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  • Alex38FR
    Alex38FR 2 hours ago

    Is it the stock exhaust ? The whine of the Kompressor is magic

  • Drift the Kali Yuga
    Drift the Kali Yuga 13 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this video just to hear it again. Dream car.

  • strange cal
    strange cal 18 hours ago

    Love the na sound

  • Asif Ifas
    Asif Ifas 18 hours ago

    But its not is it? Its Belgium's Sierra? Was the rs500 Britain's Sierra? As a tot my dad had mk3/mk4 cortinas. Mk5 cortinas through the 90s. Usually chased by the police. With us in the back or not. Then late 90s the cortinas dried up his 2.2 pinto mk5 blew up and our first Sierra came. A junker. Then xr4x4 he didnt really like. Then the saphs came he couldn't afford cosworth so he just dressed them up to look like cosworth's. Using a straight 6 engine. Usually sideways he'd thrash them to death get another swap the parts and engine over and thrash it to death again.

  • Zom_B_Stains
    Zom_B_Stains Day ago

    Only sold in Japan? Mate they sell them here in New Zealand

  • SSHHABBA 1234
    SSHHABBA 1234 Day ago

    Titanium lol nob

  • KJB Honda
    KJB Honda 2 days ago

    Beautiful car

  • PigletsOwner
    PigletsOwner 2 days ago

    For sale? 🤔😢

    DETROIT RED WING 2 days ago

    Do you have any new videos coming out soon?✌Much love

  • eliasbot11
    eliasbot11 2 days ago

    absolutely gorgeous and inspiring 😭

  • steveolkinevil
    steveolkinevil 2 days ago

    That it's all gone pear shaped laugh cracks me up every time 😂👍


    Luigi’s Cavalier and Deeks Vectra! I remember them days! Nice work!

  • paul web
    paul web 2 days ago

    i bet he didnt pay a penny for the clutch and he fucked it up then walked off in his 30k car

  • Logan Hays
    Logan Hays 3 days ago

    An e30 is a m3 fucktard

  • _____________ Jap
    _____________ Jap 3 days ago

    Still my favourite video

    PSORIK 3 days ago

    да будь здоров...распчихался

  • Reece Moore
    Reece Moore 3 days ago

    Bring back the nomda! :(

  • TWIZ
    TWIZ 4 days ago

    Nice car, Nice vid ! Great Job !

  • Trevor Busby
    Trevor Busby 4 days ago

    Love how ppl get the fuck out the way

  • skyrex7
    skyrex7 4 days ago

    How the car puts that kind of power down in the wet is beyond me.

  • Kris With Lemons
    Kris With Lemons 4 days ago

    Doubt this will pass mot

  • Joffre .O'Brien
    Joffre .O'Brien 4 days ago

    That intake is literally music to my ears

  • 1968lr
    1968lr 5 days ago

    Barra would be epic in this

  • Number One
    Number One 5 days ago

    He’s right about the Mk1 Cupra’s traction control, cuts all power to the engine completely

    • Number One
      Number One Day ago

      andrew wright Not sure if you’re talking about the R or the 180hp AUQ engine (which I had) but it does cut all power and it definitely isn’t smooth when the power comes back on, no faults neither

    • andrew wright
      andrew wright 2 days ago

      No it doesn't. Not completely. If it does check wheel sensors for faults. What happens with a working tc is very good...cuts power but not completely and brings it on nicely and smoothly but will still spin up the wheels

  • Paul Locker
    Paul Locker 5 days ago

    Thumbs up. Won't be putting many miles on with that speedo disconnected though 😂

  • david tunnicliff
    david tunnicliff 5 days ago

    what language is this? i dont understand the car though.

  • Matthew Barrett
    Matthew Barrett 5 days ago

    da daaaaa daaaaaa arrrrrrrrr ahhhhh!!!!!

  • t1000eg
    t1000eg 5 days ago

    Great video i love my FD2, now how do I get 280hp ??

  • Na'im .jpeg_917
    Na'im .jpeg_917 6 days ago

    Dude use elgato for screen recordings when you are streaming

  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker 6 days ago

    Thats a fuckin animal! That bov is epic.

  • Hassan Naqvi
    Hassan Naqvi 6 days ago

    Always hated these until I see this one on your channel... Big up Monkey 🐵 and BDS. I'm definitely going to look into getting one of these now and taking it to matey to sort out as it's surely the best car in its class for value. I bet when it comes to selling the car on you probably will get your money back if not more. WIN WIN 😛

  • JS
    JS 6 days ago

    GREAT CAR BRUNO! I have 2000 base 986 since new. Happy to see what you made!

