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Balloon Brain Teaser
Views 533K2 months ago
Pouring lava in my pool!
Views 37M7 months ago
40 Watt Laser Blaster!
Views 1.4MYear ago
Molten Metal Squirtgun!
Views 4.8M2 years ago
Bouncy Liquid Metal
Views 986K2 years ago
150 mph Rocket Knife
Views 6M2 years ago
Pop Champagne with SCIENCE
Views 1.6M2 years ago
Mercury Bottle Flip
Views 7M2 years ago
Molten Aluminum vs Bullets
Views 1.5M3 years ago
How strong is Oobleck?
Views 41M3 years ago
Molten Aluminum Vs Steak
Views 13M3 years ago
Steel Wool on a DRONE
Views 2.2M3 years ago
Casting a Sword From Pewter
Views 1.8M4 years ago
Propane Rifle
Views 4.7M4 years ago
Fire Vortex Cannon
Views 2.1M4 years ago
Aluminum Vs. Toaster teaser
Views 158K4 years ago


  • Oxy
    Oxy 7 seconds ago

    Mustard gas Like of you agree

  • Olibara Hosasa
    Olibara Hosasa 13 minutes ago

    "that's as tall as it goes, Sandra!" Sandra: no wayyy (dammit)

  • Jeffrey Natividad
    Jeffrey Natividad 16 minutes ago

    Try the rocket slightly facing upward

  • Olibara Hosasa
    Olibara Hosasa 17 minutes ago

    hmmmmm.gallium.....aluminium......planes.......secret service........plane accident.......wooooweeewoooeeeehowowww

  • Lincoln Woodall
    Lincoln Woodall 36 minutes ago

    i ghtoughght it was a hampsteer

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 37 minutes ago

    molten steel is kewl but red hot flint thrown on hard surface looks awesome.. in a jewlery class class room.. in high school.. while stoned (optional). until the girl with new flat open shoes gets "upset", i say sorry, she tells teacher.. etc.. anywho if you try throwing red hot flint down it has wide area of affect. P.s. the affects of throwing red hot flint and molten steel would be awesome at night. INDUCTION HEATER EXPERIMENT REQUESTS: a gyroscope a magnet a magnetic force dual induction a battle of induction an induction circuit? is the opposite of induction affected by induction? might want to be cautious with these.

  • dragorb [GD]
    dragorb [GD] Hour ago

    Lava:gets poured onto water Also lava:turns into obsidian Notch: I knew it Minecrafters: so the legends were true

  • Oxy
    Oxy Hour ago

    Imagine mercury got on his hand🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • MikeyDL Studios
    MikeyDL Studios 2 hours ago

    Siri’s like, please don’t kill me.

  • MrP4LM3R
    MrP4LM3R 2 hours ago

    That CO2 bottle froze up where the gallium was placed... It was still pressurised and could have blown out when he was holding it.

  • H I
    H I 3 hours ago

    Nice shirt

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 4 hours ago

    Where can I order these? 😂

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 4 hours ago

    3 is my favourite number!

  • Marcos Azzi
    Marcos Azzi 6 hours ago

    You copied tkor

  • guy c
    guy c 6 hours ago

    That's really very cool

  • Vincent Robinette
    Vincent Robinette 6 hours ago

    Forging: Heat it, beat it, then repeat it!!😁(heat, beat then repeat

  • Tippy
    Tippy 7 hours ago

    Walmart has never been so much fun!

  • Mike Unt
    Mike Unt 7 hours ago

    High tech potatoe No?

  • Eric Davids
    Eric Davids 7 hours ago

    This boy's gonna kill someone one of these days

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 7 hours ago

    The Backyard Pyrotechnic. Or Pyromaniac. Whichever. :)

  • Brent Dapo
    Brent Dapo 8 hours ago

    Do it again this time with industrial fan aiming at it so we can see bigger nitrogenado

  • Adam Devincenzi
    Adam Devincenzi 8 hours ago

    You should have asked DemoRanch to join :3 am I right y’all??

  • Mark Columbretis
    Mark Columbretis 8 hours ago

    Here in PH we call it kisses

  • Austin Loden
    Austin Loden 8 hours ago

    What if you put gallium in it

  • Rexytherexdude
    Rexytherexdude 8 hours ago

    Kevin not listening to his wife/lover about not setting the pool on fire is the most husband thing ever

  • colin mcquade
    colin mcquade 8 hours ago

    His dog at 2:34 😂

  • Dylan Harris
    Dylan Harris 9 hours ago

    These guys are very ignorant.

