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  • CHIA Hello
    CHIA Hello 4 minutes ago

    You’re sososo cute😍😍

  • Fuad Eliyev
    Fuad Eliyev 14 minutes ago


  • Fuad Eliyev
    Fuad Eliyev 14 minutes ago


  • Kaye I
    Kaye I 35 minutes ago

    Shes like a lil kid eeehhheheheh

  • chyuchyu
    chyuchyu 41 minute ago

    shes baby uwu

  • 미냐
    미냐 47 minutes ago

    쌩얼이 너무 충격적이야....쌩얼 맞나여 너무 이쁨ㅠㅠ

  • chyuchyu
    chyuchyu 50 minutes ago

    "do you see the double chin here?" hyuna what double chin

  • Jade Eilish
    Jade Eilish 56 minutes ago

    🌸 ADDICTED 🌸

  • girl from ต่างดาว

    Wow...This give me a Disney vibe

  • bella bujang
    bella bujang Hour ago

    Not a fan of hyuna but after see her in this comeback, she look so happpy with dawn, also when they at knowing brother, they are so lovely together. Go go love power. I hope they stay together happily ever after 🥰

  • World Army
    World Army Hour ago

    I love U 😘😘

  • bby.carat
    bby.carat Hour ago


  • Zia kingwill-Cloete

    she's back bitches

  • Luxi Sweet •
    Luxi Sweet • Hour ago

    ¡Me encanta!

  • Dominique
    Dominique Hour ago

    does anyone know who choreographed the song because it's amazing.

  • Captain JL
    Captain JL Hour ago

    Lets Make 10M!

  • Izaura MJH
    Izaura MJH Hour ago

    soo...why is jay park backup dancer doing here

  • reereere le
    reereere le Hour ago

    its stunning ❤❤

  • Izween Azwina
    Izween Azwina 2 hours ago

    Nice song ❤️

  • Aeri Zhang
    Aeri Zhang 2 hours ago

    Yaaaaaah! I really like this song😍

  • Elsaa Xetrri
    Elsaa Xetrri 2 hours ago


  • Josh Capule
    Josh Capule 2 hours ago


  • I'm Here Too
    I'm Here Too 2 hours ago

    in conclusion, i'm a huge ass lesbian

  • 스시스시
    스시스시 2 hours ago

    행복해 보인다💕

  • Brooke Knighten
    Brooke Knighten 2 hours ago

    HYUNA IS RED <3 i ded

  • Raissa Gomes
    Raissa Gomes 2 hours ago


  • のこっ
    のこっ 2 hours ago


  • Raissa Gomes
    Raissa Gomes 2 hours ago

    HYUNA 😍

  • Star.
    Star. 2 hours ago

    Hello I’m still here

  • 이윤
    이윤 2 hours ago

    혹시 앞머리로 눈가린 댄서 이름이라도 알수있을까여...?ㅠㅠ

  • Jovielll Jovielll
    Jovielll Jovielll 3 hours ago


  • Elle El Saltador
    Elle El Saltador 3 hours ago

    I love

  • 바닐라
    바닐라 3 hours ago

    쉐딩 브러시가뭔가요?

  • Trash Kai
    Trash Kai 3 hours ago

    I love mom

  • JOY kconlive
    JOY kconlive 3 hours ago

    Put her songs on spotify ughhh pnation!!!! And other pnation music

  • dae-soek Haung
    dae-soek Haung 3 hours ago

    The beginning sounds like the intro to some like kids safari show

  • Raissa Gomes
    Raissa Gomes 3 hours ago

    HYUNA ♡♡

  • notyouraverage dreamrr

    This song a is a bop, and the mv is so damn beautiful

  • Kvn Manss
    Kvn Manss 4 hours ago


  • Neko chan
    Neko chan 4 hours ago

    Omg!!66 ,💙

  • Cindy Aprilianggi Kartini

    Who's here after running man?

  • Psyche Io
    Psyche Io 4 hours ago

    *Thank you psy for accepting Hyuna* 😊 *Hyuna you deserve this freedom 😊 you are doing great!!! Keep on fighting our sexy queen*

  • 상상
    상상 4 hours ago

    현아는 진짜 장미꽃같다 정말 화려하다 이렇게 화려할수가 없다 근데 태생이 저렇게 태어난거같다 화려한게 현아고 현아가 화려하다 이미 얼굴부터가 고급스럽게 화려함 장미꽃상이 저런건가

  • Vanda tomaz gomes Tomaz


  • Lissa Beydoun
    Lissa Beydoun 5 hours ago

    Queen ❤

  • dwita eprila
    dwita eprila 5 hours ago

    what should I do, I can't stop hearing this song 😭 .. really like this song 🔥 ♥ ️

  • Anningwati Simbolon
    Anningwati Simbolon 5 hours ago

    Cube don't be sad...😃😃 Hyuna fighting😘 Thanks P Nation😊

  • 한국화
    한국화 5 hours ago

    현아 왤케 기여움?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ졸귀탱이네진짜

  • Nia Lynson
    Nia Lynson 5 hours ago

    15 seconds in and the MV looks so gorgeous. I loved this song on the first listen and I keep loving it more and more.

