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    Omkar Patinge 3 days ago

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    CSForLyfe420 3 days ago

    Very good explanation of the concept! Helped a lot!

  • Peterson Jr
    Peterson Jr 6 days ago

    Great tutorial...thanks..

  • Nitin Sachdev
    Nitin Sachdev 6 days ago

    Hi +The Simple Engineer, Why you didn't add a base case condition of minimum window size of "1" in "Minimum window sum" problem? Thanks for video.

  • Allie Burns
    Allie Burns 6 days ago

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  • sujit yadawad
    sujit yadawad 8 days ago

    Was struggling a lot with sliding window problems earlier, your explanation really simplified those problems. I really appreciate your effort. Thank you! Please post more videos.

  • Sunflower Studies
    Sunflower Studies 8 days ago

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  • حسان بدير
    حسان بدير 9 days ago

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  • adambadge
    adambadge 12 days ago

    Really great tutorial, thank you for sharing.

  • Prince Arora
    Prince Arora 12 days ago

    Would you mind explaining the routing table used in NAT ?

  • CJ Wang
    CJ Wang 13 days ago

    Great video, great explanation, man! I see how it works now. Btw a great voice too!

  • theCrimson Intellect

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    hulksuperstar 14 days ago

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  • Esha Singh
    Esha Singh 15 days ago

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  • Akshay NG
    Akshay NG 15 days ago

    How would you tackle a situation where the application you want to learn needs different OS? don't you think Virtualisation makes sense in that case

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer 15 days ago

      Can you give an example? I'm not sure I understand your question. You can virtualize many OSs

  • Donovan Gumbo
    Donovan Gumbo 15 days ago

    Great video man. I've been trying to dive deep into aws vpcs this was great help!

  • Lucy Kuo
    Lucy Kuo 18 days ago

    Finally found a great video for visitor pattern! Hope you can make more design pattern tutorials

  • Grace Harper
    Grace Harper 19 days ago

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    Merser 20 days ago

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    Lost Gen 23 days ago

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    Jason Kao 24 days ago

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    Prashant Singh Month ago

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    Moin Month ago

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  • Enrique Marin
    Enrique Marin Month ago

    did you do the docker file video?

    • Enrique Marin
      Enrique Marin Month ago

      @The Simple Engineer can u paste here the url please i can not find it

    • Enrique Marin
      Enrique Marin Month ago

      @The Simple Engineer can you please paste here de url i can not find it

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer Month ago

      Yup I have one on docker files

  • Hlumela Bongobi
    Hlumela Bongobi Month ago

    I'm so glad I found you and your channel. Thank you for making this awesome material 😘😍. Love from South Africa!

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B Month ago

    Excellent explanation. The animations really drove it home.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    Best explanation on sliding window concept. Hope you can do more of this Algorithmic Mental Models series. Very appreciate! Subscribed.

  • Theodore206
    Theodore206 Month ago

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  • Don Mamaril
    Don Mamaril Month ago

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  • GeraX302
    GeraX302 Month ago

    The best video that I found over the network....thanks for such an easy explanation :D

  • hemant chanchlani

    Great Video. I have a question. For a /28 subnet, why does it need to have an offset or multiple of 16. Why cant I have or . Why does it have to be in counts of 16. like or

  • Rajesh Tc
    Rajesh Tc Month ago

    If one more card type is introduced, then offervisitor interface need to be updated with one new function which support new card type right?? Is this violate solid design principle??

  • Ishani Herath
    Ishani Herath Month ago

    Great explanation. and i have one question. if addProduct/0 is a rule, what does that mean by '/0' ? if you have a tutorial please suggest me.

  • natcarbonara
    natcarbonara Month ago

    I like how you have a Vegan Fajita Quesadilla recipe video in your Algorithms playlist 😂

  • 古金禾
    古金禾 Month ago

    Really good explanation! Base on the problems that we met in actually programming, and then show how IoC solve these problems. Very easy to understand ioc from your tutorial

    RENOVATIO Month ago

    It has to be said that in case of virtualization, quite often there is no OS sitting on the infrastructure, but rather the hypervisor behaves as the base

  • Ravikumar Alabaka

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  • Varun Verma
    Varun Verma Month ago

    Great content. I like how you focused on approach and technique towards problem solving, rather than just providing the code.

