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  • mattvmani
    mattvmani 18 minutes ago

    Ghost of Tsushima looks pretty incredible, don’t know if I’ll get to play it but looking forward to it none the less. Godfall is interesting. The game looks good but I’m not terribly impressed. They showed a bunch of special effects in the game engine but textures and lighting remind me of Ryse of Rome. Running the game on the xbox one x is pretty close to that level. It just doesn’t significantly stand out visually to some of the first party games that currently exist. Despite that, I hope it’s not The Division Diablo edition. The idea does sound good and coop is great. Hopefully it will be available on Xbox as well for them folks. It’s not a bad start though.

  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell 26 minutes ago

    Y’all care about sales like that money is going into YOUR pockets and until PlayStation gets its first person shooters back I’ll never buy one again not to mention no back compat

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch Hour ago

    The developers said Godfall was influenced by Stormlight Archive and the First Law series , so we’re in for a hell of a ride!

  • Fishchips 994
    Fishchips 994 Hour ago

    If xbox fails again, i’m pretty sure microsoft will leave console market. The only way they can beat playstation is if PS5 fucked up big time

  • PuRe 9 6
    PuRe 9 6 Hour ago

    there teaming up tf

  • guild war
    guild war Hour ago

    another paper weight console without games, all exclusives are play station

  • sampson ireman
    sampson ireman Hour ago

    Infamous First Light was the last game SP made. And it's good.

  • SantianoBe
    SantianoBe Hour ago

    Am I the only one not interested in Ghost of Tsushima? Asian culture just does not appeal to me

  • geeks & nerds
    geeks & nerds Hour ago

    This guy changes side as like Chameleon changes his colour

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte Hour ago

    I am not interested in godfall. Because, one, the looter sounds like you have to buy stuff to get to a better level, second, I don't like multiplayer games.

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte Hour ago

    I think they are going to release ghost of tsushima in August because last of us 2 will be release in may, so it is not a good move to have two triple A exclusive games so close to each other.

  • Joey Salas
    Joey Salas Hour ago

    LOL at all the people complaining about Godfall being the first officially announced PS5 game. Who wants to bet most of them probably don't even remember that Knack was the first PS4 game officially announced.

  • Laurent de backer

    5:00 here i'm 100% with you, this is bad for the new gen, but MS doesn't understand that!

  • Laurent de backer

    Okay look, with all due respect, but this is stupid. Of course new gen PS5 games won't work on a PS4. This has never been the case. I can't remember when we could play a PS4 game on a PS3 Or a PS2 game on the PS1. You can't play Nintendo Switch on the Wii U either he? Of course, being the fact that they are cartridges vs cd's doesn't help to much either. But uhm, could XBOX One games be played on the 360? As far as i know, no, it didn't. Now, if we're talking playing PS4 games on the PS5, (you know, backwards compatible), then yeah, Sony should definitely do it, because Microsoft is doing it with the XBOX and to be honest, when you show gamers that you have a whole backlog of games that you can play, and knowing that, in the future you will be able to keep playing your old games, well, gamers aren't stupid, you know they want this. Granted, the PS3 will give a major problem in this case, but they can easily support PS1 and 2 games and of course PS4 games. Maybe PS3 games through some kind of emulation, i don't know. But anyway, these are just my personal thoughts...

  • V82MP
    V82MP 2 hours ago

    Yeah, sure I remember reading an article a few years back from someone who had "BEEN" to a test screening of "Batman vs Superman" and claimed it was Oscar worthy and one of the greatest films he'd ever seen. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that article and this story is why drugs are bad kids! You have to remember that Sony are NOT developing everything themselves, they are using other companies tech and components etc, that is how consoles are made.... So this guy that had his jaw on the floor has never seen an upto date top spec pc running a game? Look over TheXvid and you'll find thousands of vids running the latest spec of available components.... These are the same components and in most cases BETTER than the confirmed spec on the PS5 So a guy who is invited to see a behind the scenes demo on such a secretive project has never seen a high end PC? Sure!

  • Blag Cog
    Blag Cog 2 hours ago

    Infamous 2 was better than Second son. Change my mind.

