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FARGO season 3 Funny Scene
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Death Note 2017 Ryuk scene
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Neymar Jr. XXX 2107 HD
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Don't breath-HD
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The Rite Final Scene-HD
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Melodic Guitar Solo
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  • Hoshang Raj
    Hoshang Raj 21 hour ago

    The irony

  • Blaze
    Blaze Day ago

    Alonzo is right tho that's the game

  • BobbyKite
    BobbyKite 6 days ago

    Crazy thing is, now that Alonzo is dead, jake will most likely get his job. He will eventually see the fairytale he believes in, doesn’t exist.

  • Mehdi Dif
    Mehdi Dif 6 days ago

    Thats an oscar performance right there

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 7 days ago

    *_Denzel does look like Rafa Perez.. Which means he can ass for Puerto Rican hispanic!! It’s the facial characteristics & hair for sure.._*

  • Alonzo Akbar
    Alonzo Akbar 7 days ago

    Who shot Joshua Brown?

  • folkz nem
    folkz nem 9 days ago

    Roger sold dope to kids the world is a better without him 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Alonzo don't give af bout them kids

    • rANDOMdUDe
      rANDOMdUDe 5 days ago

      I think he does, but he has just become so desensitized by the game that u couldn't tell if he truly did or didn't...

  • Myerr
    Myerr 10 days ago

    how are you gonna play somebody after telling him about playing people being your job?

    • Damien Greig
      Damien Greig 10 days ago

      by telling them just that, its like saying to someone "honestly and passionately" that you dont lie in a hope they will trust you just so you can lie, there is no school for this stuff

  • Myerr
    Myerr 10 days ago

    If i were Jake there wouldnt have been an issue after he offered me that money lol.

  • CJ Douglas
    CJ Douglas 11 days ago

    I truly believe Alonzo was being 100% honest with Jake in this scene. He had tremendous hopes for Jake and genuinely wanted to lift him up through the ranks so he could change the shitty functions of the PD. But Alonzo knows he and his guys are way too far gone to the other side for them to do it. And he is unwilling to compromise his business to allow it for Jake. It was always gonna end the way it did. But for Alonzo, Jake was the hero he couldn’t be and he knew it.

  • Synapse Education
    Synapse Education 15 days ago

    has this been dubbed

  • Amerik Watson
    Amerik Watson 20 days ago

    Jake did wake up up to what he was saying to him. Denzel was telling the truth. In brooklyns finest. Jake started to walk the higher path.

  • Francisco Williams
    Francisco Williams 21 day ago

    Jake was a pussy wouldn’t take money

  • Mytty Dohun
    Mytty Dohun 22 days ago

    this might just be the worst movie ever made but willem dafoe as ryuk was great casting. not sure why they didn't just cgi ryuk and have the original voice actor voice him, but whatever.

  • павлик задуняшкин

    Пешка убьет короля...

  • Kyung Chae
    Kyung Chae 23 days ago

    Alonzo betrays roger

    • Treyvon Williams
      Treyvon Williams 13 days ago

      He show did. And roger knows that he's not a cop either.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 26 days ago

    Just based on this i think Denzel would make a great Magneto. Ignorin all the race bs. FFS its a movie. Gettin Denzel for Magneto would be a win for the MCU.

    • Lightner445555555555
      Lightner445555555555 15 days ago

      Magneto needs to stay white. Us blacks can always create our own comic book characters.

  • Nick Bode
    Nick Bode 26 days ago

    The writing in this scene alone should’ve earned Training Day an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay. David Ayer was robbed, this script was incredible.

  • Quang-Long Dinh
    Quang-Long Dinh 26 days ago

    Isn't it funny how in the movie, Klaus is almost Violet's height, while in the book, he about half her size?

  • Neko Sakuraba
    Neko Sakuraba 27 days ago

    shinigami a God of death💀☠️

  • Sum Solution
    Sum Solution 28 days ago

    Where is this from lol

  • Sum Solution
    Sum Solution 28 days ago

    LMAO !!! Merika!!!! USA!!!

  • ferrod liles
    ferrod liles Month ago

    I still wonder if it were Alonzo intentions to kill jake all along or was he just testing him and realized ight this kid scene to much and is a problem. What if Jake was down with the whole lifestyle and took the offer

  • Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang Month ago

    "That is not a picture of our parents." "Yes it is, they're inside the piano." I dunno why but I just love that line and how matter-of-factly it was delivered.

    • Noah Davis
      Noah Davis 16 days ago

      Klaus: How do you know that? 🤨

  • Caleb Streich
    Caleb Streich Month ago

    1:55 Ari goes of like a GD gatling gun.

