sound

  • AllenSeeAllenDo
    AllenSeeAllenDo 6 hours ago

    Yeah this is so dumb. Why I went to Pc.

  • Aaron Wise
    Aaron Wise 6 hours ago

    Could I use this for more storage space on my PlayStation 4?

  • Kartoffel Gaming
    Kartoffel Gaming 6 hours ago

    You can Install Win XP 100% EMULATOR

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose 6 hours ago

    I watched this in 6:9

  • MinorPopcorn
    MinorPopcorn 6 hours ago

    Is this Linus???

  • Kevin Powell
    Kevin Powell 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Windows either: Clear display but text too small to see OR text at a readable size but too fuzzy to see.

  • Daniel Arsivana
    Daniel Arsivana 6 hours ago

    nobody uses SMS anymore here, bcs it's isn't free. i use sms only for registration purposes only.

  • True Reaper45
    True Reaper45 6 hours ago

    I remember using Internet Explorer. It was a good web browser, but it's time had come. RIP... Unless the old warrior returns to slay Chrome, Consumer of Ram.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    I have never met anyone IRL that has a WhatsApp. And no one uses GroupMe for individual chats, why would you when everyone already has SMS and Facebook Messenger. Discord is connected with Unicorn Riot, so don't talk about anything you would rather stay confidential there. And normies don't even know what Telegram is, that's for online friends.

  • Shamoa Krasieski
    Shamoa Krasieski 7 hours ago

    This sucks. I love removable batteries and headphone jacks.

  • pandinha do caraio
    pandinha do caraio 7 hours ago

    Because, i am immortal

  • Furret
    Furret 7 hours ago

    Because it already has it but with a string of changed code