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NBA 2K20 - Momentous | PS4
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  • Vladybest-2007 K
    Vladybest-2007 K 14 minutes ago

    24 ,!,,,,,

  • KRoman47
    KRoman47 14 minutes ago

    Bring Motorstorm back.

  • QC QualquerCoisaGamer
    QC QualquerCoisaGamer 18 minutes ago

    Best game in the world

  • シンジズ上
    シンジズ上 19 minutes ago

    I think The last of us it's not just game, it's the art!

  • cheese ham
    cheese ham 23 minutes ago

    this a joke?

  • TheFrancisco Guerrashow
    TheFrancisco Guerrashow 23 minutes ago

    2:00 should or should I not put it in 2:03 oh right the mission

  • ZoomZombie
    ZoomZombie 29 minutes ago

    "From The Creators of Minecraft" *HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....*

  • N0V 138
    N0V 138 35 minutes ago

    Who watch's in 2019?

  • Mistaa Jay
    Mistaa Jay 36 minutes ago


  • Shau
    Shau 37 minutes ago

    Woah the new ps4 guys I’ve been waiting for this for 6 years thanks TheXvid for recommending this to me.

  • Tristan Sudarto
    Tristan Sudarto 44 minutes ago

    Looks dope

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique 44 minutes ago

    Mano gungrave Caraca não posso acredita mano jogava muito no ps2 agora no ps4 nem esperava

  • andy cortes
    andy cortes 45 minutes ago

    Looks kool and all but why hasn't there been a game of how john connor became the legend that he is???

  • Callum Taylor
    Callum Taylor 45 minutes ago

    "Come on! flollow her!" XD

  • Nathan Skywalker
    Nathan Skywalker 47 minutes ago

    i love those classic sounds of the guns

  • Test Account
    Test Account 49 minutes ago

    downvote and report all videos that support illegal child gambling

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 51 minute ago

    Shiet, so this mean i'll whait for the full versión then.....again. lol

  • Sam C
    Sam C 55 minutes ago

    I need your clothes, boots and plasma rifle!

  • jengaaaaa
    jengaaaaa 55 minutes ago

    I hope they skip the annoying miniboss gauntlet side missions and focus on more and better main missions.

  • Sora Gasai
    Sora Gasai 58 minutes ago

    When ego left so did their viewers

  • self tube
    self tube Hour ago


  • Moise IT
    Moise IT Hour ago

    I saw this game in a store and it looks awesome. I hope they make a sequel and make a mega man x game.

  • Bob Nose
    Bob Nose Hour ago

    Bruh this is educational content at it’s finest

  • Hentai saved my life

    10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice

  • Peter Cook
    Peter Cook Hour ago

    everyone saying that they are ps3 controllers yet they dont know that the controller they are using is a ps4 pro kinda controller ( sony made the controller)

  • Oussama Boudouaia

    I'm wondering if ima get my self a ea Access, when do i play it, at the launch of the game or later.

  • Akram Dre
    Akram Dre Hour ago

    Most hackers in apex are chinese and chrypto is chinese Coincidence? I THINK NOT

    • jk L
      jk L 26 minutes ago

      Isn't he korean?

  • asdjyt
    asdjyt Hour ago

    I,giorno Giovanna,is not in jump force :(

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary Hour ago

    makes me nostalgia of Gungrave Overdose from PS2

  • Ricky R
    Ricky R Hour ago

    Why does the boss look like Gandalf from tales of Zestiria! Ok square Enix what is this meaning of this

  • kata
    kata Hour ago

    No heat actions??!?

  • Kirbae
    Kirbae Hour ago

    The music and cinematography makes this a lovely video

  • Player Select - TerryB2

    Ye, best I can do is $10

  • Charlie Ben
    Charlie Ben Hour ago

    I can't concentrate on the trailer because I keep thinking about how the other guy looks like Jim Sterling

  • ghost
    ghost Hour ago

    norman reedus cant get too attached to his funky fetus

  • Asimon Cholestan 123

    What is there an update on Sony 4

  • Rafa Faria
    Rafa Faria Hour ago

    This game was the reason I decided to choose PS4 for this generation. After what happened with Anthem I know better now. Anyway, it was the best choice but don't fool us again!

  • Ligan
    Ligan Hour ago

    I saw lahn in the trailer yessss

  • Sebastian Harley

    What did you do about the icing problem

    VICTOR REBEL Hour ago


  • Sebastian Harley

    What did you do about the icing problem?

  • Игорь Чернов

    ля какая

  • defenderofthenorth52

    I came. Twice.

    MKL VLOGS 2 hours ago

    Call of duty type's: Voyage of Despair Classic of blood And it has: Multiplayer. Blackout. Zombie's.

  • renezeluegar
    renezeluegar 2 hours ago


  • Lee Ferguson
    Lee Ferguson 2 hours ago

    Just played it though last month. I think this is my favourite game of all time

    SHIKI 2 hours ago

    Noice its like a much better dbz sagas but on steroids.

  • Murtaja SaM
    Murtaja SaM 2 hours ago

    اريد اتنايج

  • Savvas Kastrinos
    Savvas Kastrinos 2 hours ago

    Just waiting for a map in Greece...

  • Roman Kelly
    Roman Kelly 2 hours ago

    When the trailer is more emotional than the actual wedding

  • Haroon Khalid
    Haroon Khalid 2 hours ago

    This demographic is cringe and lame

  • Сергей Филипчук

    Чиво это???