  • Stealth The Unknown
    Stealth The Unknown 9 hours ago

    Randy looks like he hates his life

  • Michael Prenger
    Michael Prenger 10 hours ago

    Nice only new about half of the words in this video

  • SuperWyattguy
    SuperWyattguy 10 hours ago

    TL;DR She used a blank, and turned off the stream before people could see.

  • DakotaDiverSify
    DakotaDiverSify 11 hours ago

    Safety hazard??? Never heard of it

  • Gg c
    Gg c 11 hours ago

    He sounds like Kermit, sick dude tho

  • Vicki Martin
    Vicki Martin 11 hours ago

    dont fart when you set a fire.

  • Mandel YouTube
    Mandel YouTube 12 hours ago

    krakatoa 300db crash event: Am I a joke to you?

  • uncivilcanine60
    uncivilcanine60 12 hours ago

    *Pores hot things in pool, creates clorien gas, doesn't die

  • Ben Hartberger
    Ben Hartberger 12 hours ago

    0:09 when you hit a friendly fire

  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia 12 hours ago

    Omg this is fricken a lot of views

  • Jeff Beck
    Jeff Beck 12 hours ago

    it smells like shill in here.

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 13 hours ago

    It moves so fast you can’t see it

  • BOTFrosty
    BOTFrosty 13 hours ago

    Don't log off somewhere near him: he will lava-trap you

  • TheWinning247
    TheWinning247 13 hours ago

    Well that's all well and good for your crappy american aluminum. But what about Aluminium?

  • ArchangelExile
    ArchangelExile 13 hours ago

    You should've put a cockring on your wiener.

  • Ethan Hammack
    Ethan Hammack 13 hours ago

    I wouldn’t be doing that at all

  • An Altoids Can
    An Altoids Can 13 hours ago

    Long way and... hotdog way

  • T0m1R
    T0m1R 13 hours ago

    "so I can't own a gun so I got this Airsoft Sniper that can go through wood"

  • AkaTheShadow_
    AkaTheShadow_ 14 hours ago

    on who thats not the meteor from Fortnite 7:44

  • An Altoids Can
    An Altoids Can 14 hours ago

    The real loss was the 10$

  • Caillou 7
    Caillou 7 14 hours ago

    You should’ve just submerged the scooter in a bucket full of gallium, because you know, its a scooter.

  • Jerry Notgary
    Jerry Notgary 14 hours ago

    Let’s see if you jump on lava will you sink or FLOAT to the top

  • Phillip Shin (Student)

    Water is satisfying

  • Dari Dos Santos
    Dari Dos Santos 15 hours ago

    Now we know another person that is preparated for a Zombie Apocalypse

  • Leven Perez
    Leven Perez 15 hours ago

    My friend:What did you do this summer Me:I fought a *Sumo Wrestler*

  • Second Unit Aerials
    Second Unit Aerials 16 hours ago

    Picking up a ruptured (rapidly decompressed) CO2 container without gloves is an insane thing to do, unless you don’t mind destroying your fingers flesh and kind of like amputations of necrotic said fingers. Cylinder would be at dry ice temperatures, as that’s what dry ice is. Decompressed CO2.

  • Aye Uplink
    Aye Uplink 16 hours ago

    That's what they did to Huey in Metal gear solid v

  • tankerc31
    tankerc31 16 hours ago

    Is this legal lol

  • b C
    b C 16 hours ago

    Imagen being paid thousands of dollars to do fun stuff in your backyard lol.

  • Samuel Hsu
    Samuel Hsu 17 hours ago

    Basically fruit ninja when you cut the fruit...

  • Thescott16
    Thescott16 17 hours ago

    4:38 No. *NEVER* get diet soda or "zero sugar" soda. _WAY_ worse for you than the normal stuff. They substitute a chemical called aspartame instead of sugar (200 times sweeter, which is how it tases the same) and aspartame acts as a neural inhibitor (blocks nerve pathways and signals). While it is "safe" at the levels the government tested it at, it doesn't completely pass through the body and gathers in the liver and kidneys. Which innevitably eventually leads up to a buildup of "unsafe" levels.

  • Lucas PAZ
    Lucas PAZ 17 hours ago

    This is so crazy

  • Lego Mini Movie Productions

    So if i poor gallium on a motor of a car, it would do seriuos damage? :)

  • Finnthewastebin
    Finnthewastebin 17 hours ago

    His hair 😑

  • Haruto - Kun
    Haruto - Kun 18 hours ago

    "An irrational fear of Lava" *IRRATIONAL* fear of lava everyone. It's totally not normal to be scared of lava. Who didn't know smh.

