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  • Jake LaMarca & Louie

    I can't believe Mary is the only person beside Patrice who could tell Sandy what's up.

  • James Smyth
    James Smyth 2 hours ago

    This was one of the funniest interviews ever!!

  • Daniel Brady
    Daniel Brady 2 hours ago

    I want nick dipaulo on his show lol

  • Diego Roddy
    Diego Roddy 2 hours ago

    Jim and Sam saying “how” in unison at 9:06 is a great moment

  • A Flick
    A Flick 2 hours ago

    Nothing beats a guy bitching about “over sensitive pussies” while being an over sensitive pussy. Lol

  • A Flick
    A Flick 2 hours ago

    This fuckin guy is dying to keep his “fame” going. Lol. He posted a video of him in fuckin clown make up screaming about how he’s going to be rich and famous. Lol dudes a lunatic and why y’all are giving him air time is beyond me.

  • SethMcFartlane
    SethMcFartlane 3 hours ago

    "An American guy falls in love with his immigrant Nigerian nurse." Subtle.

  • backgroundbabble
    backgroundbabble 4 hours ago

    I'm sure no one will abuse the fact he gave out that phone number...

  • Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

    The lil man is real though about the girl thing, if a girl knows you like her and shakes her butt at you deliberately that is wrong, bagel guy is right. The women doesn't get praise for just being there either, she isn't doing him a favor. This is an interesting thing to notice, that is a genuineness, he is nuts but genuine in ways where this new gen lack

  • Goorpijp Wessel
    Goorpijp Wessel 5 hours ago

    wtf does jim's shirt say Haarlem?!

  • blue dale
    blue dale 5 hours ago

    Bill she was joking

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth 5 hours ago

    "did you guys hear my joke?! I swear I killed!!"

  • Medieval Dead
    Medieval Dead 6 hours ago

    That one guy is very frightening looking. My god.

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 6 hours ago

    Holy memory loss batman!!

    WrEX ERIXSON 7 hours ago

    God the Angry Bagel Guy is fucking pathetic and stupid, did they already have that celebrity boxing match? If they haven't I hope the other guy pounds him into oblivion. This guy is a piece of shit, Jim and Sam need to stop dragging on his fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Conrad MacMahone
    Conrad MacMahone 9 hours ago

    Hey go on joe rogan Nancy if u wanna get destroyed cus ur fancy rhetoric isn’t gonna hold up w him lol. She’s so mad and pretends like she’s not but she’s a total snake lol her bitchiness shines through even through her passive aggressiveness

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 10 hours ago

    What an ill informed boob

  • City Hick
    City Hick 10 hours ago

    This girl looks as stupid as she sounds. Keep barking crazy lady.

  • RayRae 559
    RayRae 559 10 hours ago

    I've never seen the footage, I've always only heard the audio.

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts 11 hours ago

    I hope Lenny Dykstra piledrives this little motherfucker so he's even shorter.

  • Derik Roberts
    Derik Roberts 11 hours ago

    He's a pathetic little non-man who only suffers these humiliations because of his own actions.

  • SwayzeCrazy
    SwayzeCrazy 11 hours ago

    Hearing the O&A car crash makes me think of better times

  • Off The Hook
    Off The Hook 11 hours ago

    Let me reiterate, "When she was hanging out with Troy last night... privately..." OMG Sam, u tryin too hard for jealousy! Funny tho, keep it up!

  • Tim Dolan
    Tim Dolan 11 hours ago

    I'm conservative so I hate Patton!... Wait, I guess we are both adults and can have opinions. And he is really funny, so I can't hate him. Please ignore this.

  • jay lava
    jay lava 11 hours ago

    seinfeld did that.....yeah i could see it.

  • Kilo Soul
    Kilo Soul 12 hours ago

    This is the appearance that drove nick Mullen mad, and why hes attacking Norton and saying artie Lange looks better after 6 months of sobriety and a shower. I think Jim and Sam should get lil nicky back on to settle it

  • john mcu
    john mcu 12 hours ago

    He sounds like ray romano’s lost first child

    LOOSID GAMING 13 hours ago

    fuck he actually looks like fat bastard

  • Hoofa 666
    Hoofa 666 15 hours ago

    Urghhhh this guy is gonna be on alot of crap reality shows isn't he....

  • Randy Thompson
    Randy Thompson 15 hours ago

    This video just saved my marriage. Real talk

  • andrewjacksonbr
    andrewjacksonbr 15 hours ago

    Bagel Guy is a creep. How the hell am I actually feeling sorry for Mary Jean? Oh right, Bagel Guy is level 10 Creep.

