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BBC Strictly Come Dancing
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  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown 52 minutes ago

    38 people have no hearts

  • Rosefam_ 221
    Rosefam_ 221 Hour ago

    Yes Saffron and Aj u 2 I ship you ❀️

  • Squidygoes Boom
    Squidygoes Boom Hour ago

    4:31 oof

  • MrCyclopsking
    MrCyclopsking Hour ago

    beautiful beautiful

  • Natalie Louise Banham

    Did anyone notice he sung "how long can you stand the keep?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Aoife Campbell
    Aoife Campbell Hour ago


  • elblondie69 falconer

    I'm chopping onions here😒

  • Alberto Suarez
    Alberto Suarez Hour ago

    I really want her to win, she has undeniable stage presence !

  • Lucy Osborne
    Lucy Osborne Hour ago

    Well done saffy b and aj

  • Darksamurai 78
    Darksamurai 78 Hour ago

    I do like these two together but I really wanted to see Alex and Kevin together they would make a good couple

  • mimee
    mimee Hour ago

    i used to go to school and do balett with callum the little boy

  • frie chucks the third

    Nadya fullstop

  • Alfie Cruickshank
    Alfie Cruickshank 2 hours ago

    Giovanni is HOT !!!

  • Belkar 2020
    Belkar 2020 2 hours ago

    Boring Kelvin 4/10

  • Han g
    Han g 2 hours ago


  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan 2 hours ago

    Very envious of the moves, bedridden after a stroke May 2018, only got a right hand that works.

  • Martin Crombie
    Martin Crombie 2 hours ago

    Incredible performance from Kelvin.

  • Martin Crombie
    Martin Crombie 2 hours ago

    Love watching Emma, 1 of my favs along with Kelvin.πŸ‘

  • Lauren Brading
    Lauren Brading 2 hours ago

    Favourites amazing πŸ’•

  • mikeykm1993
    mikeykm1993 2 hours ago

    I’d love to see faye play truly scrumptious and do the music box song/dance

  • Lauren Brading
    Lauren Brading 2 hours ago

    Loved this (conga) will miss you guys mike πŸ’•

  • Katie ALDC!!!
    Katie ALDC!!! 2 hours ago

    Saffron is amazing at ballroom not so much Latin but her ballroom is absolutely stunning she has such good balance and posture and once she perfects her ballroom she’ll be getting in the 30s & 40 every week I just know it ❀️ keep it up Saff

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice 2 hours ago

    Really good performance and that Chris always 100% into each performance

  • Team CRG
    Team CRG 2 hours ago

    Dreadfully undermarked, I’d give that dance an 8 at least!

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice 2 hours ago

    Amazing and beautiful performance for Remembrance Day

  • Amelia
    Amelia 2 hours ago

    I wish I could buy this version of this song on iTunes πŸ™

  • Mungo Lewis
    Mungo Lewis 2 hours ago

    Let the competition begin!

  • Mangan2504
    Mangan2504 2 hours ago

    Well, that last dance/goodbye was pretty epic and classy. Thank you Mike for that!

  • Lillie Rice
    Lillie Rice 3 hours ago

    I love Blackpool so so excited for next weeeek

  • Lillie Rice
    Lillie Rice 3 hours ago

    Mike and Katya deserves to go x bye bye x Michele and Gio are better

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 3 hours ago

    That conga at the end was probably trying to make mike πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ feel better | | | | V And yes IT DIDπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

  • Naomi Monks
    Naomi Monks 3 hours ago

    Get Michelle OUT!!

  • Betty Boo's Sister
    Betty Boo's Sister 3 hours ago

    I love Kelvins Ass...really cute how it moves....

  • Maya Grosman
    Maya Grosman 3 hours ago

    This really should have been in the dance of in my opinion with mike and katya NOT Michelle and Giovanni They were not good and idk y they r always safe even when they get they get the bottom two scores. Really unfair It’s okay to not be the best dancer but Michelle and Giovanni were just so amazing and Chris and Karen should have not been in the dance off. If not them then who? Everyone else in the competition is really good now that mike left so now Chris and Karen really need to step it up and be amazing like everyone else or they have to leave if they don’t then it is unfair to those who are so talented and try so hard and are great.

  • V Mason
    V Mason 3 hours ago

    I so enjoyed this - it sent me zooming off to Seville - all the differing moves and found the characterization magnificent - then as always they pull off some new to us all stunt - brillo - loved it - thank you.

  • alida flus
    alida flus 3 hours ago

    She was amazing. She deserved this score. I voted for her. As I do every week. She comes back stronger and stronger. What a role model. Amazing πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • .
    . 3 hours ago

    is no one going to talk about that glass that broke at the start?