  • DaGIANTyeti
    DaGIANTyeti 2 hours ago

    This comment section is a cancerous pool of toxicity that needs to be purged. Calm you tits everyone jeez. Look this is an opinion piece O P I N I O N piece not real journalism. I can give an opinion piece right now in the comment section so calm down ya nerds. Both consoles will be absolute beasts of hardware and they will practically be on the same level power maybe just a miner difference. Both companies have made bad and good decisions this generation. Xbox gamepass is $10 a month and get a huge catalogue of games and every console "exclusive" will launch on it. PS plus just sucks it kinda got better but is nowhere near the scale of success of gamepass. PlayStation games have been phenomenal all generation from DS, GoW, Horizon Zero Dawn. I can't count Spiderman because Sony literally owns the rights to the beloved comic book character. If Spooderman wasn't owned by Sony he would be on every platform for the max profit because well it's Spiderman he is loved by everyone. Im looking forward to the next generation of consoles both From X series and PS5. I will get both and play badass games on badass consoles because that's what a real gamer would do. I still want a switch but God damnit they need to release a switch pro or something already. C'mon Nintendo please get to 1080p please is that to much too ask for?

  • KNorth2
    KNorth2 2 hours ago

    To each their own on looks obviously, but I actually really like it. I think it's clean, I like that it's designed to stand upright as that is a really good fit for my setup personally, and I think the design choice lends itself well to being able to cooled better. Original Xbox One was chunky and I didn't like it. Xbox One S is beautiful. Xbox One X is fine, a little bland, but small and nice. Playstation is also generally fine. I didn't care for the design of the pro all that much however. Overall, I'm not remotely concerned about look though.

  • chris lechuga
    chris lechuga 2 hours ago

    Microsoft is out of touch. We all know that. I'm a Sony fan boy but I'm interested to see what Xbox does. PS5 is going to take the cake though. Simply because of the games

  • Mark Drakan
    Mark Drakan 2 hours ago

    And here's me just wanting next part of Sly Cooper's story...

  • Jared Allen
    Jared Allen 2 hours ago

    I don't really think your poll with likes vs dislikes is going to be really representative given that this channel focuses more on PlayStation, and thus probably has more PlayStation fans. I do agree that thinking that any console at this point is gonna be the winner next generation is jumping the gun. I think it is important to remember how long the Xbox 360 dominated North America and then how that all turned around when the Xbox One flopped. Anything can happen next generation and it is not going to be decided by fanboys on either side. It is gonna be dependent on casuals and the exclusives brought to the table. Hopefully Microsoft doesn't shoot themselves in the foot this generation on exclusives.

    • Jared Allen
      Jared Allen 2 hours ago

      I think it is also really important to add how gamer friendly Microsoft has been the last few years since Phil Spencer took over (game pass, studio buyouts, price drops, focus on hardcore gamers). Even if it is just a reactionary response, it has really helped their image and gained a lot of industry attention. No console will be complacent this generation, which will make the end result very exciting.

  • Lee lee
    Lee lee 2 hours ago

    TheXvid going down the crapper, Bitchute is the future.

  • Lutalo Moore
    Lutalo Moore 2 hours ago

    Godfall doesn't have me excited. Cinematic trailers of video games tell you nothing about the quality of the game.There have been countless games that we're trash that if you base whether or not it was a good game on the cinematic trailer it wasn't clear. It's 2019 going into the year 2020. I don't care who's the developer, publisher, or what console the game is on. If you do not have actual gameplay footage I don't care to see it! .

  • Jon Saunders
    Jon Saunders 3 hours ago

    Only way that have a sniff of a chance and I mean sniff is if they come out $200 less than the Ps5 but even then they have "0" games that can sell the system.Personally they are lucky Sony didn't hold back TLOU2 and GOT for the PS5 or the inevitable would have happen before launch.

  • René Sigma
    René Sigma 3 hours ago

    I haven't buy a PS since PS2, precisely 'cause lack of backward compatibility, if they do it this time, I,ll get a PS console, meanwhile lets wait. Lack of software engineering and good planning.

  • Mickey D
    Mickey D 3 hours ago

    Will this be the last AAA title for PS4? Definitely a Day 1 purchase

  • Retrogamer Dell
    Retrogamer Dell 3 hours ago

    Any company can lose the next war. History has shown that. Nintendo has lost, Sega has lost, Sony was losing PS3 for a bit...

