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  • Mo n
    Mo n 2 minutes ago

    I'm taking some L's too girl - I look to the 🐐 Serena William's because she's been taking some L's too, and she keeps going. So must I

  • Daneesha Murrain
    Daneesha Murrain 7 minutes ago

    I absolutely loved this video and the finished look 💖💖

  • The Scrumptious Family
    The Scrumptious Family 14 minutes ago

    YOU KNOW WHAT... THANK YOUUUUU. I soooooo needed to hear this... I've been feeling some sort of way when it come to My Business & you just made me feel really good & let me know that I can stick this out & so much more... I'm a Luxury Business & if you want a clean from me you will pay how much I say because at the end of the day you will pay for other luxury items if you want them... I will not sell myself short... I really do Thank You & God Bless... Many More Blessings... *The Scrumptious Family* SUBSCRIBE if you like we love fabulous new people...

  • It's Kells
    It's Kells 15 minutes ago

    Yes Juvia’s Place to the rescue 👏🏾

  • Amreen Azeem
    Amreen Azeem 36 minutes ago

    Patricia says to push through and I’m ready to SLAM THAT PINNACLE!!! I’m sitting here losing my mind applying for jobs.

  • maddie duvernay
    maddie duvernay Hour ago

    Patricia reminds me more and more of Naomi Campbell as time goes on😍👏🏽

  • Khwezi Lourdes
    Khwezi Lourdes Hour ago

    Love the energy of this video!

  • Mahitha Sabu
    Mahitha Sabu Hour ago

    What you said about personal responsibility is so true

  • Vaishali Yadav
    Vaishali Yadav 2 hours ago

    R u workng on ur makeup company??

  • Marie Bai
    Marie Bai 2 hours ago

    That foundation looks a bit too light.

  • safaa eluahabi
    safaa eluahabi 2 hours ago

    Wow I always feel like anything is possible with these little chats. Love them 🤗

  • C Hen87
    C Hen87 2 hours ago

    Girl i needed this chat today...and the makeup is snatched 🤩

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K 2 hours ago

    bloody beautiful. that juvia lipgloss is scrumptious

  • paradiseana1 ana
    paradiseana1 ana 2 hours ago

    You guys together are awesome. Just love your banter towards each other funny, loving and supportive!! Congrats! To you both and your beautiful family. Blessings!!

  • Tina Samaroo
    Tina Samaroo 3 hours ago

    ❤️ thank you

  • TheMaggieSmyth
    TheMaggieSmyth 3 hours ago

    thank you patricia i needed to hear this right now <3 sending you some hugs x

  • Sue Davis
    Sue Davis 3 hours ago

    Too sweet!! Just loves Michael !!! ❤️

  • Marwa Shihab
    Marwa Shihab 3 hours ago

    How many times did Patricia say "finesse" ? 💋❤

  • Reverly Evans-Higgins

    Patricia Bright Life Guru!

  • Jade JadeCA
    Jade JadeCA 3 hours ago

    You're having a boy

  • Mickella C
    Mickella C 3 hours ago

    Love your video and I really needed to hear this.😇

  • Beauty Paradox
    Beauty Paradox 4 hours ago

    Watching this when l really need it the most, in the process of shutting down my Skincare Business. It’s given me so much joy knowing l changed lives in a way some may perceive superficial but to each their own l suppose. Sometimes the most difficult decisions are the best for our mental health and progress. Working in secret right now like my life depends on it and taking a major pivot 😉. You are such a kindred spirit Patricia, God bless you. Xx

  • Marwa Shihab
    Marwa Shihab 4 hours ago

    Thanks for keeping it real

  • Ci Monique
    Ci Monique 4 hours ago

    Can we talk about how I thought you had foundation on already then I see you put on primer 😱 skin is looking amazing!!

  • Eliza Martha
    Eliza Martha 4 hours ago

    I love you ❤❤❤

  • Yolisa B
    Yolisa B 4 hours ago

    So pretty. ❤️

  • Yolisa B
    Yolisa B 4 hours ago

    So pretty. ❤️

  • Rahmaa Ashraff
    Rahmaa Ashraff 4 hours ago

    Ur amazing Patricia💖💖💕💓💗

  • Sue Davis
    Sue Davis 4 hours ago

    That was hilarious!

  • tabetha augustin
    tabetha augustin 4 hours ago

    Wow I needed to hear this ! Thank you. Praying things get better for you too ❤️

  • Aisha Rahming
    Aisha Rahming 4 hours ago

    For your UTI drink some cranberry juice

  • Zahara Love
    Zahara Love 4 hours ago

    Why support Kardashians? I don't get it still.

  • Dacheca TV
    Dacheca TV 4 hours ago

    Love you .

  • Farah Bishara
    Farah Bishara 4 hours ago

    LOVE the look; giving me 90’s Toni Braxton realness!

  • Deonna M
    Deonna M 5 hours ago

    So skin care line must be one of those projects you are working on in secret can’t wait!

