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  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 3 months ago

    keep up the amazing work!

  • Tyler Hollinger
    Tyler Hollinger 7 months ago

    where are you based?

  • Nicholas Paquette

    bring NSP on ggn

  • SimonV316 Sanity

    we need more snoop

  • powwow jenkins
    powwow jenkins Year ago

    thexvid.com/video/rYOUzOLBOcQ/video.html This is a Video Made for Anti Bullying But in A Bigger Way. F How U Feel Was inspired by real Life Situations that Y0$#! has gone Threw Understanding what it feels like to Have Been picked on by Bullies. From growing up a chubby kid in the slums of Cincinnati. To Becoming the Cat in The Hat That Can Rap, the guy that rocks 2 diffrent shoes and sports a rather tall top hat. Bullying Still Happens All The Time In Schools The Work Place And Everyday life We Do Not Apologize For the Strong Language in This Video because Bullies Dont Apologize For the Language they Use If You Ever Been Bullied remember 1 Thing "F How They Feel" Directed by @Jayxiiilegion n @kingyoshiman Click here goo.gl/4OjTlx for" #GOOFIJUICE3 out now everywhere

  • JJRockThatShit
    JJRockThatShit Year ago

    Snoop, when are you gonna bring Big K.R.I.T. on GGN!!? The people need that interview.

  • Arro Arrwhy
    Arro Arrwhy Year ago

    Make Trees Great Again...HANG Stoop-dog from one. Trump 2020 you discolored retard. You embarrass proper African-Americans who aren't cucks for Libtards. You used to be an artist...what happened? Better stop dipping your weed into Hillary-piss, 'cuz' it's affecting your brain, you Leftist Stooge. What's next, you gonna tell us to love Sharia Law and ISIS? You're Libtardism is showing ! I used to be fan, but now, I only want to see YOU with a toe-tag. 'Snoopdog'? Stooge-puppy for MSM more like it. WHATTA SELL-OUT !

  • loco_syndicate
    loco_syndicate Year ago

    Are you gonna to bring Doug Benson on the show?

  • Johnny im Mantel

    put BERNER on the show uncle snoop

  • Mohamed Jalloh
    Mohamed Jalloh Year ago

    Interview Future

  • Miguel Figueiredo

    so when is russ coming to ggn???? he's dope bring him to the show!!!!!

  • How To Make Sushi

    Hello westfesttv love it

  • Marc Basso
    Marc Basso Year ago

    He talks about how he's against racism but he hates white people. That's racist. I don't care what color you are, if you're racist, you're racist and I don't support that bullshit.

  • rattlesnk18
    rattlesnk18 Year ago

    Get joe rogan on GGN :D

  • Koala_Penguin
    Koala_Penguin Year ago

    UNC... PLEASE get DL Hughley on the show! #GGN

  • Such-n-Such
    Such-n-Such Year ago

    Aye homie ever make it to chi-town?anyway click clack yer mouse and them rats up in this bish fer a min. . . thexvid.com/video/oIXlYACb8Z8/video.html

  • Narcoanalysis
    Narcoanalysis Year ago

    i wish you would throw a curve ball and send in some crazy left field guest, Like marilyn manson,

  • escamillamagda
    escamillamagda Year ago

    ty fer the vloads

  • spiggly spiggles

    one of my friends got caught by his mom smoking pot snoop i need your help

  • Nikolai Pacres Vargas

    where's the smokeout roast replay?

  • Lemoine Carlise
    Lemoine Carlise Year ago

    smok witem neph

  • Lemoine Carlise
    Lemoine Carlise Year ago

    whatup with mc breed and dominoe

  • Scott Rueppel
    Scott Rueppel Year ago

    Yo Uncle, you need to have Kool Keith up on this piece.

  • Jasire Conner
    Jasire Conner Year ago

    Much love from the 5280. When is Trev Rich finna be on the show though?

  • James Knuckles
    James Knuckles Year ago

    Can you get Eric Andre on GGN? That would be... well, words fail.

