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  • Steffi H
    Steffi H 2 minutes ago

    How come she bangs her hand on the piano but nothing plays..?

  • Kaye Fernandez
    Kaye Fernandez 7 minutes ago

    The octupos is so cute

  • Patricia Wolford
    Patricia Wolford 10 minutes ago

    I had to watcha second time. Beautiful settings, great animation, compelling story.

  • Kitkat 4life
    Kitkat 4life 12 minutes ago

    So that’s where ants come from

  • Diz Time
    Diz Time 12 minutes ago

    Тоез эти мыши варавали наски для палючения кайойто житкасти и разливают эту житкость по сыру пуу получается люди едат наски найс пранк

  • Purple Mask 1091
    Purple Mask 1091 14 minutes ago

    I miss my grandma. Rip <3

  • Bonnie Mairead
    Bonnie Mairead 17 minutes ago

    I love that animation style.

  • Fernando Frederico
    Fernando Frederico 19 minutes ago

    O diei

  • Akalambratic
    Akalambratic 20 minutes ago

    Youd think shed stop after the third one

  • Wissa L.K Guillaume
    Wissa L.K Guillaume 20 minutes ago

    I love that

  • saroun naroNH
    saroun naroNH 24 minutes ago


  • BloodLustAngel
    BloodLustAngel 24 minutes ago

    this reminds me of full moon anime

  • hannah Kim
    hannah Kim 29 minutes ago

    that was cute

  • Willy Doeu
    Willy Doeu 48 minutes ago

    The yarn cat is cute but a devil and angel lol and scary but I’d want the yarn cat to be my little pet

  • William L.
    William L. 51 minute ago

    another humancentric tale of woe designed to make us feel guilty and hence become even easier to manipulate. what rubbish

  • Shawnee Séguin
    Shawnee Séguin 56 minutes ago


  • College Master
    College Master Hour ago

    Anyone notice the hangman at 0:45 O_o

  • Fansta Fairmanner

    Love it

  • Ximena Martinez
    Ximena Martinez Hour ago

    Está muy bonito

  • Peri Anto
    Peri Anto Hour ago

    Coba ad lagunya

  • Judah Sh
    Judah Sh Hour ago

    Didn't see that coming

  • Luis Velázquez
    Luis Velázquez Hour ago

    ✨ this movie flick was short to the point but they gave you the idea what was going on the only tragic it killed her friend was a dragon but did not notice that it was going to grow up just like the other adult dragons and hopefully they're being next one that the small one of the child will learn that she was a friend of his parent? It becomes a mini series of movies 🦅

  • KRPS Jalalu
    KRPS Jalalu 2 hours ago

    Come on, please help me with Chanel's sufot by laike commen and subscribe, because it is critical before paying later because it can be complicated hahahah, thank you, kash

  • Elijah Callender
    Elijah Callender 2 hours ago

    This made me sad

  • Elice Parker
    Elice Parker 2 hours ago

    Werd ?

  • Legion
    Legion 2 hours ago

    As if we haven't enough kick-boxing, gun-toting, sword-wielding psychobitches in Hollywood. Here we have a knife-wielding psychobitch.

  • Nichole Campbell
    Nichole Campbell 2 hours ago

    1:25 poor human😰😢

  • Ruslan Jans
    Ruslan Jans 2 hours ago


  • famili sofi canales
    famili sofi canales 2 hours ago


  • SNOW
    SNOW 2 hours ago

    Wow look, it WALIUIGI

  • Sieon Lim
    Sieon Lim 2 hours ago

    watched this in french class lol

  • Sieon Lim
    Sieon Lim 2 hours ago


  • famili sofi canales
    famili sofi canales 2 hours ago


  • Tedious_ Teddy
    Tedious_ Teddy 2 hours ago

    How can anyone see each other

  • erm1223
    erm1223 2 hours ago

    I would 100% let those yarn kitties kill me.

  • Sieon Lim
    Sieon Lim 2 hours ago

    the fox girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Rebecca On
    Rebecca On 3 hours ago

    CAT <3

  • Landon Austin
    Landon Austin 3 hours ago

    All that glitters isn't gold.