  • Adam Root
    Adam Root 3 hours ago

    I think this gen was the one to "win". Let's be real all ps4 games will be playable on ps5. And since sony had such a huge win I dont see that changing. Would ppl really throw away their games library to jump to the other side? I highly doubt it. As long as the system is affordable then I think most people would simply "upgrade". Same with xbox only players. I dont see them switching to ps5 either. When it comes to console gaming. This gen was the one to cement their player base. Which is why I think MS is going all in on games pass.

    AMERICAN BADASS 14 3 hours ago

    unless XBOX gets some NEW IPs besides Forza,Halo and Gears i don't see how they win. I could care less who wins since i play more retro games then modern stuff but i just don't see Xbox winning anything besides the SPEC sheet stats. Xbox has always been more powerful than sony since the PS2 OG Xbox days.

  • Mr. Obvious
    Mr. Obvious 3 hours ago

    GodFall is not a PS5 exclusive dude.

  • Aqotics
    Aqotics 3 hours ago

    Idc I'm a xbox fan, but ps5 will win but xbox series x will be more popular then the xbox one was imo.

  • TheStenius
    TheStenius 4 hours ago

    Yeah, looks fine. But Sony Santa Monica on PS5 will fuck them all.

  • Voodoo Rob
    Voodoo Rob 4 hours ago

    You’re a huge hater.. MBG ...That design is clean and it’s powerful, they have the games coming, I’m excited for once

  • Active Evolution
    Active Evolution 4 hours ago

    I was super wrong when I predicted RE2 winning GOTY... Im still skeptical tho, I believe the Game Awards are bought and paid for. Anyways, I believe Ghosts will turn out to be the BIggest Sony Exclusive game this gen and I will go out on a limb and say Ghosts also wins GOTY in 2020, beating out highly anticipated games like TLOU2/FF7 & CP2077.

    LOSTMAN 4 hours ago

    I’m surprised they released it then. But it’s probably cuz they will announce the Lockhart version at E3.

  • Große Biene
    Große Biene 4 hours ago

    xbox will fail completely pure and simple Mighty Playstation 5 will dominate world wide

  • Vance G
    Vance G 4 hours ago

    This Xbot is very happy.

  • thisisa kodibox
    thisisa kodibox 4 hours ago

    The amount of salt in these comments in amazing. Its a clickbait article. You all fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Im sure Sony got it dialed in. MSFT trick up its sleeve is xcloud pair with gamepass. I have a feeling MSFTS ace in the hole will be the OG XBONES will end up being a thin client for xcloud for the price adverse consumers hence their approach next gen as a 'series' aka they are going after every segment of the market (casuals, former diehards, and diehards). This is where i think Sony will lose in that aspect maybe not in overall sales so much as missed sales opportunities thats MS will snatch up

  • ultradius7
    ultradius7 4 hours ago

    You can actually see the real Godfall gameplay on the website, at the button of the page there are 3 gifs and the first one shows the combat, it is like the new God Of War, same perspective and combat style, the developers probably get some inspiration from it, but we gotta see more, this is that kind of game for opening the next gen in a console bundle.

  • Mr Kambeng 101
    Mr Kambeng 101 4 hours ago

    kudos to kojima productions for winning best direction,best performance and best soundtrack..no goty but im not really hoping for it anyway..quite a shock that sekiro wins it tho despite fan favs res2 and smash🤭 still they deserved it..cant wait for next year,the final days of ps4 are apporoaching guys..lets rack everything up while we still can..might not have time and money to go for ps5 next year🤷

  • Leigh Storr
    Leigh Storr 4 hours ago

    He'll yeah I'm excited for this beast of a console. Most powerful console in the world. 👌👌💯💯🔥🔥 I love the design looks cross with a sub and pc tower. Love it

  • elocc -prime
    elocc -prime 4 hours ago

    Yeah i dont care about MLB i didn't even know that was an exclusive lool

  • llAntimatterll
    llAntimatterll 4 hours ago

    *Blocked in 250 countries?!* There aren't even 200 in the entire world lmfao XD Also, it looks like Microsoft is definitely showing up BIG in 2020. They definitely seem to have learned from the disaster that happened in 2013. And with Hellblade 2 looking so awesome and being a Microsoft exclusive, it's already starting to look good. Excited to see what the other 13 studios have been working on - and I say 13, because we already know about Halo Infinite from 343 Industries, also. Looking good so far but there's still a year left, so we will see.

  • MR Doom
    MR Doom 4 hours ago

    God fall, i like the title but not sure about the game.

