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Potato cannon powered glider!
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150 mph Rocket Knife
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Pop Champagne with SCIENCE
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Steel Wool on a DRONE
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Casting a Sword From Pewter
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Propane Rifle
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Fire Vortex Cannon
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  • Zoltanocortez
    Zoltanocortez 10 minutes ago

    Timmy, go feed the fish! *Okay ma!*

  • Xanthopteryx
    Xanthopteryx 27 minutes ago

    You need bigger boomers.

  • Music Stuff and more
    Music Stuff and more 29 minutes ago

    Fire moves fast basic chemistry right well the plait is solid and when it gets hit the molecules go fast the plate eventually hurls itself apart help me if I’m wrong

  • Jes Tube
    Jes Tube 54 minutes ago

    No offence but you remind me of Howard from The Big Bang

  • Daniel Sales
    Daniel Sales Hour ago

    oh thats hot thats hot

  • Party Almsivi
    Party Almsivi 2 hours ago

    >Joe Rogan superimposed on the cosmos: “Jaime, pull that sh!t up!”

  • Jonatan Qvarnström
    Jonatan Qvarnström 3 hours ago

    0:23 So you are saying that the thermite won't taste good wait.. you can eat thermite

  • GameDude Redd
    GameDude Redd 4 hours ago

    At my school there was a fire because a science teacher wanted to make some kind of molten metal to show the class. Sadly I wasn't in the class!

  • Ian Van dam
    Ian Van dam 4 hours ago


  • Paul Maquiling
    Paul Maquiling 4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that someone commented that hes aboit to shoot us ate 4:38 just look at the cment

  • Levente Gölle
    Levente Gölle 5 hours ago

    What if you put termite into the vulcano? 😄

  • firestar 9990
    firestar 9990 5 hours ago

    Bananas are good for throwing.

  • Join Du
    Join Du 6 hours ago


  • Michael
    Michael 6 hours ago

    “I’ll be back to this in a couple of weeks”...3 years later

  • Respect Worms
    Respect Worms 7 hours ago

    use hydrogen, not that it will explode or something

  • Mammouth Laineux
    Mammouth Laineux 7 hours ago


  • Nasir Stroud
    Nasir Stroud 7 hours ago

    *Fortnite save the world player* I’ve seen better

  • James Cobbo
    James Cobbo 8 hours ago

    Carter did this to

  • PhoenixFire
    PhoenixFire 8 hours ago

    I got a psa about not buying a bare lithium ion battery cell right before this video.... *EPIC FORSHADOWING*

  • •.ᴅᴏᴘᴘɪᴏ.• {ᴅɪᴀᴠᴏʟᴏ.}

    Who tf would stick their wiener into a wall socket?

  • Iceman
    Iceman 8 hours ago

    I wish he had a parts list for this video.

  • the crab empire
    the crab empire 8 hours ago

    ahhahaha thats hot

  • Okh Hi
    Okh Hi 8 hours ago

    Free hot tub let’s goooo!!

  • Kieran Blackwood
    Kieran Blackwood 9 hours ago

    After all the experiment you’ve done, I really want to see you’re soil quality.

  • Aditya Rode
    Aditya Rode 9 hours ago


  • talamh talamh
    talamh talamh 9 hours ago

    2:43 did anybody see that

  • Ali K
    Ali K 9 hours ago

    Anyone one notice the kitty 8:30?

  • Lord Feish
    Lord Feish 9 hours ago

    kevin is a true florida man

  • Eric Rasmussen
    Eric Rasmussen 9 hours ago

    Scientists have discovered the ancient hippie technologies of apple pipes...

  • BaNiDuNo
    BaNiDuNo 10 hours ago

    "In order to power everything, I'm using a three thousand wat server power suply, now that's a lot of DAMAGE!!"

