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Adults React To Joker
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Teens React To blink-182
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  • Valerie Gutierrez


  • Alex Asperin
    Alex Asperin Hour ago

    Le'raun first statement is facts

  • Dionysus D.
    Dionysus D. Hour ago

    I literally have never played any of these.

  • Emma Pakarinen
    Emma Pakarinen Hour ago

    Matt went totally awkward when avi was in the videos

  • can dela
    can dela Hour ago

    I sometimes forget that Taylor pulled her songs from streaming services for several years. She would have probably dominated or at least have 2 spots in here if she did

  • M7md Mzh
    M7md Mzh Hour ago

    Plz do a top 10 most streamed artists of the decade on spotify

  • krithika kumar
    krithika kumar Hour ago

    No Taylor swift.?! .. Wow I am shook

    • krithika kumar
      krithika kumar Hour ago

      @can dela oh yeah that makes sense😄😄

    • can dela
      can dela Hour ago

      She pulled back her catalogue from streaming services for several years so it makes sense that she is not in here bc its only Spotify

  • Driton Reshidovski

    what about 2018...

  • Aditi Gawhale
    Aditi Gawhale Hour ago

    but One direction......

  • Kwark !
    Kwark ! Hour ago

    Why is joana ceddia not in this

  • IshRona Iqbal
    IshRona Iqbal Hour ago

    I thought there would be more songs from the first half of the decade. But then again Spotify became big around the 2013's i would think...

    • IshRona Iqbal
      IshRona Iqbal Hour ago

      @Matthew McVeigh i think it was spotify streams

    • Matthew McVeigh
      Matthew McVeigh Hour ago

      Was it based on Spotify streams or biggest sellers/plays or a combination? I really can’t be bothered with doing the research right mow

  • Niño Ampaya
    Niño Ampaya Hour ago

    is no one gonna mention avi?

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan Hour ago

    I would have thought Chainsmokers - Roses (ft. Rozes) would have been more popular than Closer

    • Francis Mansos
      Francis Mansos Hour ago

      I think Closer was a bigger hit than Roses. During those times that Chainsmokers became widely known, Closer was played almost everywhere. Also, this song started Halsey's popularity.

  • EE Bru
    EE Bru Hour ago

    How about sssniperwolf

  • Amy Winehouse
    Amy Winehouse Hour ago

    1:13 A este pendejo le ha de gustar maluma

  • Kate McCann
    Kate McCann Hour ago

    I clicked for Ed.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Hour ago

    these are all "fast success" songs...aka they became huge for a few months and then people forget about them

  • Angel Daniel Quinto Hernandez

    Am surprised that avicci wasn't here

  • Abdullah Masud
    Abdullah Masud Hour ago

    Can you do a video about juice wrld again please

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda Hour ago

    One dance is good only because of wizkid's verse.

  • The X Force
    The X Force Hour ago

    ma man Jaxon spittin fax

  • ehh887
    ehh887 Hour ago

    Rae is so relatable in this vid

  • Buck Town
    Buck Town Hour ago

    Milintards 😂👍🏽

  • Sally May
    Sally May Hour ago

    I eat the crust first...boring part first

  • You know Who
    You know Who Hour ago

    At least Shane can finally say he was in a TheXvid Rewind😂😂

  • Christian zelalem

    I am kinda mad shape of you was number 1

  • Bulmaro Mondragon

    The doors

  • Bulmaro Mondragon

    The doors

  • Bulmaro Mondragon

    We want the doors

  • Bulmaro Mondragon

    The doors

  • Sofi Ring
    Sofi Ring 2 hours ago

    Jaxon, I really think you are a cool boy, but don’t say that about “ thinking out loud”.

  • Atomic Reina
    Atomic Reina 2 hours ago

    Ugh youngblood!!!🖤🖤

  • Rain Forest Jasper
    Rain Forest Jasper 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or the teens are over-reacting?

  • Peter Jacob
    Peter Jacob 2 hours ago

    I mean ... Jaxon literally hate everything 😑

    • Nodian
      Nodian Hour ago

      just not his style, thats actually cool that there's someone that has different opinion on the songs, cause most of other teens loved every single one

  • Elizabeth Dufur
    Elizabeth Dufur 2 hours ago

    Damn it was a pathetic decade musically

  • Mirage
    Mirage 2 hours ago

    They put in post Malone, and all this stuff but no SAD!, 7 rings, despacito. Wtf

    • OrangeVines
      OrangeVines Hour ago

      These are just the most played songs in the last decade. Just data no opinion

    • Lord LOC
      Lord LOC Hour ago

      Blame the people on Spotify, not FBE.

