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  • Desmo 46
    Desmo 46 Hour ago

    Wow!! Very detailed in his review! Great information. Extremely thorough. Thanks for the awesome review

  • Savingwithshep
    Savingwithshep Hour ago

    The music at the end of the video.

  • // nostromov
    // nostromov 2 hours ago

    Very little people seem to yet realize what that "5G" that they're sticking in our faces means. Governments are weaponizing these high-bandwidth systems (which we've yet to see) against citizens and corporations are seeing HUGE potential profits to licensing the IOT. Meanwhile, antennas everywhere are bombarding us with even MORE radiation than ever before. Expect leukemia and cancer and infant degenerative diseases to be on the rise and WELL HIDDEN (rather: obfuscated) in the future. I would say do not support this, but it's far too late for all of us... Meh.

  • The Game DUO
    The Game DUO 2 hours ago

    Worth an upgrade to this from my iPhone 6s

  • Dalibor Suhanji
    Dalibor Suhanji 2 hours ago

    Still no launch in Serbia and there is no info when will it be, and there was only iPhone launched last year, months after official launch - and Apple Watch series 4 was never officially available in SRB. Hope to see this changed and AppStore also to be enabled for Serbia soon. For some reason being Apple customer in SRB is not fun because and Apple knows those since it was reported so many times, but..

  • Gary Conrad
    Gary Conrad 2 hours ago

    How much functionality will I lose when paired with a iPhone?

  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia 2 hours ago

    the price of the iphone 11 is not bad here in Malaysia (in my opinion anyway) as compared to the price in Brunei which was at least RM400 more expensive

  • faisalhaider007
    faisalhaider007 3 hours ago

    Pastel green is so great! Coming from the guy who owns P30PRO 😍

  • Sidd
    Sidd 3 hours ago

    The fact he has 32 missed calls

  • Paolo Bartolome
    Paolo Bartolome 3 hours ago

    Face unlock not working after updating. From Google Pixel 3XL

  • Carson S
    Carson S 3 hours ago

    why is it always Rose of the Tomb Raider? That game came out like 3 years ago.

  • Lilyy Lil
    Lilyy Lil 4 hours ago

    Watching this on my iPhone 11

  • siddhartha misra
    siddhartha misra 4 hours ago

    I am not brand agnostic guy ... but yeaa here is my comparison between two side by side. I own note 10 plus and iphone pro max from my work which came today yohooo.. so my exp is only say 1 day comparison.. ios13 is hit or miss will see after some patches... i am not gonna compare android vs ios.. people have their pref and each serve their own purpose perfectly.. no do i really feel diff between iphone xs max which i had and this new one.. meh naaa... fancy looking for sure.. with 3 cyclop eyes on the phone.. camera i agree is subjective.. iphone is more towards colour standard across three lenses.. but i have seen more clarity on both depending upon conditions.. will i say its a must upgrade? If u r gadget lover like yeaa do it... for else meh ...iphone 11 might be best choice.. but in Canada iphone 11 is 999 for 64gb which puts it in tight spot with competition...so yeaaa note 10 plus or iphone 11 max.. great phones.. pick one

  • minnkhai lin
    minnkhai lin 4 hours ago

    I miss iPhone 9

  • badbeatking80
    badbeatking80 4 hours ago

    Today LG has it right. Couple years from Galaxy would leading the foldable market

  • Incredible Wisdom
    Incredible Wisdom 4 hours ago

    Cheap (Xr) is not the word, its affordable!

  • ronald telos
    ronald telos 4 hours ago

    Don't watch this channel, their reviewers are bias. Just to unbox therapy

  • The Viv and Tory Show

    Should I upgrade to this? I currently have an IPhone X

  • moopymips
    moopymips 4 hours ago

    i have an iphone 6s and i'm getting a new phone tomorrow, but i can't decide between the XR and the 11 🤔😔

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 4 hours ago

    I might get this next year when my laggy s9 contract ends

  • Paul Yuen
    Paul Yuen 4 hours ago

    I have both DSLR, mirrorless and a bunch of decent lenese for both systems, and guess what? I only use my phone (Oppo Reno 10X Zoom) to shoot photos and videos now. My days of "acting like a pro" is gone, the phone is just too convenient and a breeze to carry when comparing to the total weight of DSLR gear. Praise the technology!