  • Dan Navarro
    Dan Navarro 11 hours ago

    Backyard scientist is essentially just Florida Man if he got an engineering degree

  • Phoenix Proxima
    Phoenix Proxima 11 hours ago

    10:09 "wow, the glass is holding up!" Glass: ***** WHAT YOU SAY?!?!?!

  • Henry K.
    Henry K. 13 hours ago

    COPPA is getting to his head....

  • Aaron K
    Aaron K 13 hours ago

    I made it it works 👍🏼

  • Blue Water Balloon
    Blue Water Balloon 13 hours ago

    why tf is ninja here

  • PuffFilms
    PuffFilms 14 hours ago

    How to make Metal plants

  • PuffFilms
    PuffFilms 14 hours ago

    How to make aquarium coral

  • Kevin
    Kevin 14 hours ago

    Anyone else remember that FRIENDS episode were feebee kept saying banana hammock? Good times.

  • L D
    L D 14 hours ago

    “These kids are pretty unscathed, so we really need to explode them better” IM GOING TO HAVE TO STOP YOU RIGHT THERE

  • Dustin Poche
    Dustin Poche 14 hours ago


  • Mars twenty one Imnothootdog

    3:36 is that grant Thompson p.s king of random

  • soangry
    soangry 15 hours ago

    should have packed it with tannerite, take out the kids and the garage!

  • RedPandy 01
    RedPandy 01 15 hours ago

    “Today we are going to be plugging stuff in that shouldn’t be plugged in” **electroBOOM intensifies**

  • RedPandy 01
    RedPandy 01 15 hours ago

    “Florida man uses 30w laser to incinerate Lithium ion battery”

  • XJ9
    XJ9 15 hours ago

    Hmmm to make it more explosive how about use a small water filled ballon it might get a Steam Explosion.

  • darry
    darry 15 hours ago

    Can’t you just make the barrel shorter?

  • Sjeng Schalkwijk
    Sjeng Schalkwijk 16 hours ago

    How tf does he casually put his hand in the fire

  • DemiInfires *
    DemiInfires * 16 hours ago

    so was the foil fine?

  • Lynnein Arien
    Lynnein Arien 17 hours ago

    When you accidentally turn your corn to charcorn: when life gives you lemons!

  • Tristian Lefebvre
    Tristian Lefebvre 17 hours ago

    ... what doe's the molecular structure of sodium chloride look like?

  • Kal052
    Kal052 17 hours ago

    can you use a form plane and add a hole at the bottom and a weight instead of making a good plane?

  • Cameron Householder
    Cameron Householder 17 hours ago

    my dad was fixing the house and the outlet and i touched it and got shock

  • User Userov
    User Userov 17 hours ago

    There shock they got in subwoofer. Like bro what were you expecting? 1000W subwoofer+110V AC. i expected them to wear some ear protection, but nah. They dont care.

  • DrD0000M
    DrD0000M 18 hours ago

    Now separate the 19 elements.

  • rocco
    rocco 18 hours ago

    parents: he’s probably playing video games what’s actually happening: 6:41

  • Ben Barbour
    Ben Barbour 18 hours ago

    "This is not a kids channel..." ... proceeds to talk to kids... woops! :)

  • Yuko Hasamoto
    Yuko Hasamoto 18 hours ago

    So the real question is why are people watching this ... what is your Plan ... (I’m not better at this point true but I know why I’m watching it tho) 😂

  • Ogmepls yes
    Ogmepls yes 19 hours ago

    V-sauce intro

  • Neil Thomas
    Neil Thomas 19 hours ago

    I have been using this to strip gold playing but having trouble getting rid of the copper acetate,any suggestions anybody???

  • Puppet Time
    Puppet Time 19 hours ago

    How to ruin a pool #1

  • Justin Overholtzer
    Justin Overholtzer 20 hours ago

    I just finished watching white privilege video right before watching this.

