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  • Heather Stack
    Heather Stack 2 hours ago

    I wouldn’t spend it, but the urban look was my favorite on you. Those jeans were amazing!

  • Almon-Joi Nye
    Almon-Joi Nye 2 hours ago

    Also coming from an animal parent you need to buy mostly nylon/spandex if it's black clothing!!

  • EmilyElle
    EmilyElle 2 hours ago

    Both Morgan and Shane referred to Ryland as a theatre kid, but that they liked that 😂

  • Wahzoozoo
    Wahzoozoo 2 hours ago

    It's actually adorable how much Ryland pays attention to detail and really tries to make things good quality. He's such a hard working queen trying to give his friends a good experience.

  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie 2 hours ago

    Ryland is so entertaining 😊

  • omg hasna
    omg hasna 2 hours ago

    this is like the fashion version of 'worth it'

  • Ashley or whateva
    Ashley or whateva 2 hours ago

    I liked target the best

  • Emilinaline
    Emilinaline 2 hours ago


  • Karissa Anne
    Karissa Anne 2 hours ago

    Literally EVERY time you said Urban I thought you said Bourbon.

  • Sneha Singh
    Sneha Singh 2 hours ago

    The outfits are so cute, and I have wide feet, the converse I own city out my blood circulation

  • squirrel
    squirrel 2 hours ago

    as a trans masc person,, thank you for showing it's possible to dress without having my mom get mad at being in the men's section

  • Zane Johnson
    Zane Johnson 2 hours ago

    Am I the only 1 who think Ryland b smoking with jeffree or sumn lol

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 hours ago

    all clothes are gender neutral when you stop giving a fuck

  • Candice Mata
    Candice Mata 2 hours ago

    I liked the target outfit best

  • gktw99
    gktw99 2 hours ago

    I ❤️ Shane.

  • Jayden
    Jayden 2 hours ago

    I work at Target and the fitting room is for everyone lol

  • Sofia Jan Manlapaz
    Sofia Jan Manlapaz 2 hours ago

    it's a purple drink... we don't like pink drinks

  • rjmidnite
    rjmidnite 2 hours ago

    Why ! Keep telling yourself that ! Lol ! You might have mental issues !

  • Sazan Azez
    Sazan Azez 2 hours ago

    I’m done with that cute cameraman giggles 😚

  • Kirsten Martin
    Kirsten Martin 2 hours ago

    Anyone else hate Christmas and doesn’t put up a single decoration?👀

  • Ingrid Rodriguez
    Ingrid Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    That was 3 days, NOT a week 😂 i need more

  • Jai
    Jai 2 hours ago

    Shane and Morgan are so similar lol

  • Rainbow Queen Megan
    Rainbow Queen Megan 2 hours ago

    Those black jeans at 5:19 give you an ass, sweetie!

  • kjady
    kjady 2 hours ago

    Ryland: The More You Know meme Me: Triggered

  • MysteryMind
    MysteryMind 2 hours ago

    i like the casual ones, im just not that kinda girl, cuts to fancy "Gucci" slides which he loves.

  • Allison Marr
    Allison Marr 2 hours ago

    Morgan had the same shirt on the entire week.

  • Almon-Joi Nye
    Almon-Joi Nye 2 hours ago

    Ryan, you're the best

  • Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson 2 hours ago

    When you think Ryland’s chewing is loud and then you hear him slurping Starbucks🤨😂

  • omgubler
    omgubler 2 hours ago

    20:33 What the heck possessed Ryland's tongue? XD

  • okjewel
    okjewel 2 hours ago

    morgan AND shane comparing him to a theatre kid i'm dying

  • Cheyenne Diaz
    Cheyenne Diaz 2 hours ago

    Urban 10000%

  • Kierra Ramsey
    Kierra Ramsey 2 hours ago

    Ryland can pull off anything..girly looks ..boys looks whatever!! He is so awesome..plus morgan is so cute

  • C&c Nguyễn
    C&c Nguyễn 2 hours ago

    10:00 “my boyfriend just walked in” whaat. Conspiracy theory that they called off the marriage? Lmao jk jk

  • Hope Smith
    Hope Smith 2 hours ago

    We have the same flannel from target!

  • Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson 2 hours ago

    I didn’t think Ryland could get any gayer🤭

  • Emily F
    Emily F 2 hours ago

    Morgan is so funny

  • Alanna Reinstedler
    Alanna Reinstedler 2 hours ago

    Yesss lol

  • Alanna Reinstedler
    Alanna Reinstedler 2 hours ago


  • yeeyee
    yeeyee 2 hours ago

    *i’m too broke to buy the saint laurent sweater, i’m too broke to buy the saint laurent sweater, i’m too broke to buy the saint laurent sweater*

  • Meagan
    Meagan 2 hours ago

    Me over here getting 2-3 items from Ross a year to match my stained, ripped clothing.

