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  • Alphabets T
    Alphabets T 52 minutes ago

    Is he and Charlie are related?

  • StanWeiner
    StanWeiner Hour ago

    Tunde 'seems like a 1000 years ago' Ajayi

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez Hour ago

    I wouldve came out with some red hot chili peppers

  • Robert Bragg
    Robert Bragg 2 hours ago

    They haven’t seen him live before. Translation: They have never seen at all before 😂. They tried to style out their ignorance. 🤔

  • A B
    A B 2 hours ago

    Bahahhahahaah.....the state of this muppet. Good barometer for the state of america. He should go into politics

  • Joe Money
    Joe Money 2 hours ago

    i got that shirt he got on dope af

  • SE64 ANY
    SE64 ANY 2 hours ago

    Paulie cant fight as bare knuckle proven hiding behind a jab the whole fight as if it was a boxing match hahaha

  • 121bham
    121bham 2 hours ago

    Fury won and wilder knows it

  • vasil asenov
    vasil asenov 2 hours ago

    allmoust deffinetly im a Bronze Dosser :D

  • samuel smith
    samuel smith 2 hours ago

    Canelo may have bit off more than he can chew I thing Canelo will get knocked out he's way to big for Canelo

  • Jeff Allinson
    Jeff Allinson 3 hours ago

    Wallin lost a ton of respect thumbing the cut; the mark of a dirty fighter.

  • Eric George
    Eric George 3 hours ago

    Fury looked disinterested for the most part, not a good performance really. The cut woke him up a little but this is one he needs to forget. No denying fighting on with a laceration like that shows a ton of guts though.

  • Ask Someone
    Ask Someone 3 hours ago

    Μόνο με πουθεναδες παίζει ο άχρηστος κάτι ξέρει.Λέγατε ότι θα πάει και UFC βλάκες αλμπανια.

    JULIO QUINTERO 3 hours ago

    No puedo creer que Tyson tiene 31 años 🤣 lo rodaron pinchado al wey

  • Inocencia Ponce
    Inocencia Ponce 5 hours ago

    Im mexican, to be honest this is no respect

  • David Woods
    David Woods 6 hours ago

    Are kissing a paper champion.

  • El sam West
    El sam West 7 hours ago

    Definitely proving the doubters wrong 🥊

  • subscribed.Amaris leo

    hall te qoft o shqiponja e shqiperis 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Josh ua
    Josh ua 7 hours ago

    Fury has got excellent boxing skill and great heart. He was handicapped by the cut but he won the fight. It was a good fight imo.

  • Brandon dane
    Brandon dane 7 hours ago

    This dude is awesome

  • antonakis12z
    antonakis12z 8 hours ago

    Μπραβο ρε Φλοριαν..

  • Zoster
    Zoster 8 hours ago

    Now i see why there are weight classes :))

  • Smiggy Ballz
    Smiggy Ballz 8 hours ago

    "He's got a bit of a peaky blinders haircut" 😂😂

  • Mario Kaja
    Mario Kaja 9 hours ago

    Florian Marku is the '' Ilyrian '' Worrior off Eagle Land SHQIPERIA 4 Life !!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 hours ago

    why is everybody in audience screaming? Aren't British supposed to be calm?

  • dotz 97
    dotz 97 9 hours ago

    Fury is way better then Anthony Joshua and Ruiz no cap.

  • The debt Collector
    The debt Collector 9 hours ago

  • David Weston
    David Weston 9 hours ago

    Got this far after 10 fights, well done Joe!

  • RJ JR
    RJ JR 9 hours ago

    Cocky move fury loser

  • Richard Magee
    Richard Magee 9 hours ago

    We know what a 'journo' is, ya tart.

  • Incognito _soul
    Incognito _soul 10 hours ago

    WoW that meander on tyson eye was confirmed to be a CLEAN punch by the professionals who watched it back

  • She Gone
    She Gone 10 hours ago

    i enjoyed that

    KHIPPI NEWS 10 hours ago

    The first enemy of Dubois will be his mass

  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    All the punches Kahn has been hit .So he,s delusional zsaying he didn't quit .but his couch stopped the fight. Adah .Poor Kahn should hang it up .🤦🤧🤧🤧

  • Caspar Wilson
    Caspar Wilson 10 hours ago

    Weeks is my least favourite top level referee. He interferes way too much (a legacy from the Mayweather era) and he doesn’t properly separate fighters in a break leaving them six feet apart.