  • AM Kizilhan
    AM Kizilhan 2 hours ago

    I agree with Jaxon 😂😂

  • ami universe
    ami universe 2 hours ago

    Fbe should of have been in there

  • Geeky Ghostie
    Geeky Ghostie 2 hours ago

    The ballon ornament is less dumb than the candycane star.

  • Kyle Stutz
    Kyle Stutz 2 hours ago

    Despacito? Bad Guy? Thank you, next? Bruh wtf

    • Kristen Kristen
      Kristen Kristen Hour ago

      The last 2 weren't that huge

    • mina who?
      mina who? Hour ago

      They weren’t listened as much as these songs it’s not that some people chose the songs

  • Domen Drovenik
    Domen Drovenik 2 hours ago

    Thank god theres no despacito😅

  • Skill Boy
    Skill Boy 2 hours ago

    Anybody know where the purple hoodie with the stars is from

  • Martin
    Martin 2 hours ago

    I guess I'm getting old, never heard of any of these :D

  • bazzakrak
    bazzakrak 2 hours ago


  • Mark Riley
    Mark Riley 2 hours ago

    “I dance..” Let’s see dem dance skillz :).

  • Sam Goldstone
    Sam Goldstone 2 hours ago

    Elder Scrolls VI: Boomerborn

  • BrunetteBeauty962
    BrunetteBeauty962 2 hours ago

    This years rewind reminds me of one of the first rewinds with rebecca black

  • Chrisha Magpali
    Chrisha Magpali 2 hours ago

    Mary did you know? Silent night?

  • Buddhimal Ramanayaka

    8:32 no there is a one. I always do that.

  • Rin draws
    Rin draws 2 hours ago

    that's more of a repost than a rewind

  • Gabriella Mariani
    Gabriella Mariani 2 hours ago

    “I remember that was a joke thing”

  • Shihab AlRashdi
    Shihab AlRashdi 2 hours ago

    No song that I listen in my daily basis

    • Brian Yach
      Brian Yach 2 hours ago

      I hear ya. I'm not a fan of that style.

  • Shubhash Gurung
    Shubhash Gurung 2 hours ago

    2:06 what is unai emery doing there?

  • Sara Al balushi
    Sara Al balushi 2 hours ago


  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 2 hours ago


  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 2 hours ago

    12:04 I feel you Rae

  • Kayla Pavlik
    Kayla Pavlik 2 hours ago

    I kinda was hoping that there would have been more songs from the 1st half of the decade

  • tachi4ever
    tachi4ever 2 hours ago

    ((I have never heard 2 and 3?))

    • mario1237
      mario1237 2 hours ago

      that is pretty weird ...

  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 2 hours ago

    I’m sorry, I cannot take Ed Sheeran boxing seriously lmao. Love the song tho

  • Josh Sargent
    Josh Sargent 2 hours ago

    Shape of You makes me sick. It's really gross

    • NowhereMan
      NowhereMan 2 hours ago

      @NuSsE_Iz ReAl most popular songs are about sex in some form

    • NuSsE_Iz ReAl
      NuSsE_Iz ReAl 2 hours ago

      ndiver it’s about sex, sex isn’t gross but, it’s kinda weird in a song though...

    • ndiver
      ndiver 2 hours ago

      How? lol

  • Laura Escobedo
    Laura Escobedo 2 hours ago

    Jackson secretly likes Ed Sheeran

  • fatima hasnain
    fatima hasnain 2 hours ago

    "Oh hi- OMG HALSEY IS SO HOT!!!" 😂😂

  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 3 hours ago

    Real talk though, the music video for thinking out loud is beautiful

  • Munksfan1
    Munksfan1 3 hours ago

    Why not the top 10??

  • Josh Sargent
    Josh Sargent 3 hours ago

    Where has good music gone?