  • Amanda Cooney
    Amanda Cooney 2 hours ago

    Where did Morgan get her shirts/sweater???

  • NY Carol
    NY Carol 2 hours ago

    I believe he could wear a bag of potatoes and still look good

  • Meghan Bremer
    Meghan Bremer 2 hours ago

    This also goes hand in hand with that music video Shane made about you. The boyfriend diss track? A boy with a girlish body? No? Am I alone here?

  • Shayna Hanson
    Shayna Hanson 2 hours ago

    i love shane's attitude towards gender roles.. I get hardcore made fun of for having those same exact views.

  • Taylor Campbell
    Taylor Campbell 2 hours ago

    I don’t have any money for target bitch if I had money I would go there 😂 I’m a Goodwill or playtos closet hoe

  • One Cheeeka
    One Cheeeka 2 hours ago

    24:17 how did Morgan and Shane literally say the same thing about theater kids, on different days, and they also both said “and that was me”, to not sound like mean, lol

  • Corey Taylor
    Corey Taylor 2 hours ago

    I love this video, reminds me of IT Crowd episode "The internet is coming" 😂

  • dorsalphoenix
    dorsalphoenix 2 hours ago

    Targets the “cheap” store yet I don’t shop at target cuz it’s so expensive lol 😂

  • Veronica Robertson
    Veronica Robertson 2 hours ago

    I like the target one. Great video!

  • Milan Greene
    Milan Greene 2 hours ago

    Man it's so easy for you to buy gurl clothes...I'm so fat that I can't even buy clothes from Target and wear them confidently...girl I'm glad you feeling confident 😭👏

  • Genna Biggs
    Genna Biggs 2 hours ago

    Ryland. I work at Starbucks and you MUST TRY THE MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE!! They put whip cream on the bottom and the top!! You’ll literally DYE trust me!! 💕👑🥰

  • Meghan Bremer
    Meghan Bremer 2 hours ago

    Gagged when he said the total for the first outfit was $97 and that’s not so bad. Omg. I’m so poor. 🤣🤣🤣 Was thinking about recreating it for myself...I-

  • Tara Seita
    Tara Seita 2 hours ago

    I loved the second outfit!

  • Mary L
    Mary L 2 hours ago

    If u can fit into kid sizes you should do kids clothes next 😂

  • Christie Legate
    Christie Legate 2 hours ago

    even target is too expensive for me, like I may be able to afford walmart but only on a good week

  • kathryn sleezer
    kathryn sleezer 2 hours ago

    "It says they close at sunset, which isn't for another hour and a half" He says at 15-30 minutes before golden hour

  • lilyrose gardine
    lilyrose gardine 2 hours ago

    Conspiracy Theory: Ryland calling Shane his boyfriend is code for "we are no longer engaged"

  • S. Dancer
    S. Dancer 2 hours ago

    The clothes for so good because “A boys face with a girlish body”

  • Amber Ficke
    Amber Ficke 2 hours ago

    Gucci was expensive..let’s go to Balenciaga XD Ryland you are hilarious :)

  • Nikki P
    Nikki P 2 hours ago

    Agree with Morgan! It’s a personal choice. It’s Christmas in my house when I say it is! 🤣. Granted I live in the country and don’t have neighbors

  • Valori Joy
    Valori Joy 2 hours ago

    It's funny how you act like $100 isn't a lot of money

  • Melissag04
    Melissag04 2 hours ago

    Target for me is expensive 😂😂 *one day*

  • Julie F
    Julie F 2 hours ago

    What was the problem with the champion teddy hoodie?

  • Eli Vee
    Eli Vee 2 hours ago

    Morgan: Pre-mature? It’s november, It’s Christmas. YASSSS

  • Kailee Rose
    Kailee Rose 2 hours ago

    I think mid November is perfect for decorating

  • Lelandra_The_Mage
    Lelandra_The_Mage 2 hours ago

    13:38 Ryland: "the view's so nice.." Shane: 'bent over' underwear showing Ryland: "..the waves crashing" me: yeah sure the waves-but the booty tho!

  • Ella Wittman
    Ella Wittman 2 hours ago

    You should do like the price thing but try to find like all similar outfits

    WANANA BANANA 2 hours ago

    LeSs ThAn A HunDreD DolLArS. I barely spend over 10$ for my outfits

  • PollyD
    PollyD 2 hours ago

    21:35 cookie came to watch you guys struggle up the stairs 😭🥰

  • Samantha Bell
    Samantha Bell 2 hours ago

    Can Andrew dress you... please

  • DeannaMarie
    DeannaMarie 2 hours ago

    Almost $2000 for a sweater, jeans, and some gym shoes is insane!