  • Anon Nimus
    Anon Nimus 4 hours ago

    Let's be honest, the only launch title ever worth a damn was Halo Combat Evolved on the Xbox. No other console since has had a great launch title, so the PS5 probably won't either. Don't get me wrong, if this thing plays 5 Playstations in 1 then I'm buying it, but the early years for most consoles sucks.

  • MR Doom
    MR Doom 4 hours ago

    People that dont have ps4 and are thinking about getting the ps4 for this game, i think you should wait for the ps5 version instead.

  • OG ReezY
    OG ReezY 5 hours ago

    Finally got a ps4, can't wait to play these great games

  • MusOyun
    MusOyun 5 hours ago

    Can you upload the Full Game Awards reaction video? I missed it live, I hope you recorded it and still got it But I’m afraid you didn’t let it save. Why man you should upload it

    • MusOyun
      MusOyun 2 hours ago

      MrSec84 ohh didn’t knew, maybe he can upload it on Twitch, when he livestreams fhere and keeps it as a video, or other platforms, I think that’s a better idea.

    • MrSec84
      MrSec84 3 hours ago

      He can't, it keeps getting taken down. I'm pretty sure MBG went over the full details of why in either this video or another recent one.

  • Serouj Ghazarian
    Serouj Ghazarian 5 hours ago

    They don't get confused with the similar naming convention nintendo uses, though (well, except the wii u, but that's besides the point)

  • ThatPixelGuy
    ThatPixelGuy 5 hours ago

    It really doesn't matter, every memorable, amazing single player experience has always been on PlayStation games. Xbox is just too commercially Americanised when it comes to games. They pump out the same rehashed franchise over and over, with no originality or risk taking, that's what makes PlayStation games so great.

  • jack luffy
    jack luffy 5 hours ago

    To be honest I love PlayStation I love Xbox and I love Nintendo idc who wins all of these platforms are amazing and awesome so that’s my thought ❤️❤️❤️

  • Haze
    Haze 5 hours ago

    looks trash

  • Lyn Scott
    Lyn Scott 5 hours ago

    Hey MBG.. I was expecting the reveal of Batman because they teased the game a bit recently.. can we guess it will be a next gen game?

  • Sophisticated Savage

    the cheaper one will win .... always the case

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    I think honestly you owe ninja theory a huge apology. You sat there and trashed them for doing something small and different acting like it was at the cost of hell blade. This just shows microsoft is giving them enough resources to do multiple projects at once.

  • Luke Geekwalker
    Luke Geekwalker 5 hours ago

    you are still my xbox guy in heart...not a real sony fan

  • Dbzxtreme
    Dbzxtreme 5 hours ago

    GodFall looks cool, nice title, but im getting "destiny" vibes from it. I'll have to wait and see. Im hyped for ghost!

  • obigrumpywan kenobi
    obigrumpywan kenobi 5 hours ago

    GodFall Sounds a bit shit TBH. sounds like a mix of the Division/Anthem.

  • BMO
    BMO 6 hours ago


    TL PRODIGIES 6 hours ago

    Godfall looks like shit.

  • Ron Star
    Ron Star 6 hours ago

    Looks like Ray tracing is implemented, both self shadowing and reflection used. What do you all think?

  • gaming Floid
    gaming Floid 6 hours ago

    I will still play my ps4 & get the ps5

  • Reggie from nentendo

    coming from a Xbox guy, I think god fall is something I have been waiting for awhile. I think this is going to be in the uncharted 4, and blood borne area, where the visuals, story, and gameplay are all top tear. stuff like last of us 1(the sequel looks like a good upgrade game play wise), days gone, and especially death stranding has been lacking in game play while excelling in story and visuals. with god of war, I think the down grade in pacing with the game play works better than the other god of war games and that is a weird scenario all around. with the ps5 they are able to afford great visuals without tearing down game play and i am incredibly exited to see what play station can pull off with that.

  • The Bee
    The Bee 6 hours ago

    I strongly doubt that Sony gonna lose anything...At this point Microsoft could build a spaceship still nobody would give a shit.Why?Because they have 2 good games...Forza and Gears.