    • sterlini
      sterlini 2 hours ago

      people say this every decade, every generation, try again

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 3 hours ago

    Internet ppl are weird. Everyone just knows everybody

  • Setsugetsu Hachigatsu

    1:46 plz say pewdiepie

  • noa reisner
    noa reisner 3 hours ago

    Where is ari😶

  • Laith Badghaish
    Laith Badghaish 3 hours ago

    Where is old town road and despacito

  • Vir LFC8
    Vir LFC8 3 hours ago

    I've only heard Ed's songs a few times but I have never heard the other 3, wtf?

    • Bird Gang
      Bird Gang 2 hours ago

      Vir LFC8 How come if you have post in your playlist lol

  • Highkey ARMY
    Highkey ARMY 3 hours ago

    Twizzlers! 🤣🤣 Ms Ruby I love you

  • Dario Hall
    Dario Hall 3 hours ago

    Bad Bunny and MCR.

  • bryoni1
    bryoni1 3 hours ago

    So many badly placed ad breaks

  • Katie Kay
    Katie Kay 3 hours ago

    Ed Sheeran was 2/5 of the soundtrack of at least 1/2 their lives... lol.

  • Simon Ljung Ahlstedt


    • Juuso Liff
      Juuso Liff 3 hours ago

      That was mostly on youtube, not Spofity.

  • Vicky R.
    Vicky R. 3 hours ago

    Geez Jaxon whines a lot. I bet he's a closet Ed Sheeren fan...

  • juniorpickle
    juniorpickle 3 hours ago


  • ツBiqtyz
    ツBiqtyz 3 hours ago

    I just inhale the pizza, in my opinion it’s just easier.

  • Mathias S.
    Mathias S. 3 hours ago

    I agree so much with Jaxon.

  • Lynda Sousa
    Lynda Sousa 3 hours ago

    I researched this and you forgot about despacito

    MERYEM GÜNAYDIN 3 hours ago

    can you react lp1 by liam payne please? 💥

  • Mai Mai
    Mai Mai 3 hours ago


  • Kiran Srivastava
    Kiran Srivastava 3 hours ago

    2016 was one of the best music years

    • alex 15
      alex 15 2 hours ago

      Wtf i think you are a child 2010-2014 were better

  • ECHOprestige
    ECHOprestige 3 hours ago


  • Lukas Lopes
    Lukas Lopes 3 hours ago

    9:34 the way the cut the video.."C*m on my waist and put that body on me."

  • S A
    S A 3 hours ago

    Why do i think that 2000-2019 is a decade and not two?

  • Angelo
    Angelo 3 hours ago

    Ed Shareen does not wash his ass

  • ECHOprestige
    ECHOprestige 4 hours ago


  • King Erican
    King Erican 4 hours ago

    Jaxon can keep his opinion

    • Mathias S.
      Mathias S. 2 hours ago

      King Erican out of reach*

    • King Erican
      King Erican 3 hours ago

      @Mathias S. perspective*

    • Nam Lai
      Nam Lai 3 hours ago


  • Keitharo Lin
    Keitharo Lin 4 hours ago

    Save the animals!

  • Sofia Sonja
    Sofia Sonja 4 hours ago

    7:08 I feel good dududududududu

  • Liz
    Liz 4 hours ago

    Jaxon is so mad lol. Ed Sheeran is fine.

    • Mathias S.
      Mathias S. 3 hours ago

      Liz So many people included me thinks his music is mediocre.

  • SrrRahim
    SrrRahim 4 hours ago

    My Songs of Decade (being overplayed by me for hundred times) : - Viva la vida by coldplay - I'll Be There For You by the rembrandts - Ordinary life by simple plan - Centuries by fall out boy - Primaddonna by marina & the diamonds

    • Vir LFC8
      Vir LFC8 3 hours ago


  • Binti Toufeeq
    Binti Toufeeq 4 hours ago


  • Dom :
    Dom : 4 hours ago

    “it ain’t sex on the beach” 😂

  • CaptenMurica
    CaptenMurica 4 hours ago

    Jackson hates everything bruh

  • Tanner Eustace
    Tanner Eustace 4 hours ago

    Beat box guy didn’t impress me bc of AGT’s Berywam

  • NVD 213
    NVD 213 4 hours ago

    Ok tunas

  • Straw hat
    Straw hat 4 hours ago

    9:30 ma man

  • Hannah Joosten
    Hannah Joosten 4 hours ago

    I think this year's was a 1000 times better than last year's however I really miss the old format