  • BIG H
    BIG H Month ago

    Its a ugly game its beautiful

  • dian_F_A
    dian_F_A Month ago

    Oh Fenris 💙💙💙➰

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Not your badge

  • K. R.
    K. R. Month ago


  • Jorge M. Perez
    Jorge M. Perez Month ago

    4:38-4:46 song?

  • SanyarKurdBiker
    SanyarKurdBiker Month ago

    Tenpenny is truly the most powerful cop ive ever seen

  • Half-life fan 39
    Half-life fan 39 Month ago


  • Know 1squarter
    Know 1squarter Month ago

    Explaining the game while playing him.

    • ferrod liles
      ferrod liles Month ago

      More like giving him one more chance to see if he can trust him.

  • Lee Agombar
    Lee Agombar Month ago

    6:06 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 it's Vince

  • xeikai
    xeikai Month ago

    What makes this scene great is that even though he ordered Jake's hit before they even spoke, you can't tell if what Alonzo is from the heart or if he's just running bullshit on him to keep Jake under control for just a bit longer till he can drop him. Fucking god like acting from both actors

    • Saphaan Swaleh
      Saphaan Swaleh Month ago

      I think it was explained above. But Alonzo was actually trying to get Jake to take the money as a way out, almost as a final chance to see if he would give in to Alonzo and his tactics. The money he was offering was ironically the money going towards the hit. If he accepted it, the hit would have been called off as Alonzo could trust him.

  • Rednat frot
    Rednat frot Month ago

    I'd love to watch Dafoe play Ryuk, the only problem with that is *YOU CAN'T BLOODY SEE ANYTHING HALF THE TIME!*

    • Damien Greig
      Damien Greig Month ago

      yay, someone else noticed what was bothering me about this too

  • thanos 357
    thanos 357 Month ago

    Silver back apes I'm fucking WEAK! 🤣🤣😂😂

  • The Black Kakashi

    If Lonzo was a Sith Lord, he'd convert everybody to the dark side with a speech like that.

    • Jorge Montes
      Jorge Montes 18 days ago

      Always 2 there are.no more,no less

    • Damien Greig
      Damien Greig Month ago

      what's so scary is that i know for a fact i would have said yes and joined his squad

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones Month ago

    Red Pill from Alonzo

  • John B
    John B 2 months ago

    Gives a new blood a new taste, Albert may be a prize pig. Key word friends pig. Because he is black does not make the crimes legit. Check the encoding fool. I know my friends in the black community understand my jam. From the top down I am not suicidal. I WILL NOT KILL MYSELF. To the sheep, keep busting! you know nothing, "JOHN SNOW". Code.

    XxKXÑGx GGC 2 months ago

    Where sxene is this

  • Alexander Kanyumba
    Alexander Kanyumba 2 months ago

    I feel bad for Loyd

  • verisimilitude
    verisimilitude 2 months ago

    The only Jew who has balls.

  • Fudge Fantasy
    Fudge Fantasy 2 months ago

    My favorite scene of this film.

  • chantel Bautista
    chantel Bautista 2 months ago

    I so blow him so hot so funny

    • SB Hunter
      SB Hunter 12 days ago

      where r u from chantel?

    • verisimilitude
      verisimilitude 2 months ago

      chantel Bautista I don’t need you too🤣

    • chantel Bautista
      chantel Bautista 2 months ago

      @verisimilitude not you 😜😜😜that's for sure

    • verisimilitude
      verisimilitude 2 months ago

      chantel Bautista you look like you’d be good at that lol

  • extra solar
    extra solar 2 months ago


  • Blueclue S
    Blueclue S 2 months ago

    0:05 I love the foreshadowing here with the bullet holes lining up on Alonzo’s head but not jakes head. Tells you early who’s gonna die

    • Iton Sohigh
      Iton Sohigh Month ago

      @Blueclue S then thats amazing

    • Blueclue S
      Blueclue S Month ago

      Iton Sohigh most definitely. It had to be intended

    • Iton Sohigh
      Iton Sohigh Month ago

      you rly think that was intended ?

  • Antonio Pisacane
    Antonio Pisacane 2 months ago

    The werewolf version of Daredevil

  • Duman Adalbaev
    Duman Adalbaev 2 months ago

    he turn that vatoo into a fountain of BLooD

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 2 months ago

    SCOTT GLENN..the original MAN ON FIRE.