  • Jason B.
    Jason B. 6 hours ago

    The look from the official pictures that is revealed of the Series X form factor, I do not think its hideous- it's just different. I would give my final judgement on its appearance once I set my actual eyes on it, rather than looking at professional screenshots and saying it way too pre-emptively. As long it's cool, quiet and reliable, I would take function over aesthetically-pleasing appearances. As far as the name is concerned, who was given the responsibility to call it that? Xbox Scarlett seemed fine; like hell, call it Xbox XP or Vista- at least they're better names than Series X.

    WAKMM 6 hours ago

    this doesnt even look better than a good xbox one game

  • Tamaz S
    Tamaz S 6 hours ago

    "If this was the PS5, I would still be scratching my head" Look at the lies 😂😂😂😂

  • yaushaas
    yaushaas 6 hours ago

    I would crack up so hard if Sony comes out to reveal their console and they took the photo and slapped a ps sticker on it and a ds5 controller in front and say: her it is! Ps5! Just kidding! And then reveal the real model.

  • ROadROckster Productions

    Well looks like PS5 Already won🤣🤣😂😂😎

  • a bacon sandwich
    a bacon sandwich 6 hours ago

    I want the Xbox but if PS5 is fully backwards compatible (w discs from PS1-PS4) I’m totally buying that.

  • Travelling Gamer
    Travelling Gamer 6 hours ago

    To be honest let's not forget that every new generation has a few games that turn out mediocre and are easily forgotten a few years later. Godfall to me feels like one of those to me.

  • Raddiels Gaming
    Raddiels Gaming 7 hours ago

    Oh did anyone like Naraka:Blade point?looks kind interesting...PvP ,PvE with a Monster Hunter kinda look,well the characters do

  • KR_2Solid
    KR_2Solid 7 hours ago

    People will still criticise the form even if the shot is perfect-J.C.

  • Raddiels Gaming
    Raddiels Gaming 7 hours ago

    Hi to everyone..This game I bet you guys is gonna have all Tenchu style gameplay & obviously way better than Tenchus....& for those that dnt know or remember the 2nd Tenchu game(not to sure which 2nd or 3rd)u were able to create your own level which back then that was amazing..bringing friends over to see if they could go through your level and get a believe was grandmaster(all stealth kills)...... things that could be reinvented

  • D Wills
    D Wills 7 hours ago

    Dont make the mistake of buying any platform for 1 IP. Give it at least 3 to 4 before making the purchase.

  • Sadeness
    Sadeness 7 hours ago

    Godfall looked okay,honestly Hellblade 2 looked a lot better.Ghost of Tsushima looked outright amazing definitely a system seller

  • broccoli assassin
    broccoli assassin 7 hours ago

    funny how things have turned. xbox opening with a single story driven game, while ps5 opening up with a multiplayer online game. if there's microtransactions in it, solid pass. gonna wait for other upcoming games for ps5 like hzd2, spidey2 demonsouls(remake)🤞, bloodborne2 🤞

  • Nasty Daddy Daddy
    Nasty Daddy Daddy 7 hours ago

    All that Sony has to do is make it available on Ps-now day one...Godfall

  • kshitij gupta
    kshitij gupta 7 hours ago

    With hellblade 2 announced, xbox has halo infinite, gears 6, forza horizon (or motorsport) and new game from obsidian will launched by 2021 so I think that makes it a pretty good launch lineup

  • StinkyNacho
    StinkyNacho 7 hours ago

    Hey, I know you’re a big fan of the PS4 now and prefer it, but would you consider making a video(s) talking about your thoughts on Halo: Infinite? If not it’s okay, but I would love to hear your input on what the series needs to do to be great again! :)

  • GokuMUI#1
    GokuMUI#1 7 hours ago

    Console exclusive overall Godfall still ain't an Exclusive so it don't make sense with all these videos saying it's Sony exclusive game cause it's still coming to PC aswell.

  • victor mahonrri soto alvarez

    Okay, ghost of Tsushima looks very good, even after the downgrade, but Godfall to be honest looks like a generic looter, to be honest, that game is not strong enough to sell PS5 consoles, hopefully Sony have something else under their sleeve. I mean, that games looks like war frame, and gear box is not very good at other games beside Borderlands, sooooo.... just sticking to the facts

  • Lyonel Kahee-ros
    Lyonel Kahee-ros 7 hours ago

    *Exclusive? Even with a EPIC port for it? Alright then... it seems anyone can modify the console war rules*

  • Pytz Arregaçado
    Pytz Arregaçado 7 hours ago

    tbh im hyped for godfall, it seems to be so funny

  • Mac DavidD
    Mac DavidD 7 hours ago

    Not a huge fan of how Godfall looks, but Ghost of Tsushima looks phenomenal and is poised to be a great swan song to the PS4

  • Marky 360
    Marky 360 7 hours ago

    Godfall sounds really good I like that it's going to be co-op me and my buddy were watching the Game Awards together and were happy to see Godfall. I have a feeling it's gonna be a timed exclusive tho because of the fact that Gearbox is making it which doesn't seem like the type of Studio to do a real exclusive title. Also was anybody else as upset as me and my buddy were that Batman or Superman didn't get any sort of reveal?