  • Ramen Morrondoz
    Ramen Morrondoz 4 hours ago

    Me: broke asdfghjkl Also me: watching iphone 11 pro max video

  • azrul nizam
    azrul nizam 5 hours ago

    Thanks God price in Asia are much cheaper but we don’t get the Qualcomm chip.

  • Marco
    Marco 5 hours ago

    Goodbye Xs max. Hello pro max!

  • remotesHUB
    remotesHUB 5 hours ago

    My iPhone 11 Pro Max stopped wireless charging. It did charge when I first tested it, then i fully charged wired using new adapter. Few hours later I put the Pro Max on Qi Wireless charging mat, no joy!. I have tried my old iPhoneX on same charge mat and it works, also tried four other Wireless chargers that I have, no success. Anyone experiencing this situation?

  • Anneke Konstantine
    Anneke Konstantine 5 hours ago

    Ha ! Off with her head

  • Justin Weathersbee
    Justin Weathersbee 5 hours ago

    It does feel better then my iPhone XR. Side by side there’s a noticeable difference in speed for sure. I definitely love love love the camera’s huge jump. Can’t wait for the updates though. It also feels nicer in the hand as well.

  • XxGalaxystrikexX The Dank Memer

    I thought it could use regular hot wheels cars :(

  • Zeracho
    Zeracho 5 hours ago

    This thing is neat. Probably wouldn't need use of it enough to justify the cost unfortunately though.

  • Paige Mangubat
    Paige Mangubat 5 hours ago

    I could never get over calling any iPhone “cheap”. I mean nothing from Apple is really cheap.

  • sssniper headshot
    sssniper headshot 6 hours ago

    if someone will buy me an Iphone 11, I will love you.

  • RUDOG09
    RUDOG09 6 hours ago

    My old iPhone ran 3 hours on a full charge 😂😂💀 god I love this phone

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain 6 hours ago

    Clearly getting paid by Apple for this video🙄

  • Hero Number Two
    Hero Number Two 6 hours ago

    Mate 30 and note 10+: im about to end this man's whole career

  • Hinata Shoyo
    Hinata Shoyo 6 hours ago

    Is the camera still mIrRoRiNg?

  • dale caldwell
    dale caldwell 6 hours ago

    I noticed that your reviews this year are not radically better than your reviews last year.

  • Rajesh Bhatia
    Rajesh Bhatia 7 hours ago

    Why no body is talking about it’s Dolby atmos and Dolby digital plus modes??

  • Luckygirlbeauty
    Luckygirlbeauty 7 hours ago

    I have an 6s+ & I’m still not convinced. 🤔

  • Untucked Fingers
    Untucked Fingers 7 hours ago

    Mint green is one of my favorite colors. However, I don't know if I'd like a green phone 24/7. This video cemented it that I can't not get the green. It's just so fucking sexy!

  • Jane Lee
    Jane Lee 7 hours ago

    Samsung ad for this? Really?

  • john doe
    john doe 7 hours ago

    I’m definitely buying the 11 pro max, since I’m upgrading from the 8 plus😎

  • MehdiBarka
    MehdiBarka 8 hours ago

    And I’m here still rocking The 7 Plus

  • naticedog
    naticedog 8 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy s10 is 700$... Just incase anyone is considering cross shopping

  • Jaden Ortiz
    Jaden Ortiz 8 hours ago

    upgrading from a flip phone don’t judge me

  • Bundlesiman
    Bundlesiman 8 hours ago

    Is nobody going to point out that ijustine is in the background?