  • ツluvjivung
    ツluvjivung 5 hours ago

    PSY is the best 😪

  • Karla Sofia Aguayo Cervantes

    I' love hoy hyuna

  • Kátia benete de souza


  • Afiah Nayli
    Afiah Nayli 6 hours ago

    Girl in love is the prettiest

  • Burnice Davies
    Burnice Davies 6 hours ago

    I been waiting for comeback think God she back.

  • Aura O. L.
    Aura O. L. 6 hours ago

    Siempre tendrás mi apoyo.

  • Aura O. L.
    Aura O. L. 6 hours ago

    I Love You ♡

  • 변재윤
    변재윤 6 hours ago

    썸네일 눈빛에서 마릴린 맨슨 느낌도 나고, 초반 눈빛에서는 여자들이 관계하기 전의 눈빛이 느껴지네요. 항상 파격적이긴 하네요. 비밀인데..

  • 현주입니다
    현주입니다 6 hours ago

    춤도잘추고 이쁘고 노래잘부르거 못하는게머에여 ㅎㅎ

  • Marie C
    Marie C 7 hours ago

    The queen is back 😍

  • ong wanna one
    ong wanna one 7 hours ago

    The queen

  • Yharisbeth Maritza Him

    My queen

  • Daiana Cruz
    Daiana Cruz 7 hours ago


  • Seulg She is My Queen


  • Seulg She is My Queen

    My angeel

  • ada avi
    ada avi 7 hours ago

    "I've always loved flowers" Girl, because you are one 💕

  • Ridwanくん
    Ridwanくん 7 hours ago

    Yg Dari Indonesia Mana Suaranya...!?

  • Giulia Alban
    Giulia Alban 8 hours ago

    Queen ❤️

  • Emily Schmitz
    Emily Schmitz 8 hours ago

    She looks so happy in here, if you watch the behind the scenes you can tell she is just so happy working with pnation and the fact that they gave Dawn and Hyuna a comeback at the same time so that they will be on shows at the same time, just warms my heart. They will be busy now promoting but at least it will be at the same time.

  • Baekhyun Oppa EXO'l
    Baekhyun Oppa EXO'l 8 hours ago

    *هيونا دائما مبدعة* ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • audy gracia
    audy gracia 8 hours ago

    lmao i can hear cube crying at the corner

  • Lie Schenk
    Lie Schenk 8 hours ago

    Anyone else is super obsessed with that part in 0:33 ???

  • Hazel Tan
    Hazel Tan 8 hours ago

    She’s beating her face to stop aging or keep her beauty intact. Ok. Noted.

  • Army 4life
    Army 4life 9 hours ago

    Ok I hate hyuna but this song is actually nice

  • Mar Santamaría Gómez

    Ya la extrañaba...😍 Que gran regreso Reyna (✷‿✷)

  • Ruben Bermudez Izquierdo

    0:35 la mejor parte

  • S2DahyunBerryS2 _Once

    In 1:06 the girl with hair blonde is very similar with Chung ha omg

  • Streams Playlist Holder

    Looking so healthy

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 9 hours ago

    0:36 woow the way she is like a doll/princess

  • Beatriz
    Beatriz 9 hours ago

    that's *Snow White* as a kpop MV

  • Lawan Mook
    Lawan Mook 9 hours ago

    HyunA : give your like Me : you already have it even before the song started

  • m m
    m m 9 hours ago


  • Pone Ana Lisa
    Pone Ana Lisa 9 hours ago

    The bridge gets me emotional.

  • Aleksandra
    Aleksandra 9 hours ago

    Wow, like not Hyuna. Giant congratulations :)

  • farhahxoxo
    farhahxoxo 9 hours ago

    the way she applies the foundation 😭

  • Yujin Kim
    Yujin Kim 10 hours ago

    언니 넘 사랑해요 꽃길만 걸어요!!

  • Brianna Dau
    Brianna Dau 10 hours ago


  • Abir Hadrich
    Abir Hadrich 10 hours ago

    Hyuna is always the BEST😍🔥

  • Marilene Francisca Da Silva

    Mais que linda !!Que rainha!!!💖💖

  • ML8
    ML8 10 hours ago

    Maravilhosa ❤❤❤❤

  • Cutie
    Cutie 10 hours ago

    My precious flower🌺💗✨

  • DOHC
    DOHC 10 hours ago

    wait, I thought she wasnt allowed to make any more music?

  • PinkWolf
    PinkWolf 10 hours ago

    So cute <3

  • Hayat Hazal
    Hayat Hazal 10 hours ago

    keşke yaz bitmeden atsaydın annem

  • Ariel Antonio Rosenberger

    Queen is back!! <3

  • Katherine Lopez
    Katherine Lopez 10 hours ago

    Sigo sin entender como ese chico que es el doble de musculatura que HyunA logro pasar debajo de sus piernas. Crack

  • clara ruth
    clara ruth 10 hours ago

    Ela ñ tem nenhuma musica ruim

  • clara ruth
    clara ruth 10 hours ago

    Ela ñ tem nenhuma musica ruim

  • Radek Grabkowski
    Radek Grabkowski 10 hours ago

    Who came after J-Hope's tweet? (ekhm, Ahin)

  • shaira garcia
    shaira garcia 11 hours ago

    Psy is very smart.