  • Richard Alpert
    Richard Alpert 7 hours ago

    Hate the whole who wins crap. Its all preference on what you want. For me I want good games from a video game console. So Sony all the way. Have been since PS1 days. If you like the whole repetitive Gears/Halo thing and somewhat decent streaming service. Xbox is for you

  • Derrick Boyd
    Derrick Boyd 7 hours ago

    I believe already that it will be 2020 GOTY..

  • Rylo 704
    Rylo 704 7 hours ago

    Idc who "wins" or "loses" I'm buying the new xbox and I'll play it when I have some down time after work and other adult responsibilities.

  • Mark Williamson
    Mark Williamson 7 hours ago

    u are just saying it cause ur a pony wee man! the look of the console.looms fkn magic. the tower of power. it doesnt matter what it looks like, its the power inside and the power to run games to the max. bye bye sony! also...godfall compared to hellblade 2....godfall looked fkn trash. if sonys console is any smaller it'll overheat and be worthless. the air is travelling up the way and vented our the top. grwat design. u obv know heehaw about hardware mate!

    • Jason B.
      Jason B. 5 hours ago

      You really need to re-edit what you wrote with using proper grammar. Are you going to say the same thing if the PS5 form factor is almost similar to the Series X design? Or are you going to snub someone's preferences about the aesthetics of the system and branding? As far as Godfall goes, seeing its debut premiere and labelling it trash is condescending and very shallow without giving any verdict on how the game works and besides, it is a long way off to say anything good or bad about it.

  • Killer-_-B The Marked warrior

    If that's PS5 graphics, then I'm disappointed. But if it's early in development, Then it's okay.

  • Pytz Arregaçado
    Pytz Arregaçado 8 hours ago

    im so hyped for Ghost Of Tsushima, probably my most hyped game for this generation

      ALPHA GAMER 7 hours ago

      ghost is probably in my top 5 of hyped games of this generation 1 - tlou 2 2 - gow 3 - horizon 4 - cyberpunk 2077 5 - ghost/uncharted 4

  • Crystal Gaming
    Crystal Gaming 8 hours ago

    Ghost of Tsushima looked really fabulous and no one will deny that. As for Godfall i think it'll be multiplatform for next gen, didn't see any news says other.

  • Charlie Sdoeng
    Charlie Sdoeng 8 hours ago

    Sorry 😐 but I use to like PS5. All the games suck on PS5. Am going to buy the Xbox series x all the games is cool on the Xbox like halo 6 and senua’s saga HellBlade 2

  • lee johnson
    lee johnson 8 hours ago

    I don't care what anyone says there will be cross platform games and upscaled patches, maybe not at launch but it will happen

  • SK1F7 Green
    SK1F7 Green 8 hours ago

    I guess Nioh is a looter disemboweler lol

  • Joe S
    Joe S 8 hours ago

    The look has kinda grown on me tbh. Also I don’t think they designed it with the intention of making it look like a pc, just that that is how computer parts are laid out best

  • Jason B.
    Jason B. 8 hours ago

    I don't know if Godfall was given the greenlight by Sony to be the first PS5 announced title, but the first reveal trailer was very underwhelming. I need to see some gameplay to make any sort of judgement, and even before making an investment into a next-gen system. On the other hand, Ghost of Tsushima was the highlight of the show at The Game Awards.

  • Icarus Windrune
    Icarus Windrune 8 hours ago

    Went to the godfall website, and the combat gif the showed reminded me of the combat in shadow of war. The trailer does make it seem to be rather interesting, and I can see some inspiration from infinity blade in this. The sword in the trailer looks way too similar to the OG infinity blade.

  • stercraze06
    stercraze06 8 hours ago

    I wonder if it will be PSVR compatible🤔