  • rafkey KLO
    rafkey KLO 2 hours ago

    Just a day till state of play

  • Bleach With More Dead edition

    Why does this look like ADAM? Ya know the short animated story

  • alan games
    alan games 2 hours ago

    Does it need PS plus+ ??

  • Adam Whelan
    Adam Whelan 2 hours ago

    24th September here we come.✊

  • Rafiq Celilov
    Rafiq Celilov 2 hours ago

    Waiting September 24 State of Play So Excited :) Finally Silent is over.

  • Grÿmoda 009
    Grÿmoda 009 2 hours ago

    For the last 30 years Sega has created beautiful worlds we've always had the pleasure of exploring but this right here takes the cake. Thank you.

  • V Jones
    V Jones 2 hours ago

    I can't believe this the product they have built? All the tropes but jeez it looks bad.

  • Pedro Verch
    Pedro Verch 2 hours ago

    How much you wanna bet fortnite is gonna copy those skydiving emotes

  • ArchCancer
    ArchCancer 2 hours ago

    Whose ... the biggest? Whose ... the most nice?

  • Cosmin Gabriel
    Cosmin Gabriel 2 hours ago

    We want Mafia 4

  • Senpai Deew
    Senpai Deew 3 hours ago

    _skullgirls 2_

  • Vivimus Jenos
    Vivimus Jenos 3 hours ago

    Please dont be a game on rails. Google says its gonna have multiplayer so that gives me some vague hope that it not just coop rails. Also the trailer shows aiming down crosshairs with is a goodish sign😅

  • Youby Noby
    Youby Noby 3 hours ago

    почему это выглядит интереснее чем battlefield 5 и fallout 76 вместе взятые?

    YUCK FOU 3 hours ago

    they should bring a FFX and FFX-2 sequel out

  • Bigmoney06 jacob
    Bigmoney06 jacob 3 hours ago

    Is fake no way

  • Mokeshwaran R
    Mokeshwaran R 3 hours ago

    This recommendation gave me a heart attack!

  • Jiutofu
    Jiutofu 3 hours ago


  • YTMusicLyrics
    YTMusicLyrics 3 hours ago


  • Painco
    Painco 3 hours ago

    They ligit bullied her the hole season this show is trash

  • MR Doom
    MR Doom 3 hours ago

    On line 100 VS 100 against the machine.

  • Vika Azaza
    Vika Azaza 3 hours ago


  • Talìa Vantas
    Talìa Vantas 3 hours ago


  • Sir. Marvin
    Sir. Marvin 3 hours ago

    This show was ahead of it's time.

  • venom venom
    venom venom 3 hours ago

    Me: i'm going to enjoy this Bug: Oh no you don't

  • Mr CANDY
    Mr CANDY 4 hours ago

    Hitman 2: Dead Island

  • Darksider17able
    Darksider17able 4 hours ago

    We need more of the moments like this😢 pure Hype and excitement👌

  • Ben Riley
    Ben Riley 4 hours ago

    When is it coming

  • WeskerRezo
    WeskerRezo 4 hours ago

    I was waiting to see fleshpound and scrake lol.

  • Russan gaming
    Russan gaming 4 hours ago

    What's the remake version of this song?

  • 勇者メレブ
    勇者メレブ 4 hours ago


  • Daddy Dagoth
    Daddy Dagoth 4 hours ago

    1:19 "Yeet or be yeeten"

  • Bean Phexonia!
    Bean Phexonia! 4 hours ago

    this trailer seems different than it is from ps4 and the pc switch etc. versions

  • Руси К Алышов

    welp, i gotta say im disappointed. Gameplay is so bad

  • Michael Claymore
    Michael Claymore 4 hours ago

    Could buy it, but a woman?! Nope.

    MARCUS SORIANO 4 hours ago

    where is Playstation 5?

  • Kimpa plays
    Kimpa plays 4 hours ago

    I wonder how fun they had when making this trailer xD

  • Nohiro
    Nohiro 4 hours ago

    I4m sceptic because it's made by the guys who made the rambo game xD

  • Mubarak Hajery
    Mubarak Hajery 4 hours ago

    What a wasted opportunity

  • Anteres Pallous
    Anteres Pallous 5 hours ago

    I really want this for PC

  • g449
    g449 5 hours ago

    I forgot I was watching a trailer for season 3, That was amazing, You need to make a movie.

  • 피스타세븐Pstar7

    *00:45** 이 게임 이름 아시는 분???*

  • The Gamer;D
    The Gamer;D 5 hours ago

    hey playstation can u add roblox in ps4

  • dumbLIKEaMOOSEz
    dumbLIKEaMOOSEz 5 hours ago

    Nice and all, but I'm waiting for all three parts to be released, then I'll buy the inevitable "Complete Episode Collection; Master Edition" or whatever in 5-10 years. Breaking up a 20 year old game with a story and ending everyone knows was stupid or possibly just greedy. Does look pretty though.

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 5 hours ago

    Shameless EA

    STRAP_ GOD 5 hours ago

    My my life of games in this game

  • afzal Rock
    afzal Rock 5 hours ago

    What game is this tell me

    STRAP_ GOD 5 hours ago

    😭😭😭 miss drake

  • 5 hours ago

    “Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaakkkkke!!!”