  • dreamingcode
    dreamingcode 2 months ago

    When Denzel said he walks a higher path he meant he was the devil

  • justin Kassel
    justin Kassel 2 months ago

    This movie was irritating for one simple reason. Why the fuck did Alonzo bring Jake along all day to do this shit? Why try to break i a untrusted newbie to his operation, especially when his life was riding on all of this? Why? Because they needed a virgin shooter to handle the robbery of? Bullshit. None of it made sense, so easily could have been just him and his crew handling this shit on this one day. But NOOOOO, he had to bring Jake along. Just doesn’t make sense.

  • Lilith Leigh Lakusta
    Lilith Leigh Lakusta 2 months ago

    The. Best scene

  • Jokers Wild
    Jokers Wild 2 months ago

    Ethan hawk sounds all gay when he says im not scared lol

  • Ethan Luc Borlaza
    Ethan Luc Borlaza 2 months ago

    Imagine Dr. Blowhole disguising himself. Would the Penguins fall for this?

  • Patrick Guillory
    Patrick Guillory 2 months ago

    Can’t nobody just make up a story like this......To well played.

  • Patrick Guillory
    Patrick Guillory 2 months ago

    This reminds me of Louisiana judicial and police corruption.........

  • LockerKingAsher28 YTOfficial

    Do you own any property of Netflix why is the graphics good?

  • LeDariun Lawson
    LeDariun Lawson 2 months ago

    Sexy. No time for that.

  • mr Dice
    mr Dice 2 months ago

    He and petter were the only characters i liked at the movie

  • Quattro 4
    Quattro 4 2 months ago

    These people are funny intil they get a rib broken or their head slammed on a table.

  • Johnny Tan
    Johnny Tan 2 months ago

    “The shits chess it ain’t checkers” I use that quote a lot now

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 3 months ago

    Best actor ever

  • Allen Cervantes
    Allen Cervantes 3 months ago

    Beautiful scene.. the hidden picture of life..

  • Jennifer Mondesire
    Jennifer Mondesire 3 months ago

    Marian tasco : pray with me to police tell me you understand my fears

  • Jennifer Mondesire
    Jennifer Mondesire 3 months ago

    Samuel Morgan :I don’t want your sperm you were correct your family got bad genes 🧬

  • Jennifer Mondesire
    Jennifer Mondesire 3 months ago

    Ethan hawke: glory your job 12

  • Jennifer Mondesire
    Jennifer Mondesire 3 months ago

    Bundy: I’m tired of you .

  • Freddy Brainy
    Freddy Brainy 3 months ago

    Two goats literally - Denzel the first - unbelievable acting Ethan you got my respect. Zel... well you already know

  • Chris Wayman
    Chris Wayman 3 months ago

    I love the way he says.. ‘ your not making them feel like your part of the team lol

  • Wade Albury
    Wade Albury 3 months ago

    I want to see that new world......order

  • Modern Machiavelli
    Modern Machiavelli 3 months ago

    He's only half right. In order to make real change you can't always go by the law or morality, you have to play chess with the demons. It's a money game, and the rich man always wins. The problem is that the good man turns evil once he wins, and the cycle goes on. If you use evil to get to the top you can only be so moral, you will have to keep doing evil for the rest of your life just to maintain power. You have to shake a lot of bad guys' hands, you have to keep a lot of people quiet. It's not like you get to just slaughter every psychopath then kick back & retire because evil doesn't rest and it doesn't go away. To defeat the monsters you must become one. But you'll never kill them all, you can only keep them in line for awhile.

  • The Pilot Is Dead
    The Pilot Is Dead 3 months ago

    Not really "ha ha" funny.

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 3 months ago

    "I walk a higher path son.."

  • Rico Lockett
    Rico Lockett 3 months ago

    That's how a pimp talk to their bottom hoe

  • King Savage6661
    King Savage6661 3 months ago

    Funniest scene ever 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr Vazquez
    Mr Vazquez 3 months ago

    He is an awesome actor, he needs to be in more versatile roles.. he has earned it.

    • Damien Greig
      Damien Greig 3 months ago

      i liked his new tv show "knowledge of the public" or something, it got canceled i think

  • Raymond jose Lazaro
    Raymond jose Lazaro 3 months ago

    Dr dre shouldv killed this jake loser 😂

  • Gaston Phalange
    Gaston Phalange 3 months ago

    Bill the Butcher Cutting has to be one of the most legendary characters in Hollywood

    DES JAMES 3 months ago

    Jake end the end will always end up being Lonzo if you stay long in the game

    DES JAMES 3 months ago

    Roger sold drugs to kids, the world is better without him, Jake take the money - Denzel

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  • JohnnyDeppforlifee
    JohnnyDeppforlifee 3 months ago

    He did great in this movie and deserved this award but i still don't know why he didnt win for hurricane

  • coldclock92
    coldclock92 3 months ago

    Just so you know, you're girlfriend. When she was in the mail room, she offered to blow me. True story.