  • Kylin Brady
    Kylin Brady 5 hours ago

    @naomicampbell Can you and @patriciabright do a collab?? You two could be sisters!!! Love you both!!

  • Noela
    Noela 5 hours ago

    You are so inspirational and real❤️. I hope to be successful on TheXvid like you are one day

  • Ivvie
    Ivvie 5 hours ago

    This video should be called "Patricia hyping you up for 16 minutes straight so you can go reach your goals, HUNNAY"

  • Cheyenne Goldtooth
    Cheyenne Goldtooth 5 hours ago

    You look amazing ❤️

  • MsPinkston
    MsPinkston 5 hours ago

    I really like your outlook on the "L"... its not a loss it's a lesson. Got it!

  • Gorgeousbronze -Madison-

    Patricia, this is a gorgeous look. Wow

  • Kat K
    Kat K 6 hours ago

    thank you for all of these amazing heart to heart chats you do, you are so genuine and just, badass. keep doin you !!

  • labgallerie
    labgallerie 6 hours ago

    Shining, shining, shining..... Shinnniiinnnggg! Love the final look, the pep talk and your positive vibes 😎

  • lauren be
    lauren be 6 hours ago

    damn, patricia snapped

  • Sam
    Sam 6 hours ago

    Fenty looks better on you❤️

  • Nellah Grace
    Nellah Grace 6 hours ago

    you seriously need to do more skincare videos because the way your skin has TRANSFORMEDD!! over the years is just amazing x

  • CurlyGirlPhy
    CurlyGirlPhy 6 hours ago

    I LOVE your chats! You’re supppperrrrrrrrrr relatable, and it makes me so connected to your channel. Keep winning Patricia!

  • Afrakoma
    Afrakoma 6 hours ago

    I cannot come and kill myself.....True African talk!🙌🏾

  • Shammah Udoudo
    Shammah Udoudo 7 hours ago

    Why did her subscribers reduce tho?

  • Stush.B
    Stush.B 7 hours ago

    Patricia with the transparency 🙌🏾🙏🏿🙌🏾

  • Sylverlistic
    Sylverlistic 7 hours ago

    i can't come and kill myself!!!!!

  • Afrakoma
    Afrakoma 7 hours ago

    I needed this video and it came right on time. Thank you! ❤👌🏾

  • Jelisa Daniel
    Jelisa Daniel 7 hours ago

    This was just fun to watch lol. You look gorgeous

  • Shamiso Burt
    Shamiso Burt 7 hours ago

    "I can not come and kill myself then roll over and die" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it!!!

  • Aregitu Beauty
    Aregitu Beauty 7 hours ago


  • Jenjenj24
    Jenjenj24 7 hours ago

    I found out about Chestnut from you and you were the most right! It is hands down the best and most perfect lip pencil. I also had your lipstick but left it in my car accidentally for hours on what was a typical hot Caribbean day 🤦🏾‍♀️Love the look 💖

  • Niknak
    Niknak 7 hours ago

    I actually prefer you foundation less. 🙊 Your skin shines and looks lovely by itself!

  • Aislyn Oliver
    Aislyn Oliver 7 hours ago

    I needed this. I’m on the verge of tears and just needed to hear this. Thank you

  • sophie greenshields
    sophie greenshields 8 hours ago

    Didn’t realise I needed this 🙌🏻

  • etaeeun
    etaeeun 8 hours ago


  • RoyalK being
    RoyalK being 8 hours ago

    First Time watching ya vlog and im hooked ! Ya personality

  • Ms. Lovebug
    Ms. Lovebug 8 hours ago

    Makeup 💄 looks beautiful ❤️

  • Sindy Akpolo
    Sindy Akpolo 8 hours ago

    This is so beautiful....thank you for taking us through this. This is so inspiring 😍😍😍 you did great with the products. Btw you look extremely gorgeous

  • Mary J
    Mary J 8 hours ago

    Love how simple this was. Other makeup tutorials I watch seem like they take forever lol

  • Ally Lynn
    Ally Lynn 8 hours ago

    I just bombed my midterm and was considering dropping out of college. I have a health condition effecting my memory so my grades are suffering. Thank you for reminding me to take it as a learning not a loss

  • Andra Butler
    Andra Butler 8 hours ago

    Your makeup looks great!!!

  • Sky Valleb
    Sky Valleb 8 hours ago

    first time watching your videos, and i love them !!

  • 59 thanks
    59 thanks 8 hours ago

    Your husband is gorgeous, let him pick the clothes next time.

  • Cela Lauren
    Cela Lauren 9 hours ago

    Why when you said pivot all I could think about was that friends episode 😂

  • Sharon C
    Sharon C 9 hours ago


  • be witched
    be witched 9 hours ago

    Stop saying listen alk the time

  • Paula O
    Paula O 9 hours ago

    I absolutely love this! Really encouraging video

  • MomentsCreatedWithShanti

    So ahhh I’m seeking some advice from youuuuuuuu PAT. I know people say focus on one thing but I’m going to be an actor and I want to be successful on TheXvid because I love it! 💛

  • Daughter of the King

    Very very smart to downsize and as you said it helps keep things into Prospective. Once my business has Recouped, I keep theses same practical resizing in place, which I know you know with a business degree.

