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  • Seul♡
    Seul♡ 49 seconds ago

    How does sm found all those visual, i mean usually in one group just one or two visual but all the wayv member are visual AND TALENTED😭

  • Seul♡
    Seul♡ 3 minutes ago


  • Pamela Cunningham
    Pamela Cunningham 7 minutes ago

    That sounds awesome

  • Nabeolba
    Nabeolba 13 minutes ago

    Increíble!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Chelsea Garcia
    Chelsea Garcia 55 minutes ago

    0:31 compared to Ten, Kun looks so cute doing that dance 😂

  • Demi Krueger
    Demi Krueger Hour ago


  • Tendolma Riwoche
    Tendolma Riwoche 3 hours ago

    WayV: Let me love you Me: Yes please sure of courseI have been waiting for you to love me also 😭 😭 I love you all 💕

  • ᅲᅲHizcaya
    ᅲᅲHizcaya 3 hours ago

    Kun es tan lindo y talentoso 🥺 Lindooo

  • Bennie St. Clair
    Bennie St. Clair 3 hours ago

    i never noticed that winwin was taller than ten before this

  • Bhoomika Mhatre
    Bhoomika Mhatre 4 hours ago

    The only problem with this video is that it's too short

  • Sabina Chan
    Sabina Chan 4 hours ago


  • Isabella Ghaster
    Isabella Ghaster 4 hours ago

    1:42 I literally was about to scream I was nOT READY CHITTAPHON!!! I just watched the whole video but I couldn’t focus cuz I was thinking about that one moment thANK YOU SO MUCH TEN FOR THAT THAT WAS REALLY NECESSARY WASNT IT. Ok imma watch that in slo-mo now 😏😏

  • Bad girl
    Bad girl 4 hours ago

    This is breathtaking

  • I'm Here Too
    I'm Here Too 4 hours ago

    Ohh, that's what talent means. I've been calling it Kun this whole time.

  • Raghad
    Raghad 4 hours ago

    Omg I'm stanning

  • iamestefani
    iamestefani 5 hours ago

    Winwin lowkey looks like that guy that violet has a crush on in the Incredibles

  • xiaochen xu
    xiaochen xu 5 hours ago


  • bree c
    bree c 5 hours ago

    I love seeing winwin in his element

  • Anna Duus Moesgaard
    Anna Duus Moesgaard 5 hours ago

    The song in the start😭 I’m a proud Dane now! The song is called Love Someone and it’s made by a Dane called Lukas Graham!

  • lune ;;
    lune ;; 5 hours ago


  • lune ;;
    lune ;; 5 hours ago

    he is so talented and so cute and so pretty oh lord im in love

  • Thea C. Oppegaard
    Thea C. Oppegaard 6 hours ago

    This is hauntingly beautiful <3

  • ItsJust Ophélie
    ItsJust Ophélie 6 hours ago

    I can’t stop watching this, I NEED A LONGER VERSION OF THIS

  • indi yeoh
    indi yeoh 6 hours ago

    the bgm its NCT song right?!?!?! yeah my ot21♥

  • Rebby `
    Rebby ` 7 hours ago


  • R n V
    R n V 7 hours ago

    This dance cover and the song makes me emotional😪😪😪

  • Maretza Chandra
    Maretza Chandra 7 hours ago

    I can’t wait to hear this music👏🏼💚

  • Iridiana AD
    Iridiana AD 8 hours ago

    oh my gosh, Kun is amazing!!!

  • Haya Bajwa
    Haya Bajwa 8 hours ago

    when Chenle and Renjun finally join this unit, they’re officially going to become the crackhead unit

  • kozie mii
    kozie mii 8 hours ago

    My favorite NCT's sub units vocalist!

  • Dayyae
    Dayyae 8 hours ago


  • Raghad
    Raghad 8 hours ago

    I can't stop watching this and it gives me chills every time !!

  • Tesi Reimer
    Tesi Reimer 8 hours ago

    So pretty but for a minute there I thought "did he bite his neck or kiss it????" Lol love this and thought it was very pretty

  • fulan 83
    fulan 83 9 hours ago

    Please stop being cute 😣😌

  • Khánh Linh Nguyễn

    So who notice that Lucas wore sleeveless t-shirt in like all of WayV’s dance practices.

