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Kids are dumb.
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Am I a Boomer?
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This has to end..
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You Haha, You Lose!
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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Adressing the Rumours..
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  • TheDonato
    TheDonato 4 hours ago

    Que crack felicidades!πŸ‘

  • XxPlayzxX
    XxPlayzxX 4 hours ago

    that just made his game laggier

  • Dewft2_ YT
    Dewft2_ YT 4 hours ago

    what if pewdiepie join hermit craft season 7? :o

  • PLydia Aluko
    PLydia Aluko 4 hours ago

    All dislikes are from Christinas πŸ˜†

  • blaszta
    blaszta 4 hours ago

    Alllll hail Meatballll!!!!!!!

  • Justin Lacanaria
    Justin Lacanaria 4 hours ago

    What is the song title at 6:43

  • lil yeet
    lil yeet 4 hours ago

    Waiting for them to realise that Jake Paul isn’t the person that they really think he is.

  • Eder Albujar
    Eder Albujar 4 hours ago

    Diss track him his a ****

  • jane mcgregor
    jane mcgregor 4 hours ago

    stolen idea from idubbbz

  • HowToGamez
    HowToGamez 4 hours ago

    he should have said to the people have you subscribed to my channel

  • its galaxy
    its galaxy 4 hours ago

    *Your the new mumbo jumbo ok king*

  • Legendary Lemonzz
    Legendary Lemonzz 4 hours ago

    What is this video?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Josh Bautista
    Josh Bautista 4 hours ago

    Howl's Moving Castle minecraft edition

  • Zmn
    Zmn 4 hours ago

    Please press and hold Shift to maintain proportions......

    SARBA75 THE GAMER 4 hours ago

    Mine all day

  • Jessica is a Vlog Fan

    The sun is good for you Flexx.

  • Andry S
    Andry S 4 hours ago

    Fucking pussy

  • Daffa Bayu
    Daffa Bayu 4 hours ago

    Acara apa ini

  • F B I
    F B I 4 hours ago

    PewDiePie: that's so big Me: " *That's what* " *-she*

  • Ayush Anand
    Ayush Anand 4 hours ago

    12:40 thats what she said

  • Nobody
    Nobody 4 hours ago

    Creeper, 5:55

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 4 hours ago


  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle 4 hours ago


  • Migs Satilom
    Migs Satilom 4 hours ago

    His flying giant meatball looks more like a brown pacman while flyibg

  • therulebreaker xz
    therulebreaker xz 4 hours ago

    can i promote my channel here pewdiepie

  • Shane Bell
    Shane Bell 4 hours ago

    His sayori voice is the best part of the series!

  • salmaan lillah
    salmaan lillah 4 hours ago

    You on discord pewds

  • Marelina'z Corner
    Marelina'z Corner 4 hours ago

    9:21 he was right! btw stay happy and dont feel jealous. 😊

  • Holly T
    Holly T 4 hours ago

    Dem,till now im using basic engine of slime block and redstone block And he is using new stuff,whilst saying he sux at redstone :,( So do i sux more?although im an electronic student making adder(without any guide) in minecraft :(

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook 4 hours ago

    why do i just feel attacked this whole video

  • weird Boi
    weird Boi 4 hours ago

    Our babeh boi has got married left Jack and mark and turned 30 what's next your gonna have a kid

  • Marelina'z Corner
    Marelina'z Corner 4 hours ago

    8:37 nice fart Pewdiepie

  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 hours ago

    Yessss President Warren!!!

  • uWu
    uWu 4 hours ago

    I’m 10 but all 9 year olds resemble!!

  • RamielPH
    RamielPH 4 hours ago

    Me : I think it hard Pewdiepie : Its really hard Mumbo Jumbo : Hmm i thing its simple The redstone.

  • where is my shoes
    where is my shoes 4 hours ago


  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer 4 hours ago

    PewDiePie no. 1 TheXvidr and still don.t have a PC to play Minecraft with redstone

  • Asian Brownie
    Asian Brownie 4 hours ago

    0:39 small pp 4:40 big pp Pewdiepie: looking at the same thing and saying 2 different things Me: Ok boomer

  • Barbecue Sawce
    Barbecue Sawce 4 hours ago

    IM LOOKING!!!!!!

  • Jexica
    Jexica 4 hours ago

    "A good song finally comes on but you have to delete the car. is that it?" -PewDiePie

  • Migixkem Jord
    Migixkem Jord 4 hours ago

    pewdiepie : _tries to explain it more complicated_ Redstone engineers: : *_D A F U Q_*

  • Professor Kil'groth
    Professor Kil'groth 4 hours ago

    So how much time did felix put in this?? I really want to know :3

  • Can This Pen Get 10 000 Subscribers?

    Pewdiepie: "This is the last episode Everyone: Literally everyone: crying when it 'ends' but you kno damn well that it never ends

  • Namita Bairagi
    Namita Bairagi 4 hours ago

    Fuck you man your mother fuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer... T-series best

  • Demon GΓΌnther
    Demon GΓΌnther 4 hours ago

    If this was legit it'd a lot more fun

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop 4 hours ago

    similarities between pewds and mumbo: -he doesnt know whats going on -he thinks itll be easier -has 1 stack of stuff even though hes in creative - honey -and speaking of honey this comment is sponsored by honey

  • FutureKarkat
    FutureKarkat 4 hours ago

    How DARE you shout out Mumbo Jumbo! He's a noted antisemitic racist homophobe transphobe! Cancelled! /s

  • CarlJo CJ
    CarlJo CJ 4 hours ago

    1:32 the diamond pickaxe became an iron pickaxe

  • Chinmay Mistry
    Chinmay Mistry 4 hours ago

    Noooo not the last episode :(

  • Kate Feria
    Kate Feria 4 hours ago

    Your noob dude. So noob. ML is the best (Mobile legend)

  • Sports With perfection

    6:30 I thought that pew was gonna say " this is thanks to mumbo jumbo"

  • Deathstroke YT
    Deathstroke YT 4 hours ago

    Them:Spicy meatballl!!! Pewd:Moving Meatballl!