  • Lol Yolo
    Lol Yolo 18 hours ago

    Local Florida man kills friend with makeshift pole launcher!

  • 伝説Dexizux
    伝説Dexizux 18 hours ago

    *camera: records it's last day*

  • karlandreasa
    karlandreasa 19 hours ago

    How do you dispose of gallium and infected things when you´re done? How do you clean your hands without getting gallium in the drain?

  • Medic Pathetic
    Medic Pathetic 19 hours ago

    it's only a matter of time :(

  • CozmicPlayz Minecraft
    CozmicPlayz Minecraft 19 hours ago

    Original video *COUGH*

  • Omar Al Enezi
    Omar Al Enezi 19 hours ago

    We found Florida man

  • Ole Lukoje
    Ole Lukoje 19 hours ago

    Fun, but lacks of Macbook Pro vs gallium part

  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia 19 hours ago


  • Justin Loja
    Justin Loja 19 hours ago

    We should’ve seasoned it lol

  • bonkshirt
    bonkshirt 19 hours ago

    Congratulations you actually made obsidian now make a portal to hell

  • Olivia Johnson
    Olivia Johnson 20 hours ago

    it was m birthday on that day i turned eight one like one happy birthday

  • 123hi1239
    123hi1239 20 hours ago

    0:40 At least they make sense. 2:40 You actually pronounced the word wrong. In 1808 Sir Humphry Davy, the British chemist who discovered the metal, named it Alumium

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B 20 hours ago

    Spiders have 8 legs

  • William Izzard
    William Izzard 20 hours ago

    7:54, is that what happened when you snap your fingers with the infinity stones?

  • Abrar Sharif
    Abrar Sharif 21 hour ago

    So no kaboom

  • Maximus Reinfried
    Maximus Reinfried 21 hour ago


  • Scott Pubg mobile Baird

    Stop wit the paid adverts your already getting revenue from the adds anyway. Just stop stop stop.

  • Ziron Kekerson
    Ziron Kekerson 21 hour ago

    The channel is the youtube equivalent of Jackass

  • p g
    p g 21 hour ago

    *They called me a madman*

  • Artimus Protensor
    Artimus Protensor 21 hour ago

    Radiation doesn't always cause a blue glow. Some older clocks and other appliances have small amounts of uranium in visible parts that causes them to glow a similar shade of green to more modern glow-in-the-dark toys. The difference is of course that the older things glow due to the radiation from the uranium (insignificant from such small amounts, unless you eat it, and who eats clocks?) while the modern toys absorb light when exposed to it and re-emit the energy slowly with no harmful radiation at all despite the similar color.

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 22 hours ago

    4:24 Best GoPro commercial I've ever seen

  • Agile Pooch
    Agile Pooch 22 hours ago

    Medium rare please

  • Diego Guillén
    Diego Guillén 22 hours ago

    2:56 Ouch, piece of dry ice right on the camera

  • YaBoiTraps
    YaBoiTraps 22 hours ago

    gon use this for a science experiment for highschool

  • Swervin309
    Swervin309 22 hours ago

    You should see if that table saw launcher will go through a communist.

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 22 hours ago

    Magnets are cool as heck

  • Colossal Lotus
    Colossal Lotus 23 hours ago

    In title "LiPo battery", in video " Li Ion battery", excuse me wtf..

  • Irish Guy
    Irish Guy 23 hours ago

    Next video *melting annoying cranes in my backyard*

  • Zakenman
    Zakenman 23 hours ago

    Global warming yay!!!

  • Egg Police
    Egg Police 23 hours ago

    The environment tho?

  • lennoxdiesalot games

    Try a induction heater on a air tank or try it with gallium

  • Cory Hine
    Cory Hine Day ago

    So cows are basically flamethrowers

  • Blerina xhani
    Blerina xhani Day ago

    how i'm entering area 51: 2:32 how i'm leaving: 2:52

  • Anime Sans
    Anime Sans Day ago

    Anyone else realise he was using a camera while turning on his camera

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson Day ago

    Pour Gallium on a a running engine!!

  • super space boi

    He is about to build a cobblestone generator...

  • Mia Valentine
    Mia Valentine Day ago

    A Bunny hop will break a razor scooter anyway they are as weak as it gets. Step up fgt.