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  • cassi farcas
    cassi farcas 7 hours ago

    People are mad. Windfarms are so beautiful!

  • Mitchell Abercrombie

    Ah yes, man made additions to the environment, like Houses. What's next, we tear down all houses because the brick doesn't match the grass?

  • Shani
    Shani 8 hours ago

    I was always trying not to be late so I'd rush to work in the city

  • Zombiekiller707
    Zombiekiller707 8 hours ago

    well isn't that some Sh*t.

  • battlefront cj
    battlefront cj 9 hours ago


  • Vysair
    Vysair 10 hours ago

    Good way to get caught on fire.

  • Alexandre Maru
    Alexandre Maru 10 hours ago

    With 5g idk if that will be possible or most likely efficient because how shit it is at penetrating so expect to see those fucking satellites aiming at yo face 😂

  • Paulo Milan
    Paulo Milan 10 hours ago

    I lived in NYC all my life and I noticed the trash and smell when visitors point it out.

  • Dr Gore
    Dr Gore 10 hours ago

    You will tear the ability to walk from my cold dead moving feet

  • Rich Osthoff
    Rich Osthoff 10 hours ago

    They look WORSE with the plastic leaves/needles/branches. Draws more attention to the tower. Looks like a giant, semi-metallic weed. Waste of money.

  • Manu Undertale
    Manu Undertale 10 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Waffle -
    Waffle - 11 hours ago

    dont forget that someone had to build that house made of legos.

  • Julia Pilat
    Julia Pilat 11 hours ago

    Short answer: so people don’t have to look at ugly phone towers and they blend in better with nature

  • Da Master
    Da Master 12 hours ago

    TheXvid Video with english title and the word "german" in it: *exists* Germans: Ja hallo servus moin

  • An2nio Productions
    An2nio Productions 13 hours ago

    You know they are treating us more and more like sardines. Removing more seats after every new subway design. Trains seating arrangements like the r68 are just fine. Just make the emergency doors unlocked.

  • Artemis Ameretsu
    Artemis Ameretsu 14 hours ago

    Random idiots today: "Hitler was a socialist! Socialism is bad cause Hitler!" US wartime propaganda: Share your vehicle or you're as bad as Hitler! 🤔

  • Les Campbell
    Les Campbell 15 hours ago

    They would save millions on 5G by just using Lifi lighting --- lights that provide internet

  • thatjokerperson
    thatjokerperson 16 hours ago

    wind farms are trash

  • beatjunkybg
    beatjunkybg 16 hours ago

    I don't think a lot of research went into this video.. Just a chick telling the story of how her phone updated to 2d interface.

  • Blade1301
    Blade1301 16 hours ago

    I use the map more as a "how to get from above-ground point a to point b, using the subway" vignelli's map is useless because I can't see where any station is in relation to where I'm actually trying to go.

  • The Falcon Nation
    The Falcon Nation 17 hours ago

    I used to read a lot of online books in dark mode (like A LOOOOTTT) but after maybe a year it started to really strain my eyes and my vision would become really blurry trying to focus on the words. To be fair dark mode wasn't the only cause, it was a minute of sleep deprivaty, low brightness, dark mode, low brightness and long periods of looking at a screen that was probably too close to my face (because my vision was getting more and more tired the longer I would read with her previous circumstances). Increasing the text size helped (I have a phone with a blue light filter that I already had on ~60% so that wasn't a problem) didn't fix it but it helped also increasing brightness and not reading for hours in a completely dark room

  • Chloe Jayde
    Chloe Jayde 17 hours ago

    In the suburbs near i live i never see a tower like those, its super rare. We have quite a lot of trees both within and around all the suburbs, so most towers and anything else which is an eyesore are build off road a bit and on some land where it's surrounded by forest. I only know this because i went for a walk one day and found one.

  • nadir cet
    nadir cet 17 hours ago

    Organise everything neatly and map everything precisely in a single doccument f$%& no just put it somewhere as an electrician this pisses me off

  • Boi Mesa
    Boi Mesa 18 hours ago

    We have the signs in the Netherlands but you better be prepared to wait... 4 dayssss NO ONE WILL PICK U UP. Trust me...

  • Miriam L.
    Miriam L. 18 hours ago

    Really hard to believe!

  • The Falcon Nation
    The Falcon Nation 18 hours ago

    If we get a chance and have enough time (ya we almost always end up with he 1~1½h connection at our usual stop and the airport is big we literally get to the gate and have like 20mins till boarding so just enough for a quick bathroom break after a 10h flight and getting to use the airport wifi) we would check out the perfume section since it has more options and is actually a bit cheaper than at our destination or where we live cuz we have crazy taxes. Heck I'm even wearing the one I got last summer rn. The only 2 stops we are interested in is Perfume & food (specifically coffee) 😂

  • Mary Molotov
    Mary Molotov 18 hours ago

    Alot of Male is coming from China. Heh heh, i get it. *Cough chinese parents only wanting male babies in the past cough*

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham 19 hours ago

    Just use a blue light filter

  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 19 hours ago

    Just having this thought on Monday..