  • Kazzy
    Kazzy 9 hours ago

    Kun eres increíble 😍 Te mereces todo en esta vida

  • ksenia ksenia
    ksenia ksenia 9 hours ago

    What's the song that ten was singing at the end ?

  • Anne Mendez
    Anne Mendez 9 hours ago

    I am having a crush with Cittaphon

  • Choi Minyuk
    Choi Minyuk 10 hours ago

    Let me tell you videos like these are keeping this industry alive.

  • JW C
    JW C 11 hours ago

    1:24 我家WIN寶

  • MangoMark99
    MangoMark99 11 hours ago

    I honestly think WayV is the unit with the best dancers

  • Diana ddd
    Diana ddd 12 hours ago

    Tenwinwinkun love you 😍 ❤ 💕

  • Desta Sari
    Desta Sari 12 hours ago

    So handsome❤️❤️❤️

  • Ayu Faoziyah
    Ayu Faoziyah 12 hours ago


  • Ayu Faoziyah
    Ayu Faoziyah 12 hours ago

    Gantengggg pisan woyyyy

  • Ayu Faoziyah
    Ayu Faoziyah 12 hours ago

    Wuiihhhh kerennn, kapan vokal woyy??

  • Nurul Adi
    Nurul Adi 13 hours ago

    I love dejun so fuckin muchhhhhhhhhhh

  • Smile
    Smile 14 hours ago

    Their voice makes you feel good😭🧡

  • Smile
    Smile 14 hours ago

    My favorite video❤

  • Kewl Kid
    Kewl Kid 15 hours ago


  • Zohre Shj
    Zohre Shj 15 hours ago

    that was so cool and actually so creative

  • マイチャ
    マイチャ 17 hours ago

    you did it great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tajauna Thompson
    Tajauna Thompson 17 hours ago

    I came here to check out there freestyle to the very same song that Taeyong from NCT freestyle to. WOW! I can't even rate this its that darn good. They nailed this. Got it on reply let me sit back and enjoy this. Seriously ! I've always love freestyle because for me that's when you get the real deal and usually when the dancer or dancers are at their most relax .

  • Ria Astuti
    Ria Astuti 17 hours ago

    Ten ♥♥♥

  • taeyong hates me
    taeyong hates me 17 hours ago

    i don’t understand about music but i could listen you talk all day 😔💕

  • komos
    komos 19 hours ago

    a whole Bop!!!

  • Koi Koi
    Koi Koi 19 hours ago

    สู้ๆนะลูกป้าจะเป็นกำลังใจให้อ้อมีซับไทยบ้าง Love you

  • Shiela Obar
    Shiela Obar 19 hours ago

    hi crush jansej

  • Rubyllow
    Rubyllow 19 hours ago

    Good job !

  • H. G.
    H. G. 20 hours ago

    Well there goes my good night’s sleep

  • Emily
    Emily 21 hour ago

    It will be hard to top this. In my heart at least 😭

  • hxrse lxve
    hxrse lxve 21 hour ago

    I remember watching this every day when it was first released then I stopped and I came back to it again (now) and I still get chills watching this. I understand this so well I love these two this is my favorite thing ever

  • 강여상
    강여상 22 hours ago

    i wanna learn the dance to this but i am NOT talented enough to do so :(

  • Swann Choi
    Swann Choi 22 hours ago

    why do i keep thinking of gu ren gui?😂

  • Desmin 95
    Desmin 95 22 hours ago


  • elisha vinas
    elisha vinas 22 hours ago

    i love how raspy his “yeahh” is sksjskjs 🥵

  • elisha vinas
    elisha vinas 22 hours ago

    14 dislikes are sm’s top producers

  • hxrse lxve
    hxrse lxve 23 hours ago

    What’s the name of that song winwin and ten were dancing to?

  • Jamie Sweet
    Jamie Sweet 23 hours ago

    Both of them did really amazing. But wow Ten. I can see why he’s chosen as the best dancer in NCT.