  • YBMuser77866GC
    YBMuser77866GC Year ago

    get People Under the Stairs behind the GGN desk

  • Capresse Hall
    Capresse Hall Year ago

    Hey snoop check out Virgondy Morgan he is a black guy that sings in Hmong. AIm his biggest fan and I want him to keep posting videos so I thought is maybe you showed him some love he will be motivated to keep going. I love you to and I been your fan since I was 15 . This guy is young and talented and he's been threw so much he a college stundent from Sac state university he needs a little support

  • jgerb0706
    jgerb0706 Year ago

    Snoop, my barber is Mook and your boys know each other. I need to some help on the real to head back to Chicago to see if an experimental treatment worked to save my life. I had 4 years to live and now I am living. Can you please help by just passing the word of my gofundme page?www.gofundme.com/72r2m8-help-jay-get-back-to-Chicago

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer Year ago

    Hello Snoop and crew at westfesttv! I have been watching alot of your interviews and I want to say thank you for the theme of this show. You are really doing the world a favor by putting people of this caliber on air and showing it that ALOT of interesting, smart and creative people like to light one up, sit back, chill and just talk. The only one who can pull this off is Snoop. As Pharrell Williams said, he has so much respect for who he is as a person that I believe that the only one that can make legalization reality is him. So before you go to sleep Snoop, remove that Trump person running your country and change the world as you have done over and over again. Snoop, you are the Bob of our time. Keep up the good music and that nasty ass fight agains old rich white people who fuck things up for everyone. I was also wondering, because I like watching interesting interviews if by any chance you could ask Eminem to come by, because I haven't seen him in any of the episodes. Once again thank you and good luck with whatever you do next.

  • tatanasd
    tatanasd Year ago

    GGN: Bring Pouya and Suicide Boys please.

  • Don Parsons
    Don Parsons Year ago

    i know this is a shot in the dark .....but i have a business proposition for you .. ....not sure the best way to contact you??

  • Shane Alley
    Shane Alley Year ago

    I always wanted to see Die Antwoord on GGN

  • Bresaoéa Prosciuttto

    Stitches on GGN that would be hilarious

    THE UNNAMED ONE Year ago

    all talk big mouth making noise, silence you will never hear the shoot that kills you.

  • Humano
    Humano Year ago

    Hola brothers, espero pasen por mi canal y escuchen mi material, más aún, les guste! Abrazos y saludos!

  • Steve Solaka
    Steve Solaka Year ago


  • feandin
    feandin Year ago

    The last tune & video was dope, why delete it?

  • Darren Shelton
    Darren Shelton Year ago

    Unsubbed. Anti patriotic POS! Support the USA and all that comes with it or move out! sucker!

  • Brandon spicer
    Brandon spicer Year ago

    Ayeee, Sigh a brotha

  • anony moose
    anony moose Year ago

    put up the full nick diaz interview you stupid potheads

  • gzilla9
    gzilla9 Year ago

    Yo snoop when are you gonna have that nigga Z-Ro on your show...tighten up Big homie we need that....man somebody like this shit so we can see snoop and the homie Ro vibing..

  • Super2ism
    Super2ism Year ago

    Wheres the NICK DIAZ interview? Previewed that like a week ago, I cant wait.

  • Seventh Sign Soldier

    Snoop helped kill pac his cousin lil half dead was there during pacs murder thats why snitch dogg kept asking pac you going to vegas cuzz he knew pac was about to get murked snoop is a GOVT snitch his real father was special forces and CIA and the man who held a secret meeting in 90's with record execs telling them to promote violence etc through specifically rap to fill up private prisons for profit which they could buy shares in fuk snitch dogg . MAKIAVELLI 4 life

  • Dr Gonzo
    Dr Gonzo Year ago

    I just discovered GGN and I love smoking along to your news Snoop, are you doing any new stuff or is it on hiatus?

  • michkie77gmailcom

    Nigga your ass is 60 years old still doing silly shit go have a seat some where nigger. Spook Cat lol

  • O w i - D i g i t a l


  • Uncle Buck
    Uncle Buck Year ago

    Yo what happend to the Nick Diaz episode??

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  • Richenel Panchoe
    Richenel Panchoe 2 years ago

    So I gotta pay now to see the interview =\ If thats how it's gonna be you'll probably lose alot of viewers.

  • iLLuMNaTi
    iLLuMNaTi 2 years ago

    whats a dumb nigga to do when he cant back the pres? peace. out.