  • The Falcon Nation
    The Falcon Nation 19 hours ago

    In my country pretty much 70% or maybe more are walkers you don't usually see that many people standing unless they're tourists or a group of friends unless you're in the center of the capital city. We're all constantly rushing everywhere and are very time/appointment conscious (for the most part) and just want to get from point A to point B in the shortest time possible and try to avoid being late for almost anything (unless it's friends cuz then we could both be an hour or more later 😂). For example my commute to school requires me to take 2 trains and the transit time between them is 2 minutes if there are no delays and the tracks are on opposite sides of the station meaning I have to run up the escalator speed walk through the station and run down the other escalators while seeing my train either just pulling in or stationed and it might be just leaving by the time I reach it. I'm lucky tho since I can take 2 from that same track but sometimes the 2nd one can make me late so I avoid taking it if I can.

  • Muka Zero
    Muka Zero 20 hours ago

    Just move all cellphone tower underground...

  • Color Artz
    Color Artz 20 hours ago

    6:40 he realized that he f***** up

  • Color Artz
    Color Artz 20 hours ago

    *I R I D I S I C L O S I S*

  • fordie 58
    fordie 58 20 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing! What a primitive species we are! It's like banging the heck out of a malfunctioning TV!

  • Anthony Robertson
    Anthony Robertson 20 hours ago

    It's probably seniors in there 70s and 80s complaining about the towers "No one needs internet and phone in their car." and people under 50 are probably going "wtf! Why is my reception so crappy around here?" In 20 years the towers will go up with little resistance..

  • spicy applesauce
    spicy applesauce 21 hour ago

    3:45 Apparently the secret service use Chinese assault rifles

  • Roxor128
    Roxor128 21 hour ago

    This would only be good for cleaning up the airline industry. Small planes for one or two people can be converted to battery power, but big passenger or freight ones can't. They're simply too dependent on the energy density of hydrocarbon fuels. The best we can do for that sector is require that all hydrocarbon fuel used by them be manufactured from atmospheric carbon dioxide. You might, however, be able to manufacture it on-site at the airport, though, which would save on fuel transport costs and emissions.

  • BelowAverageLuke
    BelowAverageLuke 21 hour ago

    I saw something like this is my area.

    LEGENDS AND ICONS 21 hour ago

    Wtf is an itouch?

  • IndianHead Logan
    IndianHead Logan 21 hour ago

    Us: Let it grow, let it grow! Big Businesses: let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and die!

  • Jackson McGlothlin
    Jackson McGlothlin 21 hour ago

    At least our hands are badass to make up for it.

  • buddy
    buddy 21 hour ago

    Nobody looks at a cell tower and thinks “this cell tower makes me wanna rob someone’s house” 😂 cell towers don’t increase crime.

  • ThoolooExpress
    ThoolooExpress 22 hours ago

    I've never understood people's obsession with views. You're literally blocking jobs, clean energy, and valuable services for your entire community just so you can look out your window. Get a poster if you like seeing nature so much lol.

  • Brentsfriend
    Brentsfriend 22 hours ago

    METERS? KILOMETERS??? I hate it when these SNOBS don't want to use MILES/FEET because they are 'SMARTER THAN YOU"! FCK U!!!!!

  • Kim Jong Hong
    Kim Jong Hong 22 hours ago


  • Pikagirl541
    Pikagirl541 22 hours ago

    I can read pretty much any font when it's printed, but on screen my eyes stopping doing their job. Letter and sometimes words get mixed up, letters and words that aren't even there suddenly appear, and everything gets blurry. I don't think I'm dyslexic because this only happens when I'm reading on a screen. I typed all this while my sleep med is kicking in. What I'm getting at is I really, really want that easy to read font. I would make typing so much easier.

  • Chelsey Abbott
    Chelsey Abbott 22 hours ago

    I really hate. Its so fake and irritating. Id rather just see the pole as is

  • Chelsey Abbott
    Chelsey Abbott 23 hours ago

    I kept wondering what all the bollards and cement blocks were. This makes sense

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Shittest video ever.

  • IAN95
    IAN95 23 hours ago

    Mowing grass and yard maintenance SUCKS.

  • 《白关》Pakkwun
    《白关》Pakkwun 23 hours ago

    Lindy B: oh my, the wife doesn't like telephone poles lets fix that for public health Also Lindy B: *bombs and drops agent orange on vietnamese rice farmers*

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke Day ago

    Because we’re not wimps who take the easy way out when we can.

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke Day ago

    Because our system is better?

