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  • Joelle Ngandu
    Joelle Ngandu 2 minutes ago

    the girls look like they dont know any musicals

  • Jorge Villarreal
    Jorge Villarreal 3 minutes ago

    i didn't any... duh

  • Jorge Villarreal
    Jorge Villarreal 3 minutes ago

    so what about this Ariana Grande's Nude Pics Leaked!

  • フードStar なに
    フードStar なに 4 minutes ago

    World war III don’t do it Colby

  • Starr Davis
    Starr Davis 12 minutes ago

    Why does Rashad talk in parts like that😭

  • Pauli Paul
    Pauli Paul 25 minutes ago

    I only use tampons I don't even own pads

  • Brittan Candela
    Brittan Candela 36 minutes ago

    Lewis Capaldi's next single: Cold Woman On The Edge Of Dirty Pop

  • reddieisreal
    reddieisreal 42 minutes ago

    She's not a superfan..

  • anacm
    anacm 46 minutes ago

    bro she is literally SO FAKE

  • Lee Madden
    Lee Madden 47 minutes ago

    Ridiculous video. Just enjoy a fantasy movie without picking holes in every movie. You are not smarter than Stephanie Myer because she’s a multi millionaire and I’m guessing you, who made this video, is not. As I said just enjoy the movies or don’t watch them at all 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kitty cat Meow
    Kitty cat Meow 54 minutes ago

    2019 anyone

  • anacm
    anacm 55 minutes ago

    She kept saying "i like that" like she's choosing me for herself smh

  • Mienka Goosen
    Mienka Goosen 57 minutes ago

    Sooooo helpful thanks

  • toys and fun and challenges

    My sary story is me my brother's and there friends were at my church we went upstairs and after someone turned off the computer they left and we went back upstairs and the computer was on we went in the worship room and the lights were on after someone turned them off we heard something and we got skared we saw someone and there was no one.

  • Niya
    Niya Hour ago

    I thought they where in their twenties i-

  • Lejla
    Lejla Hour ago

    i thought laney would be a good match for him but then again im just a fan

  • Doesn’t smell like caca to me

    Ok where is Ian’s @ tho like🥵

  • Confused Grunge sassy rat

    I can feeeeeel the akwardness

  • Aliyah Gregoire
    Aliyah Gregoire Hour ago

    Chelsea : (when she got out)Im the one doing the mopping so ur not gonna catch my slipping Me: oh ok period

  • Mars - Ville
    Mars - Ville Hour ago

    Brandon: 1- Flexes was too much 2- Is straight up cringe

  • Dancing_On_Clouds

  • HalleHearsEars
    HalleHearsEars Hour ago

    They would lowkey look so good together

  • Emmanuelle Valéry

    I need Bri's IG y'all

  • すずききょうこ

    nobody: bambam: 5:16

  • Creamy_ Chipotle

    Ok y’all so if u wanna support Ian he’s creating a short movie call Funkboy and if u wanna help the production and donate here’s the gofundme :)

  • ImPaulineM
    ImPaulineM Hour ago

    Ok but she sang « soiled from head to toe » instead of « soy un perdedor » I’m creased

  • SuperSydz
    SuperSydz Hour ago

    how could she NOT tell it was him

  • Sienna Firth
    Sienna Firth Hour ago

    She pulled out

  • LowKeyMe
    LowKeyMe Hour ago

    I mean, if they are both single .... it's simple people. They are both very young, gorgeous, funny and seem kind and good persons + the chemistry is clearly there. So chances are, they've already fallen for each other or they will eventually during the second movie. It's how things go. If I were her I would fall so hard for him omg and vice versa, honestly she's beautiful. I ship them hard ;'-)