  • Gar Ovoian
    Gar Ovoian 2 years ago

    yo snoop cali made homie hit me up when you in LA

  • MrKnetterman
    MrKnetterman 2 years ago

    Is it me or is this channel is lacking a Z-ro appearance??? Where the real at?

  • FLEA0094
    FLEA0094 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday

  • Solid Ghost
    Solid Ghost 2 years ago

    Hey Snoop, are you a Rocket League player?

  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith 2 years ago

    nice channel ,well

  • sam lzicar
    sam lzicar 2 years ago


  • James Bong
    James Bong 2 years ago

    facebook.com/420HighSchool/ Snoop Biggest & Coolest Fan Page For Wiz Khalifa And You! =D =) 420HighSchool

  • Furkan FFF
    Furkan FFF 2 years ago

    release nick diaz uncle snoop PLEEEASEEE

  • afc97
    afc97 2 years ago


  • Nader Shihadeh
    Nader Shihadeh 2 years ago

    GGN with Ice T?

  • todd erchul
    todd erchul 2 years ago

    milwaukee needs to bend your ear for 2 minutes.

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett 2 years ago


  • serrano333
    serrano333 2 years ago

    Yo snoop, you tryin to get token on the show or what?

  • Thuto Molefi
    Thuto Molefi 2 years ago

    Please get Trevor Noah and watch anime

  • mnich 0128
    mnich 0128 2 years ago

    Say something in polish language

  • Bliss
    Bliss 2 years ago

    Uncle Snoop, it would be fkn amazing, if u could do go on tour with the legends; soopafly, DJ kurupt, warren g, lil 1/2 dead, Goldie Loc, rbx, Daz, Mack 10,Tray Dee, Kurupt, WC, yukmouth, MC Eiht, dj pooh n nate dogg hologram! if there was such concert, i would def empty my bank account

  • drawzinkFilms
    drawzinkFilms 2 years ago

    yo yo

  • WolloY Yong
    WolloY Yong 2 years ago

    get Eric Andrè!!!!

    EHR EHR 2 years ago

    when you gonna get styles p and jadakiss on the show snoop let me know, styles p my favorite emcee, nonetheless hold it down gawd and peace and blessings brother snoop i like how you do what you do gawd and thank you for your contributions as one of the few who gave us real hip hop and not this 3 minute hook shit thanks for not switching up one love and peace

  • Ape Katt
    Ape Katt 2 years ago

    Heey, you maybe dont roll with this guys style, but NECRO is a real mf you should invite too your show§ He's been keepin it real since he started back in the 90's . He did a whole album colab with Kool G Rap!

  • [TMTz] TrillOGkush
    [TMTz] TrillOGkush 2 years ago

    Yo get MGK up in this bitch shit would be lit

  • Mark Mosley
    Mark Mosley 2 years ago

    I think he should interview audio push on ggn news

  • phillip f
    phillip f 2 years ago

    Snoop Dogg Get Z-ro on the show!!!

  • kingofkingssaveus
    kingofkingssaveus 2 years ago

    yo Snoop tha new record is bangin!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • ivan Popy
    ivan Popy 2 years ago

    what about eminem?

  • SHOGUN 00420
    SHOGUN 00420 2 years ago

    my research suggests hillary is the most dangerous to put in office and thats not even based on current events. add the time she spent as SOS and theirs no way i could do that to my fellow americans. i refuse to vote evil lesser or not.

  • SHOGUN 00420
    SHOGUN 00420 2 years ago

    damn snoop hillary is bad news got a lot of fans jumpin ship.

  • name name
    name name 2 years ago

    Snoop converted me to hiphop. Never was much into it, but this music is sweet. Looking forward to see what's next.

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 2 years ago

    Man, Get Ralphie May on this muthafucka' he's a fool. Get that him started on trump bitch ass.

    ROBERT LEYVA 2 years ago

    hey Snoop why dont u have my kuzn Fashawn from fresno,cali. on ur show hes an upcoming artist that just signed with nas' record label and alot of fresno,cali. cats never get no recognition ...alot of them could of moved out already if known rappers recognized them

  • kev 2017
    kev 2017 2 years ago

    u should do wiz on ggn since you have a song out right now

  • YungNdaGame Recording


  • preston fells
    preston fells 2 years ago

    blaze 1 everyday until i get my ggn news,

  • Blankety Blank
    Blankety Blank 2 years ago

    Y'all have Willie Nelson on GGN yet, or planning to? I bet y'all would get along.