  • Bhawna 812
    Bhawna 812 4 hours ago

    Make statue of SVEN

  • The Busy Real Gamer
    The Busy Real Gamer 4 hours ago

    I wonder how long the likes and dislikes will stay at 1M for

  • Alama Arshad
    Alama Arshad 4 hours ago

    Felix:gives shoutout to mumbo jumbo Mumbo jumbo:stonks!

  • blazin.kalinnn
    blazin.kalinnn 4 hours ago


  • bapple 981
    bapple 981 4 hours ago

    love this and good idea

  • Amirul Hakimi
    Amirul Hakimi 4 hours ago

    Walking simulator

  • Irodoku Puzzle
    Irodoku Puzzle 4 hours ago

    how to you get deadly mold inside your chair

  • Woosh
    Woosh 4 hours ago


  • Unconnected Gamer
    Unconnected Gamer 4 hours ago

    When's the Herobrine episode coming?

  • Florence PH
    Florence PH 4 hours ago


  • Hunaizal Hussain 2
    Hunaizal Hussain 2 4 hours ago

    Why did you shave nooooooooo ur beard was like father to me

  • TheHexsittimies
    TheHexsittimies 4 hours ago

    Stop doing click baits, is that your job? Pathetic, its illegal

  • sparta gaming
    sparta gaming 4 hours ago

    it kinda looks like pacman

  • Marelina'z Corner
    Marelina'z Corner 4 hours ago

    Idc whether you read this or not Pewdiepie but you are always making videos related to disgracing India and TSeries just because you're jealous and envious. TSeries gives a damn to your videos I don't think the owners even know you LMAO!

  • Tim Last
    Tim Last 4 hours ago

    you don't have rtx

  • bob zainuddin
    bob zainuddin 4 hours ago

    Thought the video came out on 19. Apparently it from 16.

  • Zap 0909Y
    Zap 0909Y 4 hours ago

    Now Do It In SURVIVAL

  • kinnor Max
    kinnor Max 4 hours ago

    I built a red stone lamb once

  • Denise Brackett
    Denise Brackett 4 hours ago

    1 trending lazerbeam why

  • Crispy Chicken Nuggets

    Mumbo Dumbo

  • melercos 44
    melercos 44 4 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • MsStevieMarie
    MsStevieMarie 4 hours ago

    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Nah mang. Church of the Giant Flying Meatball!

  • Bill Novakos
    Bill Novakos 4 hours ago

    9 year olds:He is better than Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo Jumbo: makes a house with spider legs

  • Paul Capocasa
    Paul Capocasa 4 hours ago

    PewDiePie Use your platform to wake up people to Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030! You have a duty to humanity since you have the largest following.

  • Niko The Kraken
    Niko The Kraken 4 hours ago

    ''THAT WAS NOTHING?!?!...if that was nothing then you Ladies are going first from now fucking on!'' 14:30 i laughed way to hard XDDDD

  • Okie Okie
    Okie Okie 4 hours ago

    It's a meatball pacman

  • - S H A W N TY DOG -

    Ok sign?? Philippinian Bro's : it's symbolizes money and satisfaction LOL ...

  • Reva Sevti
    Reva Sevti 4 hours ago

    wow you pro redstone

  • Itz Patchez
    Itz Patchez 4 hours ago

    Can I ask why your using sssniperwolf s video front cover

  • Muhammad Bilal Rajpoot


  • Fadhil budiman
    Fadhil budiman 4 hours ago

    i from indonesia hi america and other country

  • It’s Keps
    It’s Keps 4 hours ago

    The meatball looks like Pac-man

  • Pakta Mango
    Pakta Mango 4 hours ago

    Great subtitles btw

  • RPGtogether
    RPGtogether 4 hours ago

    Felix: Uses TNT to blast Mumbo Jumbo: TNT Duper

  • Mjhay Pangilinan - Gaming Channel

    "Respecting wamen takes time" remember that.

  • TruthlessHER086
    TruthlessHER086 4 hours ago

    Swedish Scientist creates world first intercontinental ballistic Meatball. Cold War 2 begins next episode

  • HowToGamez
    HowToGamez 4 hours ago

    wait i seriously thought this was a new episode

  • Starcloak Starside
    Starcloak Starside 4 hours ago

    Contrary. Pewdiepie, the rest of the world all use Imperial for most construction tasks because everyone knows Imperial is the best system of measurement for building stuff. The Metric system is just for 90% of the folks in the world who failed fractions and decimals in their 3rd grade math class, so they just add a zero and think they accomplished something. Edit: Additional. Aren’t you guys still measuring weight in Stones?

  • The Gaming Scorpion
    The Gaming Scorpion 4 hours ago

    Does he know that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released world wide on the 15th of Nov?

  • Jason H
    Jason H 4 hours ago

    14:03 *Pewds Cry*

  • AidenRocks 51
    AidenRocks 51 4 hours ago

    Before you end TheXvid you should replay the walking dead

  • can we get 1000 subs with 1 vid

    Stop stealing number 1 trending from daddy lazer

  • GS Rain
    GS Rain 4 hours ago

    If you watch close, you can see PewDiePie doing the Illuminati symbol at 9:40. PewDiePie Illuminati confirmed.