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo Day ago


  • Saajid Amin
    Saajid Amin Day ago

    how can i get her as agirl firend . im aksing for my cousin

  • Jorge Montijo
    Jorge Montijo Day ago

    Yo the background music for Swanson international frozen dinner was od. The Chinese one 🤣.

  • Jared Doppenberg

    i honestly love the look of wind farms as they are iconic in pop culture and a reference to the precedented future

  • Donovan Taylor

    Humans need something to bitch at

    WNBT TV Day ago

    How this dumb company suppose to use a real tree just hang it up the tree no the ugly tree or plastic tree...

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy Day ago

    Their view in Colorado was still obscured though.

  • jack long
    jack long Day ago

    So you’re telling me it’s not just annoying to be in crowded areas but it’s also dangerous?

  • James 01.4
    James 01.4 Day ago

    Jy the thing is that people complain about cell Towers but then they complain that they don't have any reception.

  • Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman

    Normal cellphone tower : pretty normal... Camouflaged cellphone : WTF IS THAT!? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS THAT!? A TREE? A POLE? A FRIGGIN PARABOLA RIDDLED CHRISTMAS TREE!?

  • Man in Tidy Whities

    Declined because no one wants a microwave to explode when placing a dinner tray inside

  • Vampire King
    Vampire King Day ago

    I’m making TheXvid dinners

  • lucariomew358/2

    Ivy Dickson and Poppy Lifton from Gossip Girl.

  • camjkerman
    camjkerman Day ago

    That explains why British Rail Engineering Limited kept on putting big, loud DC Motors into just one coach of their electric trains until the 1990s. The "zoom-zoom" from the 2nd or 3rd coach in each set in a train is iconic on pretty much any line they ever ran on (look up videos of BR Class 321s, 317s, or 319s at speed). The change to AC motors didn't come until 1991 when British Rail ordered 97 "Networker" trains from them and a further 93 from their cousins Metro-Cammell. The BREL sets were refurbished in 2008 and sound different now, but the Metro-Cammell sets are functionally as delivered and thus retain their original "F1 Car" sound when pulling away from a stand (see videos of "MetCam class 465"). Siemens also make their trains sound weird, their Desiro UK trains are infamous for their "UFO" sound, and their ES64U2 "Taurus" locomotives on the continent are known for their musical scale between 0-20kmh, the latter being made famous in a TheXvid video titled "Taurus Macht Musik" of one such locomotive struggling from a start with a heavy train in snowy conditions causing the wheels to spin and the motors to go with them until the computer brought them back into line, creating music along the way.

  • Maya S
    Maya S Day ago

    The original example you use of cell towers in Colorado is mostly economic, it doesn't do any good for us but our tourism industry wouldn't find it cute if their customers started complaining the rocky mountain towns looked just like anywhere else in the US.

  • T Abel
    T Abel Day ago

    The people who complain about cellphone towers are also the first people to start btching when they lose service

  • Pendleton 115
    Pendleton 115 Day ago

    I don’t get why people complain about wind farms, personally I find them much more aesthetically pleasing than a Coal Fire Power Plant, Coal Train and Open Coal Mine. But hey, maybe that’s just me, an Australian who has no idea about these things.

  • Arthur Huizar
    Arthur Huizar Day ago

    Okay, Sharron. The only eyesore I'm worried about is my bank account.

  • dactylntrochee

    I did a lot of hitching in high school, between '65 and '69. I always enjoyed it, and sometimes learned a thing or two. I got my own car after graduation and picked people up until some time in the '70s. I did finally pick up a guy who was so psychotic that I listened to his rants, agreed sympathetically, and drove him to the emergency room where I asked if they can admit a mental patient. I lured him into the facility by saying that I have a friend who worked there who would be happy to indulge his masochistic fantasies. (Wouldn't you know I named the friend "Sigmund"! I was pretty rattled.) The hospital accepted him. I drove off and went about the rest of my day. I don't know if that was the last time I picked someone up, but it was surely among the last.

  • vjw227
    vjw227 Day ago

    Jail or prison.?????

  • max_agr
    max_agr Day ago

    Its such a good idea. Here in Germany they are just there and being ugly

  • Tony Solar
    Tony Solar Day ago

    4:45 That coffee seems to kinda float out of the cup as it's being poured.

  • Raz Taz
    Raz Taz Day ago

    The first palm, elm and cyprus are good, but the palm at 1:02 I think would have looked better as just a tower.

  • John Ray
    John Ray Day ago

    "Numonic" mail tubes? Its pneumatic you twat

  • Pelham Bissell

    My brother calls them Frankentrees

  • xxdewxx9
    xxdewxx9 Day ago

    The woman hosting this episode is a poppy lookalike! Do you agree?

  • Daniele Marchetilli

    do you know here in italy we say that your coffee is dirty water?