  • 488Knight
    488Knight 3 hours ago

    An amazing work of art but unfortunately the story is the type to leave me sad.

  • krshna77
    krshna77 3 hours ago

    Clearly, these two nullheads must have displaced and dismembered some holy statue during their earthly passage... 6:03 The Devil posing for your eyes' pleasure **.**

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Nooo xD

  • Lacy Gorman
    Lacy Gorman 3 hours ago


  • Ed Julio
    Ed Julio 3 hours ago

    Show. Parabéns e obrigado 👍 👍 👍

  • Clara Santos
    Clara Santos 3 hours ago

    Diego Vocês não tem coração com uma sereia Como essa seus bundão cocô esse velho é um velho

  • stvr bites
    stvr bites 3 hours ago

    Message here (I guess) - family is more important than your phone, some day they won't be around anymore so enjoy every minute you have with them

  • Ashelie cylla
    Ashelie cylla 4 hours ago

    Can someone explain me this video please 😣

  • JD Rev
    JD Rev 4 hours ago

    this is brilliant. says volumes without a word of dialogue. thats true art.

  • Amer wadia
    Amer wadia 4 hours ago

    I see everything happened in Antarctica !! Why ..!!!?? Is it the place where antichristian come !!

  • Glueckskekslady
    Glueckskekslady 4 hours ago

    Viel zu vorhersehbar. Langweilig.

  • Elaf senpai
    Elaf senpai 4 hours ago

    من نايس ياوي✌❣

  • Locco Kitty
    Locco Kitty 4 hours ago

    So sad :(

  • Jane Anderson
    Jane Anderson 4 hours ago

    Hi yes love it ❤️

  • stubs
    stubs 4 hours ago

    the reward's not about bromance or friendship, it's about how you develop when you strive for a goal. The reward was the experience of the journey to the reward. Hence why the first guy was solo.

  • SymbiontUV Plays
    SymbiontUV Plays 5 hours ago

    s n o z z

  • Emma Bellocchi
    Emma Bellocchi 5 hours ago

    So bad you’re meant to have a good day

  • Cecily Brick
    Cecily Brick 5 hours ago

    Awwwww sooo cute

  • Akosua Adiepena Owusu

    Good job YouNeek,we will support.. Africa to the world!!!💪🏽💪🏽 who else agrees??

  • Sarah Aman
    Sarah Aman 5 hours ago

    My theory is that they are lonely and they want to be with each other but because they are obviously different in every way they can't be thus an endless chase of life an death and a pattern of seasons

  • Foxanimeseekers Foxanimeseekers

    3:44 Levi be like: Hey, brat!

  • Mauricio Montez
    Mauricio Montez 5 hours ago


  • Foxanimeseekers Foxanimeseekers

    2:20-2:36 (Insert Sasagaeyo intro to the second half of the second season of Attack On Titan) Cat be like: Advance!

  • Liliane ツ
    Liliane ツ 6 hours ago



    one of the worst videos on this channel

  • Eugen G.
    Eugen G. 6 hours ago

    dozens of good weed has been smocked while making this short-film

  • Ryan Madu
    Ryan Madu 6 hours ago

    1:26 she got a pear phone

  • Parker Retzlaff
    Parker Retzlaff 6 hours ago


  • ღari _gachaღ
    ღari _gachaღ 6 hours ago

    Me da mal rollo :D!

  • Debra Lorenz
    Debra Lorenz 7 hours ago


  • 2049bits
    2049bits 7 hours ago

    Back story: Humankind discover mysterious crystals that enable FTL drives and they spread across the lightyears. Then the crystals start to fracture and fail, leaving colonies isolated by the vastyness of Space. Happens alot in SciFi books....

  • Ryan Depellegrin
    Ryan Depellegrin 7 hours ago


  • stubs
    stubs 7 hours ago

    i though he was gonna grab his severed arm and place it on the scanner

  • Zsofia Batka
    Zsofia Batka 7 hours ago

    Voher kommt die Frau mit dem gelben Kleid??