  • missy alexander
    missy alexander 23 hours ago

    还没好好地感受 hai mei hao hao de gan shou 雪花绽放的气候 xue hua zhan fang de qi hou 我们一起颤抖 wo men yi qi chan dou 会更明白什么是温柔 hui geng ming bai shen me shi wen rou 还没跟你牵着手 hai mei gen ni qian zhe shou 走过荒芜的沙丘 zou guo huang wu de sha qiu 可能从此以后学会珍惜 ke neng cong ci yi hou xue hui zhen xi 天长和地久 tian chang he di jiu REFF (2X) 有时候有时候 you shi hou you shi hou 我会相信一切有尽头 wo hui xiang xin yi qie you jin tou 相聚离开都有时候 xiang qu li kai dou you shi hou 没有什么会永垂不朽 mei you shen me hui yong chui bu xiu 可是我有时候 ke shi wo you shi hou 宁愿选择留恋不放手 ning yuan xuan ze liu lian bu fang shou 等到风景都看透 deng dao feng jing dou kan tou 也许你会陪我看细水长流 ye xu ni hui pei wo kan xi shui chang liu

  • Blue Side
    Blue Side 23 hours ago

    Straight up boyfriend material video. I'm soft

  • abi :
    abi : Day ago


  • PeiwenX_
    PeiwenX_ Day ago

    I see winwin I clicked

  • 한혜정
    한혜정 Day ago


  • hye nana
    hye nana Day ago

    CADÊ O RESTO? Preciso de mais

  • lsamoa
    lsamoa Day ago

    Why is it that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get excited about this subunit? I mean, they're crazy talented, they seem like nice people and have great visuals and what not, but I just can't get into it. Maybe it's the lack of clear sound or concept to make them stick out from the other subunits that's the problem? Feels like SM just stuck them together because they all speak Chinese but without having any actual vision as to what to do with them. Anyone else feels this way?

  • Kaleigh Pha
    Kaleigh Pha Day ago

    Yuta is shaking

  • Kendall 216
    Kendall 216 Day ago

    I’m not really an NCTzen but this is like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  • jungguk jeon
    jungguk jeon Day ago

    I’m a wayv Stan but how have I not saw this ?

  • Clara Ann Bayliss

    Awesome! Lots of talent, energy and now I have to figure out my bias.

  • Lizzie Townsend

    can I tattoo this video on my forehead please. *thanks*

  • jazmin 1998
    jazmin 1998 Day ago


  • vicent van gogh

    this man deserves the best version of life

  • hyori
    hyori Day ago

    i want to pee but no, ten first

  • Игорь Киося

    I want to learn this

  • Läzy D3vil
    Läzy D3vil Day ago

    Se isso é o nctChina,pq meteram o ten no meio?

    • 땡
       Day ago

      pq ele fala chinês ue

  • Cinta Putri
    Cinta Putri Day ago

    Ten's dance part is sooooo🔥🔥🔥

  • Alleona Marie
    Alleona Marie Day ago


  • Claire Br
    Claire Br Day ago

    Just one thing; I’m obsessed with it🙌🏼

  • xx xx
    xx xx Day ago

    Kun is giving me major suho vibes

  • Taty Escalante

    The situation here is that WinWin is a classical dancer (chinese tradicional) and Ten is a urban dancer and that is very obvious on their technique, so both of them are awesome but in different ways

  • i’m suing min yoongi

    i can’t stop watching this and it’s a problem like why are they so talented??

  • arina shimizu
    arina shimizu Day ago

    I don't know If qiankun reading this Thanks for made this video I receive a lot of passion by seeing this I mean right now I'm going through something bad in my life watch this vdo again and again make my heart warm and fluffy thx a lot being you just perfect keep doing what you love I'm right here going to support you

  • itsjustmee11
    itsjustmee11 Day ago

    this is so powerful to me. it makes me sad hearing my friends talk about it because they're always like "aha... so sexy... he bit his neck can you taste the gay 👅 so hot" but as a former dancer, it makes me sad that their creativity and work has been reduced to that. yes, you can interpret this as a relationship where there's lust and some sort of power dynamic, but remember, this is their art. dancing is about more than the moves, find the story beneath.

  • stan ATEEZ and SF9

    Love 2Yang's, Xuxi's and Chittaphon's outfits in the first part 💚

  • Taylor Baek
    Taylor Baek Day ago

    Wahhhh , i cant wait to hear the full song 🤩🤩🤩

  • trxpped.
    trxpped. Day ago


  • Ebony E
    Ebony E Day ago

    hi im back again to listen to this song because she’s a bop

  • The Ak
    The Ak Day ago

    He’s so talented😱😱😱

  • Li Za
    Li Za Day ago

    Kun I love you so much