  • zaggy3110
    zaggy3110 Day ago

    Walmart employee: Hello! How are you? German customer: "Wenn Sie es unbedingt wissen wollen: Mir geht es dreckig. Meine Frau lässt sich scheiden, meine Kinder wollen nichts mehr mit mir zu tun haben, ich sitze auf eine Haufen Schulden, meine Hämorrhoiden machen mir zu schaffen und jetzt belästigen Sie mich auch noch mit ihrem grenzdebilen Lächeln. Aber das interessiert Sie doch alles nicht wirklich, Sie Arsch"

  • Djordje XO
    Djordje XO Day ago

    Hey in my city those towers were covered up as camouflage so that bomber planes couldn't see it!

  • Sugar_High
    Sugar_High Day ago

    PAY to use a toilet? HELL NO! Here's why 1. Some people are poor, or even homeless. These people might not have any money to use the restroom, therefore, we'll have people dropping their pants and taking a shit anywhere. 2. Some people have health problems that require restroom acess at all times. Think about people who are diabetic, have Irritable Bowel Sydrome, have a bladder problem or may even have a Urinary Tract Infection. They already have to pay for medications to treat these conditions so why should they have to pay to use the restroom? 3. Periods. Women have periods. What if a women needs to change her pad or tampon? Wearing a pad for too long is unsanitary and could cause infections. Leaving a tampon in for too long (Although extremely rare) could cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, a serious disease that could cause high fever, dangerously low blood pressure, vomiting, rash, seizures, paralysis or even death. 4. If someone is traveling and hasn't had acess to a bathroom for 3 or more hours, they might really, really need to go. Think about a time you were on a long road trip and really needed to go. Imagine the relief you felt after finding a place with a toilet, now imagine NOT having any money with you because the toilet requires payment. That would suck, right? 5. Last but not least, we all need to go! It's a normal part of life, and there's nothing we can do to prevent ourselves from needing to go. We shouldn't be restricted from taking care of nature.

  • Piotrek Lesiński

    Why the hell did I find all the answers that people couldn't in this video?

  • Tony Shi
    Tony Shi Day ago

    First world problems. Maybe our phone bill would be cheaper if some people learn to keep it to themselves

  • Gareth Baus
    Gareth Baus Day ago

    Has anyone tried analyzing the average walking speed compared to the % of the population that owns cars in a city as well?

  • Oscar8mx
    Oscar8mx Day ago

    I would pay no more than $30. Paying 2 grand for one pair of jeans is foolish

  • DaveyDoo
    DaveyDoo Day ago

    There's one of these by the side of the train tracks between Haslemere and Guildford in the UK. Its completely brown and blocky in shape, these ones in this video would get an oscar compared to it. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere too i dont think any houses look over it so i have no idea why they attempted to "beautify" it 😂.

  • Hollywood NaBil

    In Soviet Russia The Escalator walks on you


    seems people are really stupid to believe just about anything these days.

  • slimedork
    slimedork Day ago

    this is literally the lorax in real life

  • Kyle Spence
    Kyle Spence Day ago

    Does this guy have lipstick on? To each his own, but man, it's distracting.

  • Parts_ Datsun
    Parts_ Datsun Day ago

    Previously, I found the pomp and pageantry of this motorcade abit over the top...almost banana republic-esque especially on home turf...but I rationalized it as a necessary evil - mitigating threats by projecting invincibility. After all if they can convince potential attackers - merely by propaganda - that the motorcade is impregnable...that’s half the battle won, right there. But after 2016 the utilitarian value inherent to protecting the most despised man on earth can’t be disputed...heaven knows they need it more than ever before.

  • H20_ggGaming
    H20_ggGaming Day ago

    Sone kids dobt know how to use seat belts, bus driver would have to get up & un bukle them? That would take long Imahine a bus would roll over upsitedown & its on fire (you can't un bukel a seat belt while upsidedown) the bus driver would have to detach all the 20+ kids stuk in the bus on fire!? These are sone more reasons y there is no sest belts.

  • Forcesofvalor Vids

    coffee is coffee

  • Lucky Me
    Lucky Me Day ago

    How do they handle billing? If you don't pay they can't exactly stop pickup when you can chuck it in the mound to the left.....

  • Tobey Transport

    We have one of these in my town in the UK!!!

  • Roni
    Roni Day ago

    Germany: tOo lOw pRicEs Lidl meanwhile: here have 6 choclate bars for a euro

    • xKelp
      xKelp 17 hours ago

      If milk and flour are too cheap it fucks over farmers

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Day ago

    I think there’s a weird distinction between ugly and spectacles. If you made one giant beautiful windmill and painted it in your country’s flag I bet it’d get more support than a much of smaller plain ones. People don’t have the attention span to like masses of things. Somehow the Eiffel Tower is considered beautiful even though it’s basically an oversized cellphone tower.