  • Adair Ontiveros
    Adair Ontiveros 20 hours ago

    Youre not a robot who cares love it 😂

  • Kal052
    Kal052 21 hour ago

    That is actually a heavy Scar not a Normal Scar Btw 3:56

  • Gavin Mills 05
    Gavin Mills 05 21 hour ago

    don't shot your eye out

  • artie_h18
    artie_h18 21 hour ago

    Mark is Captain obvious in this video

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 22 hours ago

    Are monthly garbage boxes back in vogue?

  • BaconhairBoi2008
    BaconhairBoi2008 22 hours ago

    a few days ago, the taal volcano erupted in the Philippines, i thought this was a reference to that

  • GrimDanny13
    GrimDanny13 22 hours ago

    Linden frost effect?

  • Joshua Stagnitto
    Joshua Stagnitto 22 hours ago

    did you seriously just sneak in some ignorant lefty propaganda in your video? unsubscribing. and thats unfortunate because ive been a subscriber for a very long time.

  • Alberto Howe
    Alberto Howe Day ago

    0:56 lets check the HIGH SPEED checks the slo mo

  • EG Reviews
    EG Reviews Day ago

    1968: Honda send a magnesium F1 car round Rouen, driver Jo Schlesser crashes it into an embankment and the car catches fire. The french fire brigade sprayed water onto it, resulting in a much worse situation

  • bigghoss762
    bigghoss762 Day ago

    "Florida man burns house down while practicing burning children with explosive aluminum volcano"

  • Alvis HUI
    Alvis HUI Day ago

    2:14 nice, conduction current

  • Filé 665
    Filé 665 Day ago

    He barley put any glue on the mat

  • Clayton Hanson

    You're wild af

  • Junior senpai
    Junior senpai Day ago


  • Ashy Hess
    Ashy Hess Day ago


  • rob sligter
    rob sligter Day ago

    I want to see how you built the Tesla coil

  • Trevor Slenders

    9:33 that’s what she said she was even flabbergasted and spoke gibberish after

  • Nate
    Nate Day ago

    jesus they hit you with coppa, you gotta swear more

  • sam C
    sam C Day ago

    "victims oh I mean children"

  • Shamar Younge
    Shamar Younge Day ago

    He was a little too happy electrocuting that pickle 😭🤣😂

  • Cameron Sarauer

    Do more rocket knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The gamer
    The gamer Day ago

    It looked like a nuke underwater

  • kineticdeath
    kineticdeath Day ago

    The BackyardBirdWatcher? As this video is nearly 4 yrs old im guessing the new channel is a thing and I will go search for it now

  • Kitten Kat
    Kitten Kat Day ago

    I ruined the perfect 222 comment number!

  • cadence mitchem

    i actually get those there really fun

  • Cream Supreme
    Cream Supreme Day ago

    Hey guys, word de man here.

  • Julian Wolfe
    Julian Wolfe Day ago

    mr banana hammock

  • Bra Cl
    Bra Cl Day ago

    I have an idea what happens if you put dry ice into a bottle along with the aluminum and shake it up

  • thewindowisrusty

    This is definitely some of your best editing!

  • Abhain Hay
    Abhain Hay Day ago

    Another really dangerous game is red door yellow door

  • Abhain Hay
    Abhain Hay Day ago

    Where did you buy the stuff?

  • Avyay Anand
    Avyay Anand Day ago

    The children are fine Let's explode them

  • Maria Clara Sangria

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  • Pacman333
    Pacman333 Day ago

    That's really what I expected, melting a bunch of random elements in random ratios. An extremely brittle piece of trash.

  • neonAnarchist
    neonAnarchist Day ago

    How do you separate the spires from the banana. I have only made a modern art style table.

  • The Second ZedRies

    Coppa: make video no for kid! Backyard scientist: " Now were going to blow up kids"

  • neonAnarchist
    neonAnarchist Day ago

    It’s like death Twister

  • Hamilton Karl
    Hamilton Karl Day ago

    You should aluminum cast a prosthetic hand