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  • Vern Porier
    Vern Porier Day ago

    Matt lafieur Packers

  • Jonathan Reed
    Jonathan Reed Day ago

    I certainly agree with Deion I don’t like the overtime rules they should give an opportunity for each team to posses the ball just like college rules

  • Sonam Tamang
    Sonam Tamang 2 days ago

    friggin click bait boy, keep it up ./.

  • B White
    B White 2 days ago

    J was laughin... Your closeness may be clouding your pov. J is about the money. Watch. If he didn't chat to Kap first, smh.

  • JeffWVU
    JeffWVU 2 days ago

    Another thumbs down to a worthless scumbag's video.

  • FoRuV
    FoRuV 2 days ago

    People complain about how both teams should get the ball in overtime but it’s because of the Patriots, if they get the ball in OT it’s all over

  • Kaja Jaka
    Kaja Jaka 5 days ago

    Yeah your #1 TL already has 5 interceptions that is sensational 👏🏾😂bravo👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂

  • SJW Destroyer
    SJW Destroyer 6 days ago

    Two weeks in, only rookie head coach to win a game. 2-0 at that. 👀

  • Adam Howitt
    Adam Howitt 7 days ago

    Tom isn't the GOAT he's a GOD

  • sfen2405
    sfen2405 8 days ago

    "Shape shifter's" ! Don't you just hate em'!

  • Aber Sabeel
    Aber Sabeel 8 days ago

    The 49ers should draft him with blind eyes

  • Anthony Harraden
    Anthony Harraden 9 days ago

    Brady got Edelman and brown now anyway lol

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 10 days ago

    Wow, this didn't age well. What a couple of bums. Firing Linehan was the best thing the Cowboys did in years.

  • Colton Beall
    Colton Beall 10 days ago

    If the Patriots go to the f Ing super bowl again this year I'm gonna stop watching football, and go to hockey and bball

  • Norman Getsinger
    Norman Getsinger 11 days ago

    Freezing cold take.

  • Ye
    Ye 12 days ago

    female commentators are kinda depressing lmao

  • Elliott Adams
    Elliott Adams 12 days ago

    That game was rigged in both times these two played how is it in both games all of a sudden chiefs put up 30? Pat's are great but why do the pats let the chiefs score like. 30? Do the pats get tired?

  • the business handler

    Andy reid folds like a wet blanket to belicheck

  • Robert Wiggins
    Robert Wiggins 12 days ago

    New thoughts anyone???

  • robertk2007
    robertk2007 13 days ago

    Big ben definitely will be first ballot rapist hall of Famer

  • дима лапух
    дима лапух 14 days ago

    Не ну я не понял!

  • N Stj
    N Stj 14 days ago

    Looks like he’s on meth

  • Jerry Lynch
    Jerry Lynch 16 days ago

    This video is from April and I wonder what they think now, the weekend after the frostbite, 2 helmet appeals AND the fight with the GM after being fined for missing practice? Soooooo glad he is gone from Da'Burgh!!!

  • Jimmy Perez
    Jimmy Perez 16 days ago

    Hope they are back for 2019

  • Andrew Salas
    Andrew Salas 16 days ago

    Wait for it......TUCK RULE... RaiderNation started your Dynasty Cheatriots...

  • Michael Logue
    Michael Logue 17 days ago

    The saints lost to vikings just trying to hand it off and leaving time for diggs. We weren't making same mistake again. That pass is best call but honestly it was low and drew missed it by a foot or 2

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 18 days ago

    I never understood why yards matters so much. I think it should be catch % and YAC, but even then I'd imagine there's some wiggle room. Somebody like AB gets deep balls and catches them often, and often gets no YAC because he catches on the sideline or it's a contested catch. Edelman catches quick slants and gets 10+ YAC. Another receiver might only get thrown contested balls so his catch % goes down, an another might get mostly screen passes so his catch % is near 100 but he has no receiving yards. All things considered, I really do think Edelman is more valuable becuse he's a "safety valve" 5-10 yards downfield, and can find the soft spot of zone coverage and has good hands and gets great YAC. Julio Jones and AB are great deep threats, but does that make him any more important?

  • david ap rhys
    david ap rhys 18 days ago

    Great to see / hear Mike Vick - AGAIN !! (Twice in one month...!! )

  • Bhadds 057
    Bhadds 057 18 days ago


  • Tihron Bond
    Tihron Bond 20 days ago

    T.O. is a great spokesperson

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright 20 days ago

    It's about time we get off of our knees and march to Nate Boyar and demand his support and answers to his cowardice.