  • Dora Phillips
    Dora Phillips 7 hours ago

    Why does death look like Voldemort's long lost brother

  • Robert Cleft
    Robert Cleft 7 hours ago

    I wanted a happy ending.... Ya know, where the frog escapes his captors and lives happily ever after. Instead of deep fried...

  • RJ
    RJ 8 hours ago

    squirrel need escape he fan blocking a how to shut down the fan

  • VGEvery
    VGEvery 8 hours ago

    Is he played My Talking Angela game?

  • Kirk Gao
    Kirk Gao 8 hours ago

    Now I wanna charge Mamayev Hill with a Ppsh in hand

  • ➗
     8 hours ago

    🐠 Kayıp balık NEMO ‘’ gibi olmuş 😄

  • zaniar masoudi
    zaniar masoudi 8 hours ago

    وَقَالَ الشَّيْطَانُ لَمَّا قُضِيَ الْأَمْرُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَعَدَكُمْ وَعْدَ الْحَقِّ وَوَعَدْتُكُمْ فَأَخْلَفْتُكُمْ ۖ وَمَا كَانَ لِيَ عَلَيْكُمْ مِنْ سُلْطَانٍ إِلَّا أَنْ دَعَوْتُكُمْ فَاسْتَجَبْتُمْ لِي ۖ فَلَا تَلُومُونِي وَلُومُوا أَنْفُسَكُمْ ۖ مَا أَنَا بِمُصْرِخِكُمْ وَمَا أَنْتُمْ بِمُصْرِخِيَّ ۖ إِنِّي كَفَرْتُ بِمَا أَشْرَكْتُمُونِ مِنْ قَبْلُ ۗ إِنَّ الظَّالِمِينَ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ And Satan will say when the matter has been concluded, "Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. And I promised you, but I betrayed you. But I had no authority over you except that I invited you, and you responded to me. So do not blame me; but blame yourselves. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid. Indeed, I deny your association of me [with Allah] before. Indeed, for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment." Surah Ibrahim [14:22] - Al-Qur'an al-Kareem - القرآن الكريم

  • Yasmin Yuman
    Yasmin Yuman 8 hours ago

    Eso es una calicatura muy sexual no es para los niños

  • Tyra Blomquist
    Tyra Blomquist 8 hours ago

    She looks like Ariana grande hahaha

  • thαílαnd pαrαdíѕє

    Already seen it

  • Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar 8 hours ago

    Amazing movie..

  • Nevarin
    Nevarin 8 hours ago

    0:57 captain Jack Sparrow would never fall for anything else than rum

  • Amelia Centenaro
    Amelia Centenaro 8 hours ago

    Gente latina

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Very likable animation!!!😄❤👍

  • Emilie Hillesund
    Emilie Hillesund 9 hours ago

    maybe that's why some cheese smell so bad XD

  • GDeNofa
    GDeNofa 9 hours ago

    Frog’s life is brutal. XD

  • ヅJOKER
    ヅJOKER 9 hours ago


  • Akhil Mahi
    Akhil Mahi 9 hours ago

    Supper movi

  • MeowsTheTime
    MeowsTheTime 9 hours ago

    How can people possibly give this a "thumbs down"? Shameful!

  • Marcia Edwards
    Marcia Edwards 9 hours ago


  • سيدرا النعيمي

    هلأ فهمت شعورها

  • Quiston Lowery
    Quiston Lowery 9 hours ago

    I immediately thought of Darla the fish killer from Finding Nemo

  • Feby Sandatiku
    Feby Sandatiku 9 hours ago


  • prekshya thapa
    prekshya thapa 9 hours ago

    the depression i had inside after your loss in my life became my suffering as i welcomed the toxic just to create the illusion . until i let go of you and found my inner peace . <3

  • R.E.M
    R.E.M 9 hours ago

    The 🕌 getting bombed makes me think of 🇹🇷 & 🇸🇾.

  • Rudolf de Lang
    Rudolf de Lang 9 hours ago

    lol :")

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 10 hours ago

    TheXvid fucked this one all up with the adds every five minutes. Fuckers!

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