  • Madeeha Azhar
    Madeeha Azhar 3 hours ago

    Most beautiful dance I love her primark collection too

  • Donut puppy Pugs
    Donut puppy Pugs 3 hours ago

    I think the reason why Michelle and Giovanni where in the dance off is because she is American and people are coming less interested in them and not voting for them because most people where voting for Karim and Amy. I just wanted to put it out there for the people who are shocked,your welcome.:)

  • AvogadroToast
    AvogadroToast 3 hours ago

    Gorgeous. Then the casual gay couple? Fantastic. The female soldiers? Excellent. All the representation πŸ‘Œ

  • sTar.E_xo May
    sTar.E_xo May 3 hours ago

    AJ is so attractive like wowπŸ˜β€ΌοΈ

  • Glxy_Em
    Glxy_Em 4 hours ago

    Im sorry but everyones negativity to mike is un real i totally disagree, Imagine you standing up there knowing that you may be out tonight. Constantly training, hard work, to have it frown in your face by horrible comments on social media. He keeps his head high and has achieved more than he believed he was capable of. so please if you dont have anything good to say dont say it

  • Eric Potvin
    Eric Potvin 4 hours ago

    who sing please ??

  • Bib Cay
    Bib Cay 4 hours ago

    Really like Mike he should of went further

  • D A
    D A 4 hours ago

    Amy's such a mood

  • Kerry Adsett
    Kerry Adsett 4 hours ago

    Strictly absolutely nailed this one every year they keep viewers hooked .

  • InProgress
    InProgress 4 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this dance, I just love it. The choreography and the music work really well together.

  • Sajjad Ali
    Sajjad Ali 4 hours ago

    Best last dance ever. Loved the Conga. Had me in stitches!

  • WDWImagizesXo
    WDWImagizesXo 5 hours ago

    every time they say AJ Pritchard I always think AJ Tracey lol i wanna see him on this show 🀣❀️

  • InProgress
    InProgress 5 hours ago

    This was beautiful!

  • Jonathon Neville
    Jonathon Neville 5 hours ago

    "Your Song" is written in 4/4 time. Did this band change it 3/4 for waltz? I hear waltz timing for about 5 seconds in the middle, but mostly I don't hear a waltz rhythm, and they seem to be almost never dancing "to" the music. Help me see I'm wrong?

  • Cleo Manuel
    Cleo Manuel 5 hours ago


  • Cleo Manuel
    Cleo Manuel 5 hours ago

    Mike has shown grit and determination amidst all of his struggles, not to mention the criticisms from the public. He instead showed class and humility, that to me is the definition of strength and character. It is only through trials and tribulations that will determine your character. He came to learn how to dance and he has accomplished it. He accepted constructive criticisms from the judges. What a gracious man he is. In Katya's words, he should be proud of himself. He handled himself with grace amidst his struggles. Bless him❀❀❀ Come on Michelle, dance dance dance❀❀❀

  • Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey 6 hours ago

    β€˜That’s my favourite leg β€˜ ha ha

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan 6 hours ago

    Delighted to see neil is mended xxx

  • zippy blessed
    zippy blessed 6 hours ago


  • Merle Karpenstein
    Merle Karpenstein 7 hours ago

    Mike was a delight to watch, but Michelle obv was better. Still I hope he keeps dancing, his positive energy was incredible!

  • Galaxybaby_xoxo
    Galaxybaby_xoxo 7 hours ago

    totally not crying... okay maybe a little. that was stunning :'(

  • Amelia
    Amelia 7 hours ago

    Ha ha go Debbie!!

  • efootball PES
    efootball PES 7 hours ago

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ”΄Amazing comedy dance performanceπŸ”»

  • Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy 7 hours ago

    What a woman....

  • Stuart Murphy
    Stuart Murphy 7 hours ago

    Get in!!!

  • Angelica Pickles
    Angelica Pickles 7 hours ago

    Cried all the way through. At least the BBC is still doing SOMETHING good.

  • Amy Nutter
    Amy Nutter 8 hours ago

    As soon as I saw Michelle in that dress I thought omg what was geo thinking Everyone else look so lovely l had a feeling it was all going wrong I vote For them every can't the public put the amican ting to one side and vote for The one who can really dancee

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi 8 hours ago

    Absolutely Amazing! Deserved those high scores, Well done Saffron & AJ!

  • Tammy Meads
    Tammy Meads 8 hours ago

    39!!! Well done! They’re so gonna win!

  • Sandra Debby Gracia de Lima

    Absolutely gorgeous! Check the (double) heel turn on 1:24

  • Marilou Ferraro
    Marilou Ferraro 9 hours ago

    I say they should win in the final. Kelvin is very good dancer from week 1 ....

  • Arina K.
    Arina K. 9 hours ago

    He may not be the best dancer but he definitely improved since week one and as always enjoyed watching him dance

  • Susan Stroh
    Susan Stroh 9 hours ago

    does it mean Michelle is next in line to be voted off? I hope not so, she is a brilliant dancer and one of my favorites to win the competition!

