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  • Rob Nix
    Rob Nix 2 minutes ago

    New version seems much easier

  • Jason Adjiwanou
    Jason Adjiwanou 17 minutes ago

    I'm quite surprised at Blaino's new design. I always imagined that they would use his design from the manga (Oracle of Seasons)

  • Chariel Dreamer
    Chariel Dreamer 18 minutes ago

    What if Sakurai adds Shaggy in smash instead of sans?

  • Valentina Navarro
    Valentina Navarro 18 minutes ago

    Silver innocence Is beyond everyone

  • Aline Garrido
    Aline Garrido 20 minutes ago

    A laser gets thrown Giant Zavok: *throws laser* Sonic: *does nothing*

  • huggin muggin
    huggin muggin 23 minutes ago

    A slight improvement in graphics.

  • Aline Garrido
    Aline Garrido 24 minutes ago

    Sonic gets super Sonic: *gets chaos emeralds inside self* Zik: *attacks*

  • Marco the dragon
    Marco the dragon 24 minutes ago

    1:30 Sans and papyrus? ???

  • Star Octo
    Star Octo 25 minutes ago

    You Forgot Waluigi's! ;-;

  • The Wooden Bear
    The Wooden Bear 25 minutes ago


  • Yami No Tsubasa
    Yami No Tsubasa 26 minutes ago

    Thx i don't have to buy it anymore, I already have this on my gameboy !

  • Toni Santos
    Toni Santos 28 minutes ago

    I’m actually glad I didn’t bought this game

  • LukeTheWatermelon
    LukeTheWatermelon 29 minutes ago

    You were so lucky Zapados used Light Screen the secound time and you had the first turn. I can't hit him with Shadow Ball cause he always goes first and my Ghost Pokemon dies

  • ahmed hamad
    ahmed hamad 39 minutes ago

    thanks for a wonderful guide

  • Requiem Project
    Requiem Project 45 minutes ago

    King golem: Totally not Whispy Woods here Master hand and crazy hand: totally not wham bams Wiz: Totally not paint roller Dark mind: totally not zero and nightmare Moley:totally not heavy mole Random shark:wtf am I here!

  • legion malacite
    legion malacite 49 minutes ago

    can death i still be killed in 1 hit with the boomerang on this remake?

  • Bo Yang
    Bo Yang 52 minutes ago

    Hell yeahhhh

  • Charlie E. Geraldi
    Charlie E. Geraldi 54 minutes ago

    Not my waifu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alexis Editz
    Alexis Editz 56 minutes ago

    is this in the nintendo switch- Oh I Mean Pc-

  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow Hour ago

    I've played the original but never progressed because I was too young to read. I'm still dreaming of this game regularly up to this day (almost 30 now)

  • EJV gamer 6
    EJV gamer 6 Hour ago

    Si lo sabes de memoria se termina rapido pero para memorizarlo de esa manera hay que jugarlo 3 o 4 veces

  • Vidgealz C. Valvatore

    6:19 I don't care what anyone says. Gloo Gloo was lit!!!

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy Hour ago

    Marx, The Cute Little Shit That Will Devour Your Universe :D

  • FoxBoyFunky
    FoxBoyFunky Hour ago

    King Boo is cute when he's crying

  • HienMinh Chau
    HienMinh Chau Hour ago

    Now it actually looks like poop he’s throwing, instead of sticky chocolate pudding balls

  • Kid James
    Kid James Hour ago

    Peach is a ass

  • Anial Guj
    Anial Guj Hour ago

    Who has the best and the worst FS?

  • Brotachi Uchiha
    Brotachi Uchiha Hour ago

    Back when I had it on the gbc I stole the shovek and arrow

  • Kidstv
    Kidstv Hour ago

    very nice😘🐬⛱⛱👍🐸🐸💝😍💖💖🦋🦋🦋🤩🤩😻🌹💔🥰💕🐝🐝🌈🐜🥳

  • Arthur C
    Arthur C Hour ago

    It's way easier than the original one. :/ Look at those bomb eaters moving at 5sec/square !! :(

  • Kier Reyes
    Kier Reyes Hour ago

    Guess gamefreak doesn't know what a moonsault is

  • Juni Delgado Colon

    I was stuck for two fucking days, i was wondering what i was missing? i explore almost all the island after beating the second dungeon so i couldn't progress no matter what i do because they never tell you exactly the prize location!?! and it was hidden in the front of the fucking owl statue all the time! a fucking key!?! really................................ at 1:13:02

  • Year
    Year Hour ago

    "You cheated not only the game but yourself."