  • Silver Closet
    Silver Closet 8 hours ago

    Gonna upgrade my iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 soon too. ❤️

  • Caesar Wright
    Caesar Wright 9 hours ago

    It's not a stylus it's an S Pen thank you. 2:12

  • flipstick1993
    flipstick1993 9 hours ago

    i have the 256gb lte version

  • Dre Park
    Dre Park 9 hours ago

    I agree, I’m a guy that has always had the better model. Having shuddered my X and then doing the same to my backup 6s (bad luck) it was time for a new phone but way ahead of schedule. I went to the Apple store today with the intention on buying a 11 pro but I left with an 11. Why? It does everything I need and more and saves me $400! It’s awesome!

  • Lucio Aguilar
    Lucio Aguilar 9 hours ago

    Most po the users are asking for features that will never use.

  • worker Machine
    worker Machine 9 hours ago

    비행기 를 최초 로 만든 것 을 뛰어넘는 위대한 업적 이다

  • john ng
    john ng 9 hours ago

    Sure most won't notice 1080p vs 1440p difference; it's just that when u charge $1000 for the phone, seems like a glaring/weird omission

  • Julian Es El Mejor
    Julian Es El Mejor 9 hours ago

    I’d really recommend the XR instead cause it went down in price and is still quite a premium phone.

  • Chris Rosenkreuz
    Chris Rosenkreuz 9 hours ago

    stop with the hands man you're freaking me out!

  • Timothy Andrew
    Timothy Andrew 10 hours ago


  • Antti Kalpio
    Antti Kalpio 10 hours ago

    I just ordered a new iphone 11 pro max. Switching from my old iphone 7, I can’t wait for the delivery next week.

  • vishnu priyan
    vishnu priyan 10 hours ago

    Notification led?

  • plsdont
    plsdont 10 hours ago

    this thing is my moist dream

  • Nathan Casey
    Nathan Casey 10 hours ago

    The M and S are pretty much the same. They have same cpu ram ssd. The 2060 is so similar in performance to the 2070mq and 2080mq that it really doesn't matter.

  • Brenton Edwards
    Brenton Edwards 11 hours ago

    omfg get rid of her

    NIKHIL RAJKUMAR 11 hours ago

    Ps4 is the best console brand.better the Xbox and standia

  • Thistledove
    Thistledove 11 hours ago

    This will replace all the share croppers and migrants. Lots of displaced jobs for sure. Yang2020.

  • حيدر جوبا
    حيدر جوبا 11 hours ago

    I am a poor Arab, I want any phone, because I do not have a phone. I am very sad.😪😓🥺

  • Shuvo Hawking's
    Shuvo Hawking's 11 hours ago

    Trash heat issue like almost all hp computers

  • Rolex Addict
    Rolex Addict 11 hours ago

    Iphone 11 is just a joke. Slightly better camera, an overclocked a12 chip now renamed as a13, big battery, same notch nothing else new. No invention on the table to make other flagships jealous. Such a shame for the worlds biggest company. It is stuck.

  • Liyalism •
    Liyalism • 11 hours ago

    I wanna upgrade from iphone 7 + , for the video thing ahh

    RAUL FERNANDEZ 11 hours ago

    He should get a translator

  • 24KSportFishing
    24KSportFishing 12 hours ago

    Everyone mentions the curve screen and accidental button pressing? What idiot won't buy a case for a $1400 phone for under $30 bucks that eliminates this so called "issue" I have never had this happen to me and as a fact, I sometimes struggle more to get the sides menu to open purposely 1 of 99 tries, It's a great phone period , end of nonsense reviews telling people about a problem that IMO is never one if you love your phone that much to protect it. Jesus...... the same people that probably complain don't have a screen protector for fear of less sensitive touching too , it's my bet and I'm not in vegas....

  • ian greenacre
    ian greenacre 12 hours ago

    It’s better with a case

  • Paulina Pablo
    Paulina Pablo 12 hours ago

    its funny how a lot of people look or judge after the appearanceee 😂 rather than thinking bout the enhanced performance etc 👍🏽 Just sayin. Coz Ive read lots of comments like its not good physically bla bla bla

  • R Melo
    R Melo 12 hours ago

    I have the 6T and 7 and I love them both including the look. The round camera bump on the 7T is very ugly, not symmetrical at all. That very large round object looks strange and does not look like it belongs on a slender rectangular object. Poor design choice IMHO.