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    Arsen Month ago

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    David L. Month ago

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    Teetan Robotics Month ago

    Amazing Content.Need more of these

  • Zainab Mostafa
    Zainab Mostafa 2 months ago

    thanks for your excellent explanation , I have a question : I want to solve the recurrence relation T(n)=T(n−1)+O(n) for n>1, T(1)=1. what is O(n)? is O(n) equals to constant or what?

  • XxManzanitaPR
    XxManzanitaPR 2 months ago

    This is an awesome overview of the internal workings of docker, where's the next video!? Love the concise and clear explanations.

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    Umang Lahoti 2 months ago

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    jeremy winter 2 months ago

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    Maxwell M 2 months ago

    This video is literally perfect! Please do more Algorithmic Mental Models since job season is approaching thank you!

    • Akash TN
      Akash TN 2 months ago

      @The Simple Engineer Thank you so much

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer 2 months ago

      I'm almost done with one on graphs and trees. Keep your eyes peeled for an update within a week or so

  • Bangalore Hub
    Bangalore Hub 2 months ago

    Amazing. Pls do videos on all servers .

  • Sagar Agrawal
    Sagar Agrawal 2 months ago

    One small question - The GasOfferVisitor has 3 methods for the 3 types of credit cards. What if GasOffer is not applicable to Bronze Credit card? So in the GasOfferVisitor class you may remove that method pertaining to Bronze OR throw an exception from there? Whereas from the main method, BronzeCard would still be okay to accept GasOfferVisitor object as an input param at compile to only get a runtime exception or empty response. How can this use case be handled?

  • Sagar Agrawal
    Sagar Agrawal 2 months ago

    Very nice video on sliding window concept. Can you make similar video for Dynamic programming and cover some of the examples.

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    Joshua Kisb 2 months ago

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    Jie Zou 2 months ago

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    Pranav Pramod 2 months ago

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  • Alisson Reinaldo Silva

    What is the difference between creating a subnet with IPv4 CIDR block "" and "", and how many subnets can we create? Awesome video!!!

    • Grace Harper
      Grace Harper 19 days ago

      I think you can create the same number of IPs (16). We know we can use from to Now since we're using /28, we know we want 16 IPs, and so we need the last 4 binary to be 0000 so that the computer can assign 0000, 0001, etc. 1111 to our EC2 instances. That means we can choose any IP address that translates to a binary between to but that leaves the last 4 binary digits as 0. That's why is valid (because 32 = 100000, meaning it ends with 4 zeros) but is invalid (because 33 = 100001, not ending in 0000).

  • Rambabu Katta
    Rambabu Katta 2 months ago

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    Sho Yu Weeni 2 months ago

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    Mohammed Tayeeb 2 months ago

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  • Valentin Baca
    Valentin Baca 2 months ago

    This was a perfect (re)introduction. I'm just catching up with modern JS and I remember when callback-hell was all there was. I really liked how you started with something "obvious" that didn't work, built to it using the patterns throughout time, and ended up with a readable version. Short and sweet and to the point.

  • svdfxd
    svdfxd 2 months ago

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    Casey Doe 2 months ago

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    Nathan Budd 3 months ago

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    • RICKI
      RICKI 16 days ago

      Repository pattern, isnt that just the idea of creating a generic base repository, from which specific repository inherit from to do CRUD on actual types, so instead of using a interface for the dependency injection, you use a class (base) and then you can pass any object as parameter, as long as it inherits the base class. (abstraction)

  • Maciej Kowalski
    Maciej Kowalski 3 months ago

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    Nathan Budd 3 months ago

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    Tamilmani Muthusamy 3 months ago

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  • illosophycom
    illosophycom 3 months ago

    Isn't this still tightly coupled though? If you get rid of the Bronze Card or add a Platinum card, you have to update your OfferVisitor interface and all of the classes that implement OfferVisitor right? That's still a maintenance nightmare. It seems like the problem wasn't solved but just relocated.

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer 3 months ago

      There will always be some coupling, but the amount is reduced as your class base grows large.

  • Deepak B.
    Deepak B. 3 months ago

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    Bin C. 3 months ago

    This is a great video! Thank you for the clear and concise explanation. I was wondering if you would be able to make another video on the permutation example that you mentioned in the video?

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer 3 months ago

      Yah sure thing. I have a vid I'm working on encompassing sets and permutations :)

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  • Keith Davey
    Keith Davey 3 months ago

    IBM has been doing virtual machines on the mainframe since the 70's

    • The Simple Engineer
      The Simple Engineer 3 months ago

      Yup! Chroot on UNIX machines in the 70's fronted this effort early on. There have been many iterations of the concept over the years.

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