  • Ericka Jones
    Ericka Jones 21 day ago

    AB imight be "Mr. Big chest," but he sure as hell isn't Mr. Confidentiality😂.

  • Валера Лясота

    А что с каналом??

  • Валера Лясота

    Помнишь меня Братишка?

  • Валера Лясота

    Это я, Валера

  • Валера Лясота

    Амир, привет

  • Petro Skillz
    Petro Skillz 22 days ago

    Is this the worst team the US sent to a world cup ever?

    • FHK
      FHK 21 day ago

      Petro Skillz yup. Easily the most inexperienced

  • Bilgili Bilgisiz
    Bilgili Bilgisiz 22 days ago

    Turkey86-Japan67 USA88-Czech67

  • Jeff Froment
    Jeff Froment 22 days ago

    I love watching this. This is my 3rd time watching this.

  • 53patsfan
    53patsfan 22 days ago

    You guys are forgetting an important stat....YARDS AFTER CATCH. How many go down at first hit? Julian made himself stronger and it improved his game and durability, because he is a FEVERISH WORKER, always up, involved in every game and EARNED his rep as Brady's #1 target by catching the ball in traffic, taking the hard hits and still managing good YAC stats. Trust between Brady and Julian is a reason why he gets the ball a lot. Look at Wes Welker...dropped a SUPER BOWL pass that would have won the Pats the game and was gone the next year to Denver!

  • 53patsfan
    53patsfan 22 days ago

    We will keep Julian over Antonio everyday. Julian only took PED's to recover from destroying his acl tendon, it was a faster recovery to get back in the game. I also agree MANY players are never tested and please do not insult my intelligence by saying some players are protected and even given heads up about PED testing. Until they test every player multiple times a season(and NFL has the money, they just do not want to test everyone) then tis so called "random testing" is a joke

  • Jack Meiov
    Jack Meiov 23 days ago

    Yeah Sure Tua .Youre in denial dude .Alabama got Belicheck level defensive gamed in this National title game , period . Clemson was ready for whatever Alabama had offensively or defensively . Alabama didnt do anything different against Clemson than what Alabama had gotten away with offensively against suck teams all season . Clemson was a superior team on both sides of the ball Alabama took lightly .But Alabama would have lost anyway I believe even if Alabama had taken Clemson more seriously .Alabama had ZERO answer defensively against Ross and Higgins .

  • usaf 93
    usaf 93 24 days ago

    GOAT 🐐

  • clemsontigz1
    clemsontigz1 24 days ago

    Say what ya will but all college fans get on here and bash Bama or Clemson and meanwhile ya team is a has been or barely in the top 25 . Quit hatin on Bama . You can see it in almost every comment section, bama fans and tiger fans respect each other , we dont and cant put each other down because ya sound absolutely idiotic if ya do . Make no mistake any team that wants this title has gotta come through Clemson or Bama and I dont see anyone doing it. See ya in a few months boys , im ready for round 5

  • David Scott
    David Scott 25 days ago

    Clemson is not even in the conversation of greatest teams of all time.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 25 days ago

    This kid is getting way too much hype. He is nowhere near as good as people think he is. One lucky game and people think all of a sudden he's the second coming of Joe Montana.

  • G thecomedian
    G thecomedian 25 days ago

    Sam Ehlinger doesn't have a good QB name though. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣

  • Bhadds 057
    Bhadds 057 25 days ago

    almost everyone of those players use PEDs for the simple fact it helps the healing process and most players battle with injury quite often

  • M Don
    M Don 25 days ago

    Skip... you are an idiot... booing IT?

  • tyfsk
    tyfsk 25 days ago

    Colts he said... oof

    RAW FUSION 25 days ago

    Great video keep grinding

  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas 26 days ago

    Damn Skip. Answer the Question. Booing it ! Now I've heard everything ! You are a prick Skip.

  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas 26 days ago

    ... and this is why Shannon Sharp is better than Stephen A. Smith and Skip. This is about being a decient person. Thank you Andrew Luck. Have a good life my friend.

  • Allen Remo
    Allen Remo 27 days ago

    But Skip......

  • Wally A
    Wally A 27 days ago

    No class fans...

  • Wally A
    Wally A 27 days ago

    There goes the neighborhood...

  • Diesel Rules
    Diesel Rules 27 days ago

    Colts fans suck.

