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Confronting Jake Paul..
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KSI vs. LOGAN PAUL !!!!!!!
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Moving On...
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Logan Paul Is A ...
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My Friend Got Hit By A Car
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Meet My Sister | Sara Saleh
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I Lost Half My Money...
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We Broke Up Already...
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    I'm Muslim too

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    yes please cut your hair

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    Why did u turn off the comments in the other videos?

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    most famous thing THE SANDALS

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    omg my name is ferdaus but it's not me , dont beat me up

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    people who havent experienced these , believe me these r true for real, just believe me

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    yeah I know the stress and I have been yelled right now and I am still young you know .....OMG she is coming

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    There already back comments lol😂😂😆please like adem❤️❤️❤️

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    I remember when Mohsin was scared of fans that were girls

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    Haha this is so funny slim

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    and my dad is a habib to my name is syed habib

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    adam i am muslim and i just want to say do you speak malay and 1 more think to say if you know who is habib ali that person is a habib and you must watch him

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    I am Arabic أنا ١٠ وأستطيع التحدث والكتابة جيدًا باللغة العربية so I get it

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    Noori Gujjer 3 days ago

    I’m Pakistani and I love it when she is boxing and swearing LOL 😂

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    I understand you

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    adam is mad bro like sub

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    Iraqi moms are crazy

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    I got hit with a broomstick Instead of a rolling pin I’m also desi

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    Adam tell me the video where u made mohsin invisible and he took his clothes off?

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    that burger king guy looking like a snac

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    Omg allah

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    Those moms are crazy

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    The con flip game is probably caram board game

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    My favorite people Are BABA SALEH AND HAILEY

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    your bad boy to the nypd cars im calling the nypd

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    5:12 Hahahha swearing in Pakistan haha So funny I am Pakistani 😭😭😭😂👌👍🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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    my wishes to do a block with you because beingwendy

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    if you had an amazing baby dolls better than me to happy wonderful day

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    wendy animal of your family your family is wonderful

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    Im arab and I used to get his by slippers and belts

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    Sajila Bagh 5 days ago

    Farther: was it a boy or a girl Reemah:boy Farther: it is over !!!! 😂

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    Ahmed Alnamer 5 days ago

    I Love baby Ali احبك بيبي ‏علي

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    Adam my brothers name is Adam too and me and my whole family are Muslim and me and my whole family watch you’re videos and we’re subscribed and we’re liking all your videos 😘😘❤️❤️

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    My name is Desi

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    It is an snow storm

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    Thays so true about Pakistani mums 🤣 when u don't answer the call on time they get really worried for real lol

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    omg 6 months later and the comments are still here

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    Burger king is not hala

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    This is how many children and adults like Adam and Adam's family :-)

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    Omg I didn't think this but I knew Mohsin loves Slim

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    I've been sobbing late to go to sleep

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    Khalid Mohamed 5 days ago

    I'm not having an amazing day why because my parents told me to go to sura Haj and they buy me my own PS4 and my own TV know I'm in Haj and no ps4 I'm been waiting for my ps4 for like a hole tow weeks know

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    So laila and firdaus are the inspirations lol 😂😂😂

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    Di Indonesia ibunya tidak sesadis itu🤣cerewet iya tapi kalau pukul tak pernah🤣memangnya ada ibu2 kalau marah anaknya harus latihan tinju terlebih dahulu?🤭

  • سوبر ألعاب

    The way how one of the moms kept saying come on sister like a lot of times oh and my mom hits me with a belt Literally a belt even my brothers!

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    I’m Arabic كيفك

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    Hahahaha Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Xx singer xX 7 days ago

    This is true my mom is Pakistani as we'll as me and she hits me with a freakin cricket bat 🏏 you no cricket the og game

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    Bunny’s are gummy’s but if you fly they will call you butterfly 👇if you liked it 😂😂

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    Wtf Reema driving

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    Adam selah i wanna see you get married if you do I'll be HAPPY if you do and im your biggest fan you and slimmy slim💥💥

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    Dont cut it you look good with it

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    yes, well ya already did

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    3:57 hahahhahahahah him:uuhhuuhhuhhuu!

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    your comments are back

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    IM FROM PAKISTAN!!! Ap Kese hoi

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    8 year old girl mostly have to drive

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    Imagine replacing mohsins hype dance with JLingz hype 😂😂😂

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    Wallah I can so relate to Pakistani mom Like chappal all dayyy hye Alllahh No one: Pakistani moms : OI KUTTI GHAR NHI AYE CHAPPAL POWER 😂

  • Zamzam Khan
    Zamzam Khan 8 days ago

    I'm Pakistani (living in Paris) and my best friend is Yemenite :) :) <3

  • Jeffery Beecher
    Jeffery Beecher 8 days ago

    My moms parents are Pakistani and she says the same things the one in the white hijabs wear! Hhahahahahahhaha this is just so funny cus I live in Kuwait as well!

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    Imama Sajjad 8 days ago

    Hello i am from Pakistan too Pakistan zindabad!!!

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