  • Seaport
    Seaport 16 hours ago

    So happy to hear that Bill loves Fleabag that much. He's just the best.

  • FungusMossGnosis
    FungusMossGnosis 16 hours ago

    Anal Baby Guy

  • FungusMossGnosis
    FungusMossGnosis 16 hours ago

    If this jerk wasn't such a little pussy I'd think this kind of media exploitation was dangerous. Like, if he had any initiative Bagel Puss would be the next big mass shooter, probably at a porn convention.

  • Matt
    Matt 16 hours ago

    mike cannon has beautiful eyes

  • Raja Ahmad
    Raja Ahmad 17 hours ago

    i love that they can't get over how fit the host is.

  • Bill the Butcher
    Bill the Butcher 17 hours ago

    Fire Sam... that is all.

  • Travis Hunt YouTube PhD

    Why are they giving bagel boss a platform still? It is just annoying to hear him talk.

  • The Great One
    The Great One 17 hours ago

    Do you believe everything these attention whores say??? Jesus Christ of course she would target Tyga because dude was an easy ass target cuz this was when he was dating Kylie Jenner and everyone was doing everything they can too bring him down.

  • J Yr
    J Yr 17 hours ago

    Mark Normand is super fkn sexy...and I’m more than a little gay

  • Remmi Kat
    Remmi Kat 18 hours ago

    TheXvid algorithm diggin this up?

  • Something Orother
    Something Orother 19 hours ago

    MORE BAGEL MANLET! I love how his very presence is repellent to 99% of J&S fans. This show has it's first bonafide mess.

  • Cheryl Campbell
    Cheryl Campbell 19 hours ago

    Bobby Hill is my favorite cartoon character. Ever. And I've been watching cartoons since 1960. And yes, the scripts are brilliant.

  • Sal Zangrilliton
    Sal Zangrilliton 20 hours ago

    18:30ish. What book is Norton talking about?

  • wheresallthezombies
    wheresallthezombies 20 hours ago

    I love that he made fun of the San Antonio comedians Facebook group. The comedians here think they’re too good for open mics.

  • Koala Nectar
    Koala Nectar 20 hours ago

    Ex military guys always have the worst dad jokes for some reason

  • Koala Nectar
    Koala Nectar 20 hours ago

    He looks like a swole version of coppercab

  • Trae Turax
    Trae Turax 21 hour ago

    Bill ya got boring now burr

  • Trae Turax
    Trae Turax 21 hour ago

    Shutup stupid

  • Luigi Bigtime
    Luigi Bigtime 21 hour ago


  • Luigi Bigtime
    Luigi Bigtime 22 hours ago

    Why are people still talking to this fucking idiot

  • JustusGregorius
    JustusGregorius 22 hours ago

    42% downvote? Really!?

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz 22 hours ago

    This poor man lol I almost feel for him. I'm sure Bagel guy is a "nice" dude but he obviously is delusional

  • JG JG
    JG JG 22 hours ago

    Little Jimmy is always so happy when he's with Anthony.

  • skeletorkahn
    skeletorkahn 23 hours ago

    Why would someone mold silly putty in the vague shape of a person, cover it in pubic hair, and put a flannel shirt on it? I just don't get the joke...

  • Eric202
    Eric202 Day ago

    Ok so 6 kids raped her but only 1 person’s dna matched, the one who confessed. So all along they knew none of their dna was found.

  • Joke
    Joke Day ago

    Neanderthal Sam is jealous

  • Manzell Blakeley

    When she said "I'm very happy to be here with you too" I thought she was making a play on words with Mark being a 'little gay'

  • Toasty
    Toasty Day ago

    No red flags at all. Totally level headed normal guy.

  • Kurt S
    Kurt S Day ago

    38:20 That’s the best part. Sam was trying to say maybe you’re a little entitled, as a bad thing. He’s like “yea I’m entitled” like it was a good thing.

  • macerton1
    macerton1 Day ago

    Good Rule Guys..NO FEMALE FRIENDS...Either were fucking or gonna Fuck..or were Makn Money...

  • TheKromusDevice

    Now like everyone else in the comments, I've never met this Bagel guy so this is just speculation. But honestly, this guy has to have a victim complex. He makes it seem like the whole world is against him but the only common denominator in any conflict - is him. If anything I think this dude is just a complete sociopath, but doing very bad at it.

  • Eagle Twenty1
    Eagle Twenty1 Day ago

    Danny Williams is in fact bill Clintons son.