  • Shawn Shell
    Shawn Shell 27 days ago

    Dyson has a career of castigating black conservatives-one of which I’m not-and has to throw Malcolm X under the bus to defend his friend. So unprincipled!

  • 21DaHoagie12
    21DaHoagie12 27 days ago

    The instant Skip Brainless starts talking about how the fans weren't going him they were booing "it" xD xD xD How in the fucking world does that retard have a job at all? Years and years and years of him just being completely wrong and stupid about anything and everything and he's still getting paid to be retarded on TV i just don't get it...... I literally have to edit this comment because what I said just isn't enough to describe just how truly fucking idiotic Shit is, just look at his stupid face, just look at how fucking stupid he looks nodding his head at sharp telling him that sharp would boo in the same situation. How fucking dumb he sounds when he says that Luck "was their Superbowl" and then later he says that Luck was a disappointment in Indy because he didn't mirror Tom Brady's career.... Just the worst fucking piece of shit person he is like holy shit its unbelievable

  • Oui Bay
    Oui Bay 27 days ago

    This rhyming fool is a disgrace on black folk everywhere.. Illuminati puppeteers and puppets. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Phil Black
    Phil Black 28 days ago

    race pimps all of them

  • Lockdown Ko
    Lockdown Ko 28 days ago

    Booing "it" wtf is skip talking about lmao "IT" never threw a td they were booing Luck

  • Jimmie Smith
    Jimmie Smith 28 days ago

    Whether u count QB's as football players or nor. Guess what? They are football players. Period.

  • usaf 93
    usaf 93 28 days ago

    The Colts organization sucks . Andrew Luck is s class act . No support from the front office .

  • Tattle Boad
    Tattle Boad 28 days ago

    if you get paid 10 million dollars to play football i should be able to boo you

  • ferny castillo
    ferny castillo 28 days ago

    So Shannon does this late show and then wakes up super early to do Undisputed??

  • Millard Washington
    Millard Washington 28 days ago

    Only the losers want ot to change not the players not the owners and especially not the networks. Get it done!

  • Lockdown Ko
    Lockdown Ko 29 days ago

    Shit embarrassing lmao I think mills knew pop system better than the usa players at this points and how to beat it

  • Javier D.F.
    Javier D.F. 29 days ago

    CC just can't accept who's The GOAT,and the other guy with his little stats, The Goal is the SB and the Ring. Period

  • yogesh shrimali
    yogesh shrimali 29 days ago

    Lennox Lewis duck all his life riddick Bowe . But he wants Anthony Joshua to fight wilder at any cost . While Joshua has all the belt except 1 . And wilder is not on level at Joshua in compare to money and level of fighter .

  • Dmajor Le
    Dmajor Le 29 days ago

    trash united play worse than local teams

  • Donna Barry
    Donna Barry 29 days ago

    Didn't Jules take adderal ( med. for add) , not a steroid? M.D. prescribed, but no with NFL. We all know that Roger Goodell is a total pos, and ' hates us 'cause he ain't us. He would stoop to any level to hurt new england.He is a pompous loser who will never be respected. Roger that!!

  • Animesh Gandhi
    Animesh Gandhi 29 days ago

    Shut up with this "torch" shit. People loved to romanticize this "Brady-Mahomes" duel, whatever it is. It's no "greek theater", it's plain and simple football. Mahomes is flashy, but doesn't have the mental strength that Brady and the Pats have. Pats were dominant, mentally and physically. There is no fucking "torch" And if you want to continue with this "torch" bullshit, we can talk about it when Mahomes has won at least 3 SB rings. Until then, he is just another QB who is great in the regular season

  • Hong J
    Hong J 29 days ago

    Man utd so lucky to get a goal .... piece of trash

  • gaming football
    gaming football 29 days ago

    Var is a joke

  • Ali Masrachman
    Ali Masrachman 29 days ago

    MU..... what happen????

  • darksouls ralis
    darksouls ralis 29 days ago

    lasso from el paso

  • mChannel
    mChannel Month ago

    Play Pogba in front of back 4

  • Nbt Rocky
    Nbt Rocky Month ago

    3 games 3penalities

  • DeeBrown
    DeeBrown Month ago

    Patty Mills tho! Weak ass USA team

  • Lee Zeidel
    Lee Zeidel Month ago

    Machines will certainly go on to have a great career 👍

    • Lee Zeidel
      Lee Zeidel 26 days ago

      Correction Mahomes will go on to have a great career in the NFL 👍

  • Lee Zeidel
    Lee Zeidel Month ago

    Shannon Sharpe had one of the biggest mouths in the NFL and still does 😂😂😂

  • Raymond Myers
    Raymond Myers Month ago

    Failed to mention the last MASSIVE drive. Kept ball from Bama over 10 minutes AND took a mercy knee at end or it was 51-16! They beat Bama worse than 28 points.