  • Ayla Jayne
    Ayla Jayne 9 hours ago

    I really needed this I did awful in my year 12 and did not get a pathway into University, I’m 21 now and recently got promoted to a manager at the store I work at, and I’m floundering. I’m not making any big mistakes, I’m not failing, but every tiny thing is putting doubt in my mind. A year ago I was convinced on doing an adult education course so I could go to university, I was set on it. And then I was offered a promotion at work, I thought I could do both but as the entrance applications got closer I chickened out and told my self i would not be able to cope. Its been two months since the applications closed and I regret it so much. I’m going to apply in November for next year, and I WILL be able to do both. I’m going to be a superstar in my new job role and I’m going to run after something I’ve convinced myself in the past is a waste of time because I don’t have the intelligence or coping abilities. Thank you for your ever insightful videos and no nonsense advice

  • Bridgette
    Bridgette 9 hours ago

    “Don’t give up because someone is being negative and don’t like how you’re living your life.” Thank you, I needed to hear this today.

  • Meli Novelli
    Meli Novelli 9 hours ago

    You're so right about Kim. She doesn't care how much she appropriates Black culture and steps on the necks of Black women 😂 but you do what you can to stay on that pr list.

  • Meli Novelli
    Meli Novelli 10 hours ago

    Just in time, I'm on the hunt for cute clothes that aren't maternity so thankssss! And congrats on your second. 😍

  • Alev Alev
    Alev Alev 10 hours ago

    Love you girl!!!!! ❤️

  • zubeda fanny
    zubeda fanny 10 hours ago

    Going through some hard shit ,thank you for this video it spoke to me

  • Jack Costello
    Jack Costello 10 hours ago

    Wtf why were these the words I needed to hear!!!, thank you xx

  • zubeda fanny
    zubeda fanny 10 hours ago

    You are speaking to me right now

  • Kernaisha Gaines
    Kernaisha Gaines 10 hours ago

    “Change course, PIVOT” -Patricia Bright I love it!👏🏽😍

  • Esiri's Corner
    Esiri's Corner 10 hours ago

    Thank you Patricia for being very transparent and honest, people need to know failing at something doesn't make you a failure. It is ok to fail,it is a part of life, the most important thing is learning from it, and pick yourself up.

  • Adrifer Migullas
    Adrifer Migullas 11 hours ago

    Ya look GOLD! hahahaha 😂

  • florance white
    florance white 11 hours ago

    Have you ordered from Sistalook on Facebook and here

  • Hannah I
    Hannah I 11 hours ago

    That KKWxWinnie packaging is on point..

  • Cestlavierif
    Cestlavierif 11 hours ago

    I needed these words this morning ❤️❤️

  • the SVA way
    the SVA way 11 hours ago

    Your skin is flawless that I thought you already had on foundation in the beginning. Loved this video, per usual!!!

  • Que Harcourt
    Que Harcourt 11 hours ago

    Hawt damn!! I needed this video today!!!! I've been so down the last few days with people trying to burst my bubble about going back to school when I have kids. Haters be gone!!! I'm gonna do for me and my babies! 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Lakeisha Wallace
    Lakeisha Wallace 12 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thought of friends when she said pivot 😂

  • Tia
    Tia 12 hours ago

    This was encouraging. There's always a risk, a chance at failure, and failure should be expected but push and you will succeed is what I got from this video

  • Adwoa Asare Konadu
    Adwoa Asare Konadu 12 hours ago

    The red blazer was amazing!!! Can you do a pregnancy QnA?

  • Jtru
    Jtru 12 hours ago

    I always love how you're so honest.

  • Tatosh Poghosyan
    Tatosh Poghosyan 12 hours ago

    Really?the same look every time!colours on your eyes repeat...nothing new and to learn...not even watch.sorry(((dislike

  • NESova.RAR
    NESova.RAR 12 hours ago

    waxing/sugaring face is much better and more effective than shaving it -sincerely, a girl with hyperandrogenism

  • Doctor Sara
    Doctor Sara 12 hours ago

    Just wanted to say from a baby youtuber to a Queen, this video may get fewer views than most of your videos (mainly because we as an audience can be trash LOL. We love to be entertained, drama and gossip.) But please never underestimate the amount of value that you add to the world and to your viewers with these videos. The views do not always represent the value. So thank you for this, please keep bringing us value in all forms whether entertainment or life truths. Those who count themselves worthy will make time for it :) Love ya Pat long may you reign

  • alicerp2008
    alicerp2008 13 hours ago

    The difficulty is trying to tell yourself that your business plans and ideas can go wrong. Some of us don't want to accept it, but it's essential for growth and success

  • Najah dhawre
    Najah dhawre 13 hours ago

    I am not into makeup but i really love your wisdom ❤

  • alicerp2008
    alicerp2008 13 hours ago