  • Aryan Immortals
    Aryan Immortals 3 months ago

    10 russian mafia members disliked this

  • Holden
    Holden 3 months ago

    "How did it go?" "How'd the fucking Bay of Pigs go, Lloyd?"

  • sarasoliiman
    sarasoliiman 3 months ago

    His accent is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Taylor Brantley
    Taylor Brantley 3 months ago

    That’s his funniest and best disguise

  • Lyfestyle Muzik
    Lyfestyle Muzik 3 months ago

    Jake, you not making them Feel like you apart of the team

  • Dusty Guadian
    Dusty Guadian 4 months ago

    The "I walk a higher path son" line still gives me chills

    • Juan Hernandez
      Juan Hernandez 2 months ago

      Sounds just like the devil offering a deal

  • Scribble Squad
    Scribble Squad 4 months ago

    Ryuk god Damn it you were the saving grace of this movie

  • Prince Mora
    Prince Mora 4 months ago

    I love this scene because of Jakes tramatic mix of emotions seen in his eyes after being disillusioned of the how law enforcement operates. A parking ticket cutter from the valley that probably never heard of Serpico growing up with a angelic preconception of cops then being told the cold hard truth in one drug bust. It's a feeling I can relate to growing up in SoCal that cops lock up gangs however for better or worse are their own gang.

  • Gershwin Quintyne
    Gershwin Quintyne 4 months ago

    2:28 the devil comes in many forms

  • qanyare cawad
    qanyare cawad 4 months ago

    Cops are more corrupt now. The only time a cop is sentenced is when he threatens other cops. A corrupt police force in a corrupt country and all you get is mess. Thank God i do not live in the shithole called amerikkka.

  • Die Eule Franz
    Die Eule Franz 4 months ago

    Does no one actually feel sad for Roger? I mean we don‘t know what they guy did but Hoyt was pretty right, Alonzo just shot someone who thought of him as a sort-of-friend, not even showing a tad bit of sympathie towards they guy (Roger) who let him drink his best lickor and so on. I still feel sad for Roger, but the acting in this scene was just gold, I was really genuinely surprised when Alonzo just shot Roger. And you could really see the pain and fear in Rogers face

    • Die Eule Franz
      Die Eule Franz 4 months ago

      Damien Greig Who knows .-. But its still shocking and the part about pretending to be his friend is still somewhat sad But thanks for the answer ^^

    • Damien Greig
      Damien Greig 4 months ago

      roger's character was one of those drug dealers who got so wealthy that the state finally gives up and gives them their freedom maybe they make a mistake and government gets their money, so when he (Alonzo) says to jake "Roger sold dope to kids the world is a better place without him" sort of makes it clear

  • Ronald Watts
    Ronald Watts 4 months ago

    @2:27... "In this business, you gotta have a little dirt on you for anyone to trust you" The way of this world.

  • CplHicksjr
    CplHicksjr 4 months ago

    Denzel was brilliant. But Hawke's performance was equally as brilliant. He was the everyman, and it showed.

    • antboyatUtube
      antboyatUtube Month ago

      CplHicksjr yessir! Great film. Sidney Lumet’s final film

    • CplHicksjr
      CplHicksjr Month ago

      @antboyatUtube Ever seen Before The Devil Knows You're Dead? Great movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Michael Shannon.

    • antboyatUtube
      antboyatUtube Month ago

      IamThatGuy Ethan hawke ain’t no slouch, bruh. I suggest you peep First Reformed and Boyhood

    • CplHicksjr
      CplHicksjr 3 months ago

      @IamThatGuy So lets put Rob Shneider in Hawke's role. I'll bet you he doesn't win the Oscar.

    • IamThatGuy
      IamThatGuy 3 months ago

      Waiittt a minute !!!...You CAN'T equalize Denzel with any other human...Denzel Is The MAN in Movies.DONT compare it to other normal people.

  • asrar ahmed
    asrar ahmed 4 months ago

    DENZEL played the game damn well 🔥🔥🔥

  • Adam Khid
    Adam Khid 4 months ago

    By the end of the convo he got hoyt to understand and is now down. Denzel fucked up by trying to kill him

  • nathan3560
    nathan3560 4 months ago

    Is it a coincidence that they have the same facial hair?