  • jusrayne
    jusrayne Day ago

    "You are prone to anger " lol

  • mecha gojira69

    Jim Norton is the best.

  • mecha gojira69

    the guy in the red shirt is like " man, I wish I could think of something funny to say"

  • alice coffey
    alice coffey Day ago

    Annie Lederman is my favorite

  • mickey pang
    mickey pang Day ago

    His management looked at their clocks and realized it was 14:59

  • M L
    M L Day ago

    this is one of the craziest youtube videos i have ever seen and i cant stop watching it.

  • MsJeniferDilan

    I actually like fart face skit, what a shame

  • Kurt S
    Kurt S Day ago

    37:16 He thinks it’s degrading to him if he gets a hooker.

  • Kurt S
    Kurt S Day ago

    Jim and Troy are trying to reason with him and be honest with the guy. Sam is just being an asshole and fake laughing. He’s more annoying than Bagel G.

  • Just Truth
    Just Truth Day ago

    Replace Sam with a pile of laundry on his chair and I’ll watch more.

  • Kryp2nite King

    You need an alien as proof they exist? Then I need a space rocket trip to prove the earth is round. Lol

  • Arudawakening
    Arudawakening Day ago

    OMG she is so. Insane! That was really sad. She came in defensive and left looking like a retard spoiled little twang twat.

  • m1 last
    m1 last Day ago

    He needs to be on more

  • jake scott
    jake scott Day ago

    Jim is getting fat again :(

  • Rohan Kulshreshtha

    Respect, got to take these corporate mutherfuckers to the south side. Get ice cube to Wall Street please.

  • The Double O 420 Show

    Oh no baby

  • fuck off
    fuck off Day ago

    Is he a comedian? Where was the joke, he just was a fucking idiot and I don't think anyone thought it was funny there. As many TheXvidrs have fucking said

  • Stoney Wan
    Stoney Wan Day ago

    This was the first time ive seen Ms. Pat, she's the fucking perfect reactor to the out if control dick talk.

  • Chris Ring
    Chris Ring Day ago

    after listening to him describe what he would like to do to this woman Mary, I am no longer feeling bad for him on any level. Furthermore i am now happy that he was knocked down by a regular sized man in the bagel shop and made him look like the little bitch that he is. I really do not like this little guy. And nah bro you don't DESERVE shit. Little cunt.

  • Chris Ring
    Chris Ring Day ago

    how delusional is this guy Chris tho??? Its crazy cause this is like..a real person..really living amongst us. Humans are wacked bruv

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    I live with permanent chronic pain. It’s no joke


    Jim and Sam played this poor sick guy like a fiddle. Not cool.

  • Robert Hubert
    Robert Hubert Day ago

    This dude lives in his own world

  • Misos
    Misos Day ago

    A trio of freaks. They all ought to be shot.

  • troy mclure
    troy mclure Day ago

    I ate her Hogan lol

  • Dong Wrangler
    Dong Wrangler Day ago

    Enter Sammy The Shit Stirrer @18:35

  • G_GlasgowRFC
    G_GlasgowRFC Day ago

    I hope someone kicks him in front of a bus or train. He's one annoying little Cunt.

  • Nick Desroches

    AHAHAHA! Troy calmly making Chris look nuts...

  • Jess Dckey
    Jess Dckey Day ago

    Nick comes off incredibly fake after hearing him more than a few times

  • CalvinSomething

    I'm glad Bagel Man is doing well.

  • Bear Tank
    Bear Tank Day ago

    Yo, i have problems with anger but it comes from bottling your emotions. You can't use it as an exccuse to lash at people when things don't go your way and they don't respond quickly. People have lives and plans change, but ABG needs to deal with his emotional connection issues and abandonment issues. I have both of these as well and taking a second to realize this person hasn't tried to manipulate you by being flirtatious and you need to calm yourself and realize no one who has been as great as this person has been. Take her shaking your ass at you and if she realizes someday she wants you seriously, then make it serious. Enjoy the fun.

  • Drew Staples
    Drew Staples Day ago

    This guy is such a fucking loser

  • Drew Staples
    Drew Staples Day ago

    This guy is such a fucking loser and I hope no see him in NY next week.

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    Sometimes I think this is being mean to the dumb little guy but he's also an asshole so I don't feel so bad about laughing at him

  • Tq 2302
    Tq 2302 Day ago

    I've never sat through a cast that long but that was actually worth it. Thank you.

  • michael edward

    hey if you read this sam check out bone tomahawk with kurt Russell

  • michael edward

    i spit on your grave not i stand on your grave sorry LOL