  • Sam Rizza
    Sam Rizza 10 hours ago

    Can't wait to see this closet chichi get knocked spark out. Absolute pussiole

  • King Carter06
    King Carter06 10 hours ago

    How was Wallin allowed to keep slapping Tyson’s cut

  • Bill Beam
    Bill Beam 10 hours ago

    Yarde kind of walked into that jab a bit which affected the power of the jab. Good fight tho.

  • promo130
    promo130 10 hours ago

    Bt commentary much better then espn, fury was way better in the wilder fight, he seems to have gone a little soft

  • swingingmonk
    swingingmonk 11 hours ago

    GGG 41 and 0 and holding the belts if it was scored right. Crazy how things turn out!

  • Mihai Boica
    Mihai Boica 11 hours ago

    Also i love his caracter. He îs what he îs....

  • Mihai Boica
    Mihai Boica 11 hours ago

    Amazing speed and skills. Amazing boxer

  • Eli Don
    Eli Don 11 hours ago

    Florian markuuuu ❤❤❤❤🥇🥇🏆🏆🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • Philip Rice
    Philip Rice 11 hours ago

    Tyson fury may be a good boxer maybe but he couldn't knock his granny out and here is his problem in the heavyweight division,he wont fight wilder in February he is at present ESPN cash cow will have 2 more fights against even weaker opposition, then will come the money spinner if of course Wilder still holds the title at that time the only way Bob Arum will allow him to fight anyone of quality is if he gets back all of the £80,million contract plus loads more

  • Unicorn
    Unicorn 11 hours ago

    Amazing 🇲🇽♥️🙏🏽

  • david's great
    david's great 11 hours ago

    Say Jorge Capetillo BT Sport! Say Jorge Capetillo!!!

  • Tauhid Ishtiaq
    Tauhid Ishtiaq 11 hours ago

    Really good fight.

  • Liuon
    Liuon 11 hours ago

    Πολύ καλός Φλοριάν όπως πάντα... Θα μου άρεσε να έβλεπα να σήκωνες και την Ελληνική σημαία μαζί στο τέλος όπως έχεις κάνει και στο παρελθόν. Εδώ μεγάλωσες, εδώ αναδείχτηκες και έγινες αυτός που είσαι. Έχεις μεγάλο κοινό ειδικά στη Θεσσαλονίκη να το ξέρεις.

  • Brendan Cronin
    Brendan Cronin 11 hours ago

    Credit to elorde..he had heat

  • Bear
    Bear 12 hours ago

    Ugly fight

  • Denis Dimitrov
    Denis Dimitrov 12 hours ago

    Tyson Fury, LEGENDADO!!!

  • llen Star
    llen Star 12 hours ago

    Elorde can still improve on various departments on legs, body, and head movements. Still has wide future ahead so be proud man. I'll be exited to see ur next fights with your evolution. Congrats to Navarrete💪😍👍

  • 360 Smart
    360 Smart 12 hours ago

    Frank has a new movie coming out FISH EYES AND THE TWITCHING LEFT SHOULDER.

  • danny dyer
    danny dyer 12 hours ago

    class lads

  • Sweet Dickwillie
    Sweet Dickwillie 12 hours ago

    Loser in the camp

  • Veli Papa
    Veli Papa 12 hours ago

    Je numri 1 FORZA FLORI

  • Daniel Sharman
    Daniel Sharman 12 hours ago

    Let's hope this guy fights Rey Vargas in December.

  • Victor Gremi
    Victor Gremi 12 hours ago

    Te lumte Florian Marku ,te lumte e burre .....Shqiperia krenohet me ty e burre ....

  • Kings
    Kings 12 hours ago

    That title had me confused for a second

  • Bigkevin26
    Bigkevin26 12 hours ago

    Joe is really tall

  • TVsez
    TVsez 12 hours ago

    Numerous ameture titles, Olympic medalists at something like 19, World titles won and defend. Endless charity and community work. Set up gym for youngsters home and abroad. Made more money than he could spend! Only real boxing people put respect on Amir's name

  • Chewy Parsnip
    Chewy Parsnip 12 hours ago

    Furry got robbed

  • Lep
    Lep 12 hours ago

    Love u so much Steven bro. Bring the goods back to All Saints ABC

  • Wayne Graham
    Wayne Graham 12 hours ago

    Look how big he is compared to joe lol

  • Marco K
    Marco K 12 hours ago

    I am not a conor fanboy but conor is 1000 better than lobov and pauli lost to lobov.. so...

  • ps895 -
    ps895 - 12 hours ago

    1:38 that look of Joe Rogan is priceless

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 13 hours ago


  • Max Kovaci
    Max Kovaci 13 hours ago

    Bravo .florjan marku .... fitore te kesh gjithmone ........ zoti me ty .....