  • ramos julien
    ramos julien 7 days ago


  • Bernabe Paul Villanueva

    I laughed so hard because of the electric shock. 😂😄 Watching from the Philippines.

  • Gavin Mackenzie
    Gavin Mackenzie 7 days ago


  • T Spot
    T Spot 7 days ago

    Epic content. Epic sounds. Epic edit. Epic dude you are with your positive vibe . Why only 240k subs ? Please, whats wrong with you world ? :D

  • Robert Church
    Robert Church 7 days ago

    Hi fella, I've got a stock 1.6 vtec and want some excitement, couple of questions, what kit have you used. I've looked on Ebay and can't find a turbo for the Honda d16w engine. Any Info grateful

    • strange cal
      strange cal 18 hours ago

      It's not a Honda specific turbo it's just a cooking massive eBay booster

  • Tyler menday
    Tyler menday 8 days ago

    What’s going on mate? We wanna see more !!

    • Kyle
      Kyle 6 days ago

      Yeah I hope he is OK

  • Boosted R53
    Boosted R53 8 days ago

    that paint 😍😍😍

  • Lewis Hunter
    Lewis Hunter 8 days ago

    4:58 I died. Rear view mirror 😂😂😂

  • Aled Davies
    Aled Davies 9 days ago

    This guy knows how to rag a mini and knows nothing about them

  • BIGBLUE VVolf14
    BIGBLUE VVolf14 9 days ago

    Is there a list of all the parts used and where to get them at? Im trying to do a build like this but im on a tight budget and need to do it as cost effective as possible

  • BingBong BingBingBong

    What’s the song in the beginning

  • Demetrios Papavasiliou


  • Chieflongshin
    Chieflongshin 9 days ago

    Who’s hoovering behind him? Awful noise

  • Shambala Petit Hotel Tulum Mexico

    is there a way you can put me in contact with jonny the owner of this mini, we need help all the way in mexico..

  • Paul Le
    Paul Le 10 days ago

    Am I blind or deaf, or did he not tell us the specs of the car? If not, can someone list the specs out for me please

  • muscle_growsayain
    muscle_growsayain 10 days ago


  • zo perez
    zo perez 10 days ago

    8:30 "oooouuu we got boobies" ? *random girl walks by* lol

  • 95r Cruising
    95r Cruising 10 days ago

    Want to have this setup on my hardbody 🙌

  • Alfie
    Alfie 10 days ago


  • Kevin Vila Rodriguez

    Hello, what s13 past does it take to make the stututututu?

  • daniel jordan nicol
    daniel jordan nicol 11 days ago

    Love this style of video

  • daniel jordan nicol
    daniel jordan nicol 11 days ago

    play my summer car Toby

  • The Gaming ForceYT
    The Gaming ForceYT 11 days ago

    I live round there I think I’ve seen you going around

  • Richys Racing
    Richys Racing 11 days ago

    Niceone mate 👍👌💯

  • J
    J 12 days ago

    Get back to your car review videos! Less of this simulation waffle.

  • R.G Car-Gee
    R.G Car-Gee 12 days ago

    Nice touch with the National Trust sticker 😂

  • fojnica222
    fojnica222 12 days ago

    anything missing in car after wash........welcome romanian car wash service....greetings from croatia

  • Ian Robert Wamboga
    Ian Robert Wamboga 12 days ago

    What is the title of this track?

  • 501-870 Garaj
    501-870 Garaj 12 days ago

    Do a updated more in depth review on this build mate, it's fucking mad.

  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson 12 days ago

    Great to see another awesome video lad! I like the fact that Henry is watching behind with your biggest fan 😂👍🏻

  • Hide Myass
    Hide Myass 12 days ago

    WOW - not very good advertising for caterham - you utter pleb.

  • jkskskqnw dkskqkqn
    jkskskqnw dkskqkqn 13 days ago

    hey, where is the e30?

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir 13 days ago

    2:58 I'm not one who breaks speed limit 3:01 my man goes full speed

  • Hirantha Iddamalgoda

    I have 1999 Cooper S. I do love to hear in detail what you did to the steering column to actually see the gauges.