  • MegaKootz
    MegaKootz 2 years ago

    Hey all, if you like weed give this channel a look. He is one of my favorites and fighting hard for 10k subs. Keep smoking. thexvid.com/channel/UCw0LH_ED5hUWpu-pcim-Ngw

  • Tom
    Tom 2 years ago

    ayyyyye get Berner back up in this bitch..

  • Shaba Shax
    Shaba Shax 2 years ago

    Yo Snoop DOGG,do a GGN with Joey Bada$$

  • Deion Johnson
    Deion Johnson 2 years ago

    When you gon get Eminem on the show

  • solutionxero
    solutionxero 2 years ago

    get tech n9ne on this bitch wtf

  • Gasinduced
    Gasinduced 2 years ago

    Hey, what's the name of the song at the beginning of "Jack Thriller Brings The Funny On GGN". I've been Googling & surfing for an hour and I can't find it. A few people in the comments section of the video would like to know too. It sounds like a Hip Hop version Michael Jackson's Thriller but I can't find the same track :( Great channel btw, can't believe I didn't know about this sooner.

  • tatanasd
    tatanasd 2 years ago

    Bring some weedtubers to GGn news bro.

  • Bryce Harper
    Bryce Harper 2 years ago

    Bring Connan O' Brian on the show and make him toke one!

  • guevaratheking
    guevaratheking 2 years ago

    hey unc how u doin? i think ice cube wants in on ur show...his channel left a comment on will am i's video. god bless

  • Muneeb Johnson
    Muneeb Johnson 2 years ago

    Get D.O>C on!!

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn 2 years ago

    yow snoop lion i was wondering if you could get Jr Gong on the show, just throwing it out there

  • bakerr69
    bakerr69 2 years ago

    get Larry David on here lol

  • 1ranjeeves21
    1ranjeeves21 2 years ago

    Please try and get Eminem on your show.

  • Rafa Gallardo
    Rafa Gallardo 2 years ago

    get mike christmas on ggn!

  • LunaMedia International

    i just heard about ''snoopavision'' can i watch 20th century fox in ''snoopavision''

  • Nasser Al-Ghattami
    Nasser Al-Ghattami 2 years ago

    Get Russ on ggn!

  • ConsoleModdingEntertainment

    Look homie we need CustomGrow420 on this!

  • Jared Greenwald
    Jared Greenwald 2 years ago

    Get Joe Rogan on!

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis 2 years ago

    Hey. My dream is to meet you and have fun . I'm from Russia. Straight really really want .

  • Matthew Rebholz
    Matthew Rebholz 2 years ago

    you should really bring j. cole to the ggn

  • Mimo Bts
    Mimo Bts 2 years ago

    no wiz no weed snoop

  • Ludacris 909
    Ludacris 909 2 years ago

    Got to get Mr Criminal on you show!!

  • Star Hawk
    Star Hawk 2 years ago

    I am looking for a way to personally speak with Snoop Dogg, if there is any way to connect give me a holler..Peace

  • 120491nick
    120491nick 2 years ago

    Nemo Hoes needs to get Boosie on the interview roll no matter what the cost.A snoop n boosie collaboration would be game changing.

  • 187
    187 2 years ago

    get Jesse on ggn

  • Miah Walker-Turner
    Miah Walker-Turner 2 years ago

    Check out Walker Squad single called " I Like Kush " Official Video on TheXvid thexvid.com/video/-FAhMvFuvrs/video.html

  • Devin White
    Devin White 2 years ago

    yo snoop man id love to see katt Williams on this show man, and for some one new I got this nigga that got a ho tmixtape and he workin hard ass hell for another itd help out a lot to show em some love man on here. "TheStartup"-$avvy on datpiff. and his soundcloud is SBC $avvy SBC. hit me up for some contact info. ur killin it on here snoop, the show is funny as hell I watch every episode