  • bright eyes
    bright eyes 12 hours ago

    true about the cameras ugly as hell weird not for me i'm happy whit my xr. the one whit 3 cameras oh my that is just super ugly its not the iPhone that i remember slick nice to look at just really ugly

  • Joel Repass
    Joel Repass 12 hours ago

    Just a recommendation for Apple on the notch. Give users the opportunity to do 3 things in settings. 1.) Turn that part of the screen completely off and for the 11 leave it black. 2.) Have it only display things like time, battery life etc. and use the rest of the screen for other things such as videos, games etc. 3.) they can keep using it like it is now. It really isn’t that hard and I am surprised apple hasn’t come up with this. They are a supposed to be a foward thinking company and that is why their slogan used to be “Think Different.” and that fact that they haven’t found ways to make the notch more tolerable it just flat out disappointing. I really hope Apple sees this and makes the change with its future updates.

  • Sawyer Michalski
    Sawyer Michalski 12 hours ago

    I have it

  • Admir Alimanovic
    Admir Alimanovic 13 hours ago

    Wow this guys voice is so friggin annoying

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 13 hours ago

    You had me at the title. You lost me with the mid video ad. Thumbs down for this annoyance.

  • Dor Amram
    Dor Amram 13 hours ago

    You're not even holding this phone; just dubbing over other people's content. You could definitely import one to the US, pretty easily...

  • Henry Choo
    Henry Choo 13 hours ago

    Am I the only one who keeps hearing 'meer'?

  • Mits Cabang
    Mits Cabang 13 hours ago

    Iphone 6 is the best

  • A Blue
    A Blue 13 hours ago

    Except for the black one The colors are so ugly the phone looks cheap like made in plastic. 😖

  • Melaninyani
    Melaninyani 14 hours ago

    Who’s upgrading from a 7+ to the 11?🔥

  • MrTwenty6point2
    MrTwenty6point2 14 hours ago

    so...its a camera review

  • Bouchra Sabou
    Bouchra Sabou 14 hours ago

    I wanna these iphone but i cant😢😢

  • Dangelo Paramore
    Dangelo Paramore 14 hours ago

    How do I transfer all my data from my s10 to my iphone 11?

  • Ains Gown
    Ains Gown 14 hours ago


  • DrHouse2004
    DrHouse2004 15 hours ago

    its a fucking claymore phone in your pocket

  • Not Drizzlee
    Not Drizzlee 15 hours ago

    Cheap IPhone XR 😂😂

  • Alan Hui
    Alan Hui 15 hours ago

    Love Apple? Get the iPhone 11 Pro Max Love Samsung? Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Hands down the best phones on the market right now

  • Subhokar Bose
    Subhokar Bose 15 hours ago

    That forest wallpaper link please...🙏🏻

  • tipoomaster
    tipoomaster 15 hours ago

    It's funny that so many reviews say something like "I'll miss 3D touch, but I'm in the minority". Almost like a lot of us actually did use it, haha.

  • Va M Pii
    Va M Pii 15 hours ago

    *Watching This Video On My Iphone11 Pro* 🔥🔥

  • darren
    darren 15 hours ago

    I bet him and Lei Jun are good friends

  • kittyyourock
    kittyyourock 15 hours ago

    Writing from my iPhone 11!! Totally agree :))

  • KoreanBBQ
    KoreanBBQ 15 hours ago

    Time to upgrade my 8+ 🙌🙌

  • Don toth
    Don toth 15 hours ago

    Just ordered an 11 in red. Went with a note 9 last year and I've hated it since the day I got it.

  • Chao Tee
    Chao Tee 15 hours ago

    Is north focals better?

  • M.J Lee
    M.J Lee 15 hours ago


  • Enoch Hui
    Enoch Hui 15 hours ago

    after listen for twice i found that i got the trick to understand

  • Τάσος Περόγλου

    I think Switch Lite is perfect for kids. It's a small portable and cheap device.

  • Devarshi Sydamah
    Devarshi Sydamah 16 hours ago

    Apple is the best including IOS 13 ❤️