  • Anthony Church
    Anthony Church Month ago

    Myles Turner ended the game with 3pts 1reb. Yeah he had 6 blocks but the Wolves recovered and scored on 4 of them. Turner is overrated as hell.

  • Вовик Вовик


  • Anthony Conino
    Anthony Conino Month ago

    This idiot, is stupid. And all you silly little haters can kiss my black and gold ass. Bet you beeeches would be sniffling to ya mammys if if were your team that got ripped. Shame

  • theARK designs
    theARK designs Month ago

    Disagree with Prime on overtime rules. It isn't the coin toss at all that decides OT... it's the D stopping the O. I do love the "Nothing deep, nothing cheap." Line tho. Right on✌😂🇺🇸

  • Rod Gossett
    Rod Gossett Month ago

    Yeah TESTING for DRUGS and stop passing the buc on CHEATING, if you cheat in Las Vegas you want do that a mother funking again. Only in the NFL you can get away with cheating..

  • RamsFan 97
    RamsFan 97 Month ago

    Jared is a quit leader. Everyone on that team understands without him, we wouldn't have won 13 games, wouldn't have gotten to the super bowl. They understand who the leader is.

  • Zodiac Stop
    Zodiac Stop Month ago

    Shut the fuckup Chris you couldn't even help your own fucken son............ Shut the fuckup sagittarius before I expose your ass............ Stop lying to those kids and send them to zodiac you fucken idiot.

  • Прэд
    Прэд Month ago

    а как же золотой шар, lost world trops of dum, зона поражения 1,2

  • Marvin smith Smith

    juju good he no where near ab stop the b.s.he been doing it for yrs ab make it look easy for to long like lebron u get tired of seeing it so u dont appreciate it like jay z etc

  • brady chick
    brady chick Month ago

    Brady got 6! Patriots won the Superbowl!

  • Paul Sullivan
    Paul Sullivan Month ago

    Can't stand Sharpe, can't stand Tomlinson. Why? Because they're supposed to give honest, "non-bias" opinions on these games. But neither of them do because they absolutely "hate" New England. LaDanian Tomlinson still holds a grudge from the AFC Championship game back in 2007 when New England beat them, and Tomlinson said he felt "disrespected" by the way some Patriots players acted towards his teammates. He was just pissed because New England beat them. Period. But even so, to hold a stupid grudge like a little baby for the next twelve years? Other than Tom Brady at quarterback and Bill Belichick on the sidelines, the team is totally different anyway! And as for Shannon Sharpe, I just think he's nothing but a damned loudmouth. Like that other moron Rob Parker, he just loves controversy and arguing. He's jealous as hell of Tom Brady. Why, you might ask? Because Brady's everything he's not. Let's start with the most obvious thing first, shall we? "Talent" Although Sharpe was a terrific tight end/ receiver for the Broncos, he was just not as good at his position as Tom Brady is at quarterback. And I don't mean physical ability or athleticism. We know he's got Tom beat there. But that's not what makes you great at your position. Sure, it helps. But it's what you do with the talent you've got, combined with a few things. First, football IQ. Or "smarts" as they say. And the fact is that Tom Brady is the smartest football player in the NFL. Definitely the smartest quarterback who's ever played the game. That's just a no-brainer. And quite possibly the smartest "all-around player" who's ever played the game. There were only a handful of players that even fall into that category. L. Taylor, R. Moss, J. Montana, G. Sayers, etc. Then there's Brady's popularity, amassed fortune, supermodel wife, his good looks, his longevity, and finally, the biggie: His Super Bowl Championships!

  • Bobby Matheson
    Bobby Matheson Month ago

    Patriots biggest cheaters of all time !!!

    KCENDER Month ago

    Good stuff CC. But D'Ford WAS OFF line.

  • Daniel Alberto Ayala De Leon

    It would’ve been Brady vs Brees

  • Christopher Kramer

    You all better stop pissing off Antonio Brown! I’m a Broncos fan and I’m not trying to see him come up field with a full head of steam and a chip on His shoulder in the first game of the season! LOL 🤣