  • yeet skeet that hurt my heart beat

    I low key want them to date now and see where it goess

  • Youngdagger KID
    Youngdagger KID 2 hours ago

    Yes I was gonna choose x

  • RAGHAD رغد .
    RAGHAD رغد . 2 hours ago

    super junior 💙 Got7

  • Josh Richards
    Josh Richards 2 hours ago

    My only woman crush 💜💜💜 Love her

  • B Cardenas
    B Cardenas 2 hours ago

    Please come visit my school

  • B Cardenas
    B Cardenas 2 hours ago

    My school name is Rayburn elementary Texas

  • B Cardenas
    B Cardenas 2 hours ago

    Colby my friend follows you in tiktok, Instagram,youtube

  • B Cardenas
    B Cardenas 2 hours ago


  • lauryn the simmer
    lauryn the simmer 2 hours ago

    I was so heart broken when RJ was eliminated they would have been perfect

  • Emily Borrega
    Emily Borrega 2 hours ago

    Omg thank you this is so helpful 🤩

  • Noulas Noodles
    Noulas Noodles 2 hours ago

    Who else is a frickin 10 year old with their nose piercing 😂😂

  • Andrina Deno
    Andrina Deno 2 hours ago

    I love the dude that looks like childish Gambino. He’s very funny and attractive

  • C J
    C J 2 hours ago

    Make Ian blindfolded

  • MJ Okz
    MJ Okz 2 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Ian: Italian Italian Italian

  • C J
    C J 2 hours ago

    Ian is fine I’m lowkey happy he didn’t get chosen

  • C J
    C J 2 hours ago

    The friend was way prettier than the girl blindfolded

  • Luke Striker
    Luke Striker 2 hours ago

    Ya, like Isabella actually gets ghosted. There’s no way.

    EL PANTOJA 2 hours ago

    14:01 ya he’s totally cute......... like no offense but like 🤢

  • jay 351
    jay 351 2 hours ago

    she did her bestie so wrong...fake ass friend

  • Fabio
    Fabio 2 hours ago

    The fact they know Blackpink makes me like them more.

  • Josh Jokela
    Josh Jokela 2 hours ago

    Are thos the anoyying girls on tik toc

  • lea schgrl
    lea schgrl 2 hours ago

    That moment when you miss Cameron Boyce so much that you relate EVERYTHING to him. Sry for your loss mitchell

  • Luna Nunes
    Luna Nunes 3 hours ago


  • Conallodhran Foley
    Conallodhran Foley 3 hours ago

    I love there tik tok

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 hours ago

    she barely knows any of the lyrics lmaooo

  • jay 351
    jay 351 3 hours ago

    those edges on that bestie....lmfaooo

  • Karla Chavez
    Karla Chavez 3 hours ago

    I love her snowflakes jewelry

  • Karla Chavez
    Karla Chavez 3 hours ago

    I love let it snow the Christmas movie

  • Jenna D
    Jenna D 3 hours ago

    I GOT ALL THEIR INSTAGRAMS: Great: @great.okonkwo Nick: @nickmoleta Josh: @joshwitzling Ian: @Ian.o.boyle Ollie: @freeollieoxen Shakir: @parristheboy you're welcome

  • olivia xiong
    olivia xiong 3 hours ago

    It’s those girls from tiktok

  • Sati Nwanda
    Sati Nwanda 3 hours ago

    Can we appreciate Jackson's voice for a moment?

  • Celine Snache
    Celine Snache 3 hours ago

    Why does her personality feel familiar 😂 I feel like I would know her but I don’t lol

  • Anya Nitczynski
    Anya Nitczynski 3 hours ago

    They are so cute together! Edit: nevermind

  • Ugo Verguin
    Ugo Verguin 3 hours ago

    Josh must've felt good in the back, hearing Ariana saying "you're dead to me" after her bestie eliminated Ian ....

  • Ugo Verguin
    Ugo Verguin 3 hours ago

    RJ get new glasses ! What in the Steve Urkel is goin on ?

  • lil'b ye
    lil'b ye 4 hours ago

    Is no one gonna address the fact that the white guys were all booted?

  • lil'b ye
    lil'b ye 4 hours ago

    I liked Saleem :( these basic girls smh

  • sarahzine1
    sarahzine1 4 hours ago

    Shakir looks like amine no cap

    BIANCA 4 hours ago

    2:15 I cringed so hard

  • anka ninovic
    anka ninovic 4 hours ago

    Can't belive she's 2 years younger than me 😮

  • Iraida Vazquez
    Iraida Vazquez 4 hours ago

    Sam and colby should date (♥_♥)

  • Antonio Richardson
    Antonio Richardson 4 hours ago

    She over here 17 getting ready to choose a man and I'm 18 and still can't do that yet.