  • Gorila Invisible

    46:30 Time to cry again... in 1080p 60fps

  • Ekalmid
    Ekalmid Hour ago

    8:58 you can see the sadness in his eye.

  • モロオキト
    モロオキト Hour ago


  • Beaky Ness
    Beaky Ness Hour ago

    You cheated not only the game but yourself You didn't grow You didn't improve You took a shortcut and gained nothing You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained It's sad you dont know the difference.

  • Sweet Crack24
    Sweet Crack24 Hour ago

    Do yo want a bad time

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Hour ago

    It's scared me because That Photoshop Flowey is too creeping me... But, That Photoshop Flowey is too strong. 0-0

  • KR Mii Studios
    KR Mii Studios Hour ago

    no cutscenes 🤨

  • SuperBlahmaster
    SuperBlahmaster 2 hours ago

    Honestly... I don't like it. The remake leaves nothing to the imagination and interprets the original's sprites far too literally in most cases, while missing a lot of little touches. The atmosphere is completely different, in a bad way. Probably didn't consult the original game's creators enough.

  • 8BItLORD
    8BItLORD 2 hours ago

    I've played undertale today and... The ladt boss is flowey, how i can unlock the sans boss fight?

  • Luigi
    Luigi 2 hours ago

    Now this is how you do a final boss. (Stares at BOTW)

  • Ljubisa Prokovic
    Ljubisa Prokovic 2 hours ago

    Getting Beat up still smileing

  • Ben L'oncle Saoul
    Ben L'oncle Saoul 2 hours ago

    He looks like Majin Boo. Especially when he opens His eyes ! 😂

  • せんだゆうき
    せんだゆうき 2 hours ago


  • Fiery great Mcc
    Fiery great Mcc 2 hours ago

    The 8 balls easy

  • D Prz
    D Prz 2 hours ago

    I wish Etika were still here to be able to see this. R.I.P.

  • soldier gamers
    soldier gamers 2 hours ago

    You know instead of link being the hero why not the shop keeper :v

  • Kierra Nicole
    Kierra Nicole 2 hours ago

    Memories 😞

  • OGTogepi
    OGTogepi 2 hours ago

    This is just the regular ending. Secret ending my ass.

  • Kitty In the room
    Kitty In the room 2 hours ago

    There is not a dry bowser at all

  • Kitty In the room
    Kitty In the room 2 hours ago

    Isent that a lie

  • Hendrick Kutzner
    Hendrick Kutzner 2 hours ago


  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 2 hours ago

    I finally unlocked Master Wall and the enemy horde.

  • Lord Fawful
    Lord Fawful 2 hours ago

    0:01 sound of DK in Mario kart 64

  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf 2 hours ago

    Extra THICCCC NYMPHS : exist Rule 35 artists : *heavy breathing*

  • HiddenWen
    HiddenWen 2 hours ago

    The shop keeper is one of those sleeper legendary boss characters you frequently see in fiction. Normally over-looked or seen as harmless, like the neighborhood cat or some unassuming beggar, but in reality, is some 4th dimension demon or wizard.

  • Squid. Blank
    Squid. Blank 2 hours ago

    8:21 ha ha

  • ShadowDragonGamer 476

    Nova is the only person who didn’t get killed after summoning Galacta

  • SyrupCookie YT
    SyrupCookie YT 2 hours ago

    I blame rayman legends for my taste in girls

  • MettaurΩ
    MettaurΩ 2 hours ago

    And that's the story of how the shop owner began to sell an extra sword and shield, along with his bow.

  • I'm me
    I'm me 2 hours ago

    Kekleon shopkeeper from Pokémon dungeons anyone lmao.

  • Terra Yamma-No
    Terra Yamma-No 3 hours ago


  • Mary Hernandez
    Mary Hernandez 3 hours ago


  • A Darihunter
    A Darihunter 3 hours ago


  • Majoras Arbok
    Majoras Arbok 3 hours ago

    Lowkey hoping for a remake of Minish cap next

  • Triple Steve
    Triple Steve 3 hours ago

    So 2 mii swordfighters can beat every character

  • Danny
    Danny 3 hours ago

    I am having a hard time figuring out when sans is in "bad time" mode

  • Kevin Nham
    Kevin Nham 3 hours ago

    The anime ending looks likes it's animated by Pokemon's anime studio, OLM or Oriental Light And Magic!