  • Chønky_Chilf
    Chønky_Chilf 2 hours ago

    Can we please acknowledge how much of a caring boyfriend shane is, like omfg its so cutee! Especially when he hits Ryland because of the chewing- ish noise he made, and he straight away responded by saying "omg I hit you! I'm sorry" Like that heartbreakingly cute! 💞💞

  • Chezuz Inferno
    Chezuz Inferno 2 hours ago

    the last one is horrible for the price///… I like the first 2 better

  • Grace Annette
    Grace Annette 2 hours ago

    Morgan is your fuzzy zip up from target? I think I literally just saw it there

  • Samantha Pineda
    Samantha Pineda 2 hours ago

    Worth it?

  • Jessica Grimley
    Jessica Grimley 2 hours ago

    Commenting whilst watching, but I love your first outfit!

  • Maxine Gutierrez
    Maxine Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    I spent $10 at a thrift store and that’s a great deal

  • Madison Dickinson
    Madison Dickinson 2 hours ago

    Loved the target look the best. Wouldn’t even know that they came from the women’s section. Loving the fashion a week in your life videos.

  • I G
    I G 2 hours ago

    Seriously, why do you look good in EVERYTHING?! 😭 I actually liked all of the outfits, but my favorite one was the target one simply because it reminds me of how you used to dress 😌..at clevver

  • Maro Bautista
    Maro Bautista 2 hours ago

    In the Philippines, as soon as it is September, it's already christmas. 😂

  • Karmen Letourneau
    Karmen Letourneau 2 hours ago

    #Target #Targetsponsor this man NOW!!!

  • Z Z
    Z Z 2 hours ago

    I loved the balenciaga shoes 🤭

  • Mackenzie Phillips
    Mackenzie Phillips 2 hours ago

    Wish you tucked that shirt in on the second look!!! I loved the target look too!

  • Isabelle Jean
    Isabelle Jean 2 hours ago

    These look like guy outfits actually 🤔

  • Tabitha Mendoza
    Tabitha Mendoza 2 hours ago

    So Ryland calling Shane his bf instead of fiancé and he’s not wearing the ring Anyone notice ?

  • Gracee Southern
    Gracee Southern 2 hours ago

    Shane sounds high lol 😂 Shane explain

    • Lilly Anne
      Lilly Anne 2 hours ago

      Gracee Southern spending too much time with Jeffree

  • Karmen Letourneau
    Karmen Letourneau 2 hours ago

    I do believe you have a real OBSESSION with dressing like a woman and I am LOVING IT! YOU SLAY this Ryland xo

  • Abby O
    Abby O 2 hours ago

    I love that everyone was in all black for the birthday picture and then there's Jeffree in baby blue with pink hair lol it's a VERY him thing to do 😂

  • Z Z
    Z Z 2 hours ago

    I’m a girl and I don’t remember the last time I’ve really shopped in the women’s section..apart from jeans! I don’t understand men’s jeans. Like Shane said clothing having a gender is total BS I love wearing boxers and panties I’ll do what I want on this earth bc imma fucking die one day

  • malorie
    malorie 2 hours ago

    both morgan and Shane said you looked like a theatre kid but with different outfits 😂

  • Macy Cole
    Macy Cole 2 hours ago

    I have that nirvana shirt lol

  • K J
    K J 2 hours ago

    target is insane now some nice stuff

  • Astro Ringz
    Astro Ringz 2 hours ago

    11:39 they brought out those Starbucks drinks, now I highkey want one. Yet, it’s 10:05 at night 😭

  • Toria Bailey
    Toria Bailey 2 hours ago

    Dang I really want those Levi’s from urban now

  • Rebecca O'Sullivan
    Rebecca O'Sullivan 2 hours ago

    Huh our Target only has one set of dressing rooms.

  • Kellie Burden
    Kellie Burden 2 hours ago

    $97 for an outfit is not cheap...but okay

  • Glamrock oo7
    Glamrock oo7 2 hours ago

    Ryland is the cutest...I just want to carry him in my Polly pocket🧜🧚🌈☀️

  • Megs Garcia
    Megs Garcia 2 hours ago

    The urban outfit for sure won, so cute and you can really wear it anywhere and the comfy way is the best way

  • sandiie guzman
    sandiie guzman 2 hours ago

    I have such a hard time finding shoes that dont hurt my feet! Last time I went looking for shoes I told my son I gave up and I was going to start looking for men shoes!

  • malorie
    malorie 2 hours ago

    MORGAN your ass is amazing be proud