  • Laughs With Lulu
    Laughs With Lulu 9 hours ago

    Michelle was in the bottom because all the British gays are in Gran Canaria for Winter Pride πŸ€ͺ

  • Lillian Aidoo
    Lillian Aidoo 9 hours ago

    Best exit ever!!❀️❀️❀️

  • Bethany
    Bethany 9 hours ago

    Love this beautiful routine! and its a beautiful song to match it! if anyone knows this version of song and who its by please let me know!

    • Siobhan Parker
      Siobhan Parker 9 hours ago

      @Bethany it must be the live band then, a dvd of strictly is released every year it would probably be on that, if you're not in the UK you would only need a multi region dvd player which are really cheap now bit of a hassle I know πŸ˜πŸ’–

    • Bethany
      Bethany 9 hours ago

      Siobhan Parker already asked google lol but strangely he’s no help and can’t recognise it. :(

    • Siobhan Parker
      Siobhan Parker 9 hours ago

      @Bethany I prefer it too you could just keep it on a playlist? πŸ€” Or if you have an old phone knocking about you could use it to ask google?

    • Bethany
      Bethany 9 hours ago

      @Siobhan Parker Thats annoying as i want it! I prefer this version to the original!

    • Siobhan Parker
      Siobhan Parker 9 hours ago

      The uk version of strictly has a live group of musicians and singers so it might have been performed by them😊

  • Marilou Ferraro
    Marilou Ferraro 9 hours ago

    Danny and Oti was robbed by the British public. He was and still the best male dancer SCD ever have.

  • Psammead Sand
    Psammead Sand 10 hours ago

    Not sure why people get shocked by who's in the dance off, it's down to the combined score. The most entertaining people on the show are not always the best dancers.

  • Marilou Ferraro
    Marilou Ferraro 10 hours ago

    I just wondered why Oti and Danni did not win the final. Very strange .

  • Marilou Ferraro
    Marilou Ferraro 10 hours ago

    I wish Oti will win this year as Kevin is a good dancer. It seems to me that the judging panel has favourites like Shirley. Hmmm The only very good female judge on SCD was Darcy. Hope she will come back.

  • mei li
    mei li 10 hours ago

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    • monika laosi
      monika laosi 8 hours ago

      There’s an undeniable connection between these two

  • NiceToMeetMew
    NiceToMeetMew 10 hours ago

    Ok but this has to be one of the most iconic moments ever. I'm calling it.

  • Nithyastananda Ma
    Nithyastananda Ma 10 hours ago

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  • mia bieber
    mia bieber 10 hours ago

    Omg her dress is stunning and so was the routine but I’d of made sure she got 40

  • JessicaAmy145
    JessicaAmy145 11 hours ago

    Michelle is brilliant and is perfectly partnered with Giovanni. She’s going to the final - she has to!

  • JessicaAmy145
    JessicaAmy145 11 hours ago

    It’s good but it’s a little slow. It’s not got much going on.

  • Sophie Fleming
    Sophie Fleming 11 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing x

  • kiwigirljacks
    kiwigirljacks 11 hours ago

    He a beautiful natural fluidity that I love πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Cheryl Pirie-Warsop
    Cheryl Pirie-Warsop 11 hours ago

    beautiful made me cry so emotional

  • Colleen Herholdt
    Colleen Herholdt 12 hours ago

    Why . No no no this should not have happened. We are so sad and so mad......

  • Maybelle anders
    Maybelle anders 12 hours ago

    Oti Mabuse is the BEST professional dancer on Strictly. Her choreography is second to NONE. She is fun, enthusiastic and a darn GOOD TEACHER! She was robbed together with Danni Mac. They should have picked the glitter ball.

  • Summer evening
    Summer evening 12 hours ago

    There is so much beauty and sadness in this dance. 🧑

  • Bern Werlumz
    Bern Werlumz 12 hours ago

    It only took Emma, Catherine and David but we are finally here

  • cjk
    cjk 12 hours ago

    The fact that Michelle was in the bottom was ridiculous. How tf did she get in the bottom? She was 2nd on the leaderboard??? This was a fix just to get Mike off

  • Izzy . Com
    Izzy . Com 12 hours ago

    I heard they were in the dance off I wasn’t scared because their a better dancer than mike

  • Izzy . Com
    Izzy . Com 12 hours ago

    So happy mike is gone

  • Izzy . Com
    Izzy . Com 13 hours ago

    That lucky kid gets to be apart the strictly gang

  • Olivia Llamas
    Olivia Llamas 13 hours ago

    Beautiful! 😍❀️

  • Ace_ AlfiE
    Ace_ AlfiE 13 hours ago

    Mike nooooooo i dont like michale

  • AH420FifaSkillzHDTV
    AH420FifaSkillzHDTV 13 hours ago


  • girl gamer
    girl gamer 13 hours ago

    Despite mistakes if he were to do it again and perfect it, it would be a beautiful dance.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 hours ago

    4 years ago? Has she been on here twice?

  • girl gamer
    girl gamer 13 hours ago

    Mike knew he wasn’t honing to go through even Craig said it. I don’t like this thing strictly does just to get the bad ones outπŸ˜“