    *Glad to see she made out reincarnated, then and now* -Fun Time Abel

  • Tow Wong
    Tow Wong 3 hours ago

    **sniff** Just like how I remembered it, **sniff** just like on the Gameboy

  • jump 7holes
    jump 7holes 3 hours ago

    Oh wow I got the true final boss and true ending in one try 😳 I didn’t know about multiple endings but geez seeing Galeem getting captured by Dharkon is disturbing

  • Wandering Oryx
    Wandering Oryx 4 hours ago

    This game seems boring

  • Toot Toot Sonic Warrior

    Why u making this now? In bottom end of 2019?? 😂

  • bunnylover1098 Ashley

    How much Link Zelda games with new game? Bomb threat Cool Cold Night: (A Goomba Boo) 1080p you can do 12# Masters degree and you know heart attack or something (game over: 0) Link Go 0:00 Link Masters: the Kirby / Mario 2:50 Bye! Enjoy! Comments 1080p over I'll joining shouting ---------------------------------------------------------- Press As -> R <- They were all over.

    • Spectatron
      Spectatron 3 hours ago

      bunnylover1098 Ashley what the fuck does this mean

  • Sunset's Channel
    Sunset's Channel 4 hours ago

    you know, I coulda swore there was a way to play as the knights of the round table and fight Sonic, but I guess that was a mod or something

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 4 hours ago

    That stone mini boss will kill you in one hit not matter how much hearts you have on heroic mode so be very careful if you wish for a second no death run.

  • Tylendal242
    Tylendal242 4 hours ago

    Good god. When the Hardhit Beetle says to take your time, you're not supposed to do what he says.

  • KingDeadpool
    KingDeadpool 4 hours ago

    You guys do realize that Link killed everyone on that island by waking up the wind fish right? All the things trying to stop him were just trying to survive. This game could just be called Link being a dick and it would be accurate.

  • MrNobodyX3
    MrNobodyX3 4 hours ago

    You forgot the best part... Talk to anyone that repeats your name. Your name well be change to THIEF.

  • George D
    George D 4 hours ago

    hoorahh you just spoiled a hinox on the thumbnail and no one is peebd off

  • FallenPup
    FallenPup 4 hours ago

    I honestly didnt notice until now that the Nymphs speak in Pig Latin

  • pochul pochul
    pochul pochul 4 hours ago

    u cna reduce the price of bow without stole it ,, push start select , a + b , very quickly when the monney start to go down ,before the count is 0 , save your game , and u will restard will more monney u will maybe pay 50 % of price ,, but it's work only for gameboy haha

  • Ray
    Ray 4 hours ago

    bruh, sure they are thicc, but nothing beats globox. hes the definition of thicc

  • Winterdeath101
    Winterdeath101 4 hours ago

    Where was the secret ending

  • las3r gt
    las3r gt 4 hours ago

    tarin is Mario copy

  • aaroshplays
    aaroshplays 4 hours ago

    Not at all surprised his name is thief

  • Tyru Tenishien
    Tyru Tenishien 4 hours ago

    You suck at steeling

  • Faust
    Faust 4 hours ago


  • LeCoolFace
    LeCoolFace 4 hours ago

    This Link has such a horrible voice, LOL.

    REDACTED 4 hours ago

    "You feel your sins crawling on your back*

  • * Egg *
    * Egg * 5 hours ago

    *When you defeated Marx with 64 damage, I felt that*

  • frinpi
    frinpi 5 hours ago

    what is that thing on bowser's head from 3D world?

  • Aether Angel
    Aether Angel 5 hours ago

    ah mano, chorei demais ..... T-T

  • This_Is_War 95
    This_Is_War 95 5 hours ago


  • Lana Lewis
    Lana Lewis 5 hours ago

    The piano part in the beginning ( of the end of the video ) almost sounded like Somnus....Interesting.

  • Brendan Makar
    Brendan Makar 5 hours ago

    Well that was fast to complete lol so faithful to the original!