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 2 years ago

    The jamie fox episode and Charlie murphy one. Ive laughed so hard. Funny sh''t

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor 2 years ago

    Yo snoop' ggn love the show from all the way from Belfast northern Ireland . Can i buy those trainers you got on the episode you got don Kennedy on? Them black on white addidas?. Please let me know if possible. Thanks

  • Michelle Hilton
    Michelle Hilton 2 years ago

    Please check out my son at Sinister Saga @ facebook .com

  • Keagon Lerch
    Keagon Lerch 2 years ago

    yo what up i got some lyrics for yea hit me up

  • Andy G
    Andy G 2 years ago

    I would love to see Key & Peele on the show..I think that would be a hilarious episode!!! Or Busta Rhymes..I think that would make for a good episode also..Ludacris or R&B singer Tank as well..All would be very entertaining shows..

  • Zeiky008
    Zeiky008 2 years ago

    Please Dave Chappelle On GGN. I love watching your interviews and I really dig your character as a real person.

  • L Crom
    L Crom 2 years ago

    Snoop. keep the church out of it. You gonna have to cross on that side one day. regardless of what you passed through. You still got a chance like anyone else. But don't blaspheme anything concerning God and church. Don't curse yourself. regardless to what you believe. He meaning God will have the last word. No we are not gods. If we were then trillions of gods have passed through this earth. So they should have made this planet perfect by now. Your soul does have an eternal address and satan keeps not promises he is the father of deception and lies. Just lay low on the church tabenacle theme and dialogue for the sake of yourself and the future of yours. Generate blessings not curses. I love y ou. Be blessed. It is your portion to eat drink and enjoy the fruits of your

  • Daze Craze
    Daze Craze 2 years ago

    Yo Unc! Get the OG MC Eiht on ur show!

  • gt1085
    gt1085 2 years ago

    Hi West,can i share your movie Mouse-Trap?

  • cameron bernhardy
    cameron bernhardy 2 years ago

    damn the steelers are out

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams 2 years ago

    We haven't got one new GGN news episode since The Thanksgiving show, what's going on?

  • r213ify
    r213ify 2 years ago

    i mean com on.... we have waiting for usual update videos!!! #westfesttv have been holdin on us..... where are the new videos?????????????

  • Bethany Taylor
    Bethany Taylor 2 years ago

    Damn, wouldn't it be so sweet to be a GGN female? I'd love to meet you Snoop, and come on to GGN and smoke with you.

  • justin jones
    justin jones 2 years ago

    Whats good uncle snoop! westfest kicks ass. Larry King, The Trailer Park Boys, and Method Man... Who's next! Keep it up Nemo you the king

  • Vic Nikolaevich
    Vic Nikolaevich 2 years ago

    You should get Big Boy on your show and "interview" him for a change.

  • Real Sunny Rosario
    Real Sunny Rosario 2 years ago

    Another AMAZING holiday! We miss you Snoop grant us some of you New Years Wisdom my friend!

  • anarchism
    anarchism 2 years ago

    HEY! interview cool people man!. whats up with lemmy from mötorhead? you just missed him motherfuckers. dont just go aronund thinking that people only like this wanna be gangster shit. there's other music tastes, and other ways to enjoy weed

  • Blaine Gazdik
    Blaine Gazdik 2 years ago

    Yo you should do a ggn wit KiD CuDi

  • XironicBubbles 44
    XironicBubbles 44 3 years ago

    Need to get Rittz on GGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikey Savelli
    Mikey Savelli 3 years ago

    hi snoop dog why did you leaves wwe

  • giulio almanacco
    giulio almanacco 3 years ago


  • Steven Monkman
    Steven Monkman 3 years ago

    Interview with Tom Green would be the dopest shit runnin. he smokes, he free styles and hes a canadian icon. doooo itttt.

  • ma no
    ma no 3 years ago

    Paddy ain't no house nagger

  • Alexander K
    Alexander K 3 years ago

    Roc Marciano would be a dope guest

  • R18 Hemi
    R18 Hemi 3 years ago

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    Joseph McLean 3 years ago

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  • Malone Piper
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    The Future Has Arrived! - #2080 Dee Mugga & Kid Lightning Presnts: 2080 www.datpiff.com/Dee-Mugga-2080-mixtape.742999.html

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    • Mog D
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  • Only God Can Judge Me


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