  • echo
    echo 4 hours ago

    sugar we’re going down with a bullet.........

  • triskalion ,
    triskalion , 4 hours ago

    I demand an episode with Brendon Urie.

  • Zach L
    Zach L 4 hours ago

    This was by far the best group ever on this show haha

  • leah rammelt
    leah rammelt 4 hours ago

    So surprised to see her throwing shade at MC! The spice girls weren't lyrical geniuses and all ways be my baby is a hit. Mariah is the most successful solo artist and has more billboard number ones than any female...Mel c...You got to do better

    • xxxTIN0xxx
      xxxTIN0xxx 2 hours ago

      Madonna is the most successful solo artist but you're right when you say that Mariah Carey has the most #1s for a female artist in USA.

  • Sarah Bussanmas
    Sarah Bussanmas 4 hours ago

    She's nodding so the people towards the end know just what to say lol

  • IAmKomet
    IAmKomet 4 hours ago

    Yo Eddie have you ever heard of a staff infection

  • toughsoftieyogi
    toughsoftieyogi 4 hours ago

    Jackson looking like a chaebol!! 😍 Well, he actually is, right? I'm sorry, I don't know. I'm not a Got7 stan. I'm just here for Jackson, Mark and Bambam. ^^

  • Eliana H
    Eliana H 4 hours ago

    Is she an Olsen sister as well? 😂

  • hialyssah
    hialyssah 4 hours ago

    oh dear god bambam hahahaha

  • Sarah Bussanmas
    Sarah Bussanmas 4 hours ago

    Wait so ani stood up a contestant on the other show but got more? Am I backwards?

  • lifeisgolden
    lifeisgolden 4 hours ago

    I think they are so cute together 🥰

    JUAN ROA 4 hours ago

    They didnt put Madonna and she is her favourite artist lol

  • Foxy & springtrap
    Foxy & springtrap 4 hours ago

    Jenna's mind: WHY WHY CANT IT BE DANIEL!!!

  • Hugo Sue
    Hugo Sue 4 hours ago

    Why does Daniel look so much like MNM

  • Joy Raouf
    Joy Raouf 4 hours ago

    29:30 till 29:38 i went ooooooohhhhhhh

  • The Unicorn Girl
    The Unicorn Girl 4 hours ago

    Emmett was rudel👎🏻👺

  • Just Grace
    Just Grace 4 hours ago

    Omg look at his face at 29:30😂

  • soraya Sassya
    soraya Sassya 4 hours ago

    Im a cancer too!♋♋♋♋

  • kansasgoldilocks
    kansasgoldilocks 4 hours ago

    TheXvid subtitles: "singing in foreign language." Good thing I understand Spanish. lol

  • Maria Pompova
    Maria Pompova 5 hours ago

    They r from tik tok The fake ones!

  • Elle Gmye
    Elle Gmye 5 hours ago

    People who think it's a bad thing to be on good terms with your ex are most likely jealous, insecure, and immature.

  • Coteee
    Coteee 5 hours ago

    Why didnt they look at colby when they left!! At least look at him lmao

  • Lol Ricki
    Lol Ricki 5 hours ago

    I saw so much potential and it was not him lol

  • pinkana_ 25
    pinkana_ 25 5 hours ago

    "I WoN!!!!!!!!!!!!" He says as he throws his hands in the air. Me: I--

  • Cozyban Kim
    Cozyban Kim 5 hours ago

    Ian was the move bye

  • harrypotterchampion
    harrypotterchampion 5 hours ago

    This boy and he’s got his del taco

  • Ten Ktoś
    Ten Ktoś 5 hours ago

    Someone knows if there will be a new season?

  • Saretta_ James
    Saretta_ James 5 hours ago

    Most of these girls are super cringe..