    AIDEN CLAYTON 13 days ago

    Make more live streams like this

  • Lofty
    Lofty 13 days ago

    what colour is this?

  • Atrox Deathbringer
    Atrox Deathbringer 14 days ago

    Stock turbo-manifold? Cant be right?

  • Angelo Dagnolo
    Angelo Dagnolo 14 days ago

    Man.... I'll challenge you to a race on the Nurberg ring in GTR2 wish I were rich enough to do it for real.

  • phill van
    phill van 14 days ago

    about time, i come across a proper hooligan video! quality keep more coming!!!!

  • Jeannie Hawkins
    Jeannie Hawkins 15 days ago

    Big boy wheels! ×4 just love it hahaha

  • finvlstxge
    finvlstxge 15 days ago

    Is that 1J E36 still alive ? Looks good for a review :D

  • SuJiX
    SuJiX 15 days ago

    You should Google: Shuto Revival Project Beta. Best mod for AC hands down in my opinion. Join their discord and install the goodness. 😉

  • Toeknee simpson
    Toeknee simpson 15 days ago

    Great car nice work.

  • Kevin McMullen
    Kevin McMullen 15 days ago

    Your channel is growing quick !!

    BLITZ EXTRA 15 days ago

    What car pack were you using?

  • TimberWolf
    TimberWolf 15 days ago

    Anybody know what Mk this one is?

  • Matthew williamson
    Matthew williamson 16 days ago

    That car is the b0ll0cks!

  • Colyers
    Colyers 16 days ago

    I'd watch you live on Twitch but not a fan of this raw style footage to YT.

      MONKY LONDON 14 days ago

      Fair man just gonna do one a week bud normal videos resume shortly 🙏

  • CToretto
    CToretto 16 days ago

    Wow this map 👌 + Virtual drifting pressure is defo real 😂

      MONKY LONDON 16 days ago

      Sketchy first stream ftw 😂 Much love yo

  • Eoin Foran
    Eoin Foran 16 days ago

    Can someone explain the left foot braking please?

  • Oliver Joseph Mayers

    Liked before watching standard much love North Wales

  • Marky
    Marky 16 days ago

    Is it the f4rt engine?

  • ralf d
    ralf d 17 days ago

    Mother Fuck if you like car power .gtr get gtr u must install Ls swap in your drift car

  • steven irish
    steven irish 17 days ago

    You Need to give assetto Corsa competizone a go mate 👍

  • Dai Bennett
    Dai Bennett 17 days ago

    Nice gloves

  • Tajemni3
    Tajemni3 17 days ago

    9:55 actually looks quite good

  • OMACMedicFiveZero
    OMACMedicFiveZero 17 days ago

    I put a cage in mine after the td04. You’re a brave boy lol

  • drdoomslab
    drdoomslab 17 days ago

    Grate to see you enjoying the track. I put many hundreds of hours into making it for AC. Cheers.

    • Richys Racing
      Richys Racing 11 days ago

      Much appreciated mate, amazing drive👍

      MONKY LONDON 16 days ago

      Yeah I love this place man appreciate your time ten fold 🙏

    • Tearoth
      Tearoth 16 days ago

      You've done amazing work, my friend. Great track!

  • joseph molldrem
    joseph molldrem 17 days ago

    When are you going vr?

  • Mr Thacker87
    Mr Thacker87 17 days ago

    Hi monkey 🐒 you might read this might know but I wanted to know if I could have the specs of your pc? I drift on Xbox with g920 and also on ac but want to get more out of my wheel on pc if that’s not to much to ask mate thanks 👍🏻

      MONKY LONDON 16 days ago

      I7 5820k @3.30ghz

      MONKY LONDON 16 days ago

      8gb ram, 1060, don't know the rest but nothing special and I'm running 3 screens 144. Pc upgrade coming but you don't need anything mental that's for sure

  • Brian Dos
    Brian Dos 17 days ago

    Should collab with ol jimmer broadbent! You should take him out in the S15 and convert him from a grippy boi to a slidey boi

  • madmarkuk1
    madmarkuk1 17 days ago

    Will you be doing a vid o. Your sim set up and spec? Whats happening with the calibra?

    QUADREX 17 days ago

    Nice one Monky 👌😊

  • Tom Ahoks
    Tom Ahoks 17 days ago

    RIP Jessi Combs. She died while doing what she loved. So sad.

    • Fasel
      Fasel 17 days ago

      The fastest woman on 4 wheels! RIP 🙏