  • Him Shu
    Him Shu 13 hours ago

    Navratte is a slightly refined Munguia. Elorde looks a real good fighter too. Was landing lots of sweet counters. Too bad Navratte got a chin of titanium and a liver made of steel

  • Nigel Bagguley
    Nigel Bagguley 13 hours ago

    Well done BT for sharing these fights.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 13 hours ago

    that is a small ring

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 13 hours ago

    Excellent stoppage by the ref

  • Gareth Reid
    Gareth Reid 13 hours ago

    great fight very impressive keep an eye out for him next few years

  • fordy
    fordy 13 hours ago

    fury lost, fight should have been stopped. congratulations wallin on your victory over tyson fury 21-0

  • K F
    K F 13 hours ago

    Great fight

  • fenixfp40
    fenixfp40 13 hours ago

    Good stopage by the ref.

  • secretive Scorpio
    secretive Scorpio 13 hours ago

    Far more entertaining and exciting fight to watch than Fury vs Wallin

    • secretive Scorpio
      secretive Scorpio 12 hours ago

      @Dave Smith the heavyweight division needs mixing up that's for sure, there's plenty of hype but that's about it

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 12 hours ago

      Smaller guys are generally better technicians, always throw more punches and have to work harder for their stoppages. Heavyweight has been dogshit since the days of Iron Mike, Lewis and Vitali, but Ruiz and Usyk should mix things up.

    • raymond sweeney
      raymond sweeney 13 hours ago


  • Harragoth the Lonely Smegol

    Nice to see the comments not burning Lowe just because he is mates with Fury

  • Alaattin kılıç
    Alaattin kılıç 13 hours ago

    Good Ref !

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 13 hours ago

    *Naoya Inoue will undoubtedly meet Navarrete when he moves up to super-bantamweight ~*

    • Dave Smith
      Dave Smith 12 hours ago

      And completely destroy him - Navarrete eats punches to land them.

  • Frozen Retro !
    Frozen Retro ! 13 hours ago

    Fury would batter this guy

  • Aris Buzi
    Aris Buzi 13 hours ago

    Tous gamises pali wreos

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 13 hours ago

    Liked to see eubank v kov at catch weight

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia 13 hours ago

    He has a Mexican pass

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 13 hours ago

    Good fight this.

  • Pepe Kuno
    Pepe Kuno 13 hours ago

    5:00 then 5:09

  • greatest ever
    greatest ever 13 hours ago

    His new Nick name is vagina face fury 50 stitches dam! He not allowed to face true champions like Andy he has to get in line! Get a ticket with a #..

  • lopov lopov
    lopov lopov 13 hours ago

    KRENARIA e shqiptareve anemban botes

  • Daniel Atkinson
    Daniel Atkinson 13 hours ago

    Fury sold me pegs at the fair

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The Great 13 hours ago

    so many punches with the inside of the gloves.dear god

  • Gzz 38
    Gzz 38 14 hours ago

    Urime per fitoren por je ifije menemall

  • Illyrian
    Illyrian 14 hours ago

    Florian marku 🇦🇱❤️❤️🇽🇰💪🏻💪🏻

  • Gunner Schenck
    Gunner Schenck 14 hours ago

    Theres Nick Fury, then theres Tyson Fury. Only one is acting like a badass, one really is 😎

  • Iko Mike
    Iko Mike 14 hours ago

    Tyson Fury the Legend

  • davecozzie1
    davecozzie1 14 hours ago

    Sloppy work from isaac unlike his last performance lucky to get the win

    • Matt
      Matt 13 hours ago

      davecozzie1 wasn’t really in mexico was it

  • Benjamin Ruiz
    Benjamin Ruiz 14 hours ago

    ......................... still cant stand wilder...even if other people say he’s so great....just another McGregor waiting to happen....

  • Bledar Enesi
    Bledar Enesi 14 hours ago

    Bravo Florian👏

  • boef b
    boef b 14 hours ago

    ref started counting 3 seconds after tyson got knocked down... just saying

  • Rober Amigon
    Rober Amigon 14 hours ago

    Easy money for. Canelo i got 5000 on canelo

  • Jaye Fletcher
    Jaye Fletcher 14 hours ago

    Need to take it more seriously But some talent! Fury camp on tour

    • Connor kelly 333
      Connor kelly 333 14 hours ago

      Isaac is top draw but its a deep division, cant see